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The ironies of history

I’ve been watching some videos by Gonzalo Lira, a Chilean-American formerly known by the pseudonym Coach Red Pill, who currently resides in Ukraine.

In one of his videos, Lira advised viewers living in Western democracies something I believe myself: to move to ‘a poor, underdeveloped country’ because of the ‘totalitarian’—his word—mandates of first-world Covid vaccines. Lira posted more than 500 videos and garnered 324,000 subscribers and millions of views. He also maintains a Telegram group where he posts information about Covid and has supported former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and his opposition to communism. In November 2021, Lira removed most of his content from the Coach Red Pill YouTube channel and began posting under his legal name. He now lives in Kharkiv and has family in Ukraine.

As we see in his video today, Lira again advises dissidents to move to a third-world country. In the video he mentions a couple of very recent cases: a young German woman and an Englishman who vlog freely from Ukraine are being persecuted by their governments for reporting what they see.

Two of the commenters who have commented here in the past, on The West’s Darkest Hour, now face court charges in the UK for thought crime (Jez Turner, who I also met in London, was jailed for over a year exactly for the same reason). I told one of them to move here to Mexico, from where I can blog without fearing that the thought police will knock on my door at midnight, and from here resume his radio show (the English have nothing like, say, American James Edwards’ The Political Cesspool).

When I was younger, Eastern bloc dissidents used to escape to the West in order to speak out. But there is no ironist like History. Now it is westerners who have to escape to Russian-controlled territories to speak freely! What recently happened to Steve Bannon in the so-called ‘First Amendment’ country is a first warning of what may happen to American racialists in the not-so-distant future.

The time will come, after the collapse of the dollar stops all illegal migration to the US because the party is over, when it will be white Americans who cross the border illegally in search of freedom. Since the border states are dangerous because of the drug cartels, I welcome them a little further to the south, where there is relative peace.

2 replies on “The ironies of history”

If people go this route, they need to be careful that the country they move to does NOT have extradition treaties with ANY of the Western Countries, not just your home country. Otherwise they’re liable to try to do an end run and have another Western country extradite you for crimes and then that country hands you back over to your home country.

In light of the recent developments in the Assange case, I wouldn’t be so sure that any “extradition treaties” mean anything anymore anyway. When push comes to shove even one’s third world country of choice might be bullied into (extrajudicial) extradition, see what the US did with Ecuador’s ex-President Lenin Moreno . . .

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