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On Wallace’s apologetics

These days Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent has been posting articles on Christian nationalism, an issue that has been alarming the US media. And yesterday he posted an article with graphs and statistics showing that white Christians in his country have more preservationist instincts than atheists. In the discussion thread, one of the commenters replied: ‘Christianity was invented by the people who want to destroy the White race, and most Christians refuse to face it’.

This, of course, evokes the masthead of this site, the essay by a Spaniard that I translated into English. But that historical reality is something that racialist apologists of Christianity have ignored to date. Wallace went on to comment on that thread:

If you believe that White people are improved or will have better politics by becoming atheists, I don’t know what to tell you. 95 out of 100 times that isn’t the case. Instead, these people become self absorbed degenerate Reddit libtards. The surest way to have a more anti-White culture is to increase the prevalence of atheism.

The problem with this reasoning is that Western atheists are not true apostates from Christianity. From an axiological point of view, once the atheist rejects Jesus his scale of values remains Christian. From the seminal essay by a Swede that we posted when I blogged in 2009, to Bardamu’s long article that can be read at The Fair Race through Tom Sunic and Jack Frost’s comments at The Occidental Observer, we have seen on this site that the atheist’s scale of values is simply a secular offshoot of the gospel message—a secular offshoot on steroids! Thus, the best way to respond to Wallace is simply to replace ‘atheists’ with what they really are: ‘If you believe that White people are improved or will have better politics by becoming neo-Christians, I don’t know what to tell you. 95 out of 100 times that isn’t the case. Instead, these people become self-absorbed degenerate libtards. The surest way to have a more anti-White culture is to increase the prevalence of neo-Christianity’.

I fully agree with this statement!

The overwhelming majority of people who cease to believe in God don’t believe in the White race.

This is navel-gazing as there have been, and are, whites outside Wallace’s country. I have often said, and no Christian racialist has answered me, that large-scale miscegenation was started by Constantine in the renamed city that used to be called Byzantium, not to speak of what the white Iberians, who were Christian fanatics, did on the American continent since the 16th century. They didn’t give a damn about their race to the extent of corrupting it throughout the continent.

How is it possible for 2% to 3% of White atheists to create a White ethnostate? What’s the plan? I’m all ears.

How is it possible for the majority of Christians who admit Negroes to the altar with white women to create a White ethnostate (cf. the sad story of former pro-white advocate Matt Heimbach)? What’s the plan? I’m all ears.

Extrapolating from what I am seeing in polls of atheists on social issues there are definitely pro-White atheists, but they are a minuscule fragment of that swath of the White population.

Atheists of the Richard Dawkins type are neochristian to the core. I prefer a Christian like Matt Walsh who is doing a great job on YouTube to debunk the Woke monster than an epigone of Richard.

Wallace makes his case from the false Christian / atheist dichotomy. The real dichotomy is Christian / panentheist, which would be the religion of Hitler, Savitri Devi and the priest of the holy words. Only those who have finished crossing the psychological Rubicon have left Christian ethics behind and no longer carry any neochristian ballast.


In the comments section of a new Wallace article today, we can read this exchange:

Steve Denison said:

‘Christianity, historically speaking, is a Jewish sect that took off with Gentiles. You can’t stand up to Jewish power basing your platform on a faith they created’.

Hunter Wallace responded:

‘Why should Christians be interested in supporting your cause? If this is your message, you should hang the gloves up now and go home because it will never resonate with the 80% of people on the Right who are Christians’.

What Wallace and the Christians commenting on his site fail to understand is that, if Christian ethics is the primary cause of white decline, only genuine apostasy can save the West. Wallace seems to reason this way: You’re never going to persuade heavy smokers to give up tobacco.

Such a stance, of course, contains a hidden postulate: that heavy smoking doesn’t cause cancer.

Racialized Christians haven’t even come close to looking us in the eye and answering our initial premise: that Christian ethics, whether in its traditional or secular aspect, is what has been destroying the race ever since Christians took over the Roman Empire (cf. what William Pierce says in his book of the white race about miscegenation in Constantinople). They fail to grasp our most basic point. Here we go again until it’s understood: if Christian ethics is the primary cause, only genuine apostasy will save us.

5 replies on “On Wallace’s apologetics”

I consider this a tempest in a teapot. Christian Nationalism is simply a rebranding of standard Republican rank and file beliefs to get people all riled up. It came out of nowhere suddenly in the media which should give people a clue.

Here we have what we discussed recently. People trying to use an universalist religion for a racialist cause. The idealistic types think they can revive some kind of Pro-White Christianity from the past. The cynical types think they can use Christianity like some kind of racialist rallying cry. They’re all going to be mightily disappointed. Now, I remember why I originally stopped reading Occidental Dissent and why I shouldn’t have started again. These people make me weary. HAC was very right about one thing. We’re going to need actual revolutionaries and these people aren’t it.

A more interesting perspective was noted in one the comments. Basically, the timing of all this is suspicious: Roe vs. Wade being repealed and various anti-gun laws as well. Now, we have Christian Nationalism. All the things Christian Conservative type folks have been complaining about for years is suddenly handed to them. It may be the Gov’t is throwing them a bone to get them onboard for the next Great War. The left won’t sign up to be cannon fodder so they’re trying to con the patriotic Christian types into doing it. Sounds about par for the course.

I think that people massively overestimate the prevalence of Christianity on the radical white right. I think that with Generation Z-yklon only 10% at most attend Christian Services.

I think that in America, explicit atheism is about 10% whereas nones are 30%. There are more nones in America, now, than Catholics. Christianity is a religion of the past. White Racialism is a philosophy of the future.

Wallace is both deliberately and lyingly giving a much lower estimate for atheism, i.e. 2%-3% and a much lower estimate for Christianity: 80%. The true number of Christians in the US is 65%. This figure was last recorded in 2020 and has probably fallen a few percentage points since then.

As I said before: it is time that the White Right stopped pretending that Christianity is in any way relevant to our cause. In my view, most of the white race will have deconverted from Christianity by the end of the century. Christianity was set up as a failed doomsday cult in the 1st-century CE. It is a tragedy that it is still with us.

It should be the function of the White Right to act as a catalyst and to speed up the defection of Whites from this Judaic Damnation Cult.

I’ve long ago discovered that people are going to do what they want. They won’t listen;they’ll try to use Christianity as a rallying point. If they’re bound and determined to try this, I’ve been suggesting that the Christians should clean up their own house and get rid of the most belligerent anti-white denominations. They’ll fail, because they won’t even bother trying, but I thought I’d try to get them to do something useful in the interim. Maybe after they get it out of their system, we can all move forward.

The problem is that all major Christian denominations are anti-white, even Wallace’s Lutheran Church. The Lutherans used to follow Luther’s text against the Jews. Now even in that they have cucked.

The Catholic church, in which I was brought up, when I was a child on Good Friday still recited the Improperia against the Jews in the Sistine Chapel. Now the Pope excommunicates anyone who questions the Holocaust.

Racialist Christians could convert to CI or become apostates. None does even convert to Xtian Identity (and let’s remember what happened to the 2 Matts when they converted to the Orthodox Eastern Church).

Covington, in his novels, had Wallace characterised as a graduate of Cass Sunsteins disinfo program. Considering the confused and confusing nonsense that gets posted on his site, it’s real possibility.

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