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Obama on Ferguson

Obama spoke for nearly ten minutes yesterday on TV: the same night the rioting, looting, arson and gunfire by blacks would take place in Ferguson, Missouri, United States. The following quote of Jared Taylor on Obama’s speech hits the nail:   The president did not have one word of criticism for Michael Brown. Not once…

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Main cause of white decline

Zionist Occupied Government? Pffft! Zionist Occupied Culture? Closer. Zionist Occupied Soul? Bingo! The Inner Jew. —Sebastian Ronin In my recent visit to the UK, actually in my way to Arthur Kemp’s town, I read a most insightful chapter about “The Mercantile System” in The Story of Mankind (1921) by Hendrik van Loon. Italics means my…

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Praise for The West’s Darkest Hour

Some of the warmest acknowledgments we have received here and elsewhere:   At The Daily Stormer Black Swan said: Fantastic website, especially the excerpts from Hellstrom. Keep up the great work, your website is an invaluable resource for us and I link to it whenever and wherever I can.     Guest commented on “Parting…

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