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Narcissism, 6

What has Marco’s madness got to do with the West’s dark hour? In short, with their neo-Christian religion of equality of race, gender and sexual identity, the Aryan in general is as crazy as this poor Mexican. I was saying that in my diaries I discuss the details about the latter. In my diary entry of 10 December last year, I wrote:

When I woke up and couldn’t reconcile sleep something came to mind that I had recently heard in an interview of Judge Napolitano with Colonel Douglas Macgregor. All, of course, to contextualise Marco’s psychosis because his madness is the same as the madness of the people in power. Let’s see.

The gringo Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, doesn’t want to see that Russia has won the war in Ukraine but, like Marco, reversed it all. This is what Blinken said: ‘NATO will continue to support Ukraine, assuring that Russia’s war of aggression remains a strategic failure’.

He went on to say that they will not allow anyone to change the borders of Europe (Russia has already changed them), and that Ukraine remains militarily and democratically strong! Blinken added: ‘Ukraine knows that its future is a free, vibrant democracy and its path to NATO and the European Union depends on its own methods’.

This is what I am seeing in a YouTube video. But the video I remember best is the interview with Macgregor. It’s a pity I can’t even locate it. Blinken said there that Ukraine will regain the lost territories, and that they will push Russia back [red emphasis in my diary].

This is pure Marco when he grotesquely deceives himself by telling me ‘the house you are going to occupy’ not giving a rat’s tail about everything I had told him. Marco’s pathology is as undetected by Marco as Anthony’s pathology by Anthony. What Marco does is common even in the highest echelons of power on the planet. There is no difference between the extent of Marco’s psychosis and the extent of the American Secretary of State’s psychosis. It is the same thing.

Macgregor mocked Blinken after Napolitano played him the clip I couldn’t find. The colonel said that, of the points Blinken made, he failed to say that another step is that the Ukrainians will soon develop technology to reach the moon. So, on a par with Marco’s delusions, is the Secretary of State of supposedly the most powerful nation on earth. And so is Biden. The judge, in other videos, has played several clips of Biden saying things very similar to what Blinken has just said.

If there is one thing I have noticed in my writings about the mental disorders of people I know, it is that they are less serious than the disorders of those in Western governments, universities and the media. Nutty Marco only harms himself and his cousin. Crazy elites harm the entire white race.

'Hitler' (book by Brendan Simms)

Hitler, 22

The NSDAP programme—for example point 13[1] with its attack on ‘trusts’—was ferociously anti-capitalist and so, as we have seen, was much of Hitler’s rhetoric. Despite Hitler ‘s willingness to moderate his message to business audiences, emphasizing his anti-French and anti-Bolshevik themes, business was not reassured. Paul Reusch, a major Ruhr baron, noting the Nazi nationalization plan, remarked that ‘we have no reason to support our own gravediggers’. The party remained dependent on donations from the Bavarian Reichswehr, either in cash or in kind in the form of weapons or vehicles, and from a motley group of smaller donors, mainly traders, retailers and small businessmen.

Given the shortage of funds, the growth of the party and especially its propagandistic reach was impressive. There were significant gains in membership: 4,300 by the end of 1921, and more than 20,000 a year later… There was a real quantum leap in early 1922, when Hitler regularly spoke to between 2,000 and 6,000 listeners in the larger beer halls. A high point was the Deutsche Tag in Coburg in October, which culminated in a massive brawl with hostile demonstrators…

The purpose of all this activity was not the creation of a party organization capable of winning elections, still less that of a force capable of mounting an armed challenge to the Weimar Republic. Instead, Hitler’s main aim remained the establishment of ideological coherence in the movement. ‘The final strength of a movement,’ he claimed in mid February 1922, lay ‘not in the number of its local groupings but in its internal cohesion’…

Hitler claimed that ‘there was no fruitful work to be done in parliament’, and that ‘individual National Socialists would be corrupted by the swamp of parliamentarism’.

