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Art Civilisation (TV series) Degeneracy Kali Yuga Kenneth Clark

Kenneth Clark’s “Civilisation”

The evil that has possessed Western civilization—or perhaps should I write the word with “s,” as the British do: civilisation?—after the Second World War is far more extended than what most white nationalists suspect, even in their wildest dreams. This evil even encompasses many aspects of our culture that white nationalists actively embrace: pop music, degenerate sexual mores, a Christianity taken to its logical conclusion through liberalism, and much, much more.

In the next entries I will try to argue this case through my comments to excerpts of Civilisation: A Personal View by Kenneth Clark (1903–1983), a television documentary series outlining the history of Western art, architecture and philosophy since the Dark Ages.

The series was produced by the BBC and aired in 1969. Both the television material and an accompanying book—a book that, incidentally, I purchased in Houston at the ridiculous price of 50¢ during a garage sell—were written by Clark (photo above), who also presented the series.

The series is considered to be a landmark in British Television’s broadcasting of the visual arts, and was remastered and last year re-broadcasted in the United Kingdom.

Clark’s series inspired both Jacob Bronowski and Carl Sagan to write scripts for their respective personal views, also in thirteen programs of television documentary series, as I said in my last post. However, unlike Bronowski and Sagan I definitively reject the naïve idea that science can save our civilization. I agree with Clark that, in this age of “heroic materialism” or worshiping of Mammon as he put it, we must review our classics to understand us (or as I would say, to understand the West’s darkest hour: a mechanized, dehumanized and soulless age).

Only a revival of the white people’s soul, not of science and technology, will save us.

6 replies on “Kenneth Clark’s “Civilisation””

No, only the destruction and humiliating defeat, or attenuation, of theocratic fascism will save the human species. I don’t care about skin tone, contemporarily or what proceeds us, but it would be nice to know that rational mind more out numbered faith-based and tribal thinkers in the enturies to come.

Celina: You and I are living in different universes. If the white race goes extinct (see the images of this blog), I’d care no more for the destiny of humankind. Take a look at our featured articles, or at least the “About” and “Who am I?” pieces, and see what’s this site about.

The real danger is not the extinction of the White race, which will never happen until the next millennium, it is the extinction of the higher elements of the White race, coupled to the enslavement of its lesser elements. And that will happen during this century.

I don’t share the optimistic view according to which “If there is one white man and one white woman left standing on Earth, then the fight isn’t over”.

For all we know, these two individuals may be dumb as bricks.

What Stormfront-style nationalists are reluctant to admit is that today, dysgenism is as much a problem as miscegenation for our race.

If you wish, I am much more a Charles Darwin fan than a Julius Evola fan. I consider that white skin is merely the byproduct of a selection on intelligence and ability that started happening during the Ice Age 50,000 years ago, not a godly gift which entitles any of its bearers to intelligence and nobility of character.

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