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Contra C-C commenters

by Benjamin Power

It’s very enervating [emphasis by Editor!] to read Counter-Currents comments. They’re so very confident. Bad enough that they consider their “Russians” (for it is easy for them to incorrectly render race and country synonymous) ‘white’, more honorary Slavs all in a line, or Russia considered even predominantly Slavic, but, with an appalling irony, I now see from a few commenters (and with no pushback against this, and indeed some upvotes) that:

Connor McDowell: Everyone’s favorite uncle only scored 71% when I just uploaded his mugshot.

Hamburger Today: This actually makes sense. The features of most of the very tippy-top of the NSDAP hierarchy are not very ‘Aryan’ in appearance. Heidrich is really the only one that looks like the ‘Aryan ideal’. Just goes to show that ‘Aryan’ isn’t everything.

Scott: Anyway, “Aryan” is very obsolete and almost meaningless terminology anyway, derived from the linguistics of Indo-European, which is basically all European languages and some non-European languages like Farsi. “Aryan,” therefore does not include Whites from Hungary, Estonia, and Finland, who speak the Finno-Ugric languages.

Kok Bori: Anybody who today still uses the word Aryan as a racial term is an idiot. There is not and there was no such thing as the Aryan race, there are only Aryan languages, because Aryan is a linguistical term meaning the same as Indoeuropean aka Indogermanic languages, and in a narrower sense even not all of them, but only their Eastern branch, i.e. the so-called Isoglosse Setum, do not ask me what is this, I do not know. But I know that with such criterium the Iranians, Tadshiks, Afghanis and Indians, incl. Roma-Gipsies, all are Aryans, but the Germans, Swedes, English and French are not, because they belong to the Western branch of Indoeuropean languages, or to the Isoglosse Kentum. The using of the word Aryan as a racial term today is more than obsolete, it is anti-scientifical, propagandistic, and simply wrong. [bad syntax corrected by Ed.]

Hamburger Today: The term ‘Aryan’ may be obsolete in many ways, but it is still very common. Feelings don’t care about facts.

Kok Bori: Anytime when you see some brown Bengalis, you should know they are Aryans. [Source: here]

You get the idea. I couldn’t believe their ignorance. As you know, or may have noticed on my personal library list, unlike the all-inclusive populist propaganda of these imbecilic race traitors, I try to maintain a genuine understanding of our own race.

I take it they just haven’t read anything of classic racial anthropology or true National Socialist material. That first comment by HT was particularly oafish, as if Hitler had not considered that point clearly enough. I think they do more damage to our own people than the postmodern art AI gimmick they’re criticising. I’m not sure if that echo chamber could be broken. Given the $1000s they receive in regular donations [compared to other white nationalist sites, Greggy’s C-C is a money-making machine!—Ed.], you’d think they could at least pick up a few of the late Victorian and early 20th Century authors, or indeed re-release them.

I’m not even sure so clearly who “our people” are anymore, so many let me down. Whatever these empty, feral minds are, at least they’re correct in some sense. No, somehow, they’re not Aryan. They’ve forfeited their ancestral heritage, and are indeed direct enemies. I just see more brown words. Kok Bori insults them with mockery, and they chat idly to him, mingling in accord, all very rational, these soulless intellectual linguists.

As long as Counter-Currents is here, and is popular, I regret to think it, but my feeling is that your own site—the correct viewpoint—will languish in obscurity, or, at most, criticism and disagreement and all those terrible two-cents know-it-alls. I wish there were more good, loyal, genuine, soulful people online across these sites. I suppose there aren’t. At least they’ve marked themselves in public forever as traitors. An army’s worth of traitors; it’s a worrying thought. I couldn’t live in whatever society they really thought they could bring about.

I’m glad they can’t really succeed at that, given the incoming collapse.

It’s always on my mind, knowing how many of these creatures there are, always in the way. They’re certainly not Aryan. Merely a growing faction of overt subhuman beasts, and I have nothing but cold contempt for the entire lot of them. Schoolchildren; teen bullies, the rich, cool lads of pubs and transatlantic coffeehouses, with dark minds. It annoys me so very much. They will betray innocents. My own Norman Celtic phenotype is worthless, and my grandfather’s cyan-blue eyes have all but left our family.