Throughout the early 1920s, therefore, Hitler used his speeches to rehearse and develop his ideology. During this period his words—which were, of course, acts in themselves—were more important than his deeds. The recent defeat and its causes remained the central preoccupation. Hitler repeated his conviction that the war had been caused by an Anglo-American capitalist conspiracy. Sometimes, he attributed the ‘original sin’ to Britain, whose commercial and colonial ‘envy’ of the Reich had driven a ‘policy of encirclement’ against Germany, and whose press had vilified her before and during the war as a nation of Huns and barbarians. On other occasions, he targeted the United States. ‘Not least because the social welfare and the cultural development [of the German Empire] was a thorn in the eyes of the American trust-system,’ he thundered in March 1921, ‘we had to disappear from view.’ Hitler repeatedly contrasted ‘Germany’s social culture’ with American capitalism. He reserved particular scorn for US president Woodrow Wilson as the ‘agent of international high finance’…

Fighting France, and especially the British Empire, was bad enough, but what had ultimately tipped the scales was US intervention. This, Hitler was convinced, would have taken place with or without the U-boat war. Having previously been a ‘passive’ supporter of the Entente through the supply of armaments, the Americans intervened when Britain and France were on the verge of defeat in order not to lose the ‘billions’ which it was owed by the Allies. ‘America was called in,’ he claimed, ‘and the power of international big capital thereby became openly involved’…


[1] Editor’s Note: ‘We demand nationalization of all businesses which have been up to the present formed into companies (trusts).’

'Hitler' (book by Brendan Simms) Alexis de Tocqueville

Hitler, 18

In chapter 3 of Brendan Simms’ book on Hitler we can read:

Hitler now moved to reorganize and expand the NSDAP. By the end of 1921, membership stood at about 6,000. The party moved from Sterneckerbräu to larger premises at Corneliusstrasse 12. Local groups were founded in Hanover, Zwickau and Dortmund. Hitler tightened his control over the party, including the cells outside Germany. In the spring of 1922 the Austrian and Bohemian NSDAP accepted Hitler’s authority. Collegial decision-making was abolished…

Ideological purity rather than control for its own sake seems to have been his main concern.

The day before yesterday I mentioned a recent article by Matt Parrott just to quote a few comments from its comments section, but I omitted the subject of the article: the recent demise of a racialist party in his country that had barely been formed.

Early critics of the United States told great truths about that country: truths that now seem much harder to see. Alexis de Tocqueville in his famous book wrote that freedom of speech did exist in the newly formed nation across the Atlantic, as long as opinion was confined to the paradigm accepted by most Americans.

Born on July 29, 1805, into a family of royalists that lost several of its members during the period known as The Terror of the French Revolution, the fall of Robespierre in 1794 spared Alexis’s parents from the guillotine. For that reason, he was suspicious of the revolutionaries all his life, and let’s remember that the ideologies that led to the founding of the US and modern France were twinned.

Alexis accepted a government mission to travel to the United States to study its prison system; his stay there lasted nine months. The fruit of this trip was a work on American prisons but his stay served him to deepen his analysis of the American political and social systems, which he described in his work Democracy in America (1835-1840).

Let us now think about the above quote from Simms’ book on the party that Hitler founded and Parrott’s piece. It is curious how the Old World without a First Amendment to the US Constitution, written in such clear prose, was de facto more tolerant than what is now happening in the New World. Someone might retort to me that Europe is currently more intolerant about us than the US, and it is true. But we should not forget the free speech gag laws that the Allies imposed in Germany and Austria after WWII.

Only when the dollar collapses and the US government has to withdraw the huge number of military bases it has around the world, including those still existing in Germany, will it be possible to see again the Teutonic character unmolested by the country Alexis visited.


US delenda est

Cato the Elder (234–149 BC), the most persistent advocate in the Senate for the total destruction of Carthage, was associated with repeated use, in or out of its proper context, of the phrase
Delenda est Carthago.

