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Liberalism Norway Women

Scolding Norwegian women

Occidental Dissent
(including a woman)
responds to liberal Norwegian women
about the Breivik incident:

1st response:


(1) In Norway, the AUF is the equivalent of the ANC Youth League in South Africa and Campus Progress in the United States, where the future communists and socialists are trained to work as political hacks for the Democratic Party.

(2) The AUF is about anti-racism, multiculturalism, political correctness, socialism, and mass immigration. It seems clear that is why Breivik chose the AUF as his target.

(3) In Norway, the political class is just one branch of the same entity that is committed to this program of making the Norwegian people a minority in their own country. Obviously, there are parallels in Sweden, Germany, France, and America.

(4) Conservatives have always been skeptical of democracy. Plato, for example, was one of its most powerful critics. Have you heard of him? Plato hated “the open society.”

(5) Even in America, we know that 100 percent of the rapes in Oslo are committed by Muslim immigrants, who are brought into Norway by the Labor Party. Thus, it is entirely fair to say that the Labor Party is implementing that agenda.

(6) Anders Breivik is far ahead of the curve. He is not a fool, a lunatic, or a madman. This is someone who is highly intelligent. The Unabomber, for example, was similarly brilliant.

(7) Finally, Norway has a very discernible political class (i.e., the Labor Party) with an agenda that anyone in the world can see with a few Google clicks. Obviously, there are people in Norway who believe—with good reason—that the agenda of the Labor Party will ultimately destroy their country and Europe as well.

Now I’m sure the young communists on Utoya can smoke pot, sing kumbaya, and pretend that everything is going to be fine when ethnic Norwegians are 25 percent of the population—White liberals don’t have the slightest understanding of European history—, but smarter men than they are can see the writing on the wall and where this is all headed.

Where is all this headed?

I suggest you travel to the Balkans to ask the Serbs what it was like to live under the Ottoman Empire. Go ask them if they would like to live under the Ottoman Empire again. You might be amazed at your response.

No, people are not really all the same.

2nd response:

Marian: You are living in an Elite country. That’s your problem. If your blood “royalty” can attend Public Schools, without fear of harm, then this means your Average Citizen is Elite.

You, and other lovely, exquisite, elite Nations (Nation is derived from the Latin word “natal” meaning “birth”. A “Nation” is flesh and blood. Race, Marian, race) are importing thousands, and millions of savage racial aliens—who can never be you. They are not white. They cannot be you. You say rapes are uncommon—wait. Just wait. They are going to increase, in frequency, and barbarity, with every sand nigger you import.

You want us to learn about you? You need to learn about the tragic history of the USA. The USA was funded as a Republic—not a democracy. Democracies are the worst forms of Government, and they always trend down to the lowest common denominator: the stupidest, most selfish, worthless lout, in a society. Anyway, the USA, founded by Whites for Whites, allowed the Other in. It started with the Great Wave—40 years of greasy, roiling, vicious, aggressive, hostile, hate-filled European Jews. The problems—agitation, protests, social rending—began to emerge approx ten years after they settled in. Jews founded the N double ACP—and have used feral Darkies, ever since, as the blunt weapon against the hated White Christian.

This is happening in your Nation. You feral Darkies will kill you. Not Anders Behring Breivik—the Muzzies. They will kill you off. Shake off your delusions of “tolerance”. They cannot be you—so they will kill you.

Elin H: You will be back in the caves, soon enough, when your land is taken over by Paki Muzzies. Stop being such a stupid twat, mmm’kay?

3rd response:

Elin H: Those of us who have actually lived among Blacks and Mexicans know what is coming to your country. In small numbers, the Darks will generally behave themselves. As their numbers increase, so will their aggression. You’ll see. By the way, just what is the racial breakdown for rape, robbery, and assault in Norway? If Moslems don’t commit all the rapes, what percent do they commit?

4th response (after Elin said this):

Elin—my initial reaction was aligned with yours. I bewailed the outcome that everyone will lament the loss of these poor little kiddies, etc.

Since I’ve been educated a bit, on the nature of that camp—I’ll tell you why those kids, and young adults were guilty. They were engaged in being groomed for Rule, and would have actively prosecuted the destruction of Norway. They would have actively aided and abetted the genocide of the White Race.

Don’t blame Anders Breivik for the death of that 14 year old girl. Lay that crime at the feet of her parents, and the organizers and funders of that camp. I know a 14 year-old doesn’t have the slightest clue about what she’s being brainwashed to do—but actions have consequences, and her ignorant participation in genocide, and her subsequent execution for being there is literally the Sins of the Fathers, being played out in blood.

I am a woman, but unless I make that fact known—I have generally been thought of as a man—I have always come across as a man online because I am usually analytical, and not touchy-feely emotional, in my thought processes. You are all touchy-feely female and therefore a danger to the White Race, and Humanity in general. I always deride the way females infantilize everything and attempt to characterize savage Darkies into the children they never had.

Your latest post is all about that. A textbook study of a woefully, suicidally wrong white western female, turning her racial and civilizational alien savages into her Pet Darkies, in her own enfeebled, dis-organized mind.

You are a disaster, Elin—and a danger to the world. You are obviously some type of Social Worker ergo Destroyer. You believe every line of BS that is poured into your empty, yet arrogant head because you want to, and because your noxious, grotesque “beliefs” advance your pathetic career. You are all poisoned Vanity and your Niggers will come for Elin. They will come for you.

You will deserve everything that happens to you. Why don’t you learn something real—and take a few moments out of your hideous self-congratulatory vanity, to discover what’s happened to aiders and abettors of the ANC take-over of South Africa? That’s your fate, you sick vile twisted Race Traitor bitch.

When your savage feral Niggers come for you—and deliver unto you your Eve Caron Moment of Poetic Justice—think of us, Elin.


Source: here

Civil war Harold Covington Hate William Pierce

Only in the movies…

In “Already Dead: The Manifesto of a Blonde Beast,” Andy Nowicki, who has been tempted by the dark side and passed the test, as can be guessed in his novella The Columbine Pilgrim, writes that Breivik “committed an abominable act, and to regard him a hero since he was on ‘our’ side puts on the same level as the type of idiot leftist who idolizes a thug like Che Guevara…”

In the coming Holy Racial War in Western Europe, what would the “dark side” would be? Nowicki explains what he read in Breivik’s manifesto:

Breivik also counsels the commission of “deadly and strategic attacks” against unarmed groups of Muslim women, as he thinks that this will have the benefit of enraging and radicalizing the men, “inciting them to choose the path of Jihad prematurely” and thus assuring a quicker victory for indigenous Europeans. He regrets the necessity of taking so cold-blooded an approach, but reconciles it with his notion of justice by that age-old formula for justifying atrocities: to make an omelet, you have to crack some eggs.

In the comments section I immediately took issue with Nowicki’s “Harry Potter” approach:

* * *

Do you know that through the novels Harry never uses “Avara Kadavra”, the killing spell against the bad guys? He merely uses the disarming charm, “Expelliarmus.” But only in the movies for children the Harry characters win. In real life you have to make a transition to the dark side to become a good soldier.

I have read The Turner Diaries twice. When I read it for the first time I didn’t like the Breivik-like cruelties: for example the killing of an innocent black—the first killing of the novel—or an entire group of nationalist white warriors in Toronto for not taking care of the Jewish Problem almost at the end of the Holy Racial War. And in the Day of the Rope many innocent young women (and men) also die. Then I read Covington’s Quartet. I sensed a moral difference. Covington’s characters are not so cruel, in the sense of so many innocents dying too, as Pierce’s characters. I imagine myself doing the things in Covington’s novels. But some passages of the Diaries make me wonder…

But you know? Pierce was ultimately right. As soldiers of The Order, we must be like the warriors of yore. The difference with the Quartet (Uncle Harold hasn’t finished the fifth novel) and the Diaries is that in Pierce’s world not only an ethno-state is born: in the final pages it’s described that only the white race shall inherit the Earth.