But I am not a traitor.

Democracy Nordicism Racial right



Why is ‘white nationalism’ doomed to failure?

Simply put, it is a slippery slope that leads to miscegenation.

I’ve been searching the major American racial right sites these days for an article on Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Putin and, as far as feature articles go, I only found one by David Zsutty in Counter-Currents, ‘In Tucker vs. Putin, Nationalism Wins’. I confess I liked this passage from Zsutty’s article:

Tucker Carlson’s interview of Vladimir Putin illustrates a number of points. Its first approximately 30 minutes consisted of an extensive history lesson going back to Novgorod, up through the Second World War and ending in the present day… Putin spoke articulately, at great length, and in depth about history. This highlights how we in the West are almost exclusively ruled by uncultured imbeciles. This is because democracy, and especially liberal democracy, tends to select for bad leaders.

However, in the comments section of that article, I discovered that the commenters consider Russians to be pure whites. Contrast that not only with Mauricio’s recent quote but with what I say in our featured post:

He who has transvalued his values endorses the Generalplan Ost or General Plan East: a secret Nazi plan of ethnic cleansing, the aim of which was to deport more than thirty million Untermenschen from the western parts of the Soviet Union to Siberia.

Such an exterminationist ideology, which cannot contrast more with the neo-Christian racialism of our day, is based, as can be read in the last words of our featured post, on principles that were taken for granted in the Germany of former times:

Lebensraum is a German concept of expansionism and Völkisch nationalism, whose philosophy and policies were common to German politics from the 1890s to the 1940s (see On Exterminationism, pages 117-129).

What emerges from the echo chamber that is the comments section of Zsutty’s article is that these typical white nationalists have granted racial amnesty to many Slavs who shouldn’t be considered Aryans. In Putin’s own face in his interview with Tucker, one can see Asian features due to the intermarriage that occurred centuries earlier with the Mongol and Tatar invasions (cf. William Pierce’s Who We Are; what I say about the girl Dúrochka of the Russian film Andrei Rublev, and Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans).

But all this, which was common knowledge to American and European eugenicists before the Second World War, vanished like dew with the tale the Establishment has been telling us since 1945, a tale to which the so-called nationalists subscribe: the rejection of Nordicism.

So-called white nationalism is a slippery slope not only because it betrays the legacy of the American eugenicists of yesteryear like Madison Grant, but Hitlerism itself. Once one starts sliding down the slope by calling pure whites a large part of the Slavs, who as Putin conceded coexist with many other peoples and ethnicities within Russia, the ideological foundations are laid for the eventual extinction of the Aryan (compare Putin’s ideology with Pierce’s ‘Extermination or Expulsion’).

But we have already discussed this countless times on this site: the ethno-traitor phobia that white nationalists feel for Nordicism, a Nordicism that includes not only National Socialism but Grant’s legacy. With this post, I am reiterating for the umpteenth time what has already been said.

I find it hard to devote myself one hundred per cent to the Führer’s memory, say reviewing Brendan Simms’ book and awaiting the material I will soon receive from David Irving, when I come across nonsense like what I read today in one of the most prestigious white nationalist webzines.

In the near future I will have to discipline myself not to visit such sites, but to confine myself to trying to better understand the Germany of other times through the programmed bibliography I still have to read…

Racial right Savitri Devi

Against my time

Speaking of this site and the comparatively little traffic I get, Tyrone, who I spoke of last month when referring to his imprisonment in the UK for thoughtcrime, once said that Jared Taylor was a man ‘of his time’, and I, a man ‘against his time’ (Taylor gets a lot of visitors as can be seen from the amount of commenters on American Renaissance).

You have to read the early chapters of Savitri’s book to understand the concept of a man against his time. It was also Tyrone who drew my attention to the apocalypse with which the West will be punished in Savitri’s philosophy, and indeed I began to read her because of him.

When I met Tyrone in London, we didn’t take a picture. We might as well have taken it when we went with Chris, his friend also imprisoned for thoughtcrime. In this post, I could now show the photo of Tyrone, Chris and me when we went to the pub with BNP protesters. But we didn’t take one (out of caution before the State, it is not very common for European racialists to take photos of themselves).

