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On Wallace’s apologetics

These days Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent has been posting articles on Christian nationalism, an issue that has been alarming the US media. And yesterday he posted an article with graphs and statistics showing that white Christians in his country have more preservationist instincts than atheists. In the discussion thread, one of the commenters replied: ‘Christianity was invented by the people who want to destroy the White race, and most Christians refuse to face it’.

This, of course, evokes the masthead of this site, the essay by a Spaniard that I translated into English. But that historical reality is something that racialist apologists of Christianity have ignored to date. Wallace went on to comment on that thread:

If you believe that White people are improved or will have better politics by becoming atheists, I don’t know what to tell you. 95 out of 100 times that isn’t the case. Instead, these people become self absorbed degenerate Reddit libtards. The surest way to have a more anti-White culture is to increase the prevalence of atheism.

The problem with this reasoning is that Western atheists are not true apostates from Christianity. From an axiological point of view, once the atheist rejects Jesus his scale of values remains Christian. From the seminal essay by a Swede that we posted when I blogged in 2009, to Bardamu’s long article that can be read at The Fair Race through Tom Sunic and Jack Frost’s comments at The Occidental Observer, we have seen on this site that the atheist’s scale of values is simply a secular offshoot of the gospel message—a secular offshoot on steroids! Thus, the best way to respond to Wallace is simply to replace ‘atheists’ with what they really are: ‘If you believe that White people are improved or will have better politics by becoming neo-Christians, I don’t know what to tell you. 95 out of 100 times that isn’t the case. Instead, these people become self-absorbed degenerate libtards. The surest way to have a more anti-White culture is to increase the prevalence of neo-Christianity’.

I fully agree with this statement!

The overwhelming majority of people who cease to believe in God don’t believe in the White race.

This is navel-gazing as there have been, and are, whites outside Wallace’s country. I have often said, and no Christian racialist has answered me, that large-scale miscegenation was started by Constantine in the renamed city that used to be called Byzantium, not to speak of what the white Iberians, who were Christian fanatics, did on the American continent since the 16th century. They didn’t give a damn about their race to the extent of corrupting it throughout the continent.

How is it possible for 2% to 3% of White atheists to create a White ethnostate? What’s the plan? I’m all ears.

How is it possible for the majority of Christians who admit Negroes to the altar with white women to create a White ethnostate (cf. the sad story of former pro-white advocate Matt Heimbach)? What’s the plan? I’m all ears.

Extrapolating from what I am seeing in polls of atheists on social issues there are definitely pro-White atheists, but they are a minuscule fragment of that swath of the White population.

Atheists of the Richard Dawkins type are neochristian to the core. I prefer a Christian like Matt Walsh who is doing a great job on YouTube to debunk the Woke monster than an epigone of Richard.

Wallace makes his case from the false Christian / atheist dichotomy. The real dichotomy is Christian / panentheist, which would be the religion of Hitler, Savitri Devi and the priest of the holy words. Only those who have finished crossing the psychological Rubicon have left Christian ethics behind and no longer carry any neochristian ballast.


In the comments section of a new Wallace article today, we can read this exchange:

Steve Denison said:

‘Christianity, historically speaking, is a Jewish sect that took off with Gentiles. You can’t stand up to Jewish power basing your platform on a faith they created’.

Hunter Wallace responded:

‘Why should Christians be interested in supporting your cause? If this is your message, you should hang the gloves up now and go home because it will never resonate with the 80% of people on the Right who are Christians’.

What Wallace and the Christians commenting on his site fail to understand is that, if Christian ethics is the primary cause of white decline, only genuine apostasy can save the West. Wallace seems to reason this way: You’re never going to persuade heavy smokers to give up tobacco.

Such a stance, of course, contains a hidden postulate: that heavy smoking doesn’t cause cancer.

Racialized Christians haven’t even come close to looking us in the eye and answering our initial premise: that Christian ethics, whether in its traditional or secular aspect, is what has been destroying the race ever since Christians took over the Roman Empire (cf. what William Pierce says in his book of the white race about miscegenation in Constantinople). They fail to grasp our most basic point. Here we go again until it’s understood: if Christian ethics is the primary cause, only genuine apostasy will save us.

Covid 19

Iatrogenic medicine

More deaths, fewer white babies due to—what? Mandatory vaccines? (watch it here).

