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Not that smart

Judge Napolitano’s interviews of Col. Douglas Macgregor (e.g., this one) prove that Jews, in this case, Israelis, are not that smart, as many in the American racial right claim.

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If they were smart, they would change their mode of coexistence with Whites more akin to a symbiote than a parasite.
But the Xtian virus cannot be stopped nor reversed. The body of the Homo Economicus will inevitably cease to function, and all the foreign infections will die along with it.

I used to listen to MacGregor up until his unrealised forecast of a Russian summer victory. I never liked how he defends Putin. Pro-Russian advocates are inherently anti-White. Russia needs to be destroyed, along with Israel and Amerikwa.

Is not only that they are not that smart, jews are inherently nihilists and destroyers. It is in their nature to destroy and corrupt.

And that wouldn’t be a problem if not for the stupid whites who have allowed themselves to be buffalloed by them. Proof of this is that they still worship a jew as their god!

It is in their nature to destroy and corrupt…

…the Aryan world I would add. But Muslims are immune to Jewish psyops because their sacred book doesn’t command them to love their enemies. Xtianity is ultimately the culprit that there are so many Israel supporters in the US. As I have said, Christians (even anti-Semites!) enable the JQ.

..True U R…! Russia is NOT a friend of the West, but it is a nest for the world Chabad movement! If Russia was pro-White/West, then Putin et. al., would NOT be pushing these aliens into Europe…! Russia/Serbia, along with “$$$ land” and Amerika should be chastised when the Creator god appears, at the end of the, “Age of the Kali yuga”…!

“Pro-Russian advocates are inherently anti-White. Russia needs to be destroyed, along with Israel and Amerikwa.”

Why? The Russians are resisting White genocide better than Western Europe and America. In fact, if things keep up and North America and Western Europe end up turning into another version of Brazil, then Russia and the Slavic world will be what remains of White civilization.

I don’t understand the Russian hate from some WNs.

As for MacGregor, he is the most racially aware of all the anti-war / anti-empire commentators. He is not hysterically anti-Nazi like someone like Scott Ritter.

The curious thing is that most white nationalists are pro-Russian, like Andrew Anglin, perhaps because, like the Russians, these nationalists are also traditional Christians.

I am neither pro-Russian nor anti-Russian, but I like that the Russians have put a solid barrier to the Globo-homo agenda of the crazy West, thanks to this war in Ukraine.

Russia isn’t resisting White genocide. Russia is just like Brazil, a huge melting pot of deracinated half-gooks and sandniggers. Their birthrate is in the dumps (thankfully). Russians are stupid drunken degenerates who believe their forefathers to be heroes for killing and raping millions of Germans.

My hate for Russians comes from Hellstorm. I will never forget nor forgive what the Russians did to the true heroes of the White race, 80 years ago. Those slav fuckers would happily jump on the ‘let’s kill those European fags’ bandwagon, with their kike masters at the reins.

I don’t care how racially-aware Macgregor is; he will never openly defend the White race on social media.
And there’s practically no racially-aware Russian honest enough to admit, not even to themselves, that they would be better off racially today had the Germans won WW2.

And there’s practically no racially-aware Russian honest enough to admit, not even to themselves, that they would be better off racially today had the Germans won WW2.

Agreed. Who among them is ‘practically’ (sic) aware?

Émile Durand, who wrote that article “White Nationalist Delusions About Russia” back in 2014. He is Russian, but uses a French pseudonym.

How exactly are Russians resisting the White genocide? By replacing themselves with Muslims and East Asians? By opening new mosques? By killing Whites in Ukraine because hurr durr NATO makes your country homosexual? The Russian Antifa state is literally supporting the Islamization of the country. Between NATO and Russia, while they are all malicious threats to the survival of Aryans, the latter is not the lesser evil.

One of the amazing things about Putin’s Russia, thanks to incredible propaganda, is that a wide array of disparate groups can now project their own identity, fantasies and causes onto the modern Russia state: Christian Nationalists can see Russia as THE Christian nation — and the same goes for many White Nationalists simp-pathizing with Russia as the savior of the West no matter how many die in Ukraine; Likewise, black and browns see Russia as the leading force against “Western colonialism,” Communists/Antifas can see Russia’s special military operation as an anti-fascist action and feel a special affinity for the former Soviet Union, and now Muslims identify with Russia because of Putin’s foreign policy and his pandering to the Muslim population with anti blasphemy laws and new mosques.

Putin’s Russia is whatever you want it to be: it can be an all White country, then a Christian country, a masculine anti-LGBTQ country, then a philo-Islamic country while simultaneously being the anti-Western, decolonizing former-soviet superpower that’s defeating fascism in order to save the West from “neo-Liberalism.” It seemingly has something to offer everyone, which either makes it the ultimate globalist superpower; or at the very least, it has the world’s greatest propaganda that’s taking everyone for a ride.

“I don’t understand the Russian hate from some WNs.”


Most of that hate comes from propaganda and generally just plain ignorance. Some of those WN’s might glorify Russia because it is not as bad as America is now (which says a lot because things here are pretty dam bad, and actually, Soviet Union Russia was far less degenerate than what the west was after the IIWW).

However, Russians are not better off either with the Russian federation. Is not as extreme as America in terms of propaganda in the sense that they are not as subtle, but the anti white, nationalistic message is still there.

You could check the article “White Nationalist Delusions About Russia” by Emile Durand. It might give you a better understanding of this.

