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Mason interview with Metzger

If white nationalists were like James and Tom instead of the conservative types they are, I wouldn’t have been criticising them so relentlessly on this site…

After minute 47: ‘Name the real enemy: Not the black on the street but the government!’ And after 1:07: ‘Broad masses of non-whites are not the enemies: it is the criminal regime in Washington’.

After YouTube’s thoughtpolice took down so many channels, the full interview still can be seen on two different platforms (here and here).

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Tom Metzger was not a ‘White Nationalist’ per se. He was always simply pro-White, especially favoring the White working class. Such clarity is not complex. Truth.

i feel a shot of youthful enthusiasm again after watching the interview. and james noted the youth are much more inclined to action than talk. didn’t know that charlie manson was anything other than a crazy cult figure until listening to james talk about him. stiil, i think we whities are wasting our efforts & resources thinking about targeting the united states for change. after it implodes, and who knows when that will be, national socialists, who have zero organization presence now, will be one of other groups sifting through the wreckage. can anyone recommend a james mason guy at present? (someone noted for action more than talk?)

The vast majority of examples of direct action are against civilians. This is true for both WN’s and Jihadists. Why? Stupidity and misinformation are part of it. Roof targeted black church ladies on account that they “rape our women” but incomprehensibly disregarded the idea of going into the ghetto and waiting to be accosted by some George Floyd and Trayvon Martin types so that he could defend himself. Tarrant targeted Muslims in a mosque on the grounds that they were replacing white people demographically, though in reality they did not come uninvited and more are imported than he killed every day, even in tiny New Zealand. Bowers targeted a bunch of geriatric Jews in a synagogue, despite the main centres of Jewish power being the mass media of news and entertainment, finance, academia and politics. Muslim radicals have more of an excuse as they may genuinely buy into the idea that Western nations are “democracies” and that killing civilians will lead the elites to back down, when in fact these low-level attacks are a feature not a bug of Muslim immigration.

There are exceptions of course, 9/11 being the most spectacular and it also targeted important financial infrastructure. But this attack was likely facilitated by Zionists and Arabs for their own purposes. Breivik was at least more rational than most other WN radicals as he targeted the children of the elite, though if his desire was to win hearts and minds (a questionable idea in itself) then slaughtering a large group of Scandinavian teenagers on a labour party camping trip was a bad idea. Luca Traini did not kill anyone but he struck while the iron was hot in response to the rape and dismemberment of a young Italian woman, which won his actions some public sympathy, though his attack was random and sporadic. Jarrod Ramos killed journalists: a very unsympathetic and overwhelmingly destructive group, though this was over a personal slight rather than for explicit political reasons. Thomas Mair killed a British MP, though not a particularly significant one. There was a man in Germany known as “Steven E.” who allegedly killed a prominent councilor that declared that “If Germans don’t like mass migration, they can leave” and this was significant as it was the first “far-right” killing of a serving politician in the post-war period, with all previous attacks being against low-level aliens.

Ted Kaczynski wrote an interesting essay from behind bars titled “Hit where it hurts”, which is sound advice in any fight, whether a bar brawl or a war of annihilation. As a citizen of little Britain I cannot endorse illegal actions but a rational and objective analysis shows that most radicals have not been hitting where it hurts.

That has always bothered me. In Pierce and Covington’s novels the targets are not civilians, but the elites (government, media and universities).

Yesterday I was looking at pages about the Atomwaffen Division and I was saddened that its members did not have the intelligence of, say, the ‘trouble trio’ in the Covington fiction, which turns AD into sheep in the skin of wolves.

You have missed Monsieur Alexandre Bissonnette of Québec. And Timothy McVeigh of Oklahoma.

Still, I believe, history is not on Traini’s side, but instead favours Elliot Roger the Supreme Gentleman.

The Russians and the Japanese are peacefully dying out, too.


There are other WN attacks which could be mentioned but the point of the first paragraph was to underline the obsession with religious buildings and low-value targets. Bissonnette had the same strategy as Tarrant but less well-planned and executed. Some other reasons why random aliens are targeted is how easy it is in comparison to a very high value target, who may well have security at any given time and the alien is a visible, proximate and obviously foreign antagonist compared to the more subtle threats posed by the powerful.