Democracy Evil Theology

On solving the problem of evil

by Gaedhal

I get the ‘Hell Planet’ idea from Dr. Robert Morgan who is an explicit atheist and an explicit determinist and an explicit ‘eliminative materialist’. I on the other hand am a bit more of a Sheldrakean, on these points. Morgan has read Sheldrake and rejects him, which is his right so to do. He has also read the antinatalist pessimist atheists Benatar and Schoppenhauer more in-depthly than I have.

Pine Creek Doug once was asked that if an asteroid were inbound that would destroy the Earth, and if he could press a button to restart abiogenesis and evolution on another planet he would do so. He initially said: ‘yes’ but then said ‘no’. I would say ‘yes’… However, in so doing, I will be fully cognizant of my calling into being all manner of evils: plagues, famines, paedophilia etc.

However, I would hope, that at the end of it all, intelligent sentient beings might find a way to solve the problem of evil. Instead of antinatalism, solving the problem of evil is a better use of our time because, for all we know, the Cosmos might call forth the phenomenon of life somewhere else. Antinatalism doesn’t actually solve the problem of evil. It just turns this small corner of the Cosmos into a sterile place devoid of life. Benatar wants eventually for mankind to nuke itself out of existence. I hope that I am not misrepresenting his position. Type in ‘Alex O Connor / antinatalism’ into YouTube for a discussion between Benatar and O Connor. I would link to it but I don’t want to. Antinatalism terrifies me. I want to give it a wide berth.

I am not a classically theistic God, which is why it is okay for me to press the abiogenesis button on an Earth 2 somewhere in the Cosmos.

However, as Dr. Robert Morgan correctly points out: a classically theistic God who would use evolution to bring about life would be a sadist. Robert Morgan links people to videos of animals being eaten alive. This truly is a Hell Planet, and if a classically theistic God created it then He is evil by our reckoning; he is a sadist and a voyeur by our reckoning. With the misotheists, we should hate such a God.

______ 卐 ______

Editor’s note:

Sharp theological thoughts by Gaedhal! Regarding what he says, ‘Instead of antinatalism, solving the problem of evil is a better use of our time…’, I can’t help but remember how my religion of the four words, that dovetails perfectly with Hitler’s panentheism, is the solution to the problem of evil.

These days, as I said, I have been very lightly revising my Daybreak Press books to publish them as PDFs. But I will make an exception for most of what I have written in my mother tongue. For that, it will be necessary to obtain the printed volumes (fortunately they have not been censored, and I plan to translate them into English). It is the only way to understand how, in the end, we plan to solve the problem of evil, at least on Earth.

‘However, in so doing, I will be fully cognizant of my calling into being all manner of evils… I would hope, that at the end of it all, intelligent sentient beings might find a way to solve the problem of evil’, said Gaedhal above. I would add that, if there is one word that defines my religion, it is exterminationism but obviously we do not mean all creatures on Earth. Hence I prefer the term ‘panentheism’ to the term ‘pantheism’ that Weikart used in his books on Hitler.

Gaedhal now changes the subject to more mundane matters:

______ 卐 ______

Jordan Peterson is a peculiar fellow. He is too intelligent to believe in the supernatural claims of Christianity himself; however it is extremely lucrative for him to give the impression that one day he might very well get down on his knees and start pleasing Jesus.

The Bible, which is, as Hector Avalos puts it, an outmoded obsolete worthless document, Peterson constantly pours praise on. I am sure that Peterson is intelligent enough to privately concur with Avalos in his heart as to the utter worthlessness of the Bible. However, heaping laud upon this outmoded and obsolete compendium of tawdry superstition is extremely lucrative. Peterson cynically praises the Bible for shekels. Sam Harris called Peterson out on this in one of his debates with him. What Peterson does for money Trump, Nixon and Reagan—crypto-atheists in my view—do for political power.

This is what makes Christianity so dangerous. Christians are self-avowed ‘fools for Christ’s sake’—and fools and their money are easily parted as Peterson has found out, to his profit. Christians are a self-avowed flock of sheep that cynical demagogues can easily stampede in whatever political direction they want their herd of voters to be stampeded into.

If you believe in democracy—and I don’t—then democracy cannot function properly when you have such a stupefying religion as Christianity poisoning and warping the minds of the electorate.

Architecture Europe

European beauty

Art Civilisation (TV series) French Revolution Kenneth Clark Liberalism Napoleon

The fallacies of hope

The best way to realise that it is we rather than the Jews who are responsible for white decline is simply to listen, very carefully, to the great communicators of Western culture.