This final item of the Diaries is too strong meat to digest in a mere blog comment and I won’t go further with that, save saying that if completely heartless people followed the cruel script you quoted above, the chances of setting fire on Europe by provoking the Muslim population that way would be infinitely greater than the Expelliarmus charm that this blogsite seems to promote.

Civil war Kevin MacDonald

Through White eyes, not Jewish

Addressing some criticism of Anders Breivik and Prof. Kevin MacDonald’s articles on Breivik at The Occidental Observer, Julian Lee (photo) has addressed three commenters thus:

“My point being, how can we even take you [Prof. MacDonald] seriously now that you have basically admitted that you do not have a moral position, only a strategic or tactical one?” (First Commenter)

White people have done enough moral universalism, to the point of suicide. Strategy and tactics are indeed what we need.

“Breivik is a stick with which to beat nationalists.” (Second Commenter)

But that could backfire on them. Guns can be pointed in many directions, and sometimes warriors do hit wrong targets. However, before now no White man was seen caring enough about his people to actually use a gun.

We don’t know yet if they’ll make him a stick to beat nationalists. Some Jewish writers worry that his extreme act will make Norwegians start paying attention. But we do know that Breivik made himself a stick that beat multiculturalists who are working to give away Norway, betray their own people, and destroy the Norwegian way of life and genotype.

Does anybody care about what’s happening to Norway?
“Muslim Rape Epidemic in Sweden and Norway.”
Or that sweet Norwegian girl who committed suicide recently after a brutal gang rape by Muslims? Anybody give a damn? Maybe Breivik just cared more about his people and the women of Norway than he cares about the leftist Norwegians who want to bring more of that; more of that until the point comes where all Norwegian youth are nothing but a hunted minority, street game, heading for extinction.

It seems he made the right choice about who to care about. War is hell, people.

“Kevin MacDonald is a remarkable man as much for his moral courage… When others ducked and hid, he refused to take this as a ‘sensitive topic… gave his opinions plainly…” (Third Commenter)

What Kevin did was dared to view Breivik as having legitimate issues; dared to look for a moment through a warrior’s eyes; and to see the event through White eyes, not Jewish.

Aryan beauty Civil war Hate

“That the beauty…”


“That the beauty
of the white Aryan woman
will not perish
from the Earth”

Two days ago this blog received a lovely comment from the anti-hate squad:

I hope counterterrorism police locate you and execute you upon raiding your apartment. You are a waist of oxygen and food. You are evil and misguided. You shall discover whether eternal damnation is real. You shall suffer forever as you are suffering now unless you let go of the hate within you.

Of course, I didn’t dignify the guy with any reply, but I did answer the insults from a former Swedish friend. In words, our brief exchange is symptomatic of the Holy Racial War that we will be facing soon:

César, you have become a despicable human being. I regret once financing your so-called “intellectual” labour. First, check if “race” is not just another flawed scientific concept, like “parapsychology”.


I believe that some immigrant groups have a higher frequency of people who have completed all stages of the process of violentization, as identified by Lonnie Athens. But violence is conduct, not race. With government programs to educate immigrant parents not to hit their children, we in the Scandinavian countries and elsewhere could turn around the process of violentization in a generation.

The etiology is twofold: genetic and environmental. This is real science, not the pseudoscience with which your government brainwashed you.

Look at the human faces of the Collateral Damage produced in that war which you cheer on from the sidelines, you disgusting little insect; you empathy-challenged desktop murderer! Look them in the eyes – [here]

[Interpolated note: Andreas is clueless about what war is. Scroll down and hit Armor’s phrase “That point of view would mean that every war is immoral” here. In a second comment my former friend said…]

When did your armchair activism for abused kids fade over into armchair cheering on of genocide?

You must have missed another of my blogs! [Also, this “cheering on of genocide” is pure projection in Andreas’ mind—see my second comment below]

And what contortions does your mind have to do to admire the work of Alice Miller at the same time as you admire the work of Adolf Hitler?

What you said way above was the fifth, and last, time you come here to insult me, Andreas. Instead of responding I could simply delete all of your coming posts (I don’t know what moves me to reply this last time).

This is not a blog for you to see. I love your Nordic race infinitely more than you do and will continue to fight with all my might against your government that seeks to obliterate the gene pool of the Nordish people from Earth.

Keep with your child studies Andreas. Don’t be the silly masochist that every other day peeks on my blog and then tears his garments deludingly presuming a moral superiority which obviously you cannot claim against me, or my comrades.

If you want to discuss the issues, go elsewhere. Go with those nationalists who are willing to respond. We will hate each other for the next decades with all our being and that cannot lead to any civil debate.

In the discussion threads Occidental Dissent (e.g., this one) has just responded to people of your age from Norway with civility.

Go there Andreas!

Never come back here.

Spill your bile and insults there if you wish. Unlike me they won’t delete your comments, however insulting they may be.

Never come here again. You won’t like any single comma of what I’ll post in my next entries. Trust me…

Civil war Energy / peak oil Justice / revenge

Ronin on Breivik

The best piece on the Norway event I’ve read so far: Sebastian Ernst Ronin’s “The Breivik Action: The First Archeofuturist Victory”:

As of this date, July 27, 2011, the military action carried out by Anders Behring Breivik in Norway has altered and shifted drastically the socio-political and cultural struggle of Occidental White Europids (WE™) to retake their ancestral territories, heritage and future history from Globalist-sponsored incursion, colonization and possible genocide. There will be serious setbacks. There will be serious blowback. There will also be considerable and, what was unimaginable opportunity prior to July 22, 2011, to exploit, at a sophisticated and dangerous level, for those White Ethno Nationalists with the political imagination, courage and resolve to do so.

As of this date, the initial burst of media coverage and all related conspiracy theories, second-guessing, conjecture, projection, etc. circulating in cyberspace are superfluous and, all things considered, useless. WE™ are left with an event that is now part of the political and historical fabric and discourse. The event exists only because of the action which birthed the event. Nationalists are left with fielding and dealing with the action itself, a host of both negative and positive consequences, and a flock of political Black Swans that are busy hatching as this is being read.

As was brought into public discourse by Rahm Emanuel when he was the White House Chief of Staff, the political maxim of “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” cuts both ways. For the cut to benefit the struggle of WE™ activists, this will require a certain degree of political sophistication and a clear perception of what can be done…and what cannot be done, and should not be done. The political leadership of global nationalist organizations and parties will be challenged to blunt an onslaught of institutional, media and political demonization, while at the same time probing for and implementing the opportunities that simply did not exist prior to July 22, 2011.

Much of the global nationalist political leadership, especially in NAmerika, will be severely challenged to make the shift to this next plateau. Some will not be challenged. This essay is addressed to the latter, those prepared to take the struggle of White liberation to the next level as forced by the Breivik action while simultaneously putting the goose-stepping and reactionary imposters out to pasture once and for all.

One of the first positive consequences (as opposed to the many negative consequences) that Breivik’s action will generate is that it will flush out the neo-con and Bible-thumping political illiterates and light-weights in the NAmerikan Nationalist community. This is already happening; it is to be welcomed. As pointed out by my Russian colleague, Alexander Mezentsev, “The Oslo ‘massacre’ is a harsh blow against all these malicious Trojan Horses, all these Geert Wilders.” Via their own statements to distance themselves from Breivik, this self-induced purge is already underway.

Much as with the stunted NAmerikan interpretation of European National Socialism, the NAmerikan interpretation of European New Right is a philosophical abortion. The Breivik action opens the door for all Occidental Whites to fully explore and begin to implement the political map as has been laid out by Guillaume Faye with his identification of Archeofuturism.[1]

In simplest terms, Faye believes that the future of White Europids requires a transcendence of the division between those who wish for a restoration of the traditions of the past, and those who are calling for new political, social and technological forms, creating a synthesis which will amplify the strengths and restrain the excesses of both. (Observant readers will readily recognize the notion of philosophical and political Vesica Piscis, as identified by the Renaissance Vanguard International.)