A little over two years ago I quoted some passages from an article published in The Occidental Observer that, now that I am reviewing Brendan Simms’ book on Hitler, are worth repeating:

Hence, early America prospered and flourished in spite of, not because of, Christianity; in spite of, not because of, Blacks and Jews; and in spite of, not because of, the principle of equality. Blacks, Jews, “equality,” and Christianity were millstones around the young nation’s neck…

Therefore, it is time to accept reality and give up America for lost. Put away your flags, your pins, and all your red-white-and-blue paraphernalia. Toss out your MAGA hats; America will never be “great again.” Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar or a fool. The country is rotting from above and below. Vermin are calling the shots from on high, and human detritus washes in over the borders. This was precisely how Ancient Rome fell. Such is the terminal stage of many an empire…

America is dying a slow and painful death. Let us euthanize the long-suffering nation, redraw the boundaries, rethink the guiding principles, and begin again.

To achieve this, the first step is to look in the mirror, as the quote from Canadian Sebastian Ronin says in one of my posts this week.

'Hitler' (book by Brendan Simms) Racial right

Hitler, 8

Brendan Simms continues in the third chapter of his book:

From mid November 1919, Hitler mounted a series of full-scale attacks in public speeches on the main enemy—‘absolute enemies England and America’. It was Britain which had been determined to prevent Germany’s rise to world power, in order not to jeopardize their ‘world monopoly’. ‘That was also the reason,’ Hitler claimed, ‘to make war on us. And now America. As a money country it had to intervene in the war in order not to lose the money they had lent.’ Here he explicitly made the link between his anti-capitalistic critique and the hostile behaviour of the western coalition. This was closely connected to Hitler’s anti-Semitism. ‘The Americans put business above all else. Money is money even if it is soaked in blood. The wallet is the holiest thing for the Jew,’ he claimed, adding: ‘America would have stuck with or without U-boats.’ What is remarkable here is that the terms ‘the Americans’ and ‘the Jews’ were used almost interchangeably.

As I said earlier, a small faction of the American racial right, represented by Francis Parker Yockey (1917-1960) and the retired Michael O’Meara (1946 – ) were, like Hitler, harsh critics of Anglo-American capitalism.

Anyone wishing to be introduced to Yockey’s thought can do so by reading Kerry Bolton’s essay, ‘A Contemporary Assessment of Yockey’, pages 47-70 of this PDF I compiled.

Anyone wishing to be introduced to O’Meara’s thought can do so by reading my excerpts from his Toward the White Republic here.

O’Meara’s Toward the White Republic was the first book published by Counter-Currents. In yesterday’s post I discussed ‘White Nationalism is Not Anti-Semitism’: an article by O’Meara that should have been included in Toward the White Republic (the first page of the hard copy I own contains a few words the author wrote to me). Greg Johnson delayed the publication of the short article ‘White Nationalism is Not Anti-Semitism’, whereas O’Meara wrote it in 2010 and Johnson published that piece in October 2011.

O’Meara always wrote very clearly, concisely and didactically, which I cannot say of Yockey, although Bolton’s essay linked above summarises Yockey’s philosophy admirably. But even if a visitor reads carefully the summaries of these two intellectuals linked above, he still won’t have arrived at the Christian Question that Hitler himself would, years later, understand. Even more than Mammon worship, the CQ has been the real poison for ethno-suicidal whites. For example, although the Chinese have become Mammon worshipers, by not submitting to Christian ethics they haven’t become ethno-suicidal like the white madmen, who import millions of coloureds. But let’s take it one step at a time. Simms continues:

If Hitler’s profound hostility to the Anglo-Saxon powers was shaped by his anti-Semitism, it was also distinct and, crucially, anterior to it. He had, after all, spent almost the entire war fighting the ‘English’, and latterly the United States. Hitler became an enemy of the British—and also of the Americans—before he became an enemy of the Jews. Indeed, he became an enemy of the Jews largely because of his hostility to the Anglo-American capitalist powers. Hitler could not have been clearer: ‘We struggle against the Jew,’ he announced at a public meeting in early January 1920, ‘because he prevents the struggle against capitalism.’

