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Heinrich Himmler Nordicism On Exterminationism (book) Who We Are (book)

Master Plan East

Left, Herr Himmler examines a non-German child eyeing up his racial potential. Surely this boy passed the physiognomic test and was saved from the fate of the mudbloods.

Below is an edited article on the Master Plan East of the Third Reich. I had to edit this Military article because this wiki, like all wikis except Metapedia, is biased against the Germans. I didn’t include the maps or endnotes from that article.

Today I asked Will Williams why his organisation has not published Who We Are, where Pierce proposes ‘extermination or expulsion’ as the final solution that the ancient Greeks should have taken for the mudblood problem. I have sometimes come to conjecture, and I hope I am wrong, that the National Alliance has not published Who We Are because, unlike Pierce, they still subscribe to neochristian standards of morality.

At any event, anyone who has read Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans knows that, for centuries, the ancient Russians were invaded by Mongols who hugely stained Slavic blood with non-Aryan genes. To understand the Master Plan East we must always take into account both Kemp’s book and Pierce’s proposed solution for the mudblood problem.

I don’t have much money these days, but I’ll try to acquire a copy of David Irving’s recently published book on Himmler to see how true there is in all these alleged Third Reich plans. Researching these issues in an anti-Nazi world is very difficult because of the anti-German propaganda, but it is possible due to the number of primary sources. Here’s my edited version of the Military article:

______ 卐 ______

December 6th update

I have decided to remove the rest of this entry because the text still had a tail from the anti-German encyclopedia.

However, the edited article will appear, along with other passages from other sources, in my book On Exterminationism: which in addition to the hard copy will also be available in PDF.

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The conspiracy fears of the New World Order are probably derived from here. The Georgia Guidestones don’t sound too bad to anti-Christians.

It is ironic that the best specimens of the Eastern nations were fighting the German invaders. The Belarusians are clearly racially superior to the Ukrainians, yet the former lost more than a million people to anti-guerilla reprisals. Reminiscent of how many high-IQ Europeans were forced to become Christian theologians.

It is quite unfortunate that the Lithuanians had such a bad reputation. The last people to convert to Judaism, and with an Aryan language the most connected to archaic Sanskrit. The Wikipedia page “Lithuanians” does not mention any miscegenation.

The NWO is totalitarian technocracy, a full-blown revolt against nature (epitomised by the behavioural reugalations enforced in the name of fighting the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which Cesar and other WN figures have spent the better part of this year vigorously promoting).

Given this, NWO can be seen as neochristianity on steroids

So you believe that the virus is a hoax?

(The family doctor who issued my father and sister’s death certificates in years past died this year from covid-19.)

A hoax would mean fabricated evidence to suggest the existence of something that isn’t real right? I’d prefer the term scam, since I presume that SARS-CoV-2 is a real virus, but that its effects don’t constitute a genuine pandemic, and that even if it did, none of the government edicts related to Covid-19 have been based on any scientific proof that they were beneficial or necessary in terms of reducing mortality from this or any other virus. They’ve only caused tremendous harm to society, which must have been the intention of the powers that be, or they wouldn’t persist in the face of the overwhelming evidence of harm.

Cui Bono? There are various plausible answers that have been put forward, but for starters, has it escaped your notice that the wealthiest people in the world (the billionaire class) have massively increased their individual net worths as a direct result of this lockdown (primarily as a result of destroying small businesses, not to mention causing the stock market to crash temporarily in March/April, allowing the ultra-wealthy to buy these stocks up at huge discounts)?

Do you agree or disagree with the following:

“Real pandemics don’t require faulty virus models, rigged test results, censorship of dissenting scientists, inaccurate reporting and manipulated death statistics.”?

Are you even aware of the basic issues of unreliability of the PCR test to diagnose infections (as attested by its inventor Kary Mullis, who died last year)?

Or of the death forecasts which never materialised in the first place, and provided the pretext for lockdowns, being predicated on since proven faulty computer models developed by Professor Neil Ferguson, who has a lengthy track record of faulty predictions?

Of Neil Ferguson’s/Imperial Colleges’s (Anthony Faucis’s, the World Health Organisations’s, etc) Financial connections to Bill Gates, the world’s largest stakeholder in the vaccine industry?

Of the considerable evidence that the pandemic declaration and lockdowns were pre-planned?*

Of Covid-19 being recorded as the cause of death based on assumption rather than confirmatory evidence, as admitted by officials and in official guidelines on numerous occasions?

Did that Peak Prosperity guy go into any of that? I can’t remember.

I asked you months ago to clarify what your disagreements were with Andrew Anglins position, and to provide a rebuttal to his various points, (I didn’t form my perspective from reading Andrew Anglin by the way-I always had my own sources-but I agree with most of what he says and appreciate his insights into this issue) and you wouldn’t answer. Which created the strange (Kafkaesque) situation that you were seething about people not sharing your beliefs about Covid-19, without ever stipulating what exactly those beliefs were.

A while ago you stated that WNs were in “abject denial” about Covid-19, even though nobody can actually perceive the danger you’re alluding to with their own senses, it’s just a government/media narrative that there’s a deadly virus floating around that everyone should be afraid of. All that’s really happening is that elderly people are dying like they do every year, and their deaths are being attributed to Covid-19. Which may or may not be the case, but since the average age of Covid-19 mortality is about the same (lower even) than the average life expectancy, what is there to be alarmed about? If this virus wasn’t around then presumably the people who are dying of it would have died from any other virus instead.