McVeigh was a significant omission. He targeted a federal building which housed divisions of the ATF among other groups; the thugs who had committed the slaughter in WACO. His attack constituted “revenge” and possibly an attempt at deterrence (semi-successful?) of future system attacks, though he killed many random civilians including 19 small children in the process. I’m sure he conceived of it as war and civilian casualties are inevitable in war: ask those who incinerated Dresden. But it’s always best to avoid civilian casualties in war if possible as not doing so reduces potential sympathy and is undesirable in itself.

Is your implication that violent actions in the future will have less of an explicit political motive and instead emphasise sexual deprivation? I’d wager that in most cases, WN attackers tend to be incels or incel-adjacent, which fuels their hatred of the system. Politics is probably ornamentation in many cases. And incels tend to be well versed in “far-right” politics anyway, even if they are not racialist ideologues.

when i talk of action, i mean action by nationalist collectives. coordinated and planned and organized, following the groups’ published objectives/ strategies/ tactics. how did comintern come about? the intended purpose of the bolsheviks to export their communism to all of europe. intentional groups with defined goals. likewise, how did germany’s freikorps come about? and blm. and blm/antia’s recent handiworks in cities across amerika, doing their signature burn/ loot/ murder tactics. the present variety of nationalists groups strike me as more akin to churches, under the “leadership” of a pastor, accomplishing only “preaching to the choir,” with very little working to effect the kingdom of god on earth. mostly ecclesiactical theathers. (and low quality entertainment at that.) the “talkie” nationalist groups should be ashamed of themselves for cowering in their collective basements while commie blm’ers destroy the peace, safety and livelihoods of local societies. bloodless revolutions? well, the present covid plandemic take down of amerika by the ruling elites via their well-funded useful idiots the political party democrats, and the terrorist groups blm and antia looks like a bloodless revolution to this point. readly following the old tried and true commie strategy & tactics of “create social unrest” in the target society. again, shameful and profane, that white nationalist groups present zero organized street level push backs . (i can forgive james mason’s absence, i supposed. he’s too old to be a street general at present?!…)

i intend to join a group that posts serious obective/ strategy / tactics (ost). i’ve long ago given up church membership and home church cell groups and utterly lost in “love your enemies” ost’s. still, i’ve yet to find such a group. like searching for the magical portal to escape this prison planet.)

First off, Dylann Roof was apparently an assassin. One of his “victims” was a senator (Clementa Pickney) and that was apparently intentional. There can still be a debate about the issues you raised, but the way it seems to me, the main problem is that there aren’t nearly enough such incidents and that is largely because many supposed Aryan racialist “leaders” viciously smear & attack individuals that take actions.

Ever see self avowed racialists endlessly attack & smear Anders Breivik for his targeting “our fellow whites”? I have, I’ve seen racialists go from one sentence writing bitter complaints about how Jews killed tens of millions of Aryans & warning that they will do so again (more openly than at present) to the next sentence denouncing Breivik as a full on “traitor,” for his having killed (from a pro-Aryan racialist pov) literal traitors.

Obviously, it’d be best to target the top enemies, the spiritual source of the modern world, but the hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance on part of the many self-avowed “pro white” activists is quite astonishing. Most of them are likely smearing the few Aryan men who actually attacked racial enemies as a way to justify their own cowardice & inaction.

Just like the lads who inverted traditional understanding of courage/duty wherein they portrayed their pacifism as “the real courage” that Hitler wrote about having encountered during his stay in a military hospital.

The trope of “keep it legal!…violence is counterproductive & only harms ‘the movement'” is pretty widespread, I confess I bought into it when I first learned the basics about Jews & so on. And it didn’t become a widespread meme in a vacuum for no reason (in lieu of how “the feds” infiltrate & entrap…and it all naturally ties into christian spawned pacifism in general).

But back when I actually went along with the idea non-violence is some sort of viable “strategy,” I lacked conscious awareness of a basic deep truth of life (the old conditioning still dominated): that the vast majority of “humans” are fear dominated…utterly dominated. And they follow whoever they are most afraid of, which undermines the idea that “optics” are critically important. Awareness of the nature of power also undermines the idea that some grand mass awakening will transpire (& would culminate *automatically* in an Aryan racialist revolt..) if only “normies” were to learn about Jewry & so on. Nope, “normies” are followers. The middle class types are craven followers.

