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Why I almost closed the comments section

Although at the moment the sticky post on my most recent compilation of texts is open for comments, I think I must continue to confess why I basically removed the comments section on the first day of the year.

In my previous post today, ‘Peruvian Hannibals Lecter’, I’ve mentioned Day of Wrath once again. Those who have assimilated the content of that book know what I mean by the concept of ‘psychoclasses’.

Well then: if I don’t want to waste any more time arguing with most of the visitors, it’s because we belong to very different psychoclasses. To me it’s obvious that, say, the massive rape of pubescent girls in Britain by migrants of colour is reason enough for the bloodiest revolution ever told. One of the few women who used to comment here spoke of Vlad the Impaler, Dracula, as the paradigm of how whites should behave. But they do exactly the opposite: even those who demonstrated on the Capitol.

Think for a moment about the gulf that separates the 15th century Vlad from today’s whites, including those on the racialised right (‘racialised right’ is the correct term: as we also saw recently the term ‘white nationalism’ is a misnomer).

Assuming a time warp, what dialogue could Vlad the Impaler have with a typical fellow of the racialised right? None, as today’s whites don’t behave like chimpanzees but like bonobos. And they do so because of a milieu of false abundance (search for that phrase in this text).

Now, remember that a couple of years ago one of my first cousins chimped-out: he killed his daughter and then hanged himself. That tragedy pales in comparison to the hell my sister and I endured long ago. As for me defending the English nymphets (remember the painting Daybreak) is the engine that originally moved me to create this site, we can already imagine how I would defend them.

What can Vlad Drăculea, one of the most important rulers in the history of Wallachia and a national hero of Romania, have in common with the folk who went to the Capitol? See for example what Kevin MacDonald published yesterday, ‘I was at the Washington, D.C. “Save America” rally’. Neither MacDonald nor the author of the most recent article on the same subject published on Counter-Currents would be able to defend their race with the methods that earned Vlad his reputation: so much so that centuries later his patronymic inspired the name of an arch-villainous character in pop culture.

I have often said that Americans are in happy mode. People like those who demonstrated in Washington are starting to transit to angry mode. Those who will defend their houses with guns against the chimp-out assault with the new administration will be in combat mode. But combat mode doesn’t overthrow the government. Due to my hellish past I’m already in killing mode (let’s wipe out all the enemies!), and have been in that stage for decades.

Some of the folk who have visited this site are much closer to the racialised right than to the bloodthirsty methods we need to reclaim the West. But due to the false milieu of western abundance after WWII, the blonde beast of yesteryear has been emasculated to the degree that even Pierce’s fiction doesn’t resonate in his mind.

I can’t keep talking to people who, from the viewpoint of my psychological Rubicon, are stuck between happy mode and angry mode. Today’s circumstances are even direr than those faced by the Romanian hero, as the very existence of the race is at stake, and I don’t see an adequate reaction, at least an internal leap to a more advanced psychoclass (‘internal’, as as charging against the enemy is premature for the moment).

So this site will remain virtually closed to comments until they transition to combat and killing modes, although by then we’ll have moved to the dark web or even regular mail, as the repression of free speech will be greater. (I hope next week my PO box will be ready to receive letters.)