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Racial right Savitri Devi

Against my time

Speaking of this site and the comparatively little traffic I get, Tyrone, who I spoke of last month when referring to his imprisonment in the UK for thoughtcrime, once said that Jared Taylor was a man ‘of his time’, and I, a man ‘against his time’ (Taylor gets a lot of visitors as can be seen from the amount of commenters on American Renaissance).

You have to read the early chapters of Savitri’s book to understand the concept of a man against his time. It was also Tyrone who drew my attention to the apocalypse with which the West will be punished in Savitri’s philosophy, and indeed I began to read her because of him.

When I met Tyrone in London, we didn’t take a picture. We might as well have taken it when we went with Chris, his friend also imprisoned for thoughtcrime. In this post, I could now show the photo of Tyrone, Chris and me when we went to the pub with BNP protesters. But we didn’t take one (out of caution before the State, it is not very common for European racialists to take photos of themselves).

3 replies on “Against my time”

Hi Cesar

I discovered your site only recently, it’s interesting and certainly unique in the racial blogosphere.
If I understood it correctly you’re a white man, of Spanish heritage, living in Mexico, right?
Do you have any pictures of you posted online?

Thank you!

You have definitely Aryan features (despite the Mediterranean pigmentation.)
The Metapedia’s article about you is very interesting also. I’ll recommend your blog to a couple of my friends there are some gems around here.

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