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Tom Metzger (1938-2020)

At 82, Thomas Linton Metzger passed away a week ago. See the Metapedia page on him. Metzger belonged to a different generation of masculine racists than today’s racialist gentlemen.

His web page can still be seen although it was edited to notify his passing.

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Someone took the trouble to write the following lines:

Tom Metzger blazed trails,
driven by loyalty to family,
friends, race, and truth.

He could not be bought.

Moonbeam pap Pat Brown
tried to ensnare him with
petty politics. No dice!

We have lost a Champion.

I remember listening to his interview(s) with Jan Lamprecht, worth listening to. Looved how he told of Rockwell’s ‘suicide squad’ moving into a black ghetto in Oakland. Modern soy boy Murkan WNs have Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor and Andrew Anglin!

I missed that one because I hadn’t visited CC today. The author said:

Tom Metzger was one of the few to realize how fruitless it is to worry about optics when the world is burning around you. He also had the rare ability to demolish entire worldviews with a simple shrug and a short, perfectly sensible answer to an emotionally loaded question.

It’s clear why they had to silence him.

However, as a commenter said in that thread objecting to some author’s silly words, ‘Comparing someone to Charles Manson in order to make a case for his innocence is not particularly persuasive’.

Unlike James Mason, Metzger knew that Christian Identity was absolute nonsense. While Mason gave us SIEGE, Metzger wasn’t poisoned by Levantine virulence. Perhaps one day somebody could compile Metzger’s quotes from interviews into a text.

Sidenote, in regards to the essay author’s Manson comparison, I know that in the 1976 Helter Skelter film (based on Bugliosi’s book) it’s alluded that Manson had an interest in Hitler (and his female acolytes in real life Roman saluted the judge, etc.). However, I don’t think this was exactly what the author was referencing. Ironically, it was Manson’s birthday yesterday.

I’ve read your criticisms on this blog, yes. If I understand correctly, you believe that Mansonphiles suffer from a neurosis and that most are searching for a parental figure. I think this can be applied to any individual who exerts a fanaticism towards an authority figure. I think my own criticisms would differ.

However, we ought not to stray too much into this discussion as we ought to be remembering Metzger’s legacy and reviewing his interviews and Race and Reason broadcasting. His interview on Age of Treason merits a listen.

Metzger was a true fighter for white working class, and the white race in general, who truly “got it”. His takes on Christianity and the class struggle were right on target. Tom was also vehemently anti-conservative and hated the right wing. There is no one on the scene today that comes even close to measuring up to TT.

RIP Tom Metzger

Thanks for all the work you did with resist.com, Bob. I was a subscriber to the radio show for many years and even contributed to the old “news and views” now and then. I actually got to meet Tom in Warsaw Indiana in 2007.

Someone else could probably do a better job of recounting the details of the SPLC lawsuit than I could.

Bob, I know Tom had hundreds of hours worth of rare audio related to the struggle, some of which he would play on his podcasts. He also had letters, books, etc. Do you know if anyone in his family is taking care of that stuff? Hopefully it doesn’t get destroyed or turned over to the wrong people.

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