Inherent in the metapolitical and general blueprint of Archeofuturism, is the specific need to uncover/re-discover/re-identify our own archaic spiritual and psychic motivators to fight, with both mind and fist (if and when called upon to do so). As Faye states, this is of extreme importance because all of the foot soldiers of our Globalist enemies, i.e. Muslim, African, Mexican, already fight with such clarity and desperation; by never having shed these types of motivations, the Globalist foot soldiers already inhabit the Archeofuturist world! Unless Whites discover and adopt same motivators, we are at their mercy.

Within the European context, Faye states:

The problem for us Europeans is not having these values imposed upon us, on account of our cowardliness, by Islam – as is already happening – but rather of being capable of asserting these values ourselves by drawing them from our historical memory.[2]

For this reason is Breivik’s action the first Archeofuturist military engagement and victory. If one agrees or not with his identification of “Templar Knight” is beside the point. There are other pre-liberal/modernist, pagan-heathen identities to choose from. What matters is that Breivik has laid claim to an Archeofuturist identity and has attached a courageous political decision and action onto this identity. WE™ have been jolted and pulled into this Archeofuturist world and its political struggle. There is now no turning back. Breivik’s action has, kicking and screaming, pushed us across our own political Rubicon. Intended or not, this is the genius of Breivik’s action. The action is either isolated from motive or it is related to motive, this much is self-evident. But even minus a pure and honourable motive, the action itself stands. If the action was engineered by a lone wolf Breivik or by conspiratorial black operatives is secondary to the fact that it is now in the world; that is the opportunity.

WE™ find ourselves now entered onto Sun Tzu’s “Death Ground”; the cultural and political battle has been brought to us and WE™ have now only two options: succeed or perish. Rest assured, our enemies know full well what the Breivik action implies, and a nationalist political elite is about to discover the knowing of it. WE™ have been injected into a Gramscian universe of uncharted territory, remembering that the map is never the territory, not even the Archeofuturist map supplied by Faye. Rightly or wrongly, regardless of intent or non-intent, patsy or not, Mason-Zionist or not, regardless of possible hidden agendas and shady political affiliations, the Breivik action has now framed the discourse and political trajectory of the White Ethno Nationalist movement for years to come. Until proven otherwise via independent research and/or the proceedings/discoveries via his trial, the only evidence at hand are Breivik’s own manifesto, “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence” and the accompanying video “Knights Templar 2083”, both released just prior to the action.[3]

If our enemies have placed “the Breivik action” into the world, then they have made a mistake and the haunting diktat of Talleyrand rings true: “It was worse than a crime; it was a mistake.”

All nationalist armchair and keyboard revolutionaries, myself included, have been put on notice and in proper place. The performance bar has been raised. The gauntlet that has been dropped is simple: either rise to the challenge upon this Archeofuturist Death Ground, or cut bait towards reformist and feel-good twaddle that will not so much as warrant a footnote upon the writing of White Europid history.

WE™ are confronted with a swirling kaleidoscope of opinions, guesses and analyses. It is the fog of war. However, at the center of this swirling kaleidoscope, regardless of who has created it, is the bloody and archaic event itself and the published manuscript of motives and rationale for. The center of any storm is calm, still; it does not revolve in a blur of confusion.

The route from perceived catastrophic setback to actual opportunity is merely one of perception. Direct positives that the Breivik action delivers within this new political universe are as follows:

1 the mass positioning of the Islamization/colonization of “Eurabia” in the public psyche; if these notions are immediately understood and/or comprehended or not is beside the point; what matters is that, relative to the public psyche, they have now been positioned (NAmerikan legal and illegal immigration is analogous)

2 the mass positioning of multiculturalism and so-called “Cultural Marxism” as state-sponsored adjuncts to the latter colonization of the Occident by non-Occidentals in the public psyche; if these notions are immediately understood and/or comprehended or not is beside the point; what matters is that, relative to the public psyche, they have now been positioned (NAmerikan situation is analogous)

3 via the conscious target selection of “innocent” young Whites (and also the future generation of the Norwegian ruling Labour Party) by the Breivik action, the mass positioning of “betrayal from the top” in the public psyche, i.e. non-Occidental immigration and multiculturalism are tools of the Globalist economic and political elites; if this notion is immediately understood and/or comprehended or not (it will not be) is beside the point; what matters is that, relative to the public psyche, it has now been positioned (NAmerikan situation is analogous)

If the Breivik action was carried out solely by Breivik, then the action speaks for itself. If the Breivik action was some sort of false flag or black op orchestrated by forces far beyond Breivik, then the action and its benefits are maintained minus the mention of who may have engineered it. Either way, the psychological memes of the action remain the same. Either way, WE™ have been handed on a silver platter a tactical Knight Fork of opportunity to be scrutinized, analyzed and acted upon.

Over the short term, possibly for as long as several years, there will most likely be serious blowback and sacrifice for nationalist organizations and political parties. At the most these setbacks can be successfully countered, and at the least, neutralized, by a mature marshalling and coordination of the latter benefits on the new political and propaganda terrain. That there will be a media onslaught against the White Ethno Nationalist movement goes without saying. Some dominant individuals and organizations will no doubt fall; others will survive. If the movement can regroup within two to three years, it will be doing well. It may be prudent to remember that tactical and necessary concessions, sacrifices and retreat do not equal surrender.

It is anticipated that the demonization of Whites and the playing on White guilt will morph into nauseous overtures, spearheaded by all forms of corporate print and electronic media. As such campaigns proceed innocent Whites on the receiving ends may well question their cognitive dissonance to the best of their abilities and relative to the “Breivikian” memes that have been lodged in their psyches. What is this Islamization? What is this Eurabia? What is this colonization of our homelands? What is this hidden and ulterior motive/agenda of multiculturalism? Who benefits from having these strangers in our homes? Are we really at war? Nationalist political organizations and parties need be prepared to field these questions.

Lastly, and in passing, the descent towards a Post-Peak Oil world must be addressed for two reasons.

Firstly, save for a seven-word, toss-away comment on p. 1,222 of the Breivik Manifesto, there is no mention made of Peak Oil, yet this descent will run in parallel to an awakening global Ethno Nationalism and related consequences of political devolution and nation-state fracture/secession. Energy devolution, ecological tipping point, and Ethno Nationalism will be the three major socio-political drivers of the 21st Century. The economic maxim of “competition for scarce resources” is part of the racial strife that lays latent in the Occident.

Secondly, it is imperative that Peak Oilers, 95 percent of whom are White, question and preferably distance themselves from their predominantly liberal underpinnings. This is no more evident than with the false path they are being lead down by Michael C. Ruppert. Courageous street cop and brilliant investigative journalist do not necessarily translate into political wisdom for this age. Agree with it or not, like it or not, the world as identified and outlined by the Breivik action is real; it cannot be downplayed; it cannot be swept under the carpet in exchange for roasting weenies over campfires in the false nirvana of Post-Peak Oil humanitarianism and redundant equalities. This world must be accepted. A CollapseNet cash flow of $50,000 per month, no matter how many weenies it can buy, can not and will not deflect the racial/ethnic conflict (to what exact degree will be a challenge of political statesmanship) that is part-and-parcel of a Post-Peak Oil world.

In conclusion, the Breivik action has punched a hole into the public’s wall of limited perception, i.e. denial/fractured political cognitive dissonance. The White Beast may not yet be fully awake, but at the very least it finally stirs in its sleep that has been pushed from deep and unconscious to restless. There is now a breach in the wall, and even though it is as limited as it is, for White activists it signals a shift from cultural RaHoWa [Racial Holy War] to the opening skirmish of actual RaHoWa. WE™ now embark on claiming our own archaic sensibilities, an asset that up to July 22, 2011 had been the sole possession of our enemies. The accompanying political cultural landscape has experienced a significant tremor, a rip in its fabric, much to the advantage of these opening skirmishes and latent propaganda.

