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Racial right

From January 1st, 2021

what I said earlier this month will come into effect. I will take the drastic step of eliminating the comments section, although that doesn’t mean making it impossible for commenters to opine on this site. They will have to send me old-fashioned letters through regular mail commenting on what is said in a specific entry. If a comment comes from a priest of the fourteen words, I’ll scan it and use a text converter for the discussion threads.

Make no mistake: Very few commenters have reached the level of commitment of SS Germans to save their race from the ongoing program of white extermination throughout the West, and I’ve run out of patience to continue fooling around with those misnamed ‘white nationalists’ who, in fact, aren’t absolute fanatics of the fourteen words.

And remember that if WordPress takes down this site, the backup also appears in the link of my first line above.

3 replies on “From January 1st, 2021”

And by the way, white nationalism is neither.

A nation involves revolutionary violence to create it. And no one of the leading figures of so-called white nationalism talks about civil war even as a mere academic exercise, so that in the future those ideas are taken seriously.

WN isn’t white either. Unlike the American eugenicists of yore like Madison Grant or the SS Germans, white nationalists are too sensitive—let’s not hurt other people’s feelings!—to state openly who’s white.

At least we took the trouble to define who is white or mudblood in the appendix of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, which PDF can be opened from the sidebar.

Keep Fear to Yourself.

Share Courage with Others.

When I see commenters here saying that they

“have seen beyond the dreams of white revolution”,
or that “it’s irresponsible selfishness to bring children into this horrible world”,
or that “the North Koreans are doing it right”,
or that “Hitler should have left Poland alone”,

then you know it’s time to close shop for these cucks and just leave a sign with a mailing address “for true believers only”.

There’s enough defeatist subversive shit out there to drive a strong man into despair, and we don’t need it infecting this site.
I’m so glad I found this site, and that CT dedicates so much to it.

This blog is GROUND ZERO for Umwertung aller Wertes.

Well said. And by the way, I’ve just got back from the Post Office. The first week of January I’ll have a P.O. Box where commenters will have to address their comments. As soon as I have a specific number I’ll update the above entry and insert the box number.

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