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The national equivalent to what happened in New Orleans

An edited version of the following article, “Katrina’s Intimation of the End: Afterthoughts on the Impending Catastrophe,” published originally at National Vanguard, is the eleventh essay in Michael O’Meara’s book Toward the White Republic, available from Counter-Currents Publishing here.

For a moment, as Katrina’s hurricane winds and high flood waters swept away the smoke and mirrors, the lemmings glimpsed an America that was not quite the bowl of cherries our programmers would have us believe. With a major U.S. city turned over to a mob of tar-face primitives straight out of Black Hawk Down or Pontecorvo’s Burn—reports of cannibalism and savage mayhem—the state-of-the-art Superdome filled with the sub-Saharan stench of feces, sewage, and dead children—corpses floating in fetid waters: America’s Third World future suddenly affronted us in its all irrefutable barbarism. The banner of Austria’s Der Standard said it all: “Third World USA.” For here, televised for the rest of the world to see, was the coming anarchy, the horror Kurtz found in the darkened heart that was Africa—and is becoming America.

Even the Judeo-corporate powers who operate “the rolling tent show we call America” were forced to take note of the unprecedented disaster afflicting New Orleans. The New York Times, flagship of the country’s controlled media, published not one but a series of editorials that hammered home a single unambivalent point: The system is not working. In the Times’ view, the preparations leading up to the storm were criminally negligent, those in its wake pathetically inadequate, and subsequent emergencies likely to follow a similar pattern.

The momentary outburst of discontent on the editorial page of this and other Establishment organs was not, of course, the sort White nationalists feel. The elite opinion molders are exasperated by the current leadership (or lack of it) because its incompetence, irresponsibility, and corruption has allowed “the lie of multiculturalism to explode before their eyes,” exposing the scabious underside of their anti-White plutocracy. Better than most, they see that Katrina was not just a natural, but a political disaster that imperils the entire system. As one European observer (Philippe Grasset) characterizes it, Katrina is the system’s Cindy Sheehan. For against the technocratic conditioning which Baudrillard calls the simulacra deluding and manipulating the facetiously named “public,” a single elemental force—be it a mother’s insistence or nature’s fury—tore away the veil cloaking the system’s corruption of all that once distinguished White America.

The third-rate human being presiding over the United States and the rabid Zionist cabal advising him ought to take the greatest heat for the apocalyptic events that befell New Orleans. But theirs, alas, is not the sole responsibility. More seriously, fault lies at every level of government and society: For an American city was lost not because of individual negligence or incompetence, but because of the system that made such a disaster possible possible

As the accusations and recriminations mount, we, the remnants of White America, must do our utmost to prevent the media moguls, crooked politicians, alien interests, and leading lights from evading the condemnation they deserve. More critically, we need to highlight the systemic sources of their misdeeds, for the system they represent operates not simply in opposition to the interests and welfare of White America, it seeks (and, for two generations, has sought) to destroy the racial-cultural basis of the civilization our forebears founded on this continent. But even more, we need to use this occasion to make every White man aware that the present ethnocidal system targets their survival, that its cataclysmic end is approaching, and that steps need to be taken now to ensure that the next cycle of American civilization is White, European, and anti-liberal.

Since 1999, the great European nationalist, Guillaume Faye, has been predicting a series of converging catastrophes that will provoke the collapse of the liberal-democratic regimes of money that have governed the West since 1945. [See “The Widening Gyre,” National Vanguard, 29 May 2005] Katrina’s destruction of New Orleans (following on the heels of 9-11 and the Iraqi fiasco) heralds what seems to be the first, albeit local, gasp of the system’s death throes.

Contrary to what the scoundrels in charge would have us believe, America was no gift of Yahweh. Like every organic or mechanical order, its social-political system contains elements that sustain its growth and development and, at the same time, ones that impair (or have the potential to impair) it. If ever the latter should dominate, the system cannot but become dysfunctional—and perhaps collapse. In Faye’s view, the present system controlling the former White nations of the West—subordinated to market principles, opened to all the world’s peoples, contemptuous of White tradition, culture, and ethnos, and indifferent to the destructive impact the system has on both human and mother nature—has reached a stage in its development where the dysfunctional elements are increasingly dominant, just as they were in the ex-Soviet Union in the early 1980s.

From this perspective, what happened in New Orleans is symptomatic of the system-threatening catastrophes gathering on the horizon. Be it racial-demographic trends, environmental deterioration, climatic shifts, casino-like economies, decadent social forms, corrupt, sclerotic institutions disloyal to their original intent—each represents a looming catastrophe whose eventual convergence will make all the others unmanageable.

Already the system is beset by failures that have begun to wear it down, erode its legitimacy, and undermine its capacity to rule. The biggest of these is related to the imperial “overreach” that began with the neocon aggression on Iraq. This was preceded by 9-11 and the dangerous geopolitical realignment it provoked and is today accompanied by a series of slower burning, but potentially greater, catastrophes related to the declining U.S. economy, the crisis of Third World colonization and the state of emergency on the border, and to all those cultural, educational, and social problems that come with the globalization of American life.

At each level of these crises—and I have named only the most obvious—the system is failing to resolve the problems besetting it. Though it continues to muddle through, a possible convergence of these mounting catastrophes—provoked, for example, by the confluence of a major economic breakdown, another ecological disaster, and a politically-discrediting scandal—will likely compound the existing crises, straining the system to the point of collapse. The result will be the national equivalent to what happened in New Orleans.