The Breivik action is now part of history. Oppressed, gagged and brutalized Whites worldwide, the victims and their families of the Breivik action, and the races that would challenge Whites for eventual survival during this century of pending technocratic cull and ecological purge have been sent a clear and brutal signal. It is that industrial, Globalist civilization is as fragile and as passing as the paper it is written upon. That all peoples have been carried to this new place by possibly the limited self-goal of a delusional, religious conservative is neither here nor there. History will gaze and make its judgment while his action and its consequences remain unhinged and isolated from such judgment.

The Death Ground of the opening phase of Archeofuturism has been breached; there is no turning back. The boats and the cooking utensils have been smashed. WE™ now spiritually, culturally and politically begin to feed and prosper upon the enemy or eventually perish. These are the only two options. Our genocide is simply not acceptable. RaHoWa has arrived with all the political wisdom and responsibility that come with it. The horrible incentive to see clearly becomes tantamount.

Such is now our world as of July 22, 2011. However one may understand a God(s) of their choosing, may God’s speed be with us all. WE™ shall need it.

(Note: The opinions expressed in this essay are those of Sebastian Ernst Ronin as an individual. No political opinion and/or sentiment expressed herein is related to Mr. Ronin’s position as the Chairman of the Renaissance Vanguard International.)


[1] Guillaume Faye, Archeofuturism (European Visions of the Post-Catastrophic Age), Arktos Media Ltd., 2010.

[2] Archeofuturism, p. 76: “The mindset of Muslims and immigrants from the South, as well as that of the sons of the immigrants who, in expanding and increasingly aggressive masses, are inhabiting European cities, as well as that of the leaders of the emerging Muslim and modern gloss, has remained archaic: it is based on the primacy of force, the legitimacy of conquest, exacerbated ethnic exclusivity, aggressive religiosity, tribalism, machismo, and a worship of leaders and hierarchic order.”

[3] Full disclosure requires me to relay that I was one of the 5,700 people who did receive an advance email attachment of Mr. Breivik’s manifesto.

Civil war Justice / revenge

Breivik’s spectacular message

Dear lefties:

Keep working for your multicult global plan. But this is our plan for YOU.

A couple of recent comments I just read at The Occidental Observer:

Wattylesrevolt said…

One way to think about what has happened is this: the revolt against race-replacement has begun… earlier than we expected.

And I’ll tell you something. On the one hand, I don’t support the shooting. But I also know that a future generation of vicious race-replacement enthusiasts, many of them Paki youth, have been put out of commission.

Beowulf said…

Anders Behring Breivik might not be fully awakened—it’s a process for most of us—, but his instincts were dead on. He struck a carefully aimed blow at his enemy, which cannot be done through talking or intellectualizing.

This is primal.

His actions—not rational—were meant to redeem the bloody sacrifices of his people to the multiculturalists. He thought about the problem, felt the impulse to act, and attempted—imperfectly—to construct a rationale and calculate the consequences as best he could.

None of us know what those will be exactly. Such is the nature of action, particularly violent action. But make no mistake: this is a war. It has come because most of the damage has already been done—it’s too late to put the genie back in the bottle.

The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent bear it away.

I say…

Unless Breivik is emulated by other Europeans, his actions will not have any effect on the West and their elites’ multicult plan. Such actions could even turn to be counterproductive… unless many of us start reading The Brigade.

* * *

P.S. Jaego Scorzne nailed it elsewhere.

Scorzne said…

Yes, History will judge. If Europe rises up, Breivik will be seen as a Hero, a latter day Charles Martel. This is Breivik’s hope and vision. If Islam conquers, he will be just seen as a failed crusader–and forgotten since he failed and didn’t kill any Muslims anyway. If Liberals win, he will go down in history as a Criminal. But this is actually the least likely scenario long term since Liberalism is a death cult [see here]. Who cares what they think?

My point is that history is interactive. It’s not written in stone until the stones are toppled one upon another. Short term we play him down for sure, but use his trial for all it’s worth. These people may not like us but the stakes are too big to let that get in the way–way too big.

Civil war Justice / revenge

“This article was like a breath of fresh air”

An insightful article by William Rome on the Norway incident, “Knights Templar: Honesty and Hypocrisy,” was published today at Occidental Dissent:

A lot of people are going to be infuriated by this post so I might as well get started early: I will not shed a single tear over the dead brats of Norway’s traitorous elite.

For over half a century the Evil Elites of the West have systematically brought tyranny to the people they rule over through non-white immigration, forced integration, forced busing, and Multicultural propaganda which has led to an endless maelstrom of rape, robbery, assault, and murder. To top it off these evil elites also institute Hate-Crimes legislation to silence those who speak out against their tyranny.

Are the Evil Elite and their children affected by any of this? Of course not! They’re protected and hidden away in gated communities and private schools. In other words for half a century the Evil Elites of the West have forced policies that they insulate themselves from.

The hands of this Evil Elite are dripping with the blood of their people from the assaults, rapes, and murders they have unleashed. The lives of countless families have been shattered because of the policies shoved down their people’s throats. Why should I shed one fucking tear when they finally get a taste of what they’ve unleashed? Sorry: my tears are reserved for the people whose lives have been shattered by the policies of the Evil Elite not the Evil Elite themselves. To paraphrase Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat lead.”

As Hunter has pointed out, Anders Behring Breivik didn’t simply pull off some Columbine-style massacre of teenagers for the hell of it (as much as many are making it out to be) but an attack on the next generation of traitors for Norway’s government. They weren’t attending a Salute Your Shorts Camp Anawanna but the training camp of 16-22 year olds for Norway’s ruling Multicult-loving Leftist party. In other worlds he hit them where it hurt most: the training ground for their hand-picked successors.

That is why I included the quote from Rikky-Tikky Tavi in the beginning [Chechar's note: omitted here]. Anders Behring Breivik (as all intelligent political thinkers once did) knew that eliminating the heirs was just as important as eliminating those currently in power. But many will say, “He killed kids! He’s an insane lunatic!” My question is: since when does killing kids for political reasons right away mean lunacy? Roman emperors and Norman dukes killed their rival’s families. The Bolsheviks shot the Romanov children along with the Tsar and Tsarina. We bombed Kaddafi’s children in Libya. Does this mean every Roman emperor, Norman duke, the Bolshevik shooter, and the American pilots that killed children in the name of politics were batshit crazy? And let’s not forget the murder of millions of children every year in the form of abortion which Leftist cheer as a “Human Right”. Is every white woman that gets an abortion a batshit crazy lunatic? Maybe to gain Leftist sympathy he should call himself an extremely late-term abortionist.

I’m not jumping up and down cheering what he did but let’s put the womanish sentimentalism aside. Is killing children for political reasons cold, cruel, and calculating? Absolutely. Does it mean mental illness? Absolutely not.

Even worse those knee-jerkingly calling Anders Behring Breivik a lunatic strengthen the old Marxist canard that all violence done against the Left is a sign of mental illness, while Leftist violence such as the crimes of Che and Mandela are acceptable if misguided acts of political dedication. Why is it that violent Leftists are never mentally unstable?

While I won’t be toasting his actions tonight I also won’t be shedding tears for the loss of the future traitors who would grow up to continue their parents destruction of Norway. The Evil Elite brought this backlash on themselves with the policies they forced. That’s my honestly.

Now for the hypocrisy.

The reaction by the non-mainstream Right to the events in Norway has been jaw-dropping. First off is the spectacle of those who worship Hitler denouncing Anders Behring Breivik for killing fellow whites. They scream, “How could a Nationalist kill his own people?” This from the people who worship a man who killed millions of white people (Eastern Europeans) because they were Slavs? Such hypocrisy is stunning.