In my post on Tuesday, in which I reproduced an angel painted by da Vinci, I alluded to Kenneth Clark: who from the time we had a black-and-white television captivated us with his Civilisation series. These days I re-watched ‘The Fallacies of Hope’ while reading the corresponding chapter in the text version of Civilisation. In the TV version, we heard that Clark chose a few bars of the Funeral March from Beethoven’s Eroica to illustrate his disenchantment with Napoleon.

It’s a pity that what Clark told us in the TV version about Napoleon’s secret police doesn’t appear in the book. Why did he leave it out? The audio-visual version is supposed to condense what is written, not vice versa; and the dungeons of Napoleon, who crowned the French Revolution, are not even pictured in the text.

‘The Fallacies of Hope’ is a phrase from the painter Turner, and in the episode referred to we see allusions to various years: France 1830, Spain 1848, Germany 1848, France 1848, Hungary 1848, Italy 1861, France 1871—all these were the naive daughters of the monster that came later—Russia 1917, Spain 1936 (remember what I recently said about Franco), Hungary 1956, France 1968 and Czechoslovakia 1968.

Clark then complains about prisons for political prisoners in Nazi Germany, Franco’s Spain (who was a dictator when the BBC filmed Civilisation) and Hungary, but says not a word about the millions of Russians imprisoned by Lenin and Stalin. Why did Clark omit the most conspicuous?

Civilisation, about which in 2012 I had written several reviews on this site, can serve wonderfully to show how the distorted view of today’s West was generated: liberalism as a product of Christianity (Clark considered the Church of England too secular for his taste). A close reading of Civilisation, as well as careful viewing of the television version, is an excellent passport to penetrate the Christian-liberal zeitgeist.

Here is what Clark, who had a very deep insight into Western art, didn’t know. Since he speaks of the Church as the cornerstone of our civilisation (his series begins with Greek art and continues through the Middle Ages), it is clear that he knew nothing of what we have been translating from Karlheinz Deschner’s book (Clark died three years before the first volume, in German, of Deschner’s history of Christianity came out). Also, in 1969 Civilisation was released in the UK and the US, a few years before The Gulag Archipelago was published. As we have been saying on this site, to be ignorant of the history of Christianity, or communism, is tantamount to being a historical fool. Since I was brought up as a child in the arts that Clark mastered so well, it is easy for me to understand him. But art alone is insufficient to understand what happened: we need to know the dissenting voices.

Still, as I said, Civilisation, in its two versions, is a magnificent gateway to understanding how liberalism is shaped by a Christian scholar. Despite the title of the penultimate episode of Civilisation, ‘The Fallacies of Hope’, Lord Clark never lost hope in the liberal point of view. That same episode, in its television version, shows us images of liberated students in post-’68 Paris, and Clark puts his faith in their struggles never suspecting that, once grown up, those same Sorbonne students would open the gates to mass migration.

But what Clark got absolutely right is that, to understand a culture, you have to understand its art. More recently Tom Sunic has said things in line with this premise, and I have refracted it here by mentioning the novelistic art of some nineteenth-century white authors, such as the European author of Ivanhoe (a pro-Jewish novel), the female author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin (a pro-black, anti-racist novel) and Ben-Hur (authored by a pro-Jewish American colonel): great bestsellers of their time.

Rather than the misguided approach of so-called social sciences, to penetrate the deep secrets of art is to understand our soul.

Daybreak Publishing

PDFs for the time being

Since Lulu Printing cancelled my account in January, and WordPress cancelled the old incarnation of this site last month, some problems have arisen.

For example, some entries (not many) from the old incarnation of The West’s Darkest Hour couldn’t be exported to this new incarnation. Also, the software in this new incarnation indents the quotes in the entries I uploaded in the old incarnation by minimising the letters and using hyphens where there were none. Even some images didn’t make it in the process of exporting the content to this new host.

All that doesn’t matter much because, unlike other racialist sites, the backbone of this site is the books we have edited. Unlike other racialist sites or webzines, our focus is not on the news but on a historical perspective of what has been happening to the white man since Christianity took over Europe.

If the backbone of this site is its books, which collect the most important articles that have been published on The West’s Darkest Hour since 2009, the real problem is what happened this year with Lulu: which is only allowing me to publish books about how abusive parents drive their children mad. The racialist books we were publishing went out of print.

