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Israel / Palestine War!


In my post yesterday I highlighted in red an observation by Miguel Serrano about the two collective unconsciousness, and I complained that currently the white man’s soul is enslaved by the Jesus archetype and his commandment to love the enemy: a diametrically opposite archetype to that of the priest-warrior of Hinduism and Islam.

Although Serrano is no longer with us, it could be said that we share the same religion. The only thing I can add for the moment is that I hope the war between Iran and Israel that has just begun drags the usual suspects and reaches Kalki levels of destruction.


Israel / Palestine Videos

Not that smart

Judge Napolitano’s interviews of Col. Douglas Macgregor (e.g., this one) prove that Jews, in this case, Israelis, are not that smart, as many in the American racial right claim.

Israel / Palestine


The West’s Darkest Hour disappeared for a few hours as of 2:20 pm. The server informed me that they made some adjustments. Apparently, the problem has been fixed.

This short clip from 1992 of Ted Koppel’s interview with President Nixon is fascinating to back up what I said yesterday about the ‘Christian Cup’ (note that John Mearsheimer, who comments on the clip with Judge Napolitano, wrote a great book about the Israel lobby).

The ‘bond’ Nixon speaks of between the US and Israel is, according to the president, a ‘moral commitment’. This is analogous to what Tom Sunic recently said in The Occidental Observer, of which I quoted this. Then Mearsheimer talks about the extraordinary relationship between the US and Israel. It reminds me of what Charlton Heston used to say about his marriage: rather murder than divorce!

It is increasingly clear, at least to me, that rather than Israel the real perp is the US (cf. Sunic’s Homo Americanus, especially the chapter ‘A War Crime of the Bible’ referring to WW2 ).

Israel / Palestine War!

A final solution…

to the Palestinian problem

Above, Davidster (Star of David) by Dick Stins, a holocaust memorial in The Hague. The text at the side in Dutch and Hebrew is from Deuteronomy 25:17, 19: ‘Remember what Amalek has done to you, do not forget.’ On the other hand, about the ongoing genocide in Gaza, Netanyahu has said: ‘You must remember what Amalek has done to you, says our Holy Bible’, which is based on 1 Samuel 15:3:

Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.

What the Jews are doing doesn’t shock me. What is fascinating from the POV of The West’s Darkest Hour is that American evangelicals see nothing wrong with this Palestinian Holocaust, simply because the victimisers are the chosen ones (remember what I recently quoted from Tom Sunic). Had the victimisers been pure Aryans, like these evangelicals or what Himmler and his henchmen did—God forbid!: i.e., the god of the Jews, which is why, when I talk about genuine spirituality, I don’t use any more the word ‘God’ but ‘Gods’ in the plural in reference to the words in Delphi’s oracle; this is what transvaluing all the values means.

Just look at the Xtian hawks in the American Congress: they don’t care about the Palestinians, only about the chosen ones! Is it clear now why we have been saying since 2012 that the Christian problem ‘encompasses’ the Jewish problem?

Israel / Palestine

Nostalgic overture

The genocide being perpetrated in Gaza is grabbing the attention of the alternative media, including the racial right. We should welcome this Israeli blunder insofar as, thanks to it, the tribe will lose its aura of victimhood and become a victimiser at least for a section of the Western population. But this spotlight could be misleading when it comes to the most important news of the moment. I am referring to the recent long-range strike missiles launched on Russian territory whose button was probably pressed by NATO itself. As Colonel Douglas Macgregor has just said, the war has entered a new phase: a very dangerous phase that could escalate into a direct US confrontation with Russia, since NATO is, after all, the military arm of the US on European soil.

Changing the subject, there is something I would like to add to my Friday article, ‘The Narrow Door’. Precisely because (except in my case) there are no people who have written this new kind of autobiography, not only is there no psychological healing for those who were mentally wounded as minors, but the mind of the surviving mutant isn’t understood.

For example, yesterday I read the phrase ‘Christianity is essentially a spent force’ in an article in The Unz Review which suddenly made me feel a passing nostalgia for my years when Christianity was still at its prime, to the extent that I listened to the overture of the 1959 film Ben-Hur and even the opening scenes. Since I come from a family of musicians I feel that music perfectly portrays how many Westerners still felt about Christianity decades ago: when that religion was still in good shape. I saw the film as a child and teenager several times over the years on the big screen, while in the country where I live, it used to be re-released from time to time.