The next hypocrisy is from those who are doing everything imaginable to distance themselves from Anders Behring Breivik, saying he’s not one of us. Such self-survival is understandable and justified (especially those in Europe). But this distancing is coming from the same people who are routinely denouncing mainstream conservatives for being too afraid to embrace and identify with the non-mainstream Right. They are doing the exact same thing they lambast mainstream conservatives for: being afraid to embrace their extremists like the Left does.

The third hypocrisy is from those who are saying Anders Behring Breivik should have attacked some Muslim rapists and he would have gained more sympathy. This from the same people who’ve said for years that we shouldn’t attack those the Evil Elite have invited in but the Evil Elite themselves. Anders Behring Breivik did just that and he’s being denounced by some for not doing they’ve always said not to do.

My fourth hypocrisy is one of cowardice. On this site and others there is continuous talk about the backlash and collapse of BRA [Black Run America] here in America and Eurabia in Europe. How did you think this would play out? Debates on German philosophers? Essays on political theory? As much we may like to see ourselves as contemporary Voltaires, Thomas Paines and Martin Luthers, our radical writings (like theirs) will have no teeth to them until they’re taken up with physical force. Am I calling for this physical force? Hell no! I know when it finally comes it will be violent and unpredictable. I’m not looking forward to the day it comes but I know it’s coming and I know it won’t take the form of democratic elections or academic debates. Anders Behring Breivik is just the start of the form the backlash and collapse is going to take. Muslims in Eurabia and blacks in BRA are assaulting, raping, and murdering us while they riot, bomb, and burn our cities to the ground: did you not expect a backlash just as violent?

No system falls except in blood. The Roman Republic, Vatican control over Western Europe, British control over the American Colonies and Ireland, and the French and Russian monarchies all collapsed in blood. BRA and Eurabia will be no different. So unless the armchair revolutionaries denouncing Anders Behring Breivik while publically wanting the same thing (Muslims out of Europe) are ready to accept this they need to stop reading Harold Covington, listening to IRA rebel songs, admiring the American Revolutionary Fathers, and saying we’ll never vote ourselves out of this mess because they’re no different from the hated mainstream conservatives who say this country needs a revolution while also saying we shouldn’t be too extreme.

Anders Behring Breivik walked the walk you only talk.

Selected comments from the thread

Wayne says:

Mr. Rome: I’m with you. No tears shed by me. Those were no “children”, they were young adults. It is all-tragic, but is clearly the fault of no one but the white-hating leftists who brought multi-culturalism. They deserve the blame as they were the root cause of this, as well as the rape of over 800 Norwegian women.

Denise: Did you see their pictures… no kids there. Young adults. Multi-culturalists have brought havoc on Europe and possibly America. Our children will have to fight for their lands and heritage. Thanks, multi-culturalists.

My question to all groups involved, regardless of the spectrum of rightist politics you fall into: Do you believe there is any way to regain our land, culture, heritage and protect our race without bloodshed? I sure hope so, but honestly don’t see it. It’s not our fault, it’s the multi-cultists.

Ed the Department Head says:

I agree completely with Rome’s analysis of this situation. While I don’t like any of Breivik’s neocon stances, Rome is right about this situation. Breivik is the new Pied Piper. The leftist Norwegians hate and vilify the poor Germans over the war and try to psychologically destroy them for being German. The leftist Norwegians sentence their fellow Norwegians to rape, torture, and murder by invading mud people the leftists let through the gates, all for the crime of being white.

Breivik only showed them that if Germanic people and white people are to be brutalized they should be consistent. They take innocent white people’s children and now he has taken their evil guilty leftist brats. It is well deserved!

Discard says:

Unless someone has advocated killing adolescents, they are not a hypocrite to think Breivik a madman. Bombing governments is revolutionary activity. Slaughtering your enemies’ children is simply savage.

As a civilized White man and a racist, I don’t model myself on Roman emperors, Norman dukes, or Trotsky’s death squads. By the way, since Richard III murdered the sons of Edward V, no English prince has been named “Richard”. That kind of thing hasn’t gone over well, historically. Denise is right, nobody will see anything but a pile of nice looking dead White kids. I recognize that you can’t send the tyrannical class to the gallows and let their offspring go walking down the street, but that’s what re-education camps are for, once you’ve won your revolution.

But you won’t win any revolution by shooting up youth camps, even commie youth camps. What did the PLO’s repeated bombings and shoot-ups of school buses and airliners get them but the contempt of every non-Nazi White in the world? 9-11 sure persuaded a lot of people to look into the Sand People’s grievances, didn’t it?

That said, this event is just one more in the war that the multi-cult has brought on us. This will spin out of anyone’s control. These dumbass kids will not be the last victims.

Wandrin says:

“Denise is right, nobody will see anything but a pile of nice looking dead White kids.” – Discard

I think Norway’s ruling elite will be traumatized.

Ed the Department Head says:

Wandrin said “I think Norway’s ruling elite will be traumatized.” I think you are right and I wonder if in their (deserved) grief and panic they won’t do something evil and stupid and oppressive that will, in the short term, harm the White Norwegian people, but in the long term might so injure and alienate the general population that this could eventually lead to civil conflict.

I hope so. I hope they decide after this to try to destroy the Norwegians with much more overt oppression and greater mud immigration and the people either succumb or fight back. (Obviously I want the latter.)

Wandrin says:

“I just wish that their pain had another source” – Discard

I don’t really know what I think. My gut feeling is this will have an impact in Norway itself and one that is less predictable than most people seem to believe but at the same time my kids are that age so trying to think about this event is like sandpaper in the brain.

Yggdrasil says:

Is this the very first time that a gathering of leftists in a Western Nation, post 1960, has been made to pay the ultimate price for their anti-democratic multicultural impositions? If so, then I suspect that the pictures of dead young adults will have a rather powerful deterrent effect on parents who might otherwise encourage their kids to be leftists.

It is hard to imagine a more powerful and socially compelling deterrent than to inject the sort of horrific risk that these pictures implant into the minds of multiculturally inclined parents.
Viewed without emotion, this incident implies a multi-layered level of calculation that I find quite remarkable – an example not to be emulated to be sure – but remarkable nonetheless.

Thus far, Islamic terrorism has been confined to sub-way commuters in Spain, Street car commuters in Britain, and primarily, office workers in Manhattan – all nobodies that the elites could, quite frankly, care less about losing. 
All that the Islamic terror attacks carried out on average working stiffs accomplished was to generate broad popular support for the war on terror and the vast increase in budgets for the security state. In short, their targeting was terrible as they never terrorized the elites responsible for their grievances. This attack was entirely different, as it appears designed to inject an element of extreme risk into volunteering to join the ranks of the multicultural political elite.

Further, the soft sort of totalitarianism of the Frankfurt School variety that is spreading throughout the West is carefully designed to avoid pushing its victims over the edged to the kind of violent reaction that occurred in Norway. Multiculturalism was supposed to be something you could impose on the proles without any cost!

This attack seems to be a rather remarkable demonstration that the velvet-glove totalitarianism that we all live under has failed in its primary mission to keep the elites safe from harm. What are they going to do? Have platoons of guards armed with automatic rifles patrolling the campus of Harvard to protect the future elites from the townies? Wouldn’t that be a bit obvious?

After Norway, hasn’t the task of obliterating the White race become a bit more “messy”?

The analogies of Hunter and others to the killings commanded by Bush and Western butchers are apt, but miss the point. This job had the kind of purposefulness that one would expect from a state planned attack, not an attack prompted by the rage of some lone nutter.

It hit the aspiring elites were it hurts, in their training camp for future leaders, and it hit the proud, self righteous multi-culti parents where it hurts as well. It revealed the soft underbelly of the multicultural regime for all to see.

On a personal level, I feel sad for the parents and relatives of these dead young adults. After all most were lured into a wildly risky scheme of Quisling oppression of their fellow countrymen thinking that the enterprise was riskless and profitable.

But putting on the cap of an intelligence analyst, I see a picture of profound significance and meaning, one sure to be a major turning point.

