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On Exterminationism (book)

About the new subtitle

There is something I must add to the postscript of my previous post. I recently suggested that new visitors read the last pages of my recent compilation of articles, On Exterminationism, dealing with the Germans’ Master Plan East: a plan aborted by the vilest nations in white man’s history, the United States and the Soviet Union, the main perpetrators of the Hellstorm Holocaust.

Now I would like to add that there is another article in On Exterminationism that can be read to try to better understand my point of view. It is a long interview with my friend Jake on September 2016, that for this edition at the end of 2020 I made slight modifications.

That interview, which appears in the book on pages 61-75, will clarify what I mean with the new subtitle: ‘Only priests of the 14 words may comment here’.

By the way, Lulu’s employees haven’t answered me. Although except On Exterminationism my books are still available via Lulu, sooner or later I will have to find another printer without so many software problems!

5 replies on “About the new subtitle”

Have you seen the Education for Death animated short produced by (((Walt Disney))) in 1943? Utterly fascinating! It is reproduced on Wikipedia, and it possesses an early Christian quality. Still, the truth shines through the Jewish mud. The Americans of yore might have fat-shamed, but they nevertheless knew what they were fighting against – an anti-Christian Revolution.

Yes, I am tempted to put Disney in brackets, he’s an honourary kike.

I absolutely adore how the finale is about equating the higher education with killing foreigners and fags, how the Bible turns into Mein Kampf, and the cross with the Jew turns into a sword with the Swastika!

And yet that was just the tip of the iceberg with Walt Shitney. His corporation also produced Der Fuhrer’s Face, “Reason and Emotion”, Prelude to War, and my all time favourite example of anti-German, Jewish garbage par excellence. the proto-Bernaysesque film made on the order of kike Morgenthau himself, The New Spirit! Where little Donald Duck is convinced to give money to the American r̶a̶p̶e̶ ̶e̶f̶f̶o̶r̶t̶ war effort so that good Murrika can destroy “da ebil Jurmins and dose Fashishts awl oba da woh’ld” in the form of income tax! Additionally, Shitney also made a never-ceasing line of cheap merchandise for children and soldiers to wear and play with calling for German blood..
Stuff like this convinces me to destroy everything made by Americunt hands. Only those who renounce Americanism can truly be white and beautiful.

Wir mussen nur Deutsch sprechen! Niemals englisch! Englisch ist die alte, verrottete Sprache des Geldes. Es ist nicht auch eine Sprache, das die künftige Menschen der weissen Welt wird nie kennen oder nutzen. Englisch ist die Sprache der selbstverderbenden Massen, wer haben nichts aber die Menge des Geldes in ihren Banken im Gedanke. Deutsch is immer besser als es ist zum Volk des Amerikäners gebunden worden, weil das Blut des Weissen im Nordamerika ist sehr deutsch. Deutsche Kultur war and wird ewig höher in dem Geiste des konkreten Ideen als Englisch jemals werden konnte!

*Es ist nicht auch eine Sprache, das die künftige Menschen der weissen Welt wird kennen oder nutzen.

> ‘We just have to speak German! Never English! English is the old rotten language of money…’

Effectively. It would be ideal to force Americans to change languages after the Revolution. But for that the transvaluation should be complete. Otherwise they wouldn’t understand the need for such a dramatic change:


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