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Daybreak Publishing On Exterminationism (book)

‘On Exterminationism’ – 2022 edition

This is the fifth page of the latest edition of On Exterminationism:


There is no freedom of speech in Europe. Europeans have been muzzled since the Second World War. But if a young Aryan with great aspirations to do something in the darkest hour for his race visits the racialist webzines based in the First Amendment country, what does he find?

A money-making site like Greg Johnson’s, which seems more concerned with profiteering than his Nordic race? A site like Andrew Anglin’s, which only discusses recent news with no historical perspective? The site of patriot Jared Taylor who romanticises the founding fathers, or Hunter Wallace who secretly aspires to a Christian reconquest for the US? Will he go for Kevin MacDonald’s site, which focuses on the Jewish Question?

All these people lack the meta-perspective of Adolf Hitler in his after-dinner talks or the ferocity of William Pierce who, like the National Socialists, left Christian ethics behind. Pierce was the first on the American continent, in a fictional book, The Turner Diaries and in a non-fiction book Who We Are, to suggest exterminationism as the final solution to our problems.

Here I collect several entries that have appeared on my website, The West’s Darkest Hour, since 2011. Some of those posts have been edited, and in the case of the novel The Turner Diaries, there is a passage so important that I quote it more than once.

My main work is in Spanish, which I hope will one day be published in English under the title From Jesus to Hitler. This is where I explain my personal religion of the four words, which imply exterminationism.

Regarding my books in English, my exterminationist passion can be glimpsed in the first and last chapters of my book Day of Wrath: which is in line with what Savitri Devi says in the penultimate essay of this book. Compared to the previous edition, here I added one more article, ‘Panentheism’, the last essay in this collection.

César Tort
August 2022

The PDF of this edition is available here.

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2 replies on “‘On Exterminationism’ – 2022 edition”

Revilo P Oliver also suggested exterminationism for Africa. He said that the failure to implement exterminationism in Africa would result in the environmental destruction of this Continent most conducive to human habitation, as well as the loss of species of flora and fauna that are actually beautiful in and of themselves (unlike congoids) and actually useful to us (again, unlike congoids). Oliver merely suggests exterminationism, though. The other option suggested by him is to just allow black Africans to go extinct by their own ineptitude.

César, there’s something I’ve wanted to ask you for quite some time. Do you, personally, have it in you to kill non-white women and children in cold blood? Imagine they were lined up before you, black and arab women and children, sobbing, pleading desperately for their lives as you level a machine gun at them. Could you bring yourself to do it? I’m genuinely curious. Have you ever given it much consideration?

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