CBM says:

Yggdrasil, thank you for your posting. This is exactly what needs to be said rather than this mindless handwringing and conspiracy nonsense that has gone on in right wing circles since this happened. I am glad that there are people out there on the right that are actually thinking.

Kievsky says:

Old Atlantic, I agree we have a right of self defense. But if shoot people, will that be an effective defense? It shall remain to be seen if Breivik’s act reduces the mud-flood into Scandinavia. My criticism is that it is taking a gun to a MindWar.

What needs to be happening in Norway is that most Norwegians need to be fanatically opposed to open borders ideology, to scare the crap out of the leaders. The Europeans have to decide whether their native country is really their home or not, and if it is, to take to the streets like in Greece, or better, Egypt.

If ordinary natives have a blase or even positive attitude to the invasion of their own native home country, what can you do for them? Not much? I think a great slogan would be,
“The immigrants have a home somewhere else; but this is the only home you have. Are you ready for your grandchildren to be refugees from their ancestral land?”

I’m kind of surprised to see this article from William Rome. Aren’t you the one who has a kind of multicultural lifestyle?

Maybe it’s because he has the same kind of cognitive dissonance as Breivik did. I think it must be horrible to be a “Cultural Conservative” while partly or wholly denying the significance of race.

I’m glad it wasn’t a WN or Neo-Nazi though. The kosher conservatives are like the nerd boys who play by the rules and still get bullied and mistreated, and then go postal.

We WN’s are like the kids wearing hoodies smoking pot and cigs in the woods across the street from the school — we say “fuck your rules” right from the get go. And so we have less cognitive dissonance about the whole thing. We are able to keep our cool better.

The Systematic global displacement and genocide through mixing and attrition program against Whites is a MindWar, not a hot lead and cold steel war.

If you treat it like a hot lead and cold steel war, the neutral Whites who might have been on our side will end up shooting us on behalf of the Leftists. This is the mistake Germany made — they relied on too much hot lead and cold steel, and not enough on diplomatic savvy. The Jews ran circles around them diplomatically speaking — they had the US and the USSR sewn up, they encircled them, and the Germans thought they could just shoot their way to victory, all the while refusing to develop the atom bomb. Just like Knights in Shining Armor going against Mongols with compound bows on ponies. Beautiful defeat, rather than dirty victory.

The shooting spree is a sort of romantic expression of hopelessness — “we are defeated, so I will go down with guns blazing” statement.

The MindWar is where it’s at.
I wrote a post about how hate is like gasoline, and you can burn yourself, or you can fill a tank and start a useful engine with it. Breivik is an example of someone who burned himself (and others).
One of the kids at that youth camp may have been a future nationalist leader. Maybe one of the survivors is. Who knows how this will shake out. It could end up changing some minds in our direction. Violence is certainly part of the European soul.

And some things should be hated.

Old Atlantic says:

Kievsky, I agree with your strategy. This view, which I find much to agree with, could be stated as:

1. With the support of the people, the violence is not needed.

2. Without the support of the people, the violence is useless and even counter-productive.

Rollory says:

Thank you. This is an excellent piece. Says everything I would have.

Excellent, excellent piece.

“Your Anders hero just screwed White Nationalism forever.”
- Denise

This is a comment I posted at Mangan’s but I suspect isn’t going to be approved:

I was not specifically expecting an event like this but I don’t find it at all unbelievable or nonsensical. It fits into the overall pattern.

Tom Baugh’s black hats/white hats dichotomy comes into play here. This guy was a black hat. GoV and Auster and Mangan are white hats. It would be better if the white hats could win on their own civilized terms, but I see no reason to expect that to actually happen. The Left simply does not believe that consequences for their actions are possible, therefore they will continue to act in defiance of the facts that imply those consequences and civilized behavior predicated on those consequences; therefore those consequences will become more extreme. There will be more black hats, lots more. That is simply the nature of the situation we are in. Calling it ugly won’t make it go away.

“There is no substitute for victory.” – Douglas MacArthur

Jeffrey Heavin says:

The events in Oslo are part of a beginning. Revolutions are bloody, ugly events without glamour. The glamour comes only later when stories are told to grandchildren. Any real White Nationalist understands what Mr. Rome understands, and that is that “history rhymes” — there is precedent upon precedent of violent events that make a revolution. Lawyers and other such hustlers have not only failed us but have become impotent and quite ridiculous.

To expect such change as is needed to occur without violence is like expecting a pork chop without killing a pig.

Spooky says:

God forbid that we feel anything but horrendous guilt that a group of Marxists took it in the groin for the first time in 70 years. Yes, we’re only supposed jump for joy when our Apache helicopters strafe a few brown journalists in Iraq. Otherwise we’re “showing our negro.”

Wandrin says:

“How would you like it if an anti-racist leftist killed your kids because of what you believe?”
- Lew

See here: “Thus far, Americans have proven to be more tolerant of the ethnic vibrancy in their midst, despite the Sept. 11 attacks and 4,380 annual murders by immigrants.” They are doing it already. They’ve been doing it for decades.

I agree that going after their kids is too much but the political elite have been doing this for years to everyone who can’t afford to get away from diversity murder.

“Don’t have the stomach for this small event”
- WR

It’s not a small event. I have relatives who infiltrated terrorist organisations as part of the security services. None of the people in those organizations would have dreamt of going after the kids of their enemies. The mafia doesn’t do this. It’s a big fucking deal to specifically go after the kids of the political elite rather then the elite itself.

Given the specific nature of the crimes of the political elite and given that it is other people’s children who have been the majority of victims of forced integration, mass immigration and murder by diversity I can see the logic of what he did but morally it is a big fucking deal. Don’t pretend it’s not.

Spooky says:

Not that I’m jumping for joy, mind you. Nor am I weeping in my yard.

Denise says:

Oh…but….Muslims were not persecuting Jews when Israel was created…..it bagan after Jews started attacking Muslims….but who cares? As long as the Aryan Hero is killing lefties! Woo HOO!!!!! tha’t ALL that matters! Lefties! YEE HA!!!
NO dead Muzzies or anything. Labour’s still in power. Woo HOO! He killed Lefty Teens! WOW!!!! This is just like Poitiers! Just like the Seige of Malta! The 300! Woo HOO!

Spooky says:

Fair enough. 

But do you honestly still believe we will beat this thing with nothing but breeding and talk? You agree they have us totally surrounded electronically. So very few voices are actually going to get out, regardless of wealth or looks. In the meantime millions of voices are raised to the contrary, educated to the contrary, and prepared to act contrary to our message.

Kievsky says:

Your Anders hero just screwed White Nationalism forever.
- Denise

Denise, I don’t think that the people we are trying to reach have such weak stomachs as to forever swear off White nationalism just because a roiled up neocon whacked some of our common enemies.

He was not a WN! And maybe Labor will have second thoughts about being traitors.

Spooky says:

Thank you Kievsky. Revolution makes strange bedfellows. Doesn’t make sense to argue ideological purity.
I’m going to get a knock on the door for this shit. Just talking Janet! Just talking!

Brutus says:

“it’s ABOUT the FACT that your Anders hero just screwed White Nationalism forever. ”


Where have you been? It used to take a few months, but now it is only taking about two weeks for the public to forget.

Rob says:

“How would you like it if an anti-racist leftist killed your kids because of what you believe?”
- Lew

Well they are targeting our kids. Its called Demographic Warfare and Genocide by assimilation. Just because the anti-whites keep their hands clean, by using non-whites to do their dirty work, does not mean they are not every bit as guilty as Anders. The only difference between Anders and the anti-white left, is Anders did not delegate.

All Rapes in Oslo Committed by Immigrants, British National Party (here). So please explain who is responsible for bringing in these rapists and why they are not responsible for their crimes.

Is the only difference between them getting actual dirt on your hands?