These days I tried to open an account with IngramSpark, which provides services similar to Lulu, Inc. But unlike Lulu, Ingram requires tutorials on how to make book covers: a task that consumes days, if not weeks, of work. On top of that, a racialist publisher suggested that I not use any print-on-demand platform because he had been cancelled from all the ones he had used. He suggested that a local printer print my books, and that I send the copies to the recipients myself by registered mail, which is what he is doing.

I don’t have the funds to print many copies for each of our Daybreak Press books, and I don’t see the point in spending days or weeks of tutorials at Ingram because they effectively have a clause that they can cancel the contract with users whenever they wish (I assume they refer to politically incorrect authors).

So to avoid this dilemma—and remembering that the core of this site is its books—until I get the funds to hire the services of a book cover designer, or better still to avoid future cancellations by paying the local printer to print copies that I would mail out, I will only publish them as PDFs.

The problem with PDFs, of course, is that they have to be printed out for leisurely reading and then saved in ring binders. When I first got into white nationalism that’s just what I did with The Turner Diaries and William Pierce’s Who We Are. But there’s nothing like a fancy printed book! How I wish to have a printing press at home and print them myself, inscribe a few words on the first blank page in my handwriting, and send them to the buyers.

Unlike other posts in this featured post I’ll be adding, step-by-step, links to the books—again, only PDFs at the moment—from our Daybreak Press. And I’d like to start with the 2022 edition of our first book, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. In this edition, the only change I made was to cut a few short paragraphs from the preface and paste them pages later when commenting on some essays by other authors. This is the edited preface:


This collection of essays is the result of eleven years of following closely the movement known as white nationalism, which I discovered while living in Gran Canaria: an island near Africa that belongs to Spain. Part I explains the Jewish question. I reproduce two articles, the first one by William Pierce and the second by a Jew, Marcus Eli Ravage: the only article by a Jew to appear in this collection. The Third Reich propaganda ministry used Ravage’s article as devastating admission of the reality of the Jewish problem in the Czernowitzer Allgemeine Zeitung of September 2, 1933.

Although William Pierce believed that the primary cause of white decline was Jewish subversion, he was aware of the Christian question: a subject explained in Part II of this book. Unlike Pierce, we shall see Christianity as the greatest conquest of the Aryan soul by Jewry, and therefore the primary, not the secondary, cause of the darkest hour for the fair race. Given that I consider Pierce the most brilliant mind America has produced, I find it rather embarrassing to concede that the Jew Ravage had a better perspective on the ultimate cause of white decline than him.

Since Pierce died in 2002, American white nationalism has been represented by some major figures and their webzines: Kevin MacDonald, Jared Taylor, Greg Johnson and even Andrew Anglin. The current legacy of these writers is of much lower quality than Pierce’s, as unlike the latter none seem to recognise the reality of the Christian question. That Jews cannot be the primary cause of white decline on the American continent should be as obvious as pointing out some facts. The Spanish and Portuguese irreparably corrupted their blood in colonial times by marrying Amerindian women, and Anglo-Germans north of the Rio Grande waged an anti-racist war when Lincoln was president. All of this happened before the Jews took over the media in the West. Perhaps the most respected figure in white nationalism today is Professor Emeritus Kevin MacDonald. In Ferdinand Bardamu’s essay on Part II, he includes a devastating critique of MacDonald for his failure to recognise the Christian problem.

While it is true that in his weekly radio lectures Pierce regarded Jewish subversion as the primary cause of white decline, in Who We Are, his history of the white race, we see a perspective in which Pierce seems to have perfect awareness of the Christian problem. Perhaps because many of his listeners were American Christians, Pierce had to do something similar to what Hitler did: not be hostile to Christianity in public, only in private with his closest friends. For that reason, in part III it is reproduced much of Pierce’s story of the white race.

Of the articles in this compilation, the one that gets us to the core of the Judeo-Christian question is the essay by Evropa Soberana, the pen name of a Spanish writer whom I translated into English. Soberana’s essay uncovers the best-kept secret of ancient history: the apocalypse that the Aryan world suffered when the Judeo-Christians destroyed and inverted the values of the Greco-Roman culture 1,700 years ago.