-Pandemic simulation, event 201 in October of last year, strongly resembled what actually transpired in 2020.
-The Rockefeller lockstep document circa 2010, as explained in this video:


You might have been better off listening to Ivor Cummings than Peak Prosperity.

Here’s Cummings’s latest video of a few hours ago:


You know that I’m no longer reading your long comments. And BTW I agree with Martenson that the lockdowns are imbecilic (& I probably won’t vaccinate myself against covid: I only trust Ivermectin). If you want to know my POV on covid 19, just watch Chris’ most recent videos, e.g.:


Still, Hitler was by and large a German nationalist. Do you approve of his disdain for European unity based on a peaceful coexistence of Aryan nations? David Wawrzuta uses a quote from the Second Book in his Quora response to “If Hitler saw the modern European Union, what would he think?”

“For these people, the Pan European Movement, at least at first sight, really seems to have much that is alluring about it. Indeed, if we could judge world history according to economic viewpoints, it could even be pertinent. Two are always more than one for the mechanic of history, and thus for the mechanical politician. But values, not numbers, are decisive in the life of nations”

“Thus, first and foremost, the Pan European Movement rests on the fundamental basic error that human values can be replaced by human numbers. This is a purely mechanical conception of history which avoids an investigation of all shaping forces of life, in order, in their stead, to see in numerical majorities the creative sources of human culture as well as the formative factors of history. This conception is in keeping with the senselessness of our western democracy as with the cowardly pacifism of our high economic circles. It is obvious that it is the ideal of all inferior or half breed bastards.”

“Aside from this fundamental basic error of the Pan European Movement, even the idea of a unification of European States, forced by a general insight emerging from a threatened distress, is a fantastic, historically impossible childishness.”

“Let no one believe that such a European coalition could mobilise any strength that would manifest itself externally. It is an old experience that a lasting unification of nations can take place only if it is a question of nations which are racially equivalent and related as such, and if, secondly, their unification takes place in the form of a slow process of struggle for hegemony.”

“Thus, further, did Prussia put an end to the dismemberment of Germany, and thus only in this way could a Europe one day rise that could attend to the interests of its population in a compact governmental form. But, this would only be the result of a centuries long struggle, since an infinite quantity of old customs and traditions must be overcome and an assimilation of Folks who are already extraordinarily divergent racially would have to materialise. The difficulty, then, of giving a unitary State language to such a structure can likewise be solved only in a centuries long process.”

“For once any European great power today, and naturally it could involve only a power which was valuable according to its Folkdom, that is, racially important, brings Europe to unity along these lines, the final completion of this unity would signify the racial submersion of its founders, and thereby remove even the last value from the whole structure. It would never be possible thereby to create a structure which could bear up against the American Union.”

I do agree with pan-Germanism. What bothers me is that the wikis are misleading the reader by claiming that non-German eastern peoples would get almost the same treatment as Jews (see, e.g., where I placed the asterisk today in the entry), which is obviously false.

For instance, the boy in the above pic could’ve gotten a fairly good life in the Third Reich if he was chosen to be educated in the Germanisation process.

Leon Degrelle fought in Ukraine and held the view that the Ukrainians should be allies with Hitler against the Jews and Communism.
Degrelle said that toward the end of the war, Hitler had changed his thinking, and that he had come around to Degrelle’s view, that Hitler was the leader, not just of Germany, but of all of Europe, and the defender of Western Civilization against the Jews and their Communism.

I paraphrase from memory. I thought the exact quote might be in “Hitler Democrat” by Léon Degrelle, but I haven’t found it yet.

BTW – Years ago I had to buy the hard cover of “Hitler Democrat”, but now I see that there is a PDF version on Archive.org, here:
Hitler Democrat by Léon Degrelle

Also, Hitler said something about how his views had changed from those in his published works.
Here he was speaking specifically about his policy towards France, but it applies to all of his writings.
To quote from “Hitler Democrat”:

“…Do you want me to make corrections in my book as a writer who prepares a new edition of Iris books?
But I am not a writer, l am a political man. My rectification? I provide it every day in my foreign policy directed toward friendship with France.
If I succeed in a Franco-German rapprochement, as I wish, that will be a rectification worthy of me.
I shall write my rectification in the great book of history.”

Ultimately, I believe that Hitler saw himself as the leader of all of Europe.
If he were alive today I think he would see himself as the leader of the White Race, against all of it’s enemies.
There are those today who have been working for millennia to destroy the white race.
If the white race is destroyed, Germany and Hitler’s Aryan race will be destroyed along with it.
We can work on improving the white race once our existence is assured.

Generalplan OST is most likely a hoax since the real documents have never been found and even JeWkipedia confirms this.

Genocide isn’t a German thing, otherwise, Hitler would have killed 6 million chosen people and won the war.

The NA doesn’t have on print Who we are because of two reasons:

1- They are making a new version of it with most recent bibliographical references.

2- It is too controversial (too racist) for non-nordics (same reason why, I believe, Arthur Kemp’s book is not mentioned).

I don’t agree with reason 2 at all, but I understand they don’t want to be as divisive now as they were before.

CT…if.you care, look up covid19propaganda.com
download those files and make your own judgment on as if Covid is a hoax or not…I certainly believe it is

I know of him, watched few of his videos, but to be honest, I can’t stand him, there is something off with him, although I do watch videos of his partner on broad overview of the stock market…
Anyways, Iam a huge fan and follower of yours, been reading tour site for few years, keep up the good work…

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