Richard Harlos says:

This is a sober interpretation of the situation and an icon of sanity following two days of reactionary bias-confirmation by those who seemed to jump from fanatical opportunity of bias-confirmation to the next. This is only the second piece I’ve read on this site, being introduced to it only yesterday but I’m quite pleased with what I’m reading and I’ll surely return for more.

Thank you for having the courage not merely to look at the situation for what it is, but also for having the courage to state it so plainly.

sybille says:

This article was like a breath of fresh air indeed. I thought I was the only one who was not actually mourning the demise of some far-left youth and “youfs” (I believe many were non-white).

And if it keeps people from becoming white nationalists, Denise, what use would they have been anyway if they care more for the deaths of some leftwing youth than they care about the impending extinction of our entire culture and race due to those cultural-Marxist leftists and their parents?

AnalogMan says:


Good article. Your shares have gone up. I understand what many others seem to have missed: that you have consistently argued against this kind of action.

There are only two ways that the present situation can be resolved. The peaceful solution means the death of the race. We may not win a racial war, but we can’t win any other way. History often turns on seemingly trivial events. I have no idea whether Breivik’s actions will be one of those events, nor whether they will lead to the extinction of WN, as Denise believes, or to escalating rounds of reaction and counter-reaction. But I agree that it was a logical development, and quite likely not the last.

This is not to be interpreted as endorsement of his actions. I’m not wise enough to judge them. There is no evidence that he did them to further our cause.

One point of fact seems to have been overlooked by some commenters agonising over the image of Nordic children being slaughtered. This was a political camp attended by the rising generation of the perpetrators of the multicult – and their clients. Many of them were immigrants from Africa and Asia. At least one of the survivors quoted in the press was a Member of Parliament. As you point out, it was a logical target.

On a lighter note, for any readers of golden age science fiction, here’s a parable from 1961 that illustrates the logic.

Norman Lowell says:

Very good article expounding the result of Breivik’s action. The Left, the Do-Gooders, the Traitors will tremble–as they should.

The follow up action to Breivik will all be positive for us: the RRRRR: Radical, Racialist Right, Revolutionary Reactionaires.
But his ideology and intentions were wrong–terribly misguided. He was a patsy, a tool in the hands of the Rodents: a Christian Zionist.

Can one get any lower than that? You couldn’t. But yes, Breivik has set in motion a ripple, a wave, a Tsunami of wrathful Whites–the Right ones.

This is just the beginning: just the start of the White Man’s Fury. And our Ideology, our Intentions will be diamond pure, diamond hard.

The Final Battle has started. No quarter given to Traitors–and none asked.
2012: Anno Zero!

Kevin MacDonald

Kevin MacDonald on Breivik

In a previous post I quoted a stub article on Anders Behring Breivik that Hunter Wallace later expanded. It is amazing to witness that even Dennis Mangan has tacitly implied that he is too coward to discuss the events at Norway. OK, Mangan’s is not a white nationalist site: but besides the stub article at Occidental Dissent only Prof. Kevin MacDonald has been capable of seeing the catastrophic event objectively.

Below, MacDonald’s “The Political Ideas of Anders Behring Breivik” minus a very long Breivik quotation that comprises most of the professor’s article:

A quite clear picture of Anders Behring Breivik emerges from this collection of his online posts.

I thought the following quotes were reasonably representative; they are edited slightly for English usage.

These snippets portray a Geert Wilders-type of cultural conservative, very opposed to ethnocentrism as a strategy, very positive about the Vienna School, staunchly pro-Israel (which he sees as beset by militant Islam), and very hostile toward Islam. Breivik sees Islam as eventually taking over Europe via differential fertility if nothing is done, noting historical data on other areas (e.g., Turkey, Lebanon, Kosovo). Based on his reading of history, he believes that the triumph of Islam would unleash horrific repression and violence against Europeans and against all manifestations of traditional European culture. It would be the end of European civilization based on Christianity and ordered liberty.

He also has a 1500-page book, titled 2083: A European Declaration of Independence, suggesting his actions were intended to call attention to himself as a way of publicizing the book and maximizing its impact. See also the (very powerful) video below which is based on the ideas of the book. The video images strongly suggest that he identifies with historical figures like Charles Martel who fought to prevent the Muslim conquest of Europe in previous centuries. Note the many photos of Christian knights battling Islam (suggesting he sees Christianity [correctly] as a historically powerful force for the preservation of Europe rather than mainly about religious faith) and (at the very end) photos of himself in military dress and armed with automatic weapons.

In general, it must be said that he is a serious political thinker with a great many insights and some good practical ideas on strategy (e.g., developing culturally conservative media, gaining control of NGOs. and developing youth organizations that will confront the Marxist street thugs). (Parenthetically, during a recent lecture tour of Sweden, I was struck by the elaborate security procedures that were taken out of fear of physical beatings by “Communists,” described to me as typically the children of leftist elites. It is no exaggeration to say that racially conscious Scandinavians feel physically intimidated.) It could well be that Breivik’s silence on Jewish hostility toward Europe and the West and his rejection of ethnocentrism (see here) are motivated by his strategic sense.

In the excerpts below, note his hostility toward the Frankfurt School which he identifies with cultural Marxism, but never mentions that the Frankfurt School is a Jewish intellectual movement or the anti-European, anti-Christian attitudes that pervade Jewish elites in the West—as noted in Paul Gottfried’s recent vdare article and repeatedly emphasized here. He notes the failure of “ethnocentric strategies”  but ignores the role of Jewish intellectual elites  in pathologizing expressions of ethnocentrism by Europeans since WWII (particularly the Frankfurt School) and in combating the scientific basis of the legitimacy of racial/ethnic interests (Boasian anthropology; the video identifies cultural Marxism with cultural relativism, one of the main thrusts of the Boasian school). He is also highly critical of the media (without noting that the  Norwegian media is controlled by a Swedish/Jewish family). In my experience, racially conscious Scandinavians are quite aware of Jewish media control. Again, these may be tactical moves, although I rather doubt it.

In any case, he is certainly right in characterizing multiculturalism as an ideology of hate. Note particularly his anger at the action of the Labour Party in England in opening the gates of immigration in order “to humiliate the right-wing opponents of immigration.” As he notes in several places, multiculturalism is hatred of Europeans and their culture masked by humanism.

It remains to be seen what the long term effect of his actions will be. There is certainly great revulsion at the murder of young people. However, I suppose it is possible that in the long run European elites will understand that the glorious multicultural future will not be attained without a great deal of bloodletting (including themselves and, as in this case, their children) and realize they will have to change their ways. Indeed, one of his insights is that in the long run “the multi-cultural neocolonial regimes will either have imploded or have become very Stalinist.” I agree.

The fear is that Breivik’s actions are more likely to result in Stalinism in the immediate future than to lessen the grip of the forces of evil.

*   *   *

My 2 cents:

Well… Stalinist actions upon us only if we white people continue to behave as we have behaving every day since the Battle of Stalingrad: like meek sheep en route to the slaughterhouse. This is what I responded to Greg Johnson at the most recent article at Counter-Currents:

@ “He might inspire copycats, but lone gunmen, even a lot of them, do not overthrow governments. It is far more likely that this will set our cause back, not advance it.”

But here’s where I agree with Pierce, who wrote Hunter as a more likely scenario than his Turner Diaries. The point is, if westerners have become so deracinated with the panem et circences that the System feeds upon them, why haven’t hundreds, thousands of Hunters cropped up? You know that Pierce dedicated his novel to an actual serial killer of mixed couples. I can only imagine the impact of a growing number of Breiviks throughout the West… Yes: unlikely. But I was imagining it as a sort of Gedankenexperiment to ponder the moral issue of Breivik’s deeds.

Justice / revenge Norway

Two opposite views on the Norway massacre

Yesterday, at Majority Rights Trainspotter commented:

While not unmindful of the possibility that our understanding of this event may change dramatically in the coming days, weeks and years, a few preliminary observations are in order. Regardless of what the ultimate “truth” turns out to be, there are some things we’ve learned already.