As Nordicism is almost a taboo among most white advocates, Part IV includes two articles on the same topic: one from a European and another from an American who published his piece on the ethnicity of the ancient Greeks and Romans in Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance. Part V on masculine cultures reproduces other translations of Evropa Soberana’s essays on the Spartans, the Berserkers and the Vikings. If someone asked me to recommend a single article in this thick volume, I would recommend J. A. Sexton’s review of Hellstorm that appears in Part VI. The crime that the Anglo-Americans committed in the Second World War is so astronomic that it may cost the very existence of the white race, as we can see in Pierce’s essay in Part VII.

Finally, the appendix, ‘The new racial classification’ reproduces another essay by Evropa Soberana translated, adapted and abridged for this book.

C. T.

Anyone who reads The Fair Race will get a very good idea of the point of view of this site which in a nutshell could be summarised thus: Christianity plus the false, lying Second World War narrative results in a lethal cocktail for the Aryan mind. Removal of Christianity and its secular offshoot plus the truth about Adolf Hitler, National Socialist Germany and WWII means liberation for the Aryan psyche.

As this will be the new featured post, and as I don’t know how long it will remain at the top of this site (depending on whether or not I get the funds to publish books properly) this post will not allow comments. Any suggestions or comments can be sent to my email address:

[email protected]

Below this space I will start adding the images of the books (whose texts will only be available in PDFs for the moment) that I will be slightly revising for their 2022 edition. I will include those that have not yet been published in print: Savitri Devi’s Reflections as the best introduction to her thought; a new compendium of important articles already published as posts on this site, and the updated edition of Deschner’s history of Christianity once we have finished translating his chapter on Charlemagne.

Free PDF of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour here.

We welcome donations here.


Free PDF of Day of Wrath and
the preface to this book here.


Free PDF of Daybreak and
the preface to this book here.


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European beauty

Carolingian dynasty Charles Martel Destruction of Germanic paganism Karlheinz Deschner Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (books)

Christianity’s Criminal History, 150


For the context of these translations click here

The Ascension of the Carolingians


‘…with the help of Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords.’ – Chronicle of Fredegar

‘Soon the Franks attacked with ships and darts, riddled them in the waters and killed them. Thus the Franks finally triumphed over their enemies and conquered much spoil of war, having taken many prisoners. And with their victorious leader the Franks ravaged the land of the Goths. The most famous cities of Nimes, Agde and Béziers he razed to the ground, with the walls of the houses and the city, and set fire to them. He also destroyed the suburbs and fortifications of that territory. When he, who in all his decisions was guided by Christ, in whom alone is the good of victory, had defeated the army of his enemies, he returned safe and sound to his territory’. – Chronicle of Fredegar

‘The profession of the Carolingians was war. They learned nothing else, for nothing else were they educated, and by nothing else could they accredit themselves.’ – Wolfgang Braunfels

The political events of those years lie in a dense fog. The second half of the 7th century ranks among the ‘darkest epochs’ of medieval history because at the end of the Chronicle of Fredegar in 643 the contemporary sources are almost completely silent…

St Gertrude, who at the age of twelve had already taken a vow of perpetual chastity, was ‘consumed by her asceticism’. Already at the age of thirty she retired, handing over the exhausting office of abbess to Wulfetrud, her niece, so that everything would remain in the family. She survived only three more years ‘in prayer and penance’ (Van Uytfanghe). And during the celebration of the holy mass she followed the holy martyr Foillan into paradise. Her cult, however, spread rapidly from Brabant to Germany and Poland. Moreover, it became one of the best-known communities of saints in the Middle Ages.

Consequently, Gertrude became first the patron saint of wanderers and then the patron saint of the good death (‘May St. Gertrude prepare a place for you!’). From the 15th century onwards, her protection against rats and mice was invoked. In iconography, she appears in the habit of an abbess or princely dress, including a princess’s crown or hat, but with mice around her, which climb up her abbess’s staff or perch on her bosom. A symbol of impurity and evil, the mice, in fact, ‘disturbed her in her pious meditation’. A whole tangle of entanglements and clerical propaganda!

______ 卐 ______

Editor’s note: ‘God’, in the pantheistic sense we recently read in Weikart’s book on Hitler, rewards those who comply with the laws of Nature. The Jews have been complying with those laws and that’s why they are in power. The white assholes, on the other hand, with their Christianity and neochristianity that has reached the Woke movement of today, violate those laws for which they are being punished—and will continue to be punished until (1) their extinction or (2) they transvalue their values and comply with Nature’s laws (exterminate your enemy, etc.).

