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The West’s Darkest Hour disappeared for a few hours as of 2:20 pm. The server informed me that they made some adjustments. Apparently, the problem has been fixed.

This short clip from 1992 of Ted Koppel’s interview with President Nixon is fascinating to back up what I said yesterday about the ‘Christian Cup’ (note that John Mearsheimer, who comments on the clip with Judge Napolitano, wrote a great book about the Israel lobby).

The ‘bond’ Nixon speaks of between the US and Israel is, according to the president, a ‘moral commitment’. This is analogous to what Tom Sunic recently said in The Occidental Observer, of which I quoted this. Then Mearsheimer talks about the extraordinary relationship between the US and Israel. It reminds me of what Charlton Heston used to say about his marriage: rather murder than divorce!

It is increasingly clear, at least to me, that rather than Israel the real perp is the US (cf. Sunic’s Homo Americanus, especially the chapter ‘A War Crime of the Bible’ referring to WW2 ).

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Haha damn it. I thought you were shut down again. It makes my night to know the West Darkest Hour is still alive!.

Actually they said this but I don’t understand a word:

Hello there,

The removal of regular CGI, and the transition to all our managed hosting services to fast CGI is not a change we have taken lightly. After working with our engineering team, it has been determined that on our more modern infrastructure, regular CGI has the potential to cause performance issues. Those performance issues are in some cases not isolated to the individual using that service. As a result, to better serve all customers, and to maintain server health, we have made the decision to remove regular CGI.

The vast majority of modern applications do not need regular CGI to operate, and often run much more efficiently using fast CGI instead. Should you need access to regular CGI still, please let us know and we can look into temporarily re-enabling regular CGI for you.


Tech Support Team

This was part of the exchange after I asked for help:

[15:46:56] [technician]: It seems like the site has been disable for causing high cpu load in the server.
[15:46:59] [technician]: Checking further into it
[15:49:39] [Me]: Could it be that it was hacked?
[15:50:32] [Me]: According to my StatsCounter page, the last visitor visited my site at 2:20 pm.
[15:51:05] [technician]: No It was disabled by our system admins.
[15:51:12] [technician]: I’m currently getting in touch with them.

High CPU load? That sounds like nonsense.

Your site is not even computationally heavy to cause any sudden overloads. Besides, why would they disable the site and not restore it as soon as they found out whatever issue they claimed to have?

It seems to me that they wouldn’t have restored your site, have you not contacted them directly on tech support.

Thanks for informing me of this. This is the second time that my provider has done something similar; the first time, some time ago, I asked them if it was due to political incorrectness. Tech team told me that was not the reason.

From the POV of political correctness, what the columnists of The Unz Review say against Israel and the Jews is much harsher. How does Ron Unz ensure that he never has these accidents? Is it time to go looking for another server? Could these be ‘warnings’ that some admins on my server think I’m persona non grata?

Whatever it is, I’m too new to computer science, to the point that I don’t understand anything about the first quote above. It would be great to have an expert on these topics, at least to advise me. But without funds I can’t hire anyone.

They might not be honest with you as a way to avoid a direct confrontation (“free speech”), but they can mess up with your mind by doing these kind of mind games on you, if they truly don’t like your views and want to silence you.

For what I understand, your site runs on a communication method (or protocol, in computer terms) that is no longer compatible at all with their newer computer software.

However, as a server provider, they should just have found a way to fix this technical issue without disabling your site, without bothering you at all, and then notify you that a chance is needed to avoid future problems.

But it seems they just shut you down with the first excuse they got on hands, and perhaps hoped that you won’t inquire any further about it (maybe hoping that you will forget about it?).

In any case, they are kind of behaving unprofessional with you as an end user.

I think it might be a good time to look for a more reliable provider.

There was two other dissident sites that went down recently for short periods that I know of.

It could just be the internet and computers, upgrading to new server software and old code of users web pages etc, these thing happen.

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