The Russian state, as Mauricio said, it is also an enemy that must be dealt with, eventually, but they are not as bad as the anglo-capitalism system is now.

I have seen several nymphs from Russia that are astonishing in their beauty and femininity, but the current global system of today is taking them for international prostitution instead, with blondes being the ones of high demand, as always.

Had Hitler won the war, those nymphs from the far east would have been protected and raised for motherhood instead.

Some white Russian men understand this, and that they would have been better off by having Germany destroying the soviet union, but they have to suppress such thoughts due to social pressure and fear from the government.

If Hitler had won WWII; then these nymphs wouldn’t exist because they would have never been born and neither would you Jaime for the same reason.

In one way Hitler defeated the Soviet Union, in that, the demographic and capital(infrastructure) damage and destruction inflicted by Operation Barbarossa caused the demise of that rotten institution.

It’s a waste of time dreaming of imaginary golden ages that never really existed.

If our fathers had had intercourse a few hours later, another sperm would have fertilised our mothers’ egg and none of those present here would have been born either.

Nobody is talking about golden ages, it’s just that we live in the darkest hour in Western history.

You know what I find intriguing is when they say that the strongest sperm always wins. How do they know that? Hell, the best sperm might have been in the glob of semen that ended up on the mattress! There are always circumstantial factors to consider.

Ad Fukal…

Lasting like 72 years is more than enough to consider the destruction of the USSR a failure.

And it is curious you say that, because I find it surprising that such nymphs still exists in the far east, despite everything else.

If only the Lebensraum project had prevailed, those women would have been raised to become mothers instead of international prostitutes.

This Hamas-Israel conflict is the final test for the mythos of the Allied victory over Nazi Germany and Hitler, the greatest evil (TM) of all time by the judeo-christian-capitalists ruling what used to be the west. The jews were innocent unjustly persecuted victims and the allies the most noble and self sacrificing warriors for peace in WW2.

Now in Gaza and West Bank it is common viewing that the jews are barbarians who purposely target civilians and their homes, while the weapons Israel use and international support comes from USA and England. I cannot see how …finally…. the west can continue with the toxic mythos of WW2.

I’m surprised to stumble across a National Socialist who (seemingly) doesn’t think the Jews are as hypercompetent as other NatSocs seem to think they are.
Out of curiosity (as a non-NatSoc and an “outsider looking in”), how do you suppose the Jews are behind so much if they aren’t actually all that smart? Sorry if this is something you already explained elsewhere.

Statistically, Jews have a higher IQ than white people. Even Phil Rushton said that at an American Renaissance conference. But that doesn’t mean that they are the hypnotizing gods of the goyim: paranoia that sometimes appears in some sectors of American white nationalism.

What these folk ignore is that it has been precisely the white idiots who have empowered Jewry since Napoleon emancipated them (what we have been saying on this site for a long time).

“The GOP worships Jews as if they were God…” —a commenter wrote today at Occidental Dissent.

It looks like the average IQ is Israel is 92 or thereabouts, worse than Portugal. Their intelligence, like everything about these fucking creatures, is overrated.

P.S. “Netanyahu is the fuhrer” LOL. I wonder what uncle Sam, the democratic evangelizer is going to do about that.

I didn’t say that Israelis were smarter than Whites (alas!), but Jews: Ashkenazi Jews in particular. But even they are stupid compared to the Overman.

“how do you suppose the Jews are behind so much if they aren’t actually all that smart?”

In a nutshell, because stupid Aryans still worship a jew as their god through christianity, thus empowering their tribe as a whole.

Even as enemies, WN’s still worship the jews somehow as “formidable enemies” when they are not.

Jews are less than insects, parasites. It is because of stupid Aryans that worship them which makes them a threat.

Can you imagine a dog idealizing the blood sucking ticks under his belly? And starting fights against other dogs because of them? Is insane.

That’s another proof of why Judeo Christianity is such a spiritual sickness.

One of the things that impressed me when reading Velasco’s essay on Rome vs. Judea (which we translated for The Fair Race) is that the whites of the Mediterranean despised Judaism before Constantine. Compare that pagan era to my quote from yesterday about how US Republicans worship Jews.

Interesting reply, thanks. After checking out much of your blog, I must say, you’re ideologically consistent if nothing else.

Also, on the topic of Pagan Rome and the Jews, are you familiar with the “religio licita” status of Judaism in the Roman Empire? Pagan Romans may have detested the Jews, but (much like the medieval Christians, who also disliked Jews), the Romans granted them tolerance and exemptions anyways.


Pagan Europe was very tolerant towards other religions.

It was the one big mistake of the Romans to not exterminate Jews and other oriental races when they first encountered them.

theres no doubt that the whiter european jews are high iq, ashkenazis have heavy dna hijacked from germans. israel is mixed with the arab jews so it will reflect that, im sure germanys average IQ has dropped too since absorbing illiterate refugees. i agree with your site that capitalism and Christianity being as bad or worse than judaism. ive dropped a lot of the hitler worshipping bullshit after reading “hitler and I” by otto strasser, and “hitler founder of israel” apparently hitler ripped national socialism from the strasser brothers and then didnt even follow through on the anti capitalism and didnt go hard enough with the capitalist jews. if you punish elite jews the rest of them fall in line, the whole thing about uprooting every jew and reviving zionism then fucking up the war that bad, there are things that just dont add up. strasser predicted that hitler being obsessed with every jew, being obsessed with invading russia, and not punishing the capitalist jew criminals, he would end up fucking up the war with russia and shooting himself. no shit he said that

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