Even if you explicitly make clear you are trying to fight to save them & their children from oblivion, if they are threatened with a short-term loss of comforts/status/wealth/etc, the middle class type especially will actively fight you despite it overall being against their & their children/s’ best self interest. However, they’ll join you – some of them right as they perceive you are on the cusp of imminent victory to win real power, but most will join after you have already won – and they will then pretend they supported you the entire time.

Back to some of what you said, I dispute the “civilians” meme you said. Like it or not, all the other races see you as fair game for what you are. As a South African who had to flee Rhodesia mentioned, he noted that Nelson Mandela openly supported what our race considers “terrorism.” Mandela adopted the Jewish mentality/formula, which Aryan’s would be very wise to emulate, “if X helps destroy ‘apartheid’ then X is good.” I’m sure you are familiar with the niggers of South Africa (ANC’s) torture practice for fellow niggers called “necklacing.”

The first step as to how the ANC niggers (backed by Jews & their Aryan golem) overthrew Aryans of South Africa was they made their fellow niggers fear them more than they feared Aryans. Any nigger who refused to fight against Afrikaners/Boers was beaten & or tortured (some were probably killed outright). If it still refused to fight against Aryans, game over, in a public spectacle of savagery. Soon enough, the niggers began fighting with each other to take credit for violent attacks against Aryans, “against apartheid.” With few exceptions, “white nationalist” leaders tend to instead fight each other to most forcefully “denounce, disavow, & condemn” acts of violence by white nationalists. As Alex Linder says, “who wants to join a ‘movement’ that always only suffers devastating blows by it’s enemies but never delivers blows?” (& on top of it, condemns & smears such individuals as at best having been “stupid morons who hurt the cause” & at worst as “Mossad agents doing a false flag to justify more oppression against Aryan racialists”…not that the latter isn’t at least theoretically possible…do you think Hitler/Goebbels broke silence to go out of their way to throw S.A. members who got arrested & thus had “drawn heat” upon National Socialism under the bus, so long as the S.A. member/s were loyal & acting in good faith?)

The Jews themselves are recorded to have practiced similar methods during the first Roman-Jewish War among themselves to fellow Jews who were perceived as “too soft/disloyal,” and I’m sure you’ve learned at least a bit about it.

The “Zealots” & even more fanatical factions terrorized & killed fellow Jews who dared to suggest that Jews should try to keep the peace with the Romans…and they were even more vicious to Jews who embraced Hellenic culture. Such fanatics actually may have saved the Jews from extinction, if the stories like how Jews fought among themselves in Jerusalem as the city was being besieged are true (they seem plausible)…hard to imagine the race with incredibly fanatical group loyalty burning each other’s food supplies as “filthy goyim subhumans” are besieging them, but Jews operate within the framework of observable reality…they eventually learn (christianity is proof of that) while still retaining their group goals.

Anyway, you do raise interesting points.

Dylann Roof definitely still would have been smeared/demonized had he gone into da hood & unleashed some lead, and the system would still have spun a narrative (if they even would have reported such an incident), & used it as a pretext to increase persecution/oppression against Aryans. “Never let a crisis go to waste,” as Rahm Emanuel said.

Recently re-watched a segment of the film “American History X,” and I was stunned (albeit not surprised) by the chutzpah. Somehow, the Jewish film makers were able to create a narrative wherein a young Aryan man who just got news his firefighter father was murdered on the job – murdered by niggers he was trying to save in a literally burning building – who is interviewed by news media & goes off on a “racist tirade,” the film manages somehow to portray the freshly fatherless Aryan son as the villain. And they managed to spin a narrative wherein he is made to seem unreasonable, and evil. As a “bad son.” As “ignorant.” And so on.

Consider the possibility there may be incidents we have never heard of, which were hidden by the Jewish media (though i’d be careful not to delve deep into what is probably fantasy land, the idea a racialist revolution is secretly taking place by hardened Aryan warriors..hope for such a thing if you will but do not base your plans/expectations upon such notions,imo). It can’t be repeated often enough that we face an enemy willing to do any-thing that works, which i know you already know. I have to pinch myself sometimes and remind myself consciously that we were born as a war of annihilation seems to be reaching a new climax all around us, and there is no telling when/how it shall end.

