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Israel / Palestine

Parisians v. Israelis

There is something I would like to say about how Hamas turned an Israeli music festival into a massacre (more than 250 people died on Saturday inside Israel at that festival—see video here). When I saw the images before the attack, when the young people were still dancing, I said to myself ironically, although I am not a theist: ‘God’s punishment for degenerate music!’

Then I realised an error of judgement. Such feelings of hatred for degenerates are legitimate for the French who, in 2015, were at an Eagles of Death Metal concert, attended by 1,500 people, at the Bataclan Theatre, when heroic jihadis entered to massacre them. But it’s no good saying the same about the Israelis. Why?

In secret soliloquies, I have told myself countless times that I should celebrate that the elites are already Woke in much of Latin America. If the point is to conquer the subcontinent in a sort of Master Plan South if, north of the Rio Grande, the pure Aryans were to wage war like The Turner Diaries, it suits me that the mestizos are in a state of complete cultural degradation. Wokism is welcome among the enemies to subjugate!

If I fantasise about this on the continent where I live, why not celebrate that there are already some Woke aspects in Israel for Israeli consumption?

‘God’s punishment’ is reserved for the Aryans we want to save from Wokism (e.g. the Parisians who were pure Aryans at that concert eight years ago). But it doesn’t apply to those whom one wants to mentally poison, subjugate and eventually erase from the face of the earth.

2 replies on “Parisians v. Israelis”

In fact, we should celebrate that all the nations (except Russia, which hasn’t fallen into Wokism) that declared war on the Third Reich are increasingly Woke so that they will eventually collapse!

And I would go even further: it’s good that contemporary Germans have fallen ill with Wokism in order for their country to collapse. After all, they repudiated the memory of our Führer, didn’t they?

Now just about 10 percent of Whites only deserve to survive. Goodbye to the retards, chubby-fag creatures, mudsharks and christ cucks , along with the ones which helped and maintened this system . Just like Pierce predicted.

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