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Lebensraum, 1

As I explained in my update yesterday, there was still a tail of enemy propaganda in the quote I made from a military encyclopaedia, and therefore I’ll merge that information, albeit with anti-NS propaganda expunged, with content from another source.

The latter source was written in Spanish and I’ll now translate it in my next six posts starting with this one (below), albeit modifying it in order to spin it in favour of the fourteen words. (In Spain it is not possible to publish books praising German National Socialism. Pedro Varela has suffered more than one sentence in prison for doing so.)

Keep in mind the image that I published in my previous post showing Himmler with a child from an occupied country. The fact is that people with the right genes were in high demand in Hitler’s Germany and the Germans of that time did everything possible to provide the Reich with blond and blue-eyed citizens. In that endeavour, they even adopted children from occupied countries; and sexual relations outside of marriage were promoted to bring more Aryan children into the world.

These are the fourteen words in action!—exactly the opposite of today’s System throughout the West with its campaign of slow genocide against whites.

* * *

Heinrich Himmler was happy. October 7, 1939 was a very special day for him. Not only was he turning thirty-nine, but Hitler had appointed him Reich Commissioner for the Consolidation of the German People which, among other things, made him responsible for the inhabitants of Poland: a country that Germany had occupied a month before.

Himmler wasted no time. He immediately ordered a report and, a month later, had a forty-page text on his desk. The document contained a detailed plan to effectively use human resources in the conquered areas to the east.

Most of the population had to be displaced or used for work, so that the Germans could settle in and enjoy the living space called Lebensraum in German. Those who stayed had to be raised German and be part of the dominant race.

The report recommended that the selection be made mainly among the youngest: ‘We must exclude racially valuable children from deportations, to grow up in Reich educational facilities cared for by German families’, ending with another recommendation: ‘They must not be older than eight or ten years because until that age their national identity can be completely changed and their definitive Germanisation achieved’.

After reading the report, Himmler decided that the solution for children in Poland and other countries should begin as soon as possible, even if it meant handing over those children to parents in a foreign country. The acquisition of new Aryan citizens for the Third Reich had absolute priority.

6 replies on “Lebensraum, 1”

albeit expunged from anti-Nazi propaganda > I think you meant something like “albeit with anti-NS propaganda expunged”? And you misspelled Reich as “Rich” once.

About children, as this is your specialty – wouldn’t orphaning those Polish Nordics have been traumatic to them? Germanisation is not exactly a racist campaign, more of a chauvinistic one.

Children are not my specialty.

My specialty is the trauma model of mental disorders, which in a nutshell means that there is a very specific type of abuse perpetrated by some parents on teenagers that injures the inner self (which in this society is classified as ‘schizophrenia’, although I try to avoid this term as much as possible).

Regarding the children you mention, none of the Nazi practices cause that injury to the inner selves of children: those were completely different phenomena.

If my model is correct, Hitler’s youth could not be victims of schizogenic parents, precisely because much of their time was spent outdoors, away from the danger of parental assaults on the self-image and self-esteem.

Then you must consider the American mores of weak state apparatus and total obedience to one’s parents (even to the point of so called “home-schooling”) much more injurious than the practices of the totalitarian states? You know that the Bolsheviks had their own version of the Hitlerjugend, the Young Pioneers? Whereas the “voluntary” nature of both school and gayboy scouts in the West does not protect exactly those who would need protection.

The silly world has rejected those truly merciful measures for humanity’s upgrading – in all their accurate and necessary violence of all their noble humanitarianism in the spirit of transvaluation of values and virtues.

The only endeavour in our observable history to change the human mind and body polarization NON-apocalyptically…

The last really OPTIMISTICAL and positive view of Man…

Another great crime of the post-1945 era: our parents’ and our own lives (who both were born already after WWII) have been stolen and completely misspent. The millions of Western and Eastern European kids had been defrauded of the healthy childhood, the heroic manhood, the virtuous oldness.

But inexorable Sir Time backfills even the greatest ideas with sand of oblivion.

The generations of the XXI century already hardly distinguish the historical persons of Hitler, Stalin or Churchill. For them they are just a fog from the remote past like Napoleon or Hammurabi – equally ridiculous ones in this instagram-tiktok’ed hell on earth.

That tendence of blood and intelligence dilution has gone too far. And the problem is not solvable through scientific approach only, through strictly logical calculation and biological outlook. Caesar has complained recently of a religious bigotry, which distorts the mental vision of many among us. Sad, but true. Although I do see no way out myself, except hope upon a deus ex machina, if prayers and deaths of the martyrs were not in vain and contribute to our cause of Fate’s wheel turn.

On second thought, this map irritates and triggers me. How can you explain to an innocent Aryan child the depth of the betrayal when the fine art from the Dutch Golden Age depicts Jews, replete with Jewish names and Jewish fables? Forget about the Köln Cathedral! In the city of Florence, there stands a statue to a JEW from an anti-Aryan legend! How do you explain that shame to a child without killing yourself?

For centuries, the only allowed feature of Aryanness was that that David was muscular! That’s it! That’s the triumph of the Aryan genius in front of the Jewish subversion! Because apparently, before Michelangelo, Europe had been so cucked, their internalised JEW of a hero had only been allowed to be depicted scrawny and pathetic – because idealism triumphs over materialism, and weakness is strength!

When I think of it, I am faced with doubt whether the Aryan race deserves anything else but a merciful release of death to spare the world the sight of its rot.

If the Third Reich had been victorious, but had not burned to crisp the entirety of the Renaissance, Dutch Baroque and most of Neoclassical anti-art, I would have volunteered to fight for the Japanese Empire in the alternate Cold War, I swear. We need a thousand Dresdens.

Or if the future had been really peaceful, the rustic peasants vom Reichskommisariaten should have descended upon Mitteleuropa like the Huns of Attila. Eternal revolution against Christianity!

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