Culture definitely can come prior to widespread real world behaviors, and an Aryan warrior culture must be created. Imagine if the average Aryan racialist “talkers” (like myself right now) observed a widespread taboo/behavior wherein a racialist must prove he has “done his daily duty” if he is to be tolerated speaking out online. Imagine if it were common practice for the average racialist “shitposter” automatically challenges & maybe even taunts a fellow racialist who is making online activity, “heh shitposter/talker, what the hell are you doing!? We are at war, you better post a picture of you holding enemy scalps and you better prove in that pic that that pic was taken today….otherwise, get the hell offline & do your duty, take actions!” That is apparently what happens at the synagogue when Jews are among themselves. They’re daily competing with each other to outdo one another insofar as screwing the hated goyim.

Schlomo Cohen:”I tricked a stupid goy owner of a local food store into buying an ingredient with a slow acting toxin, and i made 300% profit, curse the goyim!!!”

Shekelstein Mossad, “Haha! Earlier today i tricked a filthy goy businessman into sending his own daughter to attend a ‘class’ in a neighborhood full of blacks…she’s in for a surprise, these stupid goy don’t even protect their filthy children! Oh, and the stupid goy also believed my advice to see a Jewish medical doctor who has a surprise for him…”

Nonstop. Bernie & Ruth Madoff apparently constantly cursed non-Jews while under house arrest.

The stuff you said about racialists acting like churches has its points…there is truth to it. I’ve often thought that many white nationalist “leaders” are treated like medieval champions who strictly fight on behalf of others, and ive encountered a good bit of ppl who seem to genuinely believe they are engaging in maximum effort by donating money to such leaders. As though to donate or post a meme is no different than literally pumping enemies full of lead. (To be clear, imo, i do think posting online anonymously is better than absolutely nothing, & i personally agree – to an extent – with what Alex Linder says about this…)

Linder points out that our race is facing a hyper-organized tribe with overwhelming resources that knows who they are wherein we do not – and a different species/animal (Jews) which actively prevents Aryans from organizing. As he says quite accurately, Jews are often able to identify Aryan racialists in the making before the Aryan themselves are self-aware or organized to a “critical mass” threshold. As soon as you prove you can create a decent sized audience as an anti-Jewish Aryan racialist, they actively come after you. They get you fired if you’re working. They go after and harass any loved ones they identify (Linder told a story about how one of his donors who had a pregnant wife one day found news reporters outside his home & apparently it didnt end well for that donor). They close your bank account. The feds will infiltrate. There was a secret police officer at Hitler’s first speech as i recall. Katyn Forest; Jews round up all *potential* threats (who hadn’t yet lifted a finger in resistance to Jewish rule) and kill all of them in one pre-emptive swoop.

Your questions about how the comnitern came about: you think genuine/loyal Aryan rulers (especially during the christianized era) were nearly as ruthless &/or effective as are Jews in trying to prevent us from organizing? Ever read about South Africa’s president Dr.Hendrik Verwoed who got assassinated by a Jew? As i recall, they tried several times before they succeeded, same as they did against the Caesar’s of Russia (the Romanov’s). My point is that Jews are hyper loyal to Jewry. Especially since Constantine, Jews operate within the framework of reality, unlike our race. Jews go all in, chutzpah…as an entire race (ever hear what Maurice Samuels said its like to be a Jew in his book, “You Gentiles”?) They don’t stop. They’re willing to do any-thing…no rules, other than to win. Meanwhile, we have been marinating in christianity for over 1,000 years.

There is definitely a deficit among Aryan racialists insofar as knowing thyself and knowing thy enemy (to the extent the latter is possible.. our enemy sure does understand us). And a deficit of courage. Were the Jews subjected by Aryans to what they subject us? To the best of my knowledge, Aryans foolishly never tried exterminating Jews (& we’re each wasting our & other ppl’s time if we reject that concept). We are a race that kicked them out over & over but let them back in over & over. The powers that be actively keep throwing third parties in between Aryan men to prevent us from organizing. Ever wonder if the average person is even capable of conscious thought? Basically, Aryan males of my generation were born into our own graves in a stinking ruin. Never even saw semi-feminine females, instead only encountered beastly masculinized loud aggressive beasts who you’d be stupid to blindly trust. What was left of marriage spectacularly destroyed by our parents generation. Taught to hate ourselves. Soy in almost all foods. Estrogens polluting drinking water. Orcs everywhere within the castle walls. Taught to worship them. Emasculated by sadistic mind games by our own disinterested in us, self obsessed mothers who generally tormented our fathers in front of us (if we had a father) & often our miserable, effeminate slaves of women fathers seem to enjoy being bossed around by women. We are isolated, atomized. Lies told across all info disseminating outlets, lies parroted mindlessly everywhere. Taught to worship Jews. “This life doesn’t matter.” Etc etc etc.