The rest of Germany’s adversaries, by contrast, fell into a second and milder category. The Russians and the French, so the argument ran, had become hostile ‘as a result of their unfortunate situation or some other circumstances’. Hitler was by no means blind to the extent of French antagonism, but it is striking that he discoursed at much greater length about the financial terms of the treaty, and the blockade, than the territorial losses to Germany’s immediate neighbours. This focus on Anglo-American, and increasingly on US, strength, with or without anti-Semitism, was by no means unusual in Germany, or even Europe generally. It reflected a much broader post-war preoccupation with the immense global power of the United States. As we shall see, Hitler’s entire thinking, and the policies of the Third Reich after 1933, were in essence a reaction to it.

Remember the words by the Canadian Ronin in my post yesterday: ‘The betrayal of the White European race stems from deep, deep within, so deep that it is not visible or obvious for most’. That’s something the white nationalists south of Canada still don’t want to see! These are the words of Greg Johnson, Michael O’Meara’s editor a dozen years ago, in the thread discussing O’Meara’s article that white nationalism, as O’Meara understood it, is not simply a synonym of anti-Semitism:

I think that O’Meara has a chip on his shoulder and is spoiling for a fight with people who are essentially on his side. I don’t see any good that can come from that.

This, of course, is to misunderstand the whole thing, as O’Meara wasn’t trying to unnecessarily provoke the Counter-Currents commentariat. What he was trying to convey is that there are more serious causal factors in white decline than Jewish subversion, and that consequently our horizon shouldn’t be limited to the JQ.

Johnson’s words quoted above are from 2011. What American white nationalists still don’t want to see, we will see in this extensive review of Simms’ revisionist biography of Hitler.

Israel / Palestine


The West’s Darkest Hour disappeared for a few hours as of 2:20 pm. The server informed me that they made some adjustments. Apparently, the problem has been fixed.

This short clip from 1992 of Ted Koppel’s interview with President Nixon is fascinating to back up what I said yesterday about the ‘Christian Cup’ (note that John Mearsheimer, who comments on the clip with Judge Napolitano, wrote a great book about the Israel lobby).

The ‘bond’ Nixon speaks of between the US and Israel is, according to the president, a ‘moral commitment’. This is analogous to what Tom Sunic recently said in The Occidental Observer, of which I quoted this. Then Mearsheimer talks about the extraordinary relationship between the US and Israel. It reminds me of what Charlton Heston used to say about his marriage: rather murder than divorce!

It is increasingly clear, at least to me, that rather than Israel the real perp is the US (cf. Sunic’s Homo Americanus, especially the chapter ‘A War Crime of the Bible’ referring to WW2 ).

A question…

…for the Christian Zionists in the US who, by all accounts, seem even more fanatical than the Israelis themselves: What is the Plan B for you when the Rapture, after the apocalypse in Gaza, doesn’t arrive?

Amerindians Heinrich Himmler Reinhard Heydrich Savitri Devi Souvenirs et réflexions d'une aryenne (book) Transvaluation of all values

Reinhard Heydrich

The following is one of the passages I reviewed today from the translation of Savitri Devi’s book. It clearly shows what the transvaluation of values is:

One can compare the action of the Einsatzgruppen against the Jews in Germany and in the countries occupied by the armies of the Third Reich with that of the Einsatzgruppen in the Eastern territories.

In both cases, according to the instructions given by Reinhard Heydrich in May 1941 to the leaders of the latter, the aim was to ‘mercilessly destroy all past, present and future opposition to National Socialism’ that is, to eliminate as many actual or potential enemies of the new Germanic faith and Empire as possible. In both cases, the action revealed a scale of values in complete opposition to all anthropocentrism or a scale of values completely devoid of hypocrisy. War is in itself the negation of any anthropocentric faith or philosophy—especially war between men of different races and civilisations, some of whom regard the habitat of others as necessary, or favourable, to their development.

Himmler remarked that the Anglo-Saxon pioneers in North America had ‘exterminated the Indians and only wanted to live on their native land.’ And the fiercest anti-Hitlerites are forced to admit that he was right, and that there is no ‘respect for the human person’ in the attitude of the founders of the US towards the real Americans. It is all too easy, after the fact, when you have installed your democracy over the entire surface of a continent practically emptied of its inhabitants, whose race you have destroyed in the most cowardly way by alcohol, it is easy then, I say, to proclaim that the age of violence is over; to forbid others to carve out a ‘living space’ for themselves as you have carved out one for yourself and, should their effort end in failure, to bring them before a parody ‘International Tribunal’ as ‘criminals against humanity.’