I should also mention, sincerely and not by way of candy coating the points to follow, that the slaughter of these young people was an astonishing atrocity, and the mind staggers while contemplating the type of individual that would do such a thing.

Having said that:

1. If a group of white nationalists had been slaughtered in such a fashion, would the Labour party youth have shed a single tear, even so much as a crocodile tear? Or would they have laughed and guffawed? In your heart, you know the answer. The Left wants nothing for us but humiliation and death. Of course, this is one of the reasons that many of us came to hate the Left, for they are of a different spirit than us.

2. Whatever the truth of the killer’s (or who knows, perhaps killers) motivation, the Left will always seek to blame the Right. They will shamelessly use any tragedy to their own advantage, even though we know that atrocities don’t really bother them at all, unless it fits their political script. Atrocities tear us up, they make us sick. Not so with the Left. The Left will shamelessly smear, deceive and lie in order to accomplish their goals.

3. On the other hand, the Left never worries about being smeared itself. By their stars, Leftist terrorists are at worse somewhat misguided idealists who got a bit off track. The imported non-whites that set about raping and murdering the indigenous white stock? You’re an evil racist if you point out the truth. Leftist anger is entirely directed at you, the speaker, as opposed to the rapist. As Linder has so often pointed out, the Left is far angrier at the white who speaks the truth than the black who is dripping with the blood of a white victim.

Point is that the Left never lets a tragedy go to waste. God, how much they must love being able to use blonde, fair haired and Nordic in this context.

O.K. So what does this mean for us? It will undeniably create problems, but over time I don’t think it’s going to be as bad as some people think. The West really is in crisis, the demographic conquest of our nations really is happening, and the cultural degradation, rapes and murders will continue apace. We are, quite literally, losing everything. This isn’t a TV show, we can’t just change the channel. It really is happening.

Many will point to Timothy McVeigh and how his actions took the steam out of the American militia movement. While there is a lot of truth to that, the reality is that the militia movement was largely populated by either oddballs or well meaning yahoos. They had no intellectual foundation, no real worldview beyond a vague paranoia and sense that the country was slipping away, and no solutions beyond putting on some camo and running around play acting as soldiers. Just go to some of the militia type sites that are still out there. They are a total joke. They really are know nothings.

We, on the other hand, are building on something far more substantial. A few nutballs, cranks and kooks aside, we’re a different breed today. Our understanding of the situation is not only far broader than that of the yahoos, it’s about a thousand times deeper – and that’s being charitable to the yahoos, I can assure you. We’re not going away. We will continue to hone and refine our worldview, spreading our message because it is true and right and necessary. And we will continue to find a growing audience receptive to our cause, because after all the sturm and drang, our people are still being victimized on a massive scale. The existential threat to our people remains. This tragedy doesn’t change any of that, and reality is a helluva lot more obvious today than it was in 1995.

This is one of the reasons why it is so important to build an intellectual foundation, a worldview that is appealing but strong. Once somebody adopts it, they become immune to the cultural toxins. But a movement that lacks such a worldview and solid foundation is easy pickings. Events like the tragedy before us can in fact destroy a movement of know nothings. But it can’t destroy white nationalism, no matter how hard they try to pin this on us.

Fortunately, the guy doesn’t seem to have much in terms of white nationalist ties, and has described his views as anti-racist, pro-homosexual, and pro-Zionist. For now, that’s may mantra. We need to hammer that home. He’s not one of us. He’s opposed to us.

We also need to take a lesson from the Left’s playbook, which I somewhat went into above. The Left blames us for everything, absolutely, all the time. It never stops. For example, if they can’t find an example of explicit racism, they will come up with “institutional” racism, disparate impact, or something rather less tangible. They don’t quit, they are winners.

We should blame the Left for this. Diversity and multiculturalism demonstrably reduce trust and cohesion in a community. We are probably going to see more nutjobs going off as our societal fabric frays. The Left destroyed our culture, our sense of shared values, our sense of belonging, and our most important civic institutions. In such a context, tragedies happen. They are every bit as much responsible for this as they are for the crimes they facilitate in integrated schools. They are every bit as much responsible for this as they are for turning once peaceful and safe white communities into war zones. The Leftist (Jew or otherwise) who comes after you on this? Within 30 seconds you should have put the blood on his hands, hammering him over the countless murders and rapes of innocent whites that he has never once brought up to you, that he demonstrably doesn’t care about. He is a psychopath.

We can and should condemn this tragedy in no uncertain terms. It was terrible. But never cede the moral high ground, not even for a minute. Always attack, just as the Left does.

On the other hand, this is what Chris Saltarello told me tonight at Facebook. I don’t know how to properly respond…

They deserved it.

Terrorism is when you deliberately target non-combatant civilians in order to extract certain demands. Anders Behring Breivik did not do that. He did not target the Muslim or ethnic quarters of Oslo which motivated his actions, he targeted those parties directly responsible.

What sort of “democracy” is it which weans its future political leaders from a narrow group of teenagers who are all ideologically motivated both within and by an ideologically biased, Cultural Marxist educational system? – That is not a “democracy”, that is a single party state.

If you make ethno-masochist Marxist Extremists out of Norwegian teenagers it’s no different from making boy soldiers out of Congolese minors.

They were all legitimate military targets of political interest, no different from when the United States, or Israel or NATO eliminates Islamic leaders in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine.

These were all legitimate military targets and this was a completely justified act of war by Norwegian National Resistance Forces.

Whilst I cannot speak for Mr. Breivik’s Zionist leanings, as Nationalists, our only regret is that more enemy combatants were not killed in this, including the corrupt Prime Minister of that enemy state.

Postscript of 12:40 PM

The discussion at several nationalist blogsites is getting deeper. I received more than a hundred follow-up emails on comments of those threads that I still haven’t read. Here I’ll limit myself to include a couple of comments from one of the threads at The Occidental Observer:

Schlageter said…

I haven’t watched his video or read his blog entries. But think about from this perspective: he knew he would be relatively powerless to combat each and every Muslim/ immigrant criminal currently raping, murdering, and defiling a once docile country. He likely rationalized that the best way to tackle the problem was to take the fight directly to the facilitators of the multi-kulti policies which have enabled these criminals to run rampant. Therefore, he attacked Stoltenberg and his leftist party in Oslo, and more importantly tried to amputate the future leadership of the organization–the future leftist agitators, jurists, and parliamentarians being schooled at the indoctrination camp on the island.

I’m not condoning the action, nor do I see him as truly “right-wing” in a pan-European sense (more like a Christian Zionist).

Of course, the focus of rage will come down on true adherents to the former while the latter, as always, will be scot-free.

Thomas Mallon said…

Apparently the camp that was attacked was also a breeding ground for multiculturalist ideologues (here).

Justice / revenge

Hunter Wallace on the 2011 Norway attacks

It’s pathetic to see conspiracy theories cropping up in some threads of the nationalist blogosphere. I may disagree with many things of Occidental Dissent after the blog made a wrong turn at the beginning of the last year. But at least it has been an oasis free from all sorts of conspiracy theories.

Here’s what Hunter Wallace wrote today about the Norway 2011 massacre. He places the burden of responsibility to one man’s decision: Anders Behring Breivik, the subject of my previous post.


Anders Behring Breivik isn’t a lunatic.

This is someone who clearly understands the gravity of the situation and who was disturbed enough by what is being done to his country and his civilization to take matters into his own hands.

Just watching this video, I found myself thinking: we always knew that it was going to come to this, we always knew the Eurabian civil war was inevitable, we always knew the revolt was coming against the EUnuchs who led the people to the precipice of destruction.

[Here Wallace embedded the same video authored by Anders Behring Breivik I added in the postscript of my previous entry.]

* * *


Prof. Kevin MacDonald has written an article that quotes extensively Breivik’s work. It is worth reading and I must say that I am perfectly familiar with the sources that Breivik quotes, since I was involved in the counter-jihad movement before I came to the nationalist camp.