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More on women’s club

That white nationalism is a women’s club is noted in the latest American Renaissance article from the pen of a very prolific American racialist.

The article begins speculating what whites can do in these times that are becoming increasingly darker for the white race, but at no point does it speak of destroying the American government as the only way out. I recently reread the passages in which heroic freedom fighters killed Uncle Sam in The Turner Diaries, and I am sorry that contemporary racialists religiously obey the Christian prohibition against hate, but instead to be meek as lambs. That the Gregory Hood article was also reposted on Occidental Dissent speaks for itself.

I am increasingly disgusted by American white nationalism, American race realism, the American alt-right, and the racialist southern nationalism of some Americans.

Today I also gave a cursory glance to the latest Counter-Currents articles, a webzine as feminised as the ones mentioned above. I noticed that one of its articles is now advertising Bitcoin, which is just air. The author tells the lie that Bitcoin has a store value. I would reply that it has as much store value as paying huge amounts of money during the tulip mania of the Dutch Golden Age. Mark my words, because in our lifetimes we will see how the Bitcoin bubble bursts.

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Thanks for forwarding your articles, C.T. Occasionally I read articles on TOO — that’s where I discovered Dr.Thomas Dalton — but I don’t read AR or OD or C-C, etc., or any of the so-called alt-right stuff so wouldn’t know what’s offered up there. Dalton is now one of our featured writers:


The National Alliance is apart and above all of those other groups; we are the no nonsense alternative to them, founded by the author of The Turner Diaries. We have female members and Christians are not ineligible for membership but no one will say that that the National Alliance is a women’s club or a Christian club. Just saying.

Yes, but I’d like to know why on earth you guys don’t want to publish, as hard copies to sell, Pierce’s Who We Are (or at least allow Arthur Kemp to publish it thru Ostara Publications)??

Pierce wrote WWA in 26 installments back in the 1970s. A new edition was printed by National Vanguard Books in 2012 but that is now out of print and out of stock. Lulu refused to POD that edition anymore. You are wrong to assume we “don’t want to publish” WWA. NVB was unincorporated in 2017 in an agreement with the IRS to more or less forgive a $22,000 tax debt incurred by my predecessor, so now the National Alliance’s publishing arm is Cosmotheist Books. That is the imprimatur under which the new edition of WWA will be published.

You have to understand that some chapters from more than 40 years ago need some serious updating and revising — considerations like scientific advancement that have been made in origin of the universe and advancements in DNA, for example. We have two big-brained physicists working on these revisions now. We want these edits simplified to read as if Dr. Pierce wrote them. Give us time. Meanwhile point folks to Kemp’s March of the Titans.

Bitcoin’s utility is predicated upon computer/internet access and all the surveillance that entails. It’s a profitable (for now) financial game feasible only within a decrepit Abrahamic world order. We’ll see how “crypto” it remains when the System decides to confiscate it from the first worthwhile Aryan target.

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