Evil Sexual degeneracy

American sexual psychoses

Translated and excerpted from an article by a German:

With the current draft of the Self-Determination Act, anyone who uses the wrong (old) first name (dead-naming) a person can be fined 2,500 €. This is how the law wants to enforce the use of the new pronouns, because whoever wants to be politically correct here [in Germany] must ask every interlocutor about the current sexual orientation before naming. Where does this fixation on intimate practices come from?

It is part of the core cultural substance of Puritanism. When the Puritans invaded North America, they found open sexuality among the Amerinds, just as the Victorians found among the Indians, which had its own spaces for homosexual or transsexual phenomena—the Indians still know the subculture of the Hijra. This uninhibited interaction confirmed the Puritans in their idea that the savages, like the ancient pagans, were possessed by the devil and were morally depraved. The Puritan colonial rulers immediately enacted their infamous sodomy laws, which of course also applied to the indigenous population.

Based on the English Buggery Act, they declared all sexual acts that did not serve the purpose of procreation to be a criminal offence, regardless of the sex of the participants, and intensified the punishments to monstrous levels: onanism, anal and oral sex were massive crimes. In the ‘freest country in the world,’ anyone who let his wife suck him off went to jail and was dispossessed. If he had sex with a rear-entry position, the God-fearing Christians would hang him from the nearest tree. Both men and married couples who practised anal intercourse were hanged. Unlike murder, the priesthood wasn’t exempted from the death penalty. The offender’s property became the property of the state.

Pennsylvania, for example, explicitly criminalized fellatio, and Massachusetts extended criminalization to lesbians, who were flogged Taliban-style. So it goes queerly through all the states. In the New Haven Law Code of 1656 hell was declared heaven. In Puritan-woken politics lesbians were threatened with the death penalty for the first time.

For centuries, this monstrous punitive and religious practice produced uptight, guilt-ridden subjects ready to atone and submit… The name of the Protestant sect of the Quakers is derived from this trembling out of fear of God. The clinical picture of anxiety neurosis includes a pronounced avoidance behaviour. Thus, evangelicals today still don’t want to have anything to do with the ‘dirty stuff’ of sexuality…

The brief period of more liberal normalcy between the 1970s and 2000s is now coming to an end. Woke sex is picking up the old thread, and it is anything but free. It is as neurotic, guilt-ridden, and defensive as the old one. Men are afraid to be alone in an elevator or room with women. The woke LGBTQIA+ priesthood is obsessed with intimate practices and categorises everyone’s identity by his/her sexual behaviour. It punishes anyone who doesn’t comply with woken laws. Apple and other corporations ban their employees from flirting. On college campuses, intimacies between students must be quasi-contracted in advance. Whoever deviates from the agreement and licks first, although according to the script he should have kissed, is up for rape. Eroticism with all its ambivalences cannot and should not arise in this climate of fear…

This brings us to the centre of queer, which is also the innermost core of the Puritans. The overcoming of the flesh, and the fearful rejection of sexuality is the bond that connects LGBTQIA+ and sodomy laws. This is also their common Christian heritage: the ‘Holy Family’ is sexless. The mother Mary conceives Jesus ‘immaculate,’ that is, without sin, from God who begets sexlessly. The father Josef is not involved in his procreation. Jesus lives at home with his mother and has no erotic interest. A religion that worships a saviour whose ‘Holy Family’ is sexless and whose apostles only speak derogatorily about sexuality, already harbours in its myth of origin a deep rejection of everything sexual.

According to Paul and Augustine, sexuality and suffering entered the world with the Fall… What comes from nature, the innate, the body, is condemned. This is reminiscent of Plato, who called the ‘body the prison of the soul,’ and of the Christian, world-despising hatred of all that is natural. Writer J. K. Rowling was massively threatened for the statement, ‘If biological sex isn’t real, it erases the reality of women worldwide.’ That’s what it’s all about, the erasure of men and women and sexuality.