Point being, it’s a miracle anyone breaks through this cradle to grave socioengineering at all and find some racial truths…and people are weak more than they are ‘evil.’ So few good men left. The average Aryan males taught to think like women who still manages to stumble out of the Jewish dystopian hell into racialism can either choose to keep piling on the liberating yet painful, burdensome info that there are no “good guys” left representing them/us anywhere, that there is no hope of being rescued by others…..or a newb Aryan male can listen to some of the influential people who represent/style themselves as Aryan racialist revolutionaries who are definitely not revolutionaries, who tell them only half the scary truth, and who tell them pretty lies (“Donald Trump is going to deport all non-white ‘illegal’ immigrants!”). My point is there are a lot of traps even for those who discover racialism.

Few people will first automatically choose to listen to someone telling them things that are deeply unpleasant/disempowering if there is an alternative with a nicer sounding message. The masses are feminine. I’m pretty sure everyone to some extent wishes to fit in. Everyone seems to want to feel “special.” In short, its up to us to at very least do our individual best to create a culture/mentality of warriors if not do something ourselves. At this stage, its just dangerous for Aryan males to readily trust fellow Aryan males. Trust is earned. Don’t be discouraged. You always have freedom to act, and just apply your own advice. As Linder says, there is little point in trying to organize irl unless you are willing to kill traitors, “blood in, blood out.” Otherwise, you will get infiltrated eventually. They’ll cause chaos within. Any Aryan who merely speaks publicly about racialist talking points gets treated as the most heinous type of “criminal,” as a murderer…for saying gay soft slogans like “its okay to be white.”

For saying that, you very well might get ritualistically smeared & denounced in the media, “lose” your (most oftenly) slave wage shit occupation which nonetheless is still a threat. We are so conditioned to have a slave mentality. To make petititions to perceived authority rather than act on our own accord. To lack initiative. Germany wasn’t as far gone as some places are today back when the Freikorp heroes saved Germany. I do not consider myself a defeatist, but i am pessimistic at present mainly due to widespread misconceptions about a lot of things among even Aryan racialists who are the best of the best Aryan men left, regardless of our shortcomings. Keep struggling. Short of more vigourous actions, you can counter individuals that go out of their way to reinforce the system by saying stuff like “keep it legal bro’s!” I get not wanting the state to come after you, and that’s another problem…the idea that there can’t be casualties. I really think a lot of white nationalists have good intentions,they want to do something…but who wants to (as its easy to believe) sacrifice his freedom/life to get denounced by his own supposed comrades as a “Mossad agent” or as a “moron” who supposedly caused such “harm to the movement”? That is the juice for the squeeze one knows he will get. Not many ppl nowadays can see in a historical perspective. You don’t have to openly endorse/promote “illegal” actions, but you also dont ever have to denounce them either. You can just stay silent. But remember, all the ppl going around parroting & shrieking “keep it kosher bro’s” are for various reasons engaged in shitty counterproductive behaviors. Very discouraging, demoralizing behaviors.

That behavior needs to become taboo among racialists.

Most groups are honeypots or infiltrated. I won’t trust them.

Back in summer ’18 I suggested “weekend arsonist” tactics.
Familiarize with the B(urn) during Happy times as practice for the L(oot) when inflation hits, then work up the nerve until the M(urder) phase, when it’s gotten so bad there’s tanks guarding City Hall.
Back then it was a risky endeavour, with marginal to negligible effect.

But today with Co-vid, everyone wears masks, cameras can’t positively identify you. I know it’s not enough to be a game-changer, but the balance is shifting towards chaos.
Don’t start the fire, but add fuel to it when it starts.

America delenda est.

@ Hermann,

But back when I actually went along with the idea non-violence is some sort of viable “strategy,” I lacked conscious awareness of a basic deep truth of life (the old conditioning still dominated): that the vast majority of “humans” are fear dominated…utterly dominated. And they follow whoever they are most afraid of, which undermines the idea that “optics” are critically important.

