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Correspondence Kali Yuga

Island of slaves

In his most recent e-mail, Benjamin Power said:

There is no one—no one, not a soul!—left in this country whom I can legitimately converse with in a sensible manner. I know of absolutely no one. This island of slaves [the UK] is a gulag of pain. What are their books if they cannot be read, ringed ornaments for their coffee tables; stepping stones for the muddy road to their work?

Remember that I have renamed the category “West’s Darkest Hour” to “Kali Yuga”, which means the same thing, but I did it in honour of Savitri Devi.

Racial right Savitri Devi

Against my time

Speaking of this site and the comparatively little traffic I get, Tyrone, who I spoke of last month when referring to his imprisonment in the UK for thoughtcrime, once said that Jared Taylor was a man ‘of his time’, and I, a man ‘against his time’ (Taylor gets a lot of visitors as can be seen from the amount of commenters on American Renaissance).

You have to read the early chapters of Savitri’s book to understand the concept of a man against his time. It was also Tyrone who drew my attention to the apocalypse with which the West will be punished in Savitri’s philosophy, and indeed I began to read her because of him.

When I met Tyrone in London, we didn’t take a picture. We might as well have taken it when we went with Chris, his friend also imprisoned for thoughtcrime. In this post, I could now show the photo of Tyrone, Chris and me when we went to the pub with BNP protesters. But we didn’t take one (out of caution before the State, it is not very common for European racialists to take photos of themselves).

Free speech / Free press


by Benjamin Power

I’m sad to read about Cristopher and Tyrone. I hope they survive their prison time in one piece, in what must be a very disappointing and stressful situation.

I’ve gathered the idea that, in the UK at least, prisoners arrested for [purported] TACT offences are in general shunned and ignored, if not subject to disapproval and shaming by those of the main body of Nationalists and Dissents [emphasis by Ed.].

Their cases are briefly mentioned, as any voyeuristic titbit of current affairs is briefly mentioned, but I get the idea there is limited support and concern afterwards, and most are quickly forgotten and left to their fate. I’d imagine any smaller groups of National Socialists would be more compassionate and loyal towards them, but they remain fiercely overshadowed (even) by the political optics and moral crusades of these image-conscious personality cultists.

I note that The Independent carries an article from the 12th of October 2023 stating that a senior England and Wales judge has ordered judges not to jail rapists due to overcrowded prisons, including the early release of some inmates. Also, on the 29th of October 2023, BBC News reported that the Sentencing Court for England and Wales is telling judges to impose more community sentences, again due to prison overcrowding. The Council has written a document suggesting that “judges need to take extra care in assessing the lives of offenders from specific backgrounds including young adults, women, people with dependants, people who are transgender, ethnic minorities or people with addictions, learning disabilities or mental disorders.”

Following these two recent UK newspaper articles, I wonder if soon British prison inmates will be disproportionately those native citizens convicted on thoughtcrime and political prisoner charges. The establishment’s anti-white regime certainly seems to be preoccupied with the notion of far-right terrorism, at the expense of all genuine dangers to the British people. The authorities are simply cracking down on their political enemies in tandem with their general long-term population-replacement drives, much as the unpopular Police have a professional necessity to meet their targets, cynical as much as they are anti-white, perhaps keen as an organisation to redeem themselves of the media’s judgement that they are institutionally racist.

As you know, I’m facing a similar situation myself, come September 2024. Despite my own charges being for the possession and sharing of hard libertarian survivalist manuals, the Police were very keen indeed to highlight (and confiscate) the 6-inch National Socialist pennant hanging beside the oil paintings on my wall, totally private from the public, and indeed the small, discreet Swastika necklace under my clothes, much as they have taken great care to diligently catalogue and photograph the various air-rifles, air-pistols and rifle crossbows I kept in my collection, all legal under British Law, and obtained above board, and which I was accustomed to target-shoot with on my friend’s private country estate.

In a better world, I’d suggest to them that my National Socialist perspectives, or indeed any ideological perspectives, were none of their business. The rest seems to be equivalent to the US anti-gun hysteria, and excessive despite the relative innocuousness of these sporting weapons.

Also, I tried putting to my lawyer that to this day Wikipedia’s pages on Ragnar Benson and Kurt Saxon contain active PDF links to a great many of these survivalism manuals, and indeed Amazon’s UK servers quite happily stocked their catalogue at the time of the arrest in 2021 but he says it’ll make no difference. I think I agree with him. Having disregarded all due process thus far, I can’t see these cold fanatics changing their minds no matter what is presented to them. The ‘social stigma’ of their allegation among State care professionals and within my family and the bystander assumptions based on their equivocation between sharing controversial documents and genuine acts of violent terrorism has been my steady undoing the entire way.

I can only hope that eventually some solidarity forms among the natives of this country. I wish the two commenters well.

Free speech / Free press

Tyrone, Chris

and the UK

Just today I learned of something that happened a couple of weeks ago, about the subject of my post last month that two Londoners, who had commented on this site—Tyrone Patten-Walsh and Christopher Gibbons—had been prosecuted and found guilty for what they said on Chris’ podcast Black Wolf Radio.