Racial right


KevinMac continues to pass the microphone to Christians in his webzine, The Occidental Observer (TOO).

Since, in my last couple of comments on TOO, starting here, a commenter responded to me with a personal attack (‘neopagan’, etc.) instead of addressing my argument (the mixing of blood perpetrated by Iberian Catholics in the Americas), I think that that couple of comments on the 11th and 12th of this month should be my last attempts to communicate with the TOO commentariat.

Christians, even racialist Christians, are too dishonest people to sit at the same table with.

I have said it more than once and it is worth repeating: We need a new generation of racists who are infinitely closer to Hitlerism than to the American racial right, including those who visit and comment on TOO.

Daybreak (book) Racial right

Dark night

If one of the new visitors to this site has any doubts about what, in ‘Unprocessed commenters’, I said yesterday about Siege-tardism it is essential that they read ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ on pages 128- 131 of my book Daybreak.

'Hitler' (book by Brendan Simms) Racial right Sturmabteilung (SA)

Hitler, 19

In August 1921, Hitler established a formal party paramilitary formation, which was named the SA or Sturmabteilung on 5 October 1921, with headquarters in 39 Schellingstrasse, Munich. The first commander was Emil Maurice, who had already distinguished himself in brawling at Hitler’s side, or on his behalf. The main task of this new force was to protect NSDAP meetings and disrupt those of the other side. Cyclist, motorized and mounted sections were established, with weapons and training being provided by the Reichswehr. The latter hoped to draw on the SA, as on other right-wing groupings, in the event of civil unrest or a French invasion. The initial growth of the Sturmabteilung was modest, reaching about 700-800 men in twelve months, and about 1,000 at the beginning of the following year…

As far as modern Western nations are concerned, all patriotardism is grotesque. Compare this tolerance of Weimar Germany with what happened not long ago in Charlottesville! People like Gregory Hood and Jared Taylor have been patriotards incapable of seeing something so elementary as far as the US is concerned. And let’s not talk about the UK, where the three racialists who had forums and whom I met on my last trip were jailed for thoughtcrime! (In addition to the two mentioned in my previous posts, Jez Turner, who served a thirteen-month sentence for ‘anti-Semitic’ pronouncements, has apparently been released although he hasn’t replied to my latest emails.)

In some ways, Bavaria was a congenial habitat. It considered itself a ‘centre of order’ in the Weimar chaos, an arcadia of conservative and patriotic values. Hitler was protected and supported by the Bavarian Reichswehr, which only loosely acknowledged the precedence of the national authority at this time, and whose loyalties lay firmly in Munich rather than Berlin. The president of the Munich Police, Ernst Pohner, and the Chief of the Political Police, Wilhelm Frick, were NSDAP supporters…

This was George Lincoln Rockwell’s big mistake: believing that American politicians, like the FBI director, were on his side. The US is not Weimar Germany! I must admit that on this issue Gregory Hood was right, as we saw in ‘Hitler, 12’.

Incidentally, the only post in this series that is not linked to the category ‘Hitler (book by Brendan Simms)’ is precisely Hitler, 12: where I quote Hood’s article on Commander Rockwell in full. I didn’t put the category for the simple reason that I don’t quote Simms’ book there. But I thought it was important to include Hood’s article in this series about Hitler’s biography because it is vital to understand why NS failed on this side of the Atlantic. Simms continues:

Gregor Strasser joined the party in October 1922. That same month, Hitler first met Hermann Goring, a charismatic and well-connected fighter ace, who opened many doors to business and high society.

Hitler and Gregor Strasser.

Racial right Transvaluation of all values

The Gatekeepers

—White Nationalists—

‘The refusal to talk about violence, ever,
and not even ironically, metaphorically, or
theoretically is White Nationalism 101…’
—Travis LeBlanc (Counter-Currents author)

‘Nearly every White Nationalist info source
is cleverly scripted towards re-pacifying Whites
into the Christian, pro “justice system” fold.’
—An old tweet by Young White Family.

Thinking about the metaphor of ‘The Wall’, the current featured post on this site, a revelation came to me today.

