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Reflections of an Aryan woman, 16

But Kant—so independent and so strong in the field of criticism of knowledge—had a moral teacher, apart from the Christian teaching of his family: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, whose influence was still being felt throughout Europe at that time. I can hardly imagine two men more different from each other than Rousseau, the perpetual wanderer, whose life…

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Great personalities defend eugenics, 4

by Evropa Soberana Eugenics is born From the racial point of view, the effects of the French Revolution are detestable. With the aristocracy traditionally associated with the Nordic aspect, it was common for many individuals to be executed only because they had very Nordish features, even if they were not aristocrats! Although the Revolution boasted…

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Succedaneous religion

Or: A race that has become too imbecile to be biologically viable by Revilo Oliver   What has happened to the evangelical atheists without their being aware of it is clear. When they expelled their faith in Christianity, they created within themselves a vacuum that was quickly filled by another faith. And the fervor with…

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