I met both of them in August 2014 when I attended a peaceful BNP demonstration outside London. After the peaceful demonstration, I went with the whole group of young English men for a beer in a pub. While it is true that Tyrone and Chris liked revolutionary novels, such as what Harold Covington wrote, they never told me, either personally or by correspondence (I used to exchange emails with both of them, especially Tyrone) that they planned to do anything illegal. Ever.

Since, as I said in my post last year, the judge, prosecutors or even the System news story I reproduce below, fail to quote verbatim what Chris and Tyrone were saying in Black Wolf Radio I used to listen to, I assume they were jailed simply for thoughtcrime—the kind of pronouncements about which they would never have been jailed in the United States of America, thanks to that country’s First Amendment.

I’ve said it a couple of times and it bears repeating: Bloggers or podcasters who live in Europe, Canada, Australia or New Zealand should consider moving to the third world (where I’ve chosen to live). This is what podcaster Gonzalo Lira, murdered this month by the Kiev regime, advised. Gonzalo was murdered precisely because he failed to comply with his own advice (Ukraine is not third world but second world, and it is illegal there to criticise the Kiev regime).

Below I reproduce the System’s text on imprisonment, apparently for thoughtcrime, as they fail to cite verbatim whether it is true that Chris and Tyrone instigated others to commit terrorist acts. Pay particular attention to the penultimate paragraph, insofar as it suggests that it was thoughtcrime (‘homophobic, racist, antisemitic, Islamophobic and misogynistic comments’) rather than terrorist plots, or encouraging others to commit terrorist attacks, what has been punished this month:

Neo-Nazis who targeted [really?—Ed.] Prince Archie jailed for 15 Years

Two far-right British podcasters who encouraged acts of violence [really?—Ed.] against ethnic minorities as well as making derogatory comments about public figures including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son, Prince Archie, have been jailed for a total of 15 years.

Christopher Gibbons, 40, and Tyrone Patten-Walsh, 36, were jailed on January 4 after being convicted of committing crimes under the Terrorism Act 2006, between March 2019 and February 2020.

Gibbons and Patten-Walsh were both found guilty on eight counts each of encouraging acts of terrorism, with Gibbons convicted of two additional counts of dissemination of terrorist publications.

Gibbons received an eight-year prison sentence and Patten-Walsh seven years.

The two men from London were arrested in 2021 following an investigation by the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command that focused on material they created, including what the police described as a “neo-Nazi online podcast.”

Titled Black Wolf Radio the 21-episode chat show contained a number of homophobic, racist, antisemitic, Islamophobic and misogynistic comments, some targeted at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their son.

In June 2022, prosecutor Anne Whyte QC told a London court, per the BBC, that Gibbons had described Prince Archie as an “abomination that should be put down.”

Gibbons also claimed that Prince Harry should be “prosecuted and found guilty and judicially killed for treason.”

Discussing the sentencing, the Met Police’s Counter Terrorism Commander, Dominic Murphy, said per a press release that Gibbons and Patten-Walsh’s material was “exactly the kind that has the potential to draw vulnerable people—particularly young people—into terrorism.”

“We are determined to identify and hold to account individuals pushing this material. In this case, officers reviewed hours-upon-hours of material to present a compelling case,” he said. “I hope this case and today’s sentencing sends a clear message that there are serious consequences for those who share terrorist material or encourage others to become involved in terrorism.”

Gonzalo Lira used to say in his videos that the repression of dissidents was going to escalate terribly in the West shortly. Now even I don’t feel safe visiting the UK again; for example, for having quoted extensively passages from Covington’s novel The Brigade on this site. By the standards that imprisoned Chris and Tyrone perhaps those novel quotes could be interpreted by the English justice system as ‘incitement to terrorism’ or something similar. So—

Goodbye, England!

From the comments section of the above-embedded video about the Chris & Tyrone case:

• ‘The other problems with such laws is that Police and Judges are left with the almost godlike decisions to prosecute’.

• ‘Government should never be able to tell us what we can and cannot say’.

• ‘7 and 8 years seems pretty harsh considering that judges routinely hand out joke sentences to people who actually do harm to others’.

• ‘Their sentence including Islamophobia means criticising the religion of child rapists comes with a 7 or 8 year prison sentence. Britain has Sharia now’.

• ‘In Scotland you can sit at your dinner table and if someone says something you don’t like you can report them to the police’.

• ‘Verbal attacks on Whites are ignored, while the very same words pointed towards minorities will [make] the law fall upon the speaker like a ton of bricks’.

• ‘As an English man in England I’ll think and speak my mind truthfully and factually. F the government’.

• ‘Shouting “fire” in a crowded theater is welcome when you believe there is a fire, and is then a moral duty!’

• ‘Free speech is a myth—every debate about free speech soon turns into a discussion about restrictions on free speech. Even those that say “I believe in free speech” always follow it with the word “but” and then go on to describe the restrictions they want imposed on speech’.