You hit the nail. But I wonder if you read The Fair Race which provides a different POV from Linder’s about the power of Jewry.

@ Mauricio,

‘Most groups are honeypots or infiltrated. I won’t trust them’.

My article, ‘Advice to would-be revolutionaries’, also linked in my first comment above, got no comments except mine (as always, talking to myself).

A couple of would-be revolutionaries who have commented on other threads about Atomwaffen Division told me that it was a legitimate group, and also suggested that I interviewed Norman Spear.

We interviewed him and not long after a scandal erupted in the newspapers saying that Spear was an FBI agent!

As you know, our radio site was nuked even before the scandal, and now I believe our private conversations with Spear are on file with the FBI, even though I never proposed immediate violent action! This happened to me because I listened to younger, far more impatient voices in the movement, than mine.

Young people commenting here don’t have the patience to see what Austrian economists have been predicting about the increasingly looming collapse. They want revolution instantly, as if life was like Covington’s novels, without realising that the population must transit from happy to angry mode first, as in the French Revolution.

They don’t even want to watch Maloney’s course on the upcoming dollar crash in YouTube. And they don’t have the insight the mature ‘raven’ has to realise that the financially-suicidal madmen of the System are doing everything they can to make their little System collapse, especially in the US. They don’t even know that Jews are almost as morons as whites, and that the wisest thing to do before both sorts of madmen is to wait a bit until the collapse of the dollar ends the interregnum that began in 1945.

Also, these young people don’t want to read anything unrelated to their narrow tunnel vision. They don’t even take into account what I have written on mental health, already summarised in English in two of my books that appear on the sidebar.

More than one of these young men have been banned in this site because they are overwhelmed with mental issues that they don’t want to heal. It is no coincidence that when you accept unbalanced young men in your ‘revolutionary’ movement you get killed by them! This happened to Commander Rockwell, Tommasi and more recently in the Atomwaffen Division when two guys got killed by one of their comrade in arms for having made fun of… Islam!

William Pierce scolded these types in one of the very, very few remaining videos in YouTube that survived the Great Purge.

You sound like an old and grumbling geezer.

It’s futile and unfairly to accuse the youth of ardour and impatience and narrow tunnel vision. Many of them are sincerely actuated by a heroic impulse to over with this shameful state of things, this disgraceful status quo. Their hearts vulcanically explodes with lava of despair and hatred for the world of their worthless parents and cowardly ancestors. Yes, lives of foolhardy men usually end not well. And tragic triumph is a fate of exceptional ones.

But the young soul has no time to wait, be it in love or in war. So, be lenient towards suicidal behaviour of the youth and do not impute to passionate youngsters the carelessness concerning those fucking Austrian economists! All this cultural and historic noise – million words in billion posts – is not a groundwork or a earnest or a linchpin or a promise of coming transvaluation of values.

They dread to reach your age, Caesar, and face their death, especially after very long life, and to realize that all their efforts failed to produce results, moreover the situation has got worse. They know some examples of lustrous persons, whose deeds were vain in spite of their “strategic thinking”. By the way, traitors often justify their betrayal with strategical manoeuvring for the sake of a lofty goal in long-term planning.

The destiny occurs HERE AND NOW, and if this “here and now” is stolen, I will not judge the glowing souls with destructive power of dynamite inside their cores.

> ‘You sound like an old and grumbling geezer’.

Do you refer to me or Pierce?

In the case that you mean me, I’m afraid you didn’t understand what I meant: avoiding being shot like Rockwell by one of their own (see my most recent post).

To NEETzschean: choosing targets is fine and dandy and high-IQ, but ultimately, it is still an act of sacrifice akin to kamikaze; it is unfair to blame the suicide bombers for choosing the “wrong target”. From an ethical standpoint, every Aryan man has a duty, and is only responsible before himself (unless he has an organization under his command).

It is utter folly to say “Tarrant had to go for a different target”. If another guy has a better plan, but is doing nothing, and has done nothing, and the chance of success is murky, what’s use of it? Take it for what it is – Hitler was our best shot in 2000 years, too, and we blew it, too.

Never understood the importance of the Waco siege. Just random Jewish cultists getting slaughtered.

To Hermann: aren’t you too pessimistic in your assessment of the normies? It will all change when the bread runs out.