This case of the Belgian Gertrude of Nivelles (628-659 c.e.), represented here on glass window, was a bad omen for the future of the white race. A cute nymphet taking perpetual vows of chastity? Compare it with David Lane’s 14 words! One could imagine the Jewish or Moorish nymphs and nymphets of the nascent Islam of that time taking perpetual vows of virginity! But the most pathetic thing is that, even today, the so-called defenders of the Aryan haven’t been able to repudiate this whole Catholic thing that caused so much damage with its vows of celibacy. Deschner continues:

______ 卐 ______

Armed mission among the Frisians

Alongside the Saxons (and the Bretons), it was the Frisians who put up the fiercest resistance to the Franks. It took Christian soldiers and missionaries a whole century to subdue them.

The Frisians were a people of peasants, fishermen and merchants, who didn’t abandon their tribal settlement by the North Sea in the coastal territories between the Ems and Weser, even during the migrations of the Nordic peoples. Perhaps as early as the middle of the 6th century, the Frisians were (partly) subdued under the rule of Chlothar I. What is certain is that in 630 King Dagobert gave the Bishop of Cologne the castle of Utrecht with the task of converting them. During the bloody feuds under Dagobert’s successors, Frisia’s potential and economy flourished, and some foreign preachers resumed conversion attempts, to no avail. Bishop Wilfrid of York, vigilant of Roman observance, wasn’t happy…

Pepin himself made his fortress of Traiectum (Utrecht) the seat of Willibrord ‘because the spread of Christianity among the Germans strengthened his political influence on the border of the kingdom’ (Buchner). ‘Frankish rule and Christian mission were mutually supportive’ (Levison). ‘Political and ecclesiastical interests went hand in hand in the new mission territory’ (Zwolfer). All this has long been proven and undisputed. First the sword of the nobility, then the loquacity of the clergy, and finally the general bloodletting.

On Pepin’s death the pagan Frisian duke Redbad, who called himself king, repulsed the Franks. He reconquered the territories west of the Alter Rhein, and without Frankish rule the Christian Church collapsed. Only after Redbad died in 719 did the Franks break into West Frisia. Charles Martell, who supported Willibrord’s ministry with magnificent donations and tax concessions, marched three times against the Frisians and in two wars against Duke Bobo (733 and 734). He seized the whole of central Frisia while eastern Frisia, at one with the Saxons, could only be subdued by Charles ‘the Great’.

European beauty

Free speech / Free press

The ironies of history

I’ve been watching some videos by Gonzalo Lira, a Chilean-American formerly known by the pseudonym Coach Red Pill, who currently resides in Ukraine.

In one of his videos, Lira advised viewers living in Western democracies something I believe myself: to move to ‘a poor, underdeveloped country’ because of the ‘totalitarian’—his word—mandates of first-world Covid vaccines. Lira posted more than 500 videos and garnered 324,000 subscribers and millions of views. He also maintains a Telegram group where he posts information about Covid and has supported former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and his opposition to communism. In November 2021, Lira removed most of his content from the Coach Red Pill YouTube channel and began posting under his legal name. He now lives in Kharkiv and has family in Ukraine.

As we see in his video today, Lira again advises dissidents to move to a third-world country. In the video he mentions a couple of very recent cases: a young German woman and an Englishman who vlog freely from Ukraine are being persecuted by their governments for reporting what they see.

Two of the commenters who have commented here in the past, on The West’s Darkest Hour, now face court charges in the UK for thought crime (Jez Turner, who I also met in London, was jailed for over a year exactly for the same reason). I told one of them to move here to Mexico, from where I can blog without fearing that the thought police will knock on my door at midnight, and from here resume his radio show (the English have nothing like, say, American James Edwards’ The Political Cesspool).

When I was younger, Eastern bloc dissidents used to escape to the West in order to speak out. But there is no ironist like History. Now it is westerners who have to escape to Russian-controlled territories to speak freely! What recently happened to Steve Bannon in the so-called ‘First Amendment’ country is a first warning of what may happen to American racialists in the not-so-distant future.

The time will come, after the collapse of the dollar stops all illegal migration to the US because the party is over, when it will be white Americans who cross the border illegally in search of freedom. Since the border states are dangerous because of the drug cartels, I welcome them a little further to the south, where there is relative peace.