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Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 103

  27th March 1942, midday Jewish influence on German art —Painting in Germany.   It’s striking to observe that in 1910 our artistic level was still extraordinarily high. Since that time, alas! our decadence has merely become accentuated. In the field of painting, for example, it’s enough to recall the lamentable daubs that people have…

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On Kenneth Clark’s “Civilisation”

Kenneth Clark may have been clueless about the fact that race matters. Yet, that our rot goes much deeper than what white nationalists realize is all too obvious once we leave, for a while, the ghetto of nationalism and take a look at the classics, just as Clark showed us through his 1969 TV series…

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Civilisation’s “The Light of Experience”

For an introduction to these series, see here. Below, some excerpts of “The Light of Experience,” the eight chapter of Civilisation by Kenneth Clark. Ellipsis omitted between unquoted passages: I am in Holland not only because Dutch painting is a visible expression of this change of mind [the revolution that replaced divine authority by experience,…

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