But how did I engender that nostalgia yesterday with the first half hour of Ben-Hur if I am anti-Christian, my readers may ask? Precisely because I fulfil the Delphic mandate I can make contact with the César I once was: someone like Bran the Broken touching a Weirwood root in the cave of his mentor to find some solace in a nostalgic memory of the old self he once had.

Retrieving all those selves of the past makes one better equipped to understand a present-day Christian who, unlike me, hasn’t apostatised from the religion of our parents. These are very healthy mental exercises because, if we imagine them in Venn diagrams, my present mind ‘encompasses’ the mind of the former César, although the mind of the lad of that time cannot encompass the mind of the present adult: it wasn’t so expanded. In other words, I can empathise with a Christian just by an exercise like the one I did yesterday with the majestic overture to that film, but a Christian cannot return the favour as he hasn’t expanded his mind to the degree of an insightful apostasy. To use a metaphor I’ve used for years in my soliloquies, I can see them but they can’t see me.

Incidentally, at the end of ‘The Narrow Door’ I said that those young people who would like to contribute their work to reprint our books of the featured post could write to me, and I added that they could contact me via the ‘Donate and/or contact’ entry, which until yesterday posted my Tutanota email. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to access my Tutanota account for a few days now, so I’ve just changed my email address to a Gmail account.

Deranged altruism Israel / Palestine

The new subordinationists

This 13th-century fresco in a church in Perugia, Italy, depicts the Trinity
as a being with three faces representing Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

One of the apparent mysteries of the anti-white religion today is Subordinationism.

Influenced by Stoic philosophy, the subordinationists held a Trinitarian doctrine according to which the Son, and sometimes also the Holy Spirit, were subordinate to the Father not only in submission and role but with actual ontological subordination in varying degrees. Many early Christian theologians postulated a hierarchical classification of the persons of the Trinity, although their position was later considered heretic at the Second Council of Constantinople.

Years before I discovered white nationalism, something funny happened to me with a beautiful, fully Aryan woman with whom I had a coffee in Mexico City together with her brother, a chess-playing friend. I told them that I had just seen a film shot in one of the Muslim countries, which ends with a pubescent girl being deflowered by her elderly husband. I intended to defend the girl.

The liberal woman jumped up in anger. She railed against the film and the message of the director of the Muslim country. I didn’t understand why, if she was more or less a feminist and I was defending a pubescent girl, this liberal woman was so furious. Once I discovered the white nationalist forums, I found the answer.

The point is that, for the new subordinationists, there is a hierarchy in their new Trinity: equality of race, gender and sexual identity. So if two persons of the trinity come into conflict (Muslims are sandniggers and at the same time they live under a patriarchy), the second or third persons of the trinity are subordinates to the father god, i.e. race (liberals see Muslims living in Europe as a noble race just because they aren’t white).

Unlike the Council of Constantinople which declared subordinationism heretical, the new religion of the West is subordinationist: first and foremost is the non-white race (God the Father) and gender equality and sexual identity are subordinated to this Father. This explains my confussion with that liberal woman many years ago. (Incidentally, her brother, a certain Demetrio, who sided with his sister during our argument, later committed suicide.)

With this in mind, let us now think of the grotesque phenomenon of the elites supporting Israel to such an extent that they are even beating and jailing non-whites who dare to support Palestine in some European cities! Why do they do that? Didn’t race—non-whites in Europe—take priority, and even more so if some Israelis are phenotypically whiter than Palestinians? True, but the fact is that, in the new subordinationist theology, there is hierarchy even among non-whites.

The anti-white religion that was created after the Second World War is an exact reverse of Hitlerism. So if Hitler and the Third Reich considered the Jews a subversive tribe, in the new religion they have literally become the chosen people. But the most sinister thing of all is that it is the Aryans themselves who have chosen kikes as the chosen ones, so much so that not even the brown migrants who support a people subjugated for decades by Israelis are now tolerated.

For these new heretics the slogan seems to be: Subordinationist hierarchy above all! In the new Aryan Trinity, the Jew has become the sacrificial Lamb whom we are all supposed to love including his new state, Israel. In his comment today, Gaedhal wrote:

I would rather not write about politics on this thread. There are much more profitable and productive things to write about, like programming. However, yet again, the world—thanks to the US and Israel—stands on the brink of another conflagration.

Megyn Kelly should have an entry in the Encyclopedia of American Loons. She is willing to waste America’s blood and treasure, defending Israel, of all places. She speaks about Israel’s right to exist. What about Irish Catholics’ right to exist? Do Jews and Israelis concede to us ethnically Irish people the exclusive right to the Island of Ireland, something clearly spelt out in the 1916 proclamation? Of course, Irish Protestants have the right to their own state, north of the border. I tend to lean Unionist, these days. Does Megyn Kelly’s Jewish friends concede this right to us?

