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On Exterminationism is finally already available as a hard copy. Unlike other posts, this one will stay open for commenters for some days. If anyone is having difficulty ordering it from Lulu, Inc., please let me know. (Hopefully, next week it will also be available from some bookstores upon request.)

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I’m curious, C.T., why is William Pierce’s portrait featured with a book on LINK? Do you somehow believe that he advocated this particular ism? The term exterminationist is usually reserved for those who hawk the Jew’s Holocaust myth.

The Lulu site says the book is a 120 page paperback, not hardback, and that it sells for $32.88. Is that accurate? Thanks.

If you look at the sidebar categories, there are three on the subject: Anti-German exterminationism, Anti-white exterminationism, and what I call Extermination of the Neanderthals. When I speak of ‘exterminationism’ I generally refer to the latter category.

Since the book I compiled includes Pierce’s exterminationist quotes in Who We Are and The Turner Diaries—the best exterminationist quotes I know—I had to honour the memory of he wrote them. I think those two books are the wisest thing ever written in English by far.

If I’m not mistaken, ‘hard copy’ refers to the physical copy of a text. If I titled the entry like that, it is to distinguish it from the PDF (once again: see the sidebar). And yes: I think Lulu’s data is correct.

I see. I expected that price was for a hardback as opposed to a paperback. You’re correct, though, a hard copy is print whereas a soft copy is digital.

Yes, we are working with a couple of big-brained physicists to update and revise portions of WWA since there have been a number of scientific advancements since WLP wrote WWA back in the 1970s.

In 2020 we published new editions of both Which Way Western Man? and The Turner Diaries — both banned on, along with Hunter and other titles we publish. Nobody ever said our struggle against Jewish tyranny would be easy.

I’m not expecting my own recently finished book will be carried by anyone other than underground sellers. LINK

I would like to lower the price of the book, but every time I make a change, Lulu’s software requires me to order a new proof copy. So I’ll leave the current price for a season before a 2nd edition. This automatic Lulu software is annoying to deal with, in that I can’t make modifications, even minor errors, unless I pay a monetary price.

Pierce’s book shouldn’t be altered. At most there may be ‘Footnotes from the editor’ indicating that there has been a scientific breakthrough here or there. But never interpolate passages claiming they came from Pierce’s pen.

C.T.: “Pierce’s book shouldn’t be altered… never interpolate passages claiming they came from Pierce’s pen.”

What makes you think we’d do something like that? Most of Who We Are stays intact; some needs to be updated with explanation.

In that case, I’d suggest you also contact Arthur Kemp, who personally commented to me that the following passage of Who We Are #20 is historically inaccurate:

Origin of the Ashkenazim

The Khazars themselves also underwent a transformation during the eighth century: they adopted Judaism as their religion, and thereafter their national character began to change. From a warlike, nomadic people interested mainly in raiding and fighting, they became a nation of armed merchants and tax collectors, As the principal power in the region north of the Caucasus, they controlled trade between the Arab power to the south, the Turkish power to the east, the Volga-Bulgar power to the north, the Magyar power to the west, and the Byzantine power to the southwest.

Unfortunately, a substantial portion of the trade controlled by the Khazars was in White slaves, with the Slavs bearing the brunt. So many Slavs, both male and female, were shipped southward and eastward by their Khazar rulers that their very name gave rise to the word “slave.”

Can I not be of relatively serene mind, quite peaceful, and yet still feel infinite hatred of Christians and their ilk? I was not abused in my childhood, but I wouldn’t want this to be a hindrance. I have always had a proclivity for looking beyond the normie bounds. It’s fascinating how eager the normies are to be controlled and content, however.

I suppose you refer to what I say in ‘Why I almost closed the comments section’. I also have a relatively serene and peaceful mind. I have not killed anyone to date (although it would be a shame if I died before the revolution breaks out).

But what I meant there rather has to do with the link of the degenerate vlogger Turd Flinging Monkey, about a milieu where false abundance predominates. Remember what I said on Thursday about a passage from George R.R. Martin’s novel A Game of Thrones: ‘Robert adds a phrase that I consider key to understanding the chasm that separates the three-eyed crow from the Americans: that in the south — that is, far south of Winterfell — all citizens are drunk and have become rich’.

If we compare it to our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, chimpanzees and bonobos, it was bonobo paradise in a specific area or El Congo that made the males feminise (‘drunk and have become rich’).

The West lives under a milieu of false abundance because the dollar will collapse and the US will fall into chaos. That will represent a golden opportunity to end the Empire of the yin and return once again to Yang normalcy in our species (given that Homo sapiens is a dimorphic species).

I have gotten the impression of the West as a giant toilet bowl, comparable to something like the Fall of the Eldar from the Warhammer 40k universe. Everyone in the West is being sucked into a giant black hole. The only question is where the event horizon lies. Might be in the middle of Poland, as the Atlas of Hate depicts it.


Regarding your latest entry on Tucker – whom are we supposed to feel hate towards? All I know is Schadenfreude. Thinking like an SS-man in 1945, it is glee to see Americans afraid of suffering. Christianity is the ultimate Vergeltungswaffe.

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