But it is true that Whites are the most uniquely self-hating enemy-worshipping race in the history of the animal kingdom. It is inconceivable how the heroes are smeared by the very people they’re fighting for. Even modern, degenerate Japan has not made a written apology for Nanking.

On the Jews – try not to overpraise the kikes, as Israel is quite a pathetic homo country that will go down like that scorpion from the fable along with the frog. If the Jews were indeed smart, they would have taken the Madagascar offer. Or conquered Egypt.


Look up right-wing terrorist attacks in the past 10-20 years and you will see that the vast majority of them are against random, low-level aliens. Those in power laugh when they see this as it accomplishes nothing of substance. It’s a sacrifice yes but so is suicide but no one would argue that killing yourself furthers any political cause. I am not condemning Tarrant: he was a brave man who understood the costs and had a sense of idealism. But are his actions any threat to those in power in New Zealand? Absolutely not. Hitler did at least seriously threaten his enemies, although we are always wise to learn from the mistakes of any important figure so that we can act more intelligently in the future.

WACO was significant because it was an example of the U.S. state slaughtering a community due to its politically incorrect views and practices. It was a military action against people who were not troubling their neighbors and were simply living according to their own values. The version of Christianity they practiced is irrelevant in this regard: the state would have been just as willing to kill them if they were a Pagan or atheistic cult. This is why William Luther Pierce was so agitated about it, as well as the fact that it was a blatant example of the government behaving in a grossly incompetent, gung-ho way against a fringe though peaceful community at best, and mass murder against excessively independent civilians at worst.


I agree that WN “leaders” who condemn WN violence, often as “evil” are shamelessly hypocritical. The best example of this is Greg Johnson. 20 years ago he penned an essay in which he claimed that Hitler’s greatest flaw was that he was too compassionate to the Jews and that they deserve to be stripped of all property and expelled “at the very least”. As late as 2013, Johnson was praising one of Breivik’s speeches in court and claimed he could be a Nelson Mandela-type figure for whites in the future, suggesting that his slaughter of Scandinavian leftist youths was not by any means morally reprehensible to him. In a previous article on Breivik, GJ claimed that it would have been far more effective to target members of the elite and their supporters in media, politics etc. Now he pumps out boilerplate article after article condemning WN violence as “evil”. The correct position WN’s should take within the law is that such violence is inevitable as racialists have been forced into a desperate situation. Also, the system commits atrocities a thousand fold worse in its wars to appease business interests and ethnic lobbies. It’s also a fact that the men who take direct action have infinitely greater courage than those who criticise them and that if even a significant minority of white men were willing to put material concerns aside and emulate them, we would not be living under a sickening form of tyranny, headed directly for racial extinction. There’s also no question that the condemnation of WN “leaders” reduces the number of men willing to take action.

WN philosophy:

1. Preserving the white race is an absolute moral imperative, above preserving other races

2. The presence of alien races in white territories is an existential threat to the short-term autonomy/health and long-term existence of the white race

It logically follows that men who exterminate aliens within their territory are promoting the survival of the white race, other things being equal. But other things are not equal as “liberals” control the institutions. The elites are responsible for importing aliens, who cannot be killed faster than they can breed and migrate by any conceivable number of white lone wolves. Attacking low-level aliens is similar to attacking the hands or feet of an opponent in a fight instead of the more vital areas. Such violence is largely non-productive. It is no doubt true though that the more a group is willing to use violence, the less it will be abused by antagonists. No one (particularly those in power) respects someone who isn’t willing to fight back against oppression and no one (aside possibly from masochists) would want to join his team. The idea that we would be on the cusp of a mass awakening of racial consciousness if not for those “evil” lone wolves is also delusional, if not dishonest and mendacious. And the media will do their best to spin every narrative in their favour, though their powers to do this are not infinite. Luca Traini was harder to discredit than Glenn Miller. Failed attacks surely result in demoralization: imagine if Tarrant had been beaten to death on camera as soon as he started shooting? It’s possible that the media covers up cases of WN violence that they cannot solve as reporting such actions would give more people the idea that they could get away with it. The idea that these attacks increase oppression against whites is largely false. It may provide a pretext but if your enemies already control the institutions then they have the power to criminalize you anyway. It may accelerate the banning of websites and the removal of their payment processors (which is entirely why WN “leaders” condemn violence) but this is coming anyway, especially if the movement is seen as any kind of threat to the elite, which is a prerequisite for any meaningful change to occur. Powerless groups have no bargaining chips by definition.