Charity begins at home. If bad guys need to be killed, then there are plenty of bad guys to be killed on the North American continent. There are plenty of things that lethal martial force could accomplish on the North American Continent that would actually be in the interest of US citizens. I recently saw a video where an Army Vet encouraged white men not to join the US Army because, of course, none of these wars prosecuted by the US government and military is actually in our interest.

[Zionists] go so far as even wanting a war with Iran if that keeps Israel safe. How in the name of a metaphorical God is any of this in America’s interest? America has been at war, almost non-stop since Pearl Harbour. Is the world any safer, any more prosperous, any more secure from 80 years of war? Why is America full of insane pundits like Megyn Kelly?

The answer is simple. The country was founded by Christian fanatics who had to perceive themselves as the new Israelis to establish a city upon a hill. The American project has now become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and Kelly is just an aberration among millions of philo-Semitic Zionists: the basis of Jewish power. (Remember the POV of this site: the Jews didn’t take over the West by force: the Aryan traitors handed it over to the Jew, their new ‘God the Father’ after WW2. That’s why we focus on the CQ instead of the JQ.)

Israel / Palestine Liberalism


On this site I have several times embedded videos of Derek Lambert interviewing New Testament critics such as Richard Carrier and Richard Miller, but I have also criticised Lambert for his Neo-Christian anti-racism.

There is something very striking about apostates from Christianity. They almost universally embrace a liberal and egalitarian faith even more extreme than the Christian universalist, something we knew from the first incarnation of The West’s Darkest Hour with the post ‘The Red Giant’, originally uploaded when Blogspot hosted my site (then we moved to WordPress and now to the present address).

In his correspondence today, our our learned friend Gaedhal tells us:

Lambert was on [redacted], and I even exchanged a few emails with him. However… I just don’t like him. I have always had an intuitive dislike of him. Now he introduces his father, a volunteer in US-instigated wars of plunder, adventure and regime change.

Again, my anti-war principles are informed by the far-left podcast Citations Needed. I am trying to be fair and balanced as I can. In the same way that I don’t respect the cops, I don’t respect the troops. As I said before, if these wars were in our interest, American troops would be fighting on the North American Continent. British troops would be fighting on the island of Great Britain to defend against the ongoing invasion of that island by ‘boat people’.

I don’t care, in the slightest about the deaths of 1,000 Israeli settlers on Palestinian land. The Jews are fucking around on Palestinian land. Every now and then, some of them are gonna find out. In retaliation, the Israelis have besieged the Palestinian territories, cutting off water and electricity, which is a war crime.

It is curious how the social media are mentioning this, which is true, while omitting that the Allies did exactly the same after 1945 with millions of Germans, who died like flies. Those who haven’t read Sexton’s review of Hellstorm should stop reading this post and read the review now!

They refuse to allow humanitarian channels for the likes of the UN or the Red Cross. If Israel is fighting a total war against the Palestinians, then we can expect, from time to time, the Palestinians to retaliate. If 1,000 Irish Catholics were murdered by Muslims, the Jews wouldn’t care. Indeed, they would immediately redirect and reframe the conversation to ‘I sure hope there isn’t a backlash against the Muslim community.’ When white people are murdered by Muslims in Europe, the Jews always derail the conversation to talk about the evils of Islamophobia. Tucker Carlson is a genius for using this tactic against them. Yeah, sure, the death of a thousand Israelis is tragic, and all, but what about all the Americans who are killed by our own ‘settlers’. As I said before: solidarity is a one-way street, and the Jews have zero solidarity with me, my people, my ethnicity, my country, my continent.

Again, being anti-war is both a right-wing thing and a left-wing thing. Saoradh, from the far left opposes the actions of Israel, and US-instigated wars and I from the radical right do so too. Israel is an abomination, and no real antitheist would shill for them. This is a point that Alan Green brings up: Lambert only seems to be antitheistic towards Christianity and Islam. Judaism—the source of the Abrahamic stream of pure poison—gets treated with kid gloves.

Philo-Semitism is due to the baleful influence that Christianity has had on the Western psyche. On the anti-Semitic right, it is very common for pundits to cherry-pick historical facts such as the expulsion of Jews from various reigns in Christendom. But they omit the main fact: Judaism was ultimately tolerated because the so-called Old Testament appears in both the Jewish and Christian bibles. What was never tolerated after Constantine and the following emperors—except Julian—were the 100% Aryan religions: whether they were the religions of the Greco-Roman world or, later with Charlemagne, of the Germanic world.

