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Michael O'Meara Toward the White Republic (book)

A slim book that nationalists should be reading in bed

I have renamed

my favorite essays of

Toward the White Republic


1. “The United States can only be repulsed as an alien body-snatcher

2. Without a myth there will be no revolution

3. It is the poet who creates nations, not the scientist

4. The most authoritative treatment of white separatism

5. The national equivalent to what happened in New Orleans

6. Let’s prepare a new Declaration of Independence

7. Most Americans will have trouble feeding themselves

8. Call to Arms

8 replies on “A slim book that nationalists should be reading in bed”

If the “myth” is based on the bible, the white race is going to fail. The book has always failed us. It just causes confusion and division.
Our religious leaders will be sure to divide us along church/denominational lines as they always have in the past, causing strife and animosity and internecine war as they always have in the past.
WW2 being the epitome of the division, caused to a very large degree in how our rulers and leaders, with bible in hand, ripped earthquake fault lines through the heart of the white race.

Thank “God’ for that. LOL
I wasn’t articulate enough in my first post: I just hope the christian religious leaders don’t step into the middle of a white racial awakening and distort and confuse matters resulting in even more division within the race. They have a tendency to cause division ; In God’s name, of course.
It’s all done in God’s name so they think they are the cat’s pajama’s.

A myth must be based on facts. The ultimate fact is genetic. Equality through jewish anthropology is our first psychological enemy. The distinctions in DNA must be made scientifically clear so that by extrapolation the inevitable social consequences of race-mixing can be laid bare. Hitler was right! The group that maintains it’s exclusivity maxamizes it’s potential.
The second factor in the substantiation of the new “White” mythos must be the a “Christian Identity” analysis of the Garden of Eden Scenario. Adam and Eve were created by Jehovah to be his companions as the other races had all failed. Satan perverts this by the seduction of Eve with the perversion of Cain. The old testament is basically an attempt by Jehovah to maintain the purity of Adam’s lineage. The Ashkenazi and the other semites hold the psycopathic gene to a far higher degree according to Lobacewski’s ‘Political Ponerology’. Because the flood and the slaughter by Jehovah of ‘Aliens’ fails, he ultimately conceives Jesus to remake the White Race. The redemption of ‘Sin’ is just a diversion to hide the truth: It’s all about genetics and race purity.
In the White Culture we must birth, these fundamentals are essential ingredients to the rationalization that can salvage us socially while not alienating us from our Christian heritage. Since ‘Nazism’ is always seen as dictatorial and equated with manic slaughter, the public will never accept it as an alternative in the U.S. The re-evaluation of our Christian conception of the Garden of Eden scenario along the lines of ‘Christian Identity’, united to the scientific presentation of the distinctions between the races, is the ONLY way.

matthew, you’ve bought the lie. the bible. the greatest storybook of time. the garden of eden story. utter rubbish. “only 18-year olds believe that shit.” whitie americano masses have zero hope w/o events that play out to destroy the yahweh god is love myth. when in reality, with only little mental constrasting, yahweh god loves child sacrifice, to the logical end that he sacrificed his own son. words don’t describe such craziness. and then xtianity building its central liturgy on the “holy” ceremony of drinking blood and eating flesh. (and i give a damn that, “oh, its only symbolic.”) sick. very. and, true to tribe form, lies, lies, lies!

I believe that my Germanic Knight forefathers would agree.

The truth of the word of God concerns our Folk, for that is the missing link that ERADICATES denomination.

GOD made man–Ein Mann.

Denominations are ideological tribes, and ideology shall be subservient to blood, for out of blood does ideology come.

All we must do is turn the ruling power’s ideology–satan’s ideology–upside down.

I do it every day.

For though he will bruise our heel, we shall crush his head. I just imagine doing in in an iron-crossed cloak with a greatsword.

That is what it IS to CRUSH with the WORD–for it IS as a sword, sharp and DOUBLE-edged.

Sieg Heil!

Christianity must be expunged totally. This religion is a religion that pits brother against brother. Remember the War of Northern Aggression that spawned the likes of Sherman, Grant, Lincoln, the Bank Act of 1864 (which enslaves us today)? The Protestant church was front and center in pursuit of that great slaughter. It is a trap just as Islam is.

MC You don’t need any christian identity background for the proof of genetics we now can show through DNA science, and if you are to accept the parts of the bible that help will you also accept the multicultural “we are all one to god” parts of the bible (or someone else will). Christianity is only a 1500 year period of European life, and the “christianity” that evolved is a miss-mash of asiatic-mediterranean-european values.

Christianity has always been for itself first and europeans second.

1) the teutonic knights came into being for the invasion of the Baltic state lands for the church.

2) the church was more concerned with enforcing its rule over europe than repelling muslims out of SE europe over hundreds of years!

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