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On Exterminationism (book) Welfare of animals

Sociopathy or empathy?

by Gaedhal

As Aron Ra puts it: sociopathy and empathy are competing evolutionary strategies. Hence why we observe both in nature, and especially in man. My essay in César’s anthology, On Exterminationism, was about the problem of evil. I want to see a day when empathy reigns upon this planet…

However, in my view, empathy can only reign on this planet after we win the race war. The Chinese and the Japanese, for one thing, have no empathy for wildlife. The Chinese starve tigers to death for tiger meat, and the Japanese eat live octopuses and kill cetaceans for fun. Jews swing chickens and engage in Kosher slaughter. Halal slaughter is likewise barbaric and an affront to decency and empathy. A world that is empathetic to wildlife has to be a white world.

Daybreak Publishing Exterminationism On Exterminationism (book)

November 2022 edition

Thanks to the programme DeepL Translator, which allows me to correct the style (as English is not my mother tongue), I have finished proofreading the November 2022 edition of the book On Exterminationism, which can now be read here.

If I receive enough funds, I will hire a cover designer to make this horizontal image appear vertically so that the printed book can be sold through IngramSpark.

I would suggest that visitors read the Preface because, compared to the earlier editions, in this one I not only added new articles but removed a large number of articles from the previous edition.

The final three articles, where in addition to my voice the voices of Gaedhal, Maurice and Krist Krusher also appear, provide a good insight into the axiological and metaphysical POV of The West’s Darkest Hour.

I will now add this book to the list of our books in the featured post…

On Exterminationism (book)

Kike quote

‘The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children’. —Hassid rabbi Manis Friedman [1]

The kike quote will appear in the forthcoming edition of On Exterminationism. It is a shame that white nationalists repudiate Himmler’s exterminationism. It reminds me of Adunai’s quoted exchange in the aforementioned book:

A commenter: It is obvious that the Old Testament is just Jew mystical garbage filled with tribal hate.

Adunai: You are so Christian, you see the good part of the Bible as the bad one. That tribal hate you speak of is precisely what we need! What we must admire and put into a myth! What every single healthy nation has lived with.


[1] Quoted in Popper, Nathaniel, ‘Chabad rabbi: Jews should kill Arab men, women and children during war’, in Haaretz, 9 June 2009.

Day of Wrath (book) Lloyd deMause On Exterminationism (book) Pre-Columbian America Psychohistory

Millions of Dahmers!

As I have watched more documentaries about Jeffrey Dahmer, I have continued to think about what I wrote about this serial killer at the end of last month and the beginning of this month.

Even in the recent Netflix miniseries, there is a moment when detectives ask the arrested Dahmer if his irresistible compulsion to possess body remains of his victims had to do with an unconscious desire to control males. Dahmer replied, ‘Yes’, and added that everyone wanted to tell him what to do, and he mentioned his dad. Dahmer also said that by his horrible actions he wanted others to ‘see his movie’, i.e. what he had suffered. The unspoken implication is that it was revenge in the form of transference onto substitute objects, in that it was finally Dahmer who had the power.

In my September post, I said that Dahmer’s behaviour reminded me of the behaviour of Mesoamerican Amerindians before the Spanish conquest. I don’t know how many of my visitors have read my book Day of Wrath, but there I call Mesoamerican civilisation a civilisation of serial killers. Today, while reviewing an article from another of my books, On Exterminationism, I came across this passage:

Tiesler and Cucina let us know that modern Mayanists are using, in addition to Spanish chronicles and iconographic evidence from pre-Columbian art, the science of taphonomy (skeletal analysis) as tangible evidence of human sacrifice in Mayan civilisation. On pages 199-200 [of the academic book pictured left] the authors mention the techniques the Maya used in their practices, now corroborated by taphonomy: the victim could have been shot with arrows or stoned, his throat or neck could have been cut or broken, his heart could have been extracted through the diaphragm or thorax; he could have suffered multiple and fatal lacerations, or have been cremated, disembowelled or flayed or dismembered. The bodily remains may have been ingested, used as trophies or in the manufacture of percussion instruments. The authors deduce this from direct, physical evidence from the skeletons studied (or other remains) and also mention a form of sacrifice I hadn’t heard of: the offering of human faces in the context of the influence on the Maya of the Xipe-Totec deity, ‘Our Lord the Flayed’, who was widely worshipped in northern, central Mexico.