I believe that in most cases there is a significant level of delusion though: accelerationist theories of bringing down the system via lone wolf attacks causing a domino effect are absurdly optimistic, especially when the targets are almost infinitely replaceable, almost entirely powerless and relatively sympathetic. It may well be the case that nothing can be done to save people who overwhelmingly do not want to be saved. Valerio Fioravanti of the NAR expressed a vastly different ethic to the accelerationists; indifference to defeat and to battle against the hated, vicious enemy regardless, a philosophy of action in line with the heroic pessimism of Spengler.

another tidbit offering, w/ the qualification that i buy the offerings and insights posted here.

Gavin Mcinnes, a gifted personality and organizer started the Proud Boys. (although he’s presently disassociated from the group.) Proud Boys is a nationalist group, not aryan, in allowing multi-race membership. where is such a leader personality in the white nationalist movement today? yes, leadership talents like gavin’s are the exception rather than rule. i wonder what william pierce would have to say about gavin.

despise the Proud Boys or not, they’re a multi-local-chapters organization that can make its presence known in short order when the clarion call goes out.

a nation — as well as large collectives, corporations and groups — is multi-tiered, consisting of levels of administration and many locales. and many citizens. with by-laws. corporate by-laws. and for a nation, a “constitution.” i might add that one of the problems with both corproate by-laws and the United States Constitution is, with too many items, they become talmudic in nature: too many laws.

although i’m not god-believer, i like the ancient hebrew myth that the ancient spoken torah law to moses was only two commands:
-do not kill another sentient being. (self defense may be an exception. i do not know.) this command means one respects all sentient beings, spiders, snakes, poisonous or not, creepy crawlies, pests, you name it. one simply walks around them, not through them.)
-treat others as you want to be treated.
only two. simple. instinctual. so unlike the crazy demented pharisaic talmud that gave rise to the need for parasitic flim flam scholar types required to interpret the great variety of gotcha laws.

the project of founding and growing any organization is massive. requiring an orchestra conductor personality type at the top. for that reason, i pay respect to gavin mcinnes and his proud boys. at least the organization is now a street presence that pushes back blm/antifa at cost of injury and $$$ to their members.

other points i might add to Hitler’s 25 Points:
– no unearned income, which voids the existence of public corporations
– fair sharing of excess profits as marx stipulated. (no hyper multiples of executive wages over commoner proletariats.)
i like jeff epstein’s discussions of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT.) i think much good, as well as much harm, can be done by sovereign countries printing $$$ to leverage future GDP/GNP directions. (beyond my making token mention of MMT here, the new aryan nation must learn from history and outlaw any jewish employees in both business administrations and government administrations. as they are parasites by nature. science has yet to explore the genomes of the races. much scientific work needs doing.

so much required work needs doing that the aryan nation is a distant dream at present. (and pls forget fixing amerika. the way to fix old houses and old structures is to gut them. the warfare is vertical, shooting upwards, in fighting the elite and upper classes in their historic fighting downwards by imposing mandates and laws on the sordid underclasses, many injurious to us lower IQ commoner masses.

a clip from commenter “kim” on the latest kunstler post, “Don’t Mess with Miz Powell,”

There will be a second civil war if Trump doesn’t gain a second term. So, lets get it on.

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November 16, 2020 at 8:08 pm #

Who would kill whom?

Who are the physical humans who are the enemies of the people?

Every politician at every level of government?

Every mid-to-senior executive at every major corporation?

All journalists?

Any executive or professional residing in Washington DC?

That would do the job. No need for everyday people to shoot at each other.

The best targets are mayors, councillors, party reps, editors, beat journalists, senior law enforcement, liberal judges and lawyers, members of congress, governors, advertising executives and account managers, hollywood actors, producers, directors, middle and senior level “civil servants”,…

Get the planners and order givers…those maggots who live off the dying carcass…

The enemies are not disposed or ranged against each other horizontally on a battlefield. The war is vertical. All firing is best done upwards at the politicians and propagandists.

Because this Civil War has already been in progress for years, and is a war from the top down.

this strategy & tactic the vietcong supposedly used when they conquered new villages.

RIP Tom Metzger. Your penchant for honesty, courage, and sacred-cow slaying profoundly influenced my development as a man. You were a proud racist.

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