All Aryans south of the Wall are committing ethnic suicide, including white nationalists, whose role has been to act as gatekeepers to keep whites from crossing to the other side. These kinds of radical revelations I only developed over the years.

Tyrone Patten-Walsh is one of two Englishmen who this month were jailed in the UK for thoughtcrime, as we alluded to in my other post this day.

It had been right in his flat in London when Tyrone told me things I had never read on American racial right forums. For example, I was flabbergasted when Tyrone told me that virtually all whites have an unconscious ethnosuicidal wish. I didn’t know what to say back then, but back in my home country, I kept thinking for years about those words, especially since what I saw on racialist forums seemed too degenerate compared to Hitlerism.

I was in Tyrone’s flat almost ten years ago: the same flat that the UK thoughtpolice stormed, breaking down the door, the day they arrested him.

Let’s follow the metaphor of my featured post about white nationalists not having transvalued their values but being stuck south of the Wall. Following Tyrone, no matter how close they are to the Wall, they are still committing ethnic suicide. Failure to cross it to the ideals of National Socialism is tantamount to a mortal sin since such behaviour leads to their extinction. A single example will suffice for me to illustrate this.

Jared Taylor, whom Greg Johnson once called ‘the granddaddy of the Alt-Right’, was raised by parents so fanatical that they emigrated to Japan to convert the heathen to the gospel written by Jews, the New Testament. Taylor has repeatedly said that every race deserves its nation, its homeland and its culture; its human rights—not just whites (David Duke, a white nationalist Christian, used to say the same thing). That cannot contrast more with what William Pierce, who unlike Taylor repudiated Christian morality, tells us in Who We Are: that for the conquest of a territory to work there must be either extermination or expulsion of non-whites.

Pierce came to these conclusions because he made a good reading of the history of his race, and how it failed in India; failed with the Asian conquests of Alexander the Great, and failed after the catastrophic Peloponnesian War and the Punic Wars as the Greeks and Romans consented, after those wars, to interbreeding. And it failed again with the Spanish and Portuguese because they did the same but this time throughout the newly discovered continent. In the case of blacks imported to Lisbon when Christianity hadn’t yet been ‘subverted by Jewry’—the myth of the white nationalists!—, Portugal suffered miscegenation with blacks (see ‘The black man’s gift to Portugal’ in The Fair Race).

If we compare the love for all featherless bipeds that Jared Taylor professes, a love that in Hitlerism should be exclusive to Aryans, we will understand what the metaphor of stagnating on the south side of the Wall means. As I have already said—and visitors who haven’t read the articles on Greece and Rome in The Fair Race should now read them—, whites in the Ancient World didn’t give a damn that Titus and Hadrian were perpetrating real holocausts of Semites during Rome’s wars against Judea. It was only after the New Testament transvalued classical values to the values the Jews wanted to inculcate in us that these genocides were viewed with moralizing scruples.

English historian Tom Holland is right: all whites, whether Christian or neo-Christian, find themselves worshipping the Cross. Christians worship it with the image of the crucified rabbi (Jesus). Atheist neo-Christians worship it with the outcast Coloured or the outcast Transsexual—that which is equivalent to the crucified Jews of other times! Taylor may have abandoned his parental worship of the crucified rabbi. Alas, by axiological inertia, he still loves non-whites to the degree that he doesn’t long to expel them in terrible wars of ethnic cleansing—or even exterminate them in new Auschwitz concentration camps on this side of the Atlantic. And the rest of the white nationalists think like him. Or am I wrong?

Who thinks in terms of The Turner Diaries? In no nationalist forum do I see a prominent author openly talking about Pierce’s prescription in Who We Are: either extermination or expulsion.

Tyrone, now serving a seven-year sentence for thoughtcrime (and I think it’s more since he didn’t respond to my last emails of 2023—would he have already been imprisoned even before hearing the sentence?), was right. All whites, racialists included, suffer from an unconscious death wish. Otherwise, and here comes my metaphor, they would try to cross the fucking Wall: to think as the Greeks, Romans and Vikings thought before the greatest catastrophe of all time: the imposition of the Cross on the Aryan psyche.