At virtually every level of its operations, the system has become more incompetent, shortsighted, and negligent. And this is not just a temporary or contingent development, for the same sort of failures have occurred day in and day out in the administration’s conduct of the Iraq war, in its international relations, and in its mismanagement of the nation’s economy. These failings, moreover, are system-wide.

Despite the media-amplified rhetoric of leftists and Negro race-hustlers, incompetence and irresponsibility during the emergency were not confined to the top. The corrupt municipal government of New Orleans’ foul-mouthed major, Ray Nagin, was no less guilty of criminal incompetence, neglecting to implement the most obvious precautions: It failed to issue a mandatory evacuation order until pressured by Washington, failed to implement it, and failed to make use of hundreds of city buses to transport those without cars. At the Morial Convention Center and at the Superdome, where it went through the motions of taking action, nothing of consequence was actually done, as local officials waited for “Whitey” to intervene and take charge. The horror tales now told of these sites are rivaled by few in literature. The utter absurdity of the New Orleans’ municipal effort assumed an especially unreal quality when Nagin gave his entire police force (which had shamed itself in the course of events) a five-day paid vacation in Las Vegas, once FEMA and the National Guard arrived to take control.

Thus it was that an indifferent, Israeli-oriented authority at the top and an utterly incompetent, African-led one at the bottom converged in New Orleans to create one of the great disasters in American history. The system’s routine production of such leaders (is it possible to imagine any other system in which a mentally unbalanced non-entity could become the nation’s número uno or a jive-talking African clown the mayor of a major American city?) not only condemns it to self-destructive actions: It closes itself off from any possibility of self-correction, as the illusory values and beliefs its liberal and neocon ideologues arrogantly propagate are confused with reality itself. Not surprisingly, the virtualist mindset of such a leadership is already preparing the basis for future disasters.

But more telling than even the system’s growing incompetence and illusory grasp of reality is its determination to replace its core European population. Evident in the terms that have come to designate New Orleans—Mogadishu-on-the-Mississippi, Haiti North, Post-America America—this once splendid enclave of Franco-American civilization has, since desegregation, been turned into a Third World slum. With a pre-Katrina population more than two-thirds Black, New Orleans had, in effect, ceased to be an American city in any ethno-cultural sense of the term. And it was the non-White racial character of the city’s population that was instrumental in turning a natural disaster into a social-racial nightmare. For once order collapsed in the wake of the flooding, and the veneer of civilization controlling the city’s Congoloid residents gave way, the ruined city almost immediately descended into barbarism. (As David Duke pointed out, the only thing separating American order from African anarchy is that “thin blue line of police armed with high-powered weapons.”)

How, though, is this racial turmoil reflective of the system’s growing dysfunctionality? Besides the fact that the system has eroded the country’s earlier White civilizational forms and violated the most elementary requirements of every social organization (i.e. the biological defense of its people’s genetic interests), it has encouraged the growth of the non-White population through a consciously-implemented policy of open borders and mass immigration, through welfare programs that subsidize non-White births and discourage White ones, through a brain-washing, totalitarian ideology of multiculturalism that undermines the historic conventions of America’s European culture and allows whole cities to be turned over to alien hordes. All these policies, to one degree or another, reflect the system’s effort to undermine the country’s White population and replace it with a non-White one attuned to the demographic requirements of the new global economy.

That the barely humanoid character of many of these “new Americans” lack the civilizational potential of Whites, that they are inordinately prone to violence and aggression, that they harbor murderous feelings towards the former majority, that they sustain a counter-culture of drugs, prostitution, and crime, that they soak up public funds and deprive other programs, like levee maintenance, of needed monies, that they made New Orleans one of America’s murder capitals, all, again, stem from the system’s Judeo-liberal disposition to privilege market exchanges, international labor markets, population transfers, multicultural deculturation, and the destruction of the nation’s historic European core. These anti-White policies are, indeed, so extreme that even criminals and miscreants were allowed to serve in New Orleans police force (as long as they had the proper hue). Was it surprising, then, that Whites caught in this multicultural hell were targeted for aggression, that nursing homes and children hospitals were attacked, or that White areas of Louisiana and Mississippi devastated by the storm have since been ignored or marginalized by government relief efforts?

For those who care to see, the horrors of New Orleans herald America’s possible future. Given the nature of the dominant forces, and the system nurturing and directing them, things are almost certain to get much worse, and do so at a quickening rate. Thus, as the various catastrophes afflicting American life begin to converge in a greater systemic disaster, the system itself is likely to collapse. Such a collapse will be either good or bad, depending: For collapse will either threaten our people with new, more horrendous ethnocidal forces, or it will create an opportunity to begin again. To ensure that the latter is the case, the defenders of America’s European core will need to start heeding the writing on the wall. As Guillaume Faye says, we need to start thinking in post-catastrophic terms.

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The question is, will they see the writing on the wall. The quality of the white population has degraded to such an extent that it seems doubtful. The jew has succeeded in corrupting their souls just as much as their bodies to such an extent that many of them now identify with the sub-humans who are replacing them. Only a bloody revolution led by men with cores of steel can offer any hope in preventing the jew from achieving his age-old dream of a ‘1984’ type world even more terrible than Orwell’s original vision.

Everytime I go out in public I see white women with black men or white men of a slovenly appearance. The Jews have won. How do we repay them?

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