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Who’s a priest?

Yesterday I said: ‘If a comment comes from a priest of the fourteen words, I’ll scan it and use a text converter for the discussion threads’. But what exactly is that priest?

Using Lane’s words, in this century we could say that the members of the SS were the true priests of the ‘fourteen words’. But since the evil gringos and the evil commies destroyed the Reich, and since unlike Weimar Germany it is practically illegal throughout the West for white advocates to associate publicly (just look at what happened in Charlottesville), I must define more precisely what this priest is than simply comparing him to the Germans of the last century.

A couple of articles I wrote for this site give us the idea: the first from 2015 and the second from 2019.

4 replies on “Who’s a priest?”

§ 1 of my first link above says that the priest:

sees all history and the world of ideas through the prism of Aryan preservation. It would be advisable if he becomes familiar with William Pierce’s Who We Are and the uttermost need to create the Aryan ecclesia.

Since I wrote that years before the GoT finale, I would currently put it another way:

It is imperative that the priest has Who We Are as the founding story of his race. Only from that story will it be possible to create the Aryan ecclesia.

In the entry you’ve linked, you referred to the reaction YouTuber Larissa Zeeuwe as a “white girl”. Is she, however? She immediately struck me as a Latina. But she says she’s Dutch… She must be one of those Dutch mudbloods mixed with the Indos! Look at her dark eyes. 8.6% of the population of the Netherlands are literal monkeys.

I’m sorry if this came out as too sad/defeatist. I actually tend to view it in a positive light, i.e., which countries ought to be incinerated.

A priest should have a detector for mudbloods, imo. Slavs, for one, have round faces, but at least their eyes are colourful and bright. Whereas these dark Latino/Austronesian/Turkish eyes are disgusting.


I have come back from a brief hiatus from the internet in celebration of Yule and to focus on my own self-improvement before the New Year, so please pardon my absence.

If you are going to close the comment section: Would you at least entertain the concept of a final AMA (i.e. “Ask Me Anything”) before you do so? Your new policy, while entirely understandable, would still greatly hinder discussion on this blog. Perhaps this would be a good time to “get it out of your system” per se? A temporary, final chance to field any misgivings or notions against the Fourteen Words that one might have?

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