Lambert is a real ace at interviewing, say, Richard Miller, and in fact I bought and read Miller’s book thanks to Lambert’s interviews. But non-Nietzschean apostates become, axiologically, atheistic hyper-Christians and, worst of all, many like Lambert become openly philo-Semitic Zionists. That is why, we have said, atheists are even worse than Christians (the key to this apparent mystery is provided by Nietzsche’s epigraph to the post ‘The Red Giant’).

Israel / Palestine

Parisians v. Israelis

There is something I would like to say about how Hamas turned an Israeli music festival into a massacre (more than 250 people died on Saturday inside Israel at that festival—see video here). When I saw the images before the attack, when the young people were still dancing, I said to myself ironically, although I am not a theist: ‘God’s punishment for degenerate music!’

Then I realised an error of judgement. Such feelings of hatred for degenerates are legitimate for the French who, in 2015, were at an Eagles of Death Metal concert, attended by 1,500 people, at the Bataclan Theatre, when heroic jihadis entered to massacre them. But it’s no good saying the same about the Israelis. Why?

In secret soliloquies, I have told myself countless times that I should celebrate that the elites are already Woke in much of Latin America. If the point is to conquer the subcontinent in a sort of Master Plan South if, north of the Rio Grande, the pure Aryans were to wage war like The Turner Diaries, it suits me that the mestizos are in a state of complete cultural degradation. Wokism is welcome among the enemies to subjugate!

If I fantasise about this on the continent where I live, why not celebrate that there are already some Woke aspects in Israel for Israeli consumption?

‘God’s punishment’ is reserved for the Aryans we want to save from Wokism (e.g. the Parisians who were pure Aryans at that concert eight years ago). But it doesn’t apply to those whom one wants to mentally poison, subjugate and eventually erase from the face of the earth.

Israel / Palestine Kalki

Palestine, Israel, etc.

‘I know your little exterminationist game, and you are banned from playing it here. Go back to TRS’. —Greg Johnson to Tracy

In many ways, The West’s Darkest Hour is a critical site of the American racial right. It reminds me a bit of what Alex Linder used to say: that paleoconservatives like Pat Buchanan and racialists like Jared Taylor should be ruthlessly criticised for ignoring the JQ. I do the same but with folks to my immediate left: the white nationalists who ignore the CQ, the Christian question.

Let’s examine two articles published today by the American racial right. Hunter Wallace’s article on the Palestine & Israel war contains a link to this enlightening documentary showing that Gaza is, in fact, a concentration camp. I liked what Wallace had to say in his points numbered 1 to 15, especially his criticism of the crazy American Zionists who, in my opinion, are worse than Nosferatu himself in that they betray their race (Wallace also mentions the latter in his article). Conversely, I don’t like, although it is fashionable in these forums, that they put images from tweets or overwrite their articles with images, as clownishly as Andrew Anglin does, and I am shocked that even Kevin MacDonald sometimes falls into this adolescent practice.

On the other hand, there is an article in Counter-Currents whose editor, Greg Johnson, is not a Christian but a secular neo-Christian. Reading it reminded me of what we have said many times on this site: secular neo-Christians are worse, axiologically speaking than traditional Christians. For example, in that article we read:

I want the [Palestine/Israel] fighting to end as soon as possible, of course. I feel the same way about the Russo-Ukrainian War, which is still going on after a year and a half of bloodshed.

This cannot contrast more with the ontological core of this site, which has the archetype of Kalki—something like being to the right of Himmler—as the saviour of the future. What we want is a civilisational collapse, a punishment for the Aryans who betrayed themselves of such biblical proportions that Christian ethics is completely vaporised among the survivors. We have no love for humanity, only an exterminationist hatred provided, of course, that the extremely few survivors will be pure Aryans to repopulate the Earth after the apocalypse.

A final word. The first comment in the Counter-Currents article is this:

I want Israel to exist, largely because when enough whites wake up to Jewish perfidy once again and do something (hopefully non-violent) about it, the guilty will have a place to go to.

Yes. If Israel is destroyed, which many on the dissident Right seem myopically to hope for, where will all those millions of displaced Jews go? Europe and America. Now that would be a catastrophe on top of a disaster.

I wonder what Linder would say about these Neo-Christians?

Israel / Palestine War!


What happens in Israel and Palestine is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is why the Aryans haven’t been behaving like Hamas after WW2 against an infinitely greater enemy (really, in 1945 the last true Aryan died).