The West’s Darkest Hour invites those who have reached the foot of the Wall to cross it. Only those who cross it will have a chance of saving their little race from extinction. Incredible as it may seem, the gatekeepers, the white nationalists, are now my enemies in that, because of their Judaeo-Christian programming, they are now preventing the Aryan adventurer who has reached the Wall from crossing it.

Following one of the first paragraphs of my featured post, one might think that I should be grateful to the racialists who, a dozen years ago, found my own way to the North and I was able to reach the Wall. But it’s just that years after I ventured across it I realised that they weren’t going to make it. Now I see that by their reluctance to abandon Christian morality these racialists have become a liability, not an asset, to the fourteen words.

Kalki Racial right

Part of the System

Apparently, Robert Morgan is the only commenter who consistently speaks the truth to the conservatives at The Unz Review, who sometimes strike me as such dunces that I’ve quoted many times what, over the years, Morgan has said in various threads. But in the thread on a Matt Parrott article posted yesterday at Counter-Currents, the commenters aren’t far behind:

Commenter X said: Nazi fetishism is cancer.

Commenter Y said: There’s obviously problems in America, but there’s a difference between going after the state… and just needlessly hating your own country.

Commenter Z said: Prior to the 1960s, the overwhelming majority of white Christians understood race, and they upheld a moral version of Capitalism that…

Here’s what I replied to Morgan the day before yesterday:

Not even white nationalists can handle the truth. I have told them a million times that when Christianity was healthy in the Americas, the Spanish and Portuguese stained their blood to the point that their descendants became mestizos, and these Iberians did so throughout the continent.

The Catholicism of the Counter-Reformation was responsible for this loss of the genotype of the Iberian whites at a continental level. But since then the Jews were controlled by the Spanish Inquisition (we are talking about the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries when miscegenation was consummated), the racial right doesn’t pay attention to these historical facts simply because they break their cherished paradigm: that Christianity was recently corrupted by the Jews.

The truth is that since Constantine founded his so-called Second Rome, universalist Christianity has been a machinery of miscegenation.

I increasingly have contempt, if not hatred, for a racial right that is capable of comments such as those we read in The Unz Review or those quoted above. My response to Vlad Tepes on Saturday explains why I loathe them so much. But my response that same day to Mauricio gives me some calm, because I know that Kalki’s time is coming, and he will sweep away all these lukewarm whites who claim to defend their race but in reality are part of the System.

'Hitler' (book by Brendan Simms) Racial right

Hitler, 14

By early 1920, Hitler had found two new homes. On leaving the army, he found lodgings as a sub-tenant of Ernst and Maria Reichert in Thierschstrasse no. 41, in the inner Munich suburb of Lehel. It was a very modest berth in a working- and lower-middle-class neighbourhood. Hitler was an easy-going resident, who never locked his doors and allowed the Reicherts to use his gramophone and books during his frequent absences. We do not know what exactly he read, but the best-thumbed surviving volumes from his collection relate to history and art, whereas those on race and the occult gave the impression of being unread. [emphasis added]

As we said recently, it is the poet who creates nations, not the scientist (e.g. the scientific books on race realism published by Jared Taylor). ‘The historical course offered by myth, in contrast to the inherently passive determinism of scientific rationalism’, writes Michael O’Meara, ‘is a choice for heroes, not for bookworms or computer hobbyists’. Also, history is the most important subject in the eyes of the raven, who spends his life fused to the Weirwood looking at the past of his civilisation. Like Bran, the raven’s pupil, Hitler perfectly understood this.

His new professional and political home was the DAP, which was renamed the ‘National Socialist German Workers’ Party’ (NSDAP) in the course of 1920. Hitler was by now a recognized quantity on the local right-wing scene…

Hitler believed political organization without propaganda was pointless. His main concern at this point was to use the party as a platform to disseminate and elaborate his ideas. He was involved in the drafting of the twenty-five point NSDAP (technically DAP) programme in February 1920, though it is unclear whether he can claim sole authorship. The first four related to national integrity, foreign policy and territorial expansion; the next four concerned race, mostly strictures against the Jews. Hitler turned Wilson’s idea of ‘self-determination’ back on the Allies with his call for ‘the unification of all Germans in a Greater Germany on the basis of the right of peoples to self-determination’. More than that, he demanded ‘Land and soil (colonies) to feed our people and to settle our surplus population’, the first unambiguous documented articulation of what subsequently became the Lebensraum concept. The geographic location of these future ‘colonies’ was not specified but at this time Hitler seems to have had overseas territories in mind…