As bizarre as it may seem, the psychoclass to which Dahmer belonged is virtually identical to the psychoclass of the ancient inhabitants of the civilisations of Mesoamerica. There were millions of Dahmers in Mesoamerica back then! (presently central Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and northern Costa Rica). In other words, the way to decipher minds like Dahmer’s is to be found in psychohistory, or more specifically, in the appropriation I made in Day of Wrath of the ideas of Lloyd deMause, who died a couple of years ago. (He was a typical New York liberal, and his liberal ideas had to be appropriated and given a racialist spin: what I did in my book.)

Daybreak Publishing On Exterminationism (book)

‘On Exterminationism’ – 2022 edition

This is the fifth page of the latest edition of On Exterminationism:


There is no freedom of speech in Europe. Europeans have been muzzled since the Second World War. But if a young Aryan with great aspirations to do something in the darkest hour for his race visits the racialist webzines based in the First Amendment country, what does he find?

A money-making site like Greg Johnson’s, which seems more concerned with profiteering than his Nordic race? A site like Andrew Anglin’s, which only discusses recent news with no historical perspective? The site of patriot Jared Taylor who romanticises the founding fathers, or Hunter Wallace who secretly aspires to a Christian reconquest for the US? Will he go for Kevin MacDonald’s site, which focuses on the Jewish Question?

All these people lack the meta-perspective of Adolf Hitler in his after-dinner talks or the ferocity of William Pierce who, like the National Socialists, left Christian ethics behind. Pierce was the first on the American continent, in a fictional book, The Turner Diaries and in a non-fiction book Who We Are, to suggest exterminationism as the final solution to our problems.

Here I collect several entries that have appeared on my website, The West’s Darkest Hour, since 2011. Some of those posts have been edited, and in the case of the novel The Turner Diaries, there is a passage so important that I quote it more than once.

My main work is in Spanish, which I hope will one day be published in English under the title From Jesus to Hitler. This is where I explain my personal religion of the four words, which imply exterminationism.

Regarding my books in English, my exterminationist passion can be glimpsed in the first and last chapters of my book Day of Wrath: which is in line with what Savitri Devi says in the penultimate essay of this book. Compared to the previous edition, here I added one more article, ‘Panentheism’, the last essay in this collection.

César Tort
August 2022

The PDF of this edition is available here.

I will now add the above image to the featured post.


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Evil Miscegenation On Exterminationism (book) Savitri Devi

Good and bad Germans

As can be seen at the end of the last entry, Savitri’s admiration for Hitler was not as blind as that of those who never criticise the founder of the religion to which they belong. Dr Robert Morgan, who comments in The Unz Review, would be happy with Savitri’s pronouncement. But I differ from her.

One must bear in mind the words in Andrew Hamilton’s ‘The Depth of Evil’ which appears in On Exterminationism (see sidebar): what has impressed me most, to date, of anything written for the Counter-Currents webzine. Hamilton says that the fact that people blindly follow those in power (pack mentality) means that they aren’t good. If someone like Hitler is in power, the Germans behave in a very sane and healthy way. If bad people are in power, says Hamilton, the people just follow them.

This is as true for whites as it is for non-whites. Here in Mexico all the media, the universities and the state are promoting the rampant, suicidal liberalism that is destroying the West: equality of race, gender and sexual orientation. Yesterday’s Reforma newspaper, considered by some the most important in the country, published this aberrant note on page 21 of its main section (my Spanish-English translation): ‘Luise Greve, 23 [an Aryan girl] from Erlangen, Germany, bought the first flight to take her to her [gook] partner as soon as the White House announced that the nation will be open to visitors fully vaccinated against Covid-19’.

We can already imagine such ‘good news’ if Hitler had won the war!

What I’m getting at is that Savitri seems to be saying that humans, including Aryans, are good people when in reality they are animals who practice nothing but the most abject social conformity depending on who is in power. As I say in On Exterminationism: ‘What I failed to realise for many years was the depth of the evil and the resistance to individual redemption. Obviously, if people are evil when evil people rule, and good only when good people rule, they are not really good’, wrote Hamilton. In other words, people, including the overwhelming majority of whites, are not really good.