And so on…

'Hitler' (book by Brendan Simms) Racial right

Hitler, 8

Brendan Simms continues in the third chapter of his book:

From mid November 1919, Hitler mounted a series of full-scale attacks in public speeches on the main enemy—‘absolute enemies England and America’. It was Britain which had been determined to prevent Germany’s rise to world power, in order not to jeopardize their ‘world monopoly’. ‘That was also the reason,’ Hitler claimed, ‘to make war on us. And now America. As a money country it had to intervene in the war in order not to lose the money they had lent.’ Here he explicitly made the link between his anti-capitalistic critique and the hostile behaviour of the western coalition. This was closely connected to Hitler’s anti-Semitism. ‘The Americans put business above all else. Money is money even if it is soaked in blood. The wallet is the holiest thing for the Jew,’ he claimed, adding: ‘America would have stuck with or without U-boats.’ What is remarkable here is that the terms ‘the Americans’ and ‘the Jews’ were used almost interchangeably.

As I said earlier, a small faction of the American racial right, represented by Francis Parker Yockey (1917-1960) and the retired Michael O’Meara (1946 – ) were, like Hitler, harsh critics of Anglo-American capitalism.

Anyone wishing to be introduced to Yockey’s thought can do so by reading Kerry Bolton’s essay, ‘A Contemporary Assessment of Yockey’, pages 47-70 of this PDF I compiled.

Anyone wishing to be introduced to O’Meara’s thought can do so by reading my excerpts from his Toward the White Republic here.

O’Meara’s Toward the White Republic was the first book published by Counter-Currents. In yesterday’s post I discussed ‘White Nationalism is Not Anti-Semitism’: an article by O’Meara that should have been included in Toward the White Republic (the first page of the hard copy I own contains a few words the author wrote to me). Greg Johnson delayed the publication of the short article ‘White Nationalism is Not Anti-Semitism’, whereas O’Meara wrote it in 2010 and Johnson published that piece in October 2011.

O’Meara always wrote very clearly, concisely and didactically, which I cannot say of Yockey, although Bolton’s essay linked above summarises Yockey’s philosophy admirably. But even if a visitor reads carefully the summaries of these two intellectuals linked above, he still won’t have arrived at the Christian Question that Hitler himself would, years later, understand. Even more than Mammon worship, the CQ has been the real poison for ethno-suicidal whites. For example, although the Chinese have become Mammon worshipers, by not submitting to Christian ethics they haven’t become ethno-suicidal like the white madmen, who import millions of coloureds. But let’s take it one step at a time. Simms continues:

If Hitler’s profound hostility to the Anglo-Saxon powers was shaped by his anti-Semitism, it was also distinct and, crucially, anterior to it. He had, after all, spent almost the entire war fighting the ‘English’, and latterly the United States. Hitler became an enemy of the British—and also of the Americans—before he became an enemy of the Jews. Indeed, he became an enemy of the Jews largely because of his hostility to the Anglo-American capitalist powers. Hitler could not have been clearer: ‘We struggle against the Jew,’ he announced at a public meeting in early January 1920, ‘because he prevents the struggle against capitalism.’

The rest of Germany’s adversaries, by contrast, fell into a second and milder category. The Russians and the French, so the argument ran, had become hostile ‘as a result of their unfortunate situation or some other circumstances’. Hitler was by no means blind to the extent of French antagonism, but it is striking that he discoursed at much greater length about the financial terms of the treaty, and the blockade, than the territorial losses to Germany’s immediate neighbours. This focus on Anglo-American, and increasingly on US, strength, with or without anti-Semitism, was by no means unusual in Germany, or even Europe generally. It reflected a much broader post-war preoccupation with the immense global power of the United States. As we shall see, Hitler’s entire thinking, and the policies of the Third Reich after 1933, were in essence a reaction to it.

Remember the words by the Canadian Ronin in my post yesterday: ‘The betrayal of the White European race stems from deep, deep within, so deep that it is not visible or obvious for most’. That’s something the white nationalists south of Canada still don’t want to see! These are the words of Greg Johnson, Michael O’Meara’s editor a dozen years ago, in the thread discussing O’Meara’s article that white nationalism, as O’Meara understood it, is not simply a synonym of anti-Semitism:

I think that O’Meara has a chip on his shoulder and is spoiling for a fight with people who are essentially on his side. I don’t see any good that can come from that.

This, of course, is to misunderstand the whole thing, as O’Meara wasn’t trying to unnecessarily provoke the Counter-Currents commentariat. What he was trying to convey is that there are more serious causal factors in white decline than Jewish subversion, and that consequently our horizon shouldn’t be limited to the JQ.

Johnson’s words quoted above are from 2011. What American white nationalists still don’t want to see, we will see in this extensive review of Simms’ revisionist biography of Hitler.

European beauty

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

European beauty

Caernarfon Castle, Wales

European beauty

Wales 2021

European beauty

Beautiful view of the city of Edinburgh.

European beauty

Sligachan River on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.