But one does not underestimate… the power of the United States. The Anglo-Saxons already brutally used sodomy laws as a means of domination, and wokeness is nothing more than another US revivalist movement to subjugate other peoples with the best of consciences. American colonialism, like Christianity, sets deadlines. Time is running out, and those who have not yet adopted the last insane twist of American sexual neuroticism are lagging behind.

Autobiography Christendom Evil Racial right

Editor’s preface

(pages 9-10 of the forthcoming Savitri’s book)

When Savitri Devi wrote the foreword that follows, I was seventeen and at the nadir of my life: mental hells into which my very Catholic father and his damned society had put me, as I confess in Letter to mom Medusa (see the book list on page 3). Curiously, a couple of years before that family tragedy I went to ask, in a bookshop, if they had any pro-Nazi books. An employee of the Librería de Cristal in the Cine Manacar in Mexico City, a fair-haired white man, hesitated a few seconds and informed me: ‘No’. True, that bookstore had the old Spanish translation of Mein Kampf, but what I was looking for was more recent literature.

If the worst country in all of Western history had never existed, the United States, Hitler might have won the war and, as I recount in The Grail, the last book in my autobiographical trilogy, the teenager I was would have been spared from the psychosis that two years after my visit to the bookstore would be brewing in my parents’ minds.

The book I was looking for at the age of fifteen was precisely this one that the reader now holds in his hands. I do not presume that this French-English translation is perfect. Far from it! But it seems to me that, of all the books by Savitri Devi (1905-1982), this is the one that best introduces us to the thought of this impressive woman.

If the American racial right is at a dead end, it is precisely because Americans have not had the nobility to see that only by making National Socialism their new religion can they save their race. Furthermore, unlike Hitler’s anti-Christian pantheism (cf. Richard Weikart’s Hitler’s Religion), the great failure of the pundits of the American racial right consists in not repudiating the Semitic religion of our abusive fathers. And abusive by necessity must be all those who traumatise their children with the idea of eternal torture, as I was traumatised as a teenager.

Although the hellish nature of Christianity reveals the twisted psychology of the Semitic mind, the typical anti-Semite ignores that the Jews created the New Testament for gentile consumption (cf. David Skrbina’s The Jesus Hoax). Anyone who invents a superheated torture chamber and then threatens billions of gentiles with it has a sick soul. Right after white traitor Constantine handed over the Roman Empire to his Semitic bishops (cf. Karlheinz Deschner’s Christianity’s Criminal History, also listed on page 3), the doctrine of hell became the greatest weapon of psychological terror used by Jews against whites. Ben Klassen was right on this point! And this is the kind of anti-Christian worldview I badly needed as a teenager to save me from the doctrines my father had put in my little head. Even now, so long after I abandoned Christianity, I am haunted by the idea of eternal damnation. As Gaedhal, a commenter on my website, The West’s Darkest Hour, told us by email:

If you fear a Jewish Hell, then you are controlled by Jews. I speak by experience. I know, rationally, that Hell doesn’t exist… However, more than thirty years of Catholicism means that I still believe in Hell emotionally. I still believe in Hell in my bones’ marrow. And this residual belief in Hell still has negative effects upon my psychology and behaviour. I probably have religious trauma syndrome…

Alas, the American racial right has been, since its origins, extremely addicted to Judeo-Christianity. I would even claim that white nationalism is an ideology that, at its core, functions as a gatekeeper preventing the transvaluation of our darkest values to Greco-Roman values: that is, the luminous values of Antiquity before the Semitic infection. Thus, white nationalists are actively preventing the Aryan man from freeing himself from the yoke that the Jews have created. How could we shake such a yoke from our necks?

Only Hitler saves. Savitri Devi, Hitler’s Priestess, saw this with extraordinary clarity! And the white man who does not want to recognise this is doomed to extinction.

César Tort
8 December 2022