Bingo. Responding to Savitri, there is nothing wrong that the Third Reich would have wanted to homogenise the people by producing items like the Volkswagen and others for mass consumption. If whoever is in power is a man like gold, to use the Platonic metaphor of The Republic, the people will behave as if they were saints (photo above). If, on the other hand, those in power are real pieces of shit, as the elites currently are, they will behave like the Luise in this other photo (or her cuck parents who allowed that) .

Like the vast majority of white nationalists—Hamilton would be the exception—Savitri didn’t delve into the pettiness of our species: something I believe I’ve delved into in my books in Spanish (titles translated: here).

I think my way of presenting Savitri’s book is the right one: not just a rough translation, but a constant dialogue with what the priestess of the 14 words used to write. Just because the priest and the priestess belong to the same religion doesn’t mean that we will agree on everything.

Daybreak Publishing On Exterminationism (book)

Hard copy

On Exterminationism is finally already available as a hard copy. Unlike other posts, this one will stay open for commenters for some days. If anyone is having difficulty ordering it from Lulu, Inc., please let me know. (Hopefully, next week it will also be available from some bookstores upon request.)

On Exterminationism (book)

About the new subtitle

There is something I must add to the postscript of my previous post. I recently suggested that new visitors read the last pages of my recent compilation of articles, On Exterminationism, dealing with the Germans’ Master Plan East: a plan aborted by the vilest nations in white man’s history, the United States and the Soviet Union, the main perpetrators of the Hellstorm Holocaust.

Now I would like to add that there is another article in On Exterminationism that can be read to try to better understand my point of view. It is a long interview with my friend Jake on September 2016, that for this edition at the end of 2020 I made slight modifications.

That interview, which appears in the book on pages 61-75, will clarify what I mean with the new subtitle: ‘Only priests of the 14 words may comment here’.

By the way, Lulu’s employees haven’t answered me. Although except On Exterminationism my books are still available via Lulu, sooner or later I will have to find another printer without so many software problems!

On Exterminationism (book) Schutzstaffel (SS)

New comments policy

I love this canvas located three meters from the place where I wrote this entry, an original by Antonio Zucchi (1726-1795) because it is a relic of my childhood, before the family tragedy that I tell in my books in Spanish.

For a brief time the subtitle of this blog read America delenda est. I took it away when I learned about anecdotes about Europeans who want to beat America with their own ethnosuicidal game. One such anecdote concerns the vile way in which the Norwegians treated their Lebensborn children after 1945: little children who before the greatest betrayal in history had been destined to rule the Lebensraum.

The hatred I promote for the Allies must extend to every contemporary Aryan who has embraced ethnosuicide as his new religion after the Second World War. If whites were good people not deserving of my hatred, they would wake up dreaming every morning that La Palma Island, near another Canary Island where I lived, had collapsed in 1945 causing a kilometre high tsunami that would have bounced back to the American mainland the entire American fleet that was going to invade the Normandy coast; and they would also dream that the Tunguska event that hit the sparsely populated Eastern Siberian Taiga had occurred in Moscow under Stalin.

But American racists don’t dream of that. In my other Daybreak Press books, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour and Daybreak, we have insisted that the white man’s moral compass has undergone a complete shift from the north of the Hyperboreans to the south of the Orcs—a complete reversal of values to the state of florid psychosis we are in now: an inversion that began with Constantine and culminates in the 21st century.

If whites were sane and good people, in this age that craves their extermination they would also dream of demolishing all the churches and would imagine committing genocides as humanity has never seen, as we read in The Turner Diaries.

The priests of the fourteen words see white nationalism as a club for women who, as little women, are unable to see that a nation is only made with blood and iron. It’s a shame that even the online encyclopaedia that claims to protect the white race is a platform for the old values. For example, if one takes a look at the article on Lebensraum in Metapedia, not only does it fails to show enthusiasm for the Master Plan East of the Third Reich: it questions its existence!