Hitler paid close attention to the iconography underpinning the message. A black swastika of his design on a white circle with red background was first flown as the official party emblem at a meeting in Salzburg in August 1920. In one of his very few excursions into the occult, Hitler praised the swastika—as a ‘symbol of the sun’ which sustained a ‘cult’ of light among a ‘community based on Aryan culture’, not only in Europe, but in India… as well. The use of the old imperial black, white and red colours was a calculated affront to the black, red and gold of the Weimar flag.

‘The red is social,’ he later explained, ‘the white is national, and the swastika is anti-Semitic.’ By mounting the symbol diagonally, Hitler cleverly conveyed a sense of dynamism and movement.

Four months later, he oversaw the purchase of the Volkischer Beobachter newspaper and the Franz Eher Verlag, financed in part by a loan from a Reichswehr slush fund guaranteed by Dietrich Eckart, which gave the party a media platform with a print run of 8,000-17,000 appearing three times a week; after many ups and downs, the Volkischer Beobachter became a daily on 8 February 1923.

Here it is noticeable that the white nationalists haven’t really broken ideologically with the ethnocidal System. If they had broken away with it, they would have had the initiative to, at the very least, come up with a new flag very different from the American flag, as well as having incredibly different heroes. In my previous post, I quoted what Robert Morgan said yesterday. This is what we read on pages 175-176 of my book Daybreak: ‘Stars and Stripes? As Morgan explained to us, the personalities sculpted on Mount Rushmore represent ideals that would eventually lead to white decline’:

The Old America is dead? I don’t think so. Symbolic of the Old America, and chiseled into Mt. Rushmore, are four American ‘heroes’, whose exploits demonstrate the white man’s biggest problem: himself. First we have George Washington, who magnanimously freed his slaves, but only after his death, after which he had no further use for them. How many white Americans have been robbed, murdered, or raped by the descendants of those slaves? Quite a few, no doubt.

Thanks George!

Then comes Lincoln, who authorized the murders of hundreds of thousands of whites on his way to freeing the slaves and then turning them loose on his countrymen. His admirers say that, like Martin Luther King, he had a dream. But Abe’s dream was that all of the negroes would volunteer to leave these shores. How racist! Amazingly, and no doubt a big surprise to Abe, few wanted to do so.

Thanks a lot, ‘honest’ Abe!

Then we have Thomas Jefferson, a randy old fellow who was probably nailing his quadroon slave Sally Hemings, and likely had a child by her. His was the colonial prototype for the long American tradition of race mixing (a.k.a. white racial suicide).

Thanks Tom! You set a fine example.

Last is Teddy Roosevelt, the original progressive. He was an advocate for women’s suffrage, yet another step in the direction of the hallowed American cause of ‘equality’, and it’s painfully obvious how that turned out. Also, he favored a powerful federal government, just as do progressives today. To fund such a government he favored the income tax, a noose into which the American public eagerly thrust its neck.

The current unrest is only more of the same white racial self-destruction. So the Old America isn’t dead. Its spirit is just flying new flags, reorganized under the banners of BLM and antifa. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

An 1849 epigram by Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, it means: ‘The more it changes, the more it’s the same thing’. As long as the American racial right doesn’t produce a new flag with colours different from those chosen by Hitler, but that the new flag displays the swastika, their movement will be la même chose: the American way of white ethnocide.

Conservatism Conspiracy theories Racial right

UR conservatives

by Robert Morgan

They [Unz Review conservatives] continue to whine endlessly about “brainwashing”, globalist or Jewish “agendas”, and most ludicrously of all, the decline of “real” Christianity. According to conservatives here at UR and elsewhere, those are the causes, not the logical consequence of the Bible’s racial egalitarianism working out in politics and civic life. These conservatives… will spin a thousand intricate conspiracy theories rather than face the truth. That the answer could be as prosaic as America’s culture of anti-racism developing inevitably from their own Christian beliefs is something they can’t comprehend.