To illustrate my point a little further, let’s take the most radical case of a white nationalist in the US. As we saw in this book* Linder didn’t feel what I felt reading The Turner Diaries because he, like the rest of whites, is subject to a tail of neochristian programming. On the other hand, Hitler and the leadership of the SS saw the world with a moral compass already transvalued to prechristian values: Nietzsche’s dream come true. But once the Third Reich was assassinated during the Hellstorm Holocaust by Western Anglo-Saxon Christians and Eastern Slavic neochristians, there are no longer transvalued persons except for a few visitors to The West’s Darkest Hour.

What I want to get to is something much deeper than simply telling Linder that we agree to disagree about the Master Plan East. Recall that Andrew Hamilton, one of Pierce’s most serious readers, when he read the Diaries he thought that Pierce was shooting himself in the foot. Only later did he learn, to his surprise, that others had liked the novel.

What I want to get to is that even the toughest white nationalists have been programmed with the old axiology, which prevents them from seeing what was more than obvious for the National Socialist leadership: Only with an exterminationist ideology was it possible to carry out the Lebensraum project.

It is this ‘operating system’ implanted in our psyches since our infinitely idiotic ancestors accepted the kikes’ Bible as their founding story—anti-gentile exterminationism for us (Book of Joshua) but Jesus’ universalistic love for thee—that keeps Linder, Hamilton and all the racialist-right folk axiologically stuck.

Only if white nationalism dies—truly dies—and flourishes again the spirit of the Germans who wanted to conquer the world for the children of the Lebensborn, would the world be saved.

December 9, 2020


(*) Most of the present entry will appear in the last pages of my next compilation, On Exterminationism. In this final article I refer to this quote from Linder, which appears on page 16 of the manuscript that I am compiling. After such quote I commented:

I posted Alex Linder’s words on my site on August 8, 2012. Linder is considered the toughest racist among those who try to educate other whites through the written and spoken word. At that time I didn’t criticise Linder but it is clear that we live in parallel worlds.

Not only did I love Pierce’s novel when I heard it as an audio-book a decade ago, but I saw myself so completely portrayed in it that, although Pierce had died in 2002, I felt I finally had found a twin soul, at least when it came to exterminationism.

Linder wants to exterminate the Jews, but as a typical white nationalist he fails to see that not only they should be exterminated. Either Linder has not read Who We Are, or a residue of Christian standards of morality in the anti-Christian Linder prevents him from seeing that only expulsion or extermination can prevent Norsemen from making, again, the mistake of crossbreeding.

I hope On Exterminationism will be ready before 2021.

And by the way, after Jamie’s last two comments on this site (see, for example: here), I’ll only let comments from those who think like members of the SS. If you are not exactly like them don’t be surprised if you are already banned from this site.

Heinrich Himmler Nordicism On Exterminationism (book) Who We Are (book)

Master Plan East

Left, Herr Himmler examines a non-German child eyeing up his racial potential. Surely this boy passed the physiognomic test and was saved from the fate of the mudbloods.

Below is an edited article on the Master Plan East of the Third Reich. I had to edit this Military article because this wiki, like all wikis except Metapedia, is biased against the Germans. I didn’t include the maps or endnotes from that article.

Today I asked Will Williams why his organisation has not published Who We Are, where Pierce proposes ‘extermination or expulsion’ as the final solution that the ancient Greeks should have taken for the mudblood problem. I have sometimes come to conjecture, and I hope I am wrong, that the National Alliance has not published Who We Are because, unlike Pierce, they still subscribe to neochristian standards of morality.

At any event, anyone who has read Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans knows that, for centuries, the ancient Russians were invaded by Mongols who hugely stained Slavic blood with non-Aryan genes. To understand the Master Plan East we must always take into account both Kemp’s book and Pierce’s proposed solution for the mudblood problem.

I don’t have much money these days, but I’ll try to acquire a copy of David Irving’s recently published book on Himmler to see how true there is in all these alleged Third Reich plans. Researching these issues in an anti-Nazi world is very difficult because of the anti-German propaganda, but it is possible due to the number of primary sources. Here’s my edited version of the Military article:

______ 卐 ______

December 6th update

I have decided to remove the rest of this entry because the text still had a tail from the anti-German encyclopedia.

However, the edited article will appear, along with other passages from other sources, in my book On Exterminationism: which in addition to the hard copy will also be available in PDF.