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Exterminationism in warfare is an absolute necessity. However, as a general philosophy when the war is won, would not its continuance be a sign of weakness – that true power has not really been achieved?

Exterminating the primitive versions of humans is not a simple caprice. There is something profound behind such a philosophy.

In addition to On Exterminationism there are more reasons that I lay out in my final two books in Spanish.

Remember: in English I speak of the fourteen words and in my mother tongue of the four words. Both 4 and 14—ethics and aesthetics—lead to the ‘extermination of Neanderthals’: something I’ve been thinking about for decades.

Don’t you think that both you and the White Nationalists share one feature – a begrudging acceptance of homosexualism? For example, Greg Johnson has a website which you still refer to, albeit to criticise – such a course of actions would be utterly unthinkable in Saudi Arabia, Syria, hell, even Russia. This degenerate vermin would have been laughed out at best, executed in a court of law at worst. But to modern Americans, it seems like nothing out of the ordinary? Just grown up men fucking each other in the ass and sucking dicks. Nice! Should I be surprised, the president of the JewSA literally has a gay militia these days (the Proud Boys), and nobody, absolutely nobody bats an eye.

Where’s your fucking hate?

> ‘Don’t you think that both you and the White Nationalists share one feature – a begrudging acceptance of homosexualism?’

No. Please find a quote from me supporting such suspicion. I really, really feel disgusted by two adult males kissing each other in the street. If you refer to Greco-Roman pederasty, that was something different. Have you read my book Daybreak, especially its first essays?

> ‘Where’s your fucking hate?’

There are countless entries on this site where I criticise Greg Johnson for his apology for homosexuality. But those are old entries, posted long before you came to this site.

Regarding my hatred, there is something you should know.

It is an unfocused hatred. There are many degenerate groups within what in my soliloquies I call ‘Gomorrahites’. My hatred isn’t focused on a single group of degenerates. Rather, it is a hatred of all Gomorrahites, heterosexuals included. I am not only horrified by the homo acceptance in the West and now throughout Latin America. (In my private diaries I have written very harsh words about the same nephew who, when he was 6 years old, used to call me ‘Chechar’ precisely because now, although as an adolescent has a girlfriend, he has become an apologist for homo rights.)

Given that my loathing for Gomorrah is generic, in that it includes their music, their degenerate architecture (cf. Kenneth’s Clark first and last episodes of Civilisation), the crap that Gomorrahites see in movies, and even heterosexual promiscuity, I don’t see the point in focusing on just one aspect of Gomorrah, such as the idealisation of homosexuality in our days.

My hatred is fairly widespread. The entire Gomorrahite culture is degenerate, so a scorched-earth policy is necessary, like what the god of the Jews did with Sodom and Gomorrah.

Remember that I live in the largest Latin American metropolis. When I go out into the street I hardly ever see any homo. I see a swarm of brown Neanderthals. And for decades I have seen them. You can imagine how my mind was structured from that lifetime experience.

Why do Hyperborean Koreans have such an easy time? They may lead an unclouded life full of love of their race and hatred of foreigners – all without needing to repudiate their parents, or break off with the past…

My words will sound empty without seeing the glory of Juche for yourself, i.e., the Phuong DPRK channel. They recite hymns about the nuclear annihilation of the USA!

> “Under the fire of Mars (Hwasong), the White House will turn into a den of skeletons.”

I was already a small child when the Cuban missile crisis broke out, which came much closer to provoking a nuclear war than the threats from these Koreans. We need serious people, like the heroes in Piece’s novel who launched nuclear rockets at various nations, dealing a blow to the System from which it could never recover.

I’m curious as to who has critiqued you outside this website, as you have referenced in your latest entry “Chicken”. ThePuritySpiral seems to be dead, 4chan/4plebs dumb, VNN normie, Unz unfree.

Despite my general admiration for you, the only point I disagree with you on has been the 4 Words – I respect it, and would never ban you anywhere over it (if I had the power to), but I consider it useless idealism. Human Aryan must be reasonably selfish and forceful. And the only truth[, Savitri,] is victory.

If you indeed allow me to write even more, I will say that I view your hatred of the USSR as largely stemming from silly American propaganda (the Holodomor is a hoax spread by the race-traitor Turk-loving Little Russians). That is unfortunate. Even though I am no fan of the USSR, and would have chosen Hitlerism, America and its lies are a thousand times more abominable, and thus I prefer the materialist beauty of judenfrei 김정일화 (even their alphabet is not Semitic, unlike the Jewish letters I’m typing out here).

As someone educated in the Madrid School, founded by those commies who fled from Franco’s regime, for a long time I was an admirer of the URSS until I started reading Octavio Paz, the Nobel Prize of literature who lived in my neighborhood. The late Paz had nothing to do with yankee propaganda, and most college students hated him precisely because these stupid Mexicans loved Cuba and Nicaragua.

Adunai is a smart and excellent commenter, probably not British/american
Dr. Morales wishes you a wonderful and productive new year C.T. !

We are not chicken at all, Cesar. We are reluctant to engage with you because you make it so damn difficult. We’re fed up with having to navigate your hypersensitivity and constant mood swings. This will be the last time I speak to you. I knew you would eventually close the comments completely and seal yourself away like the Fuhrer himself, surrounded by a bunch of sycophantic yes-men. I shall use this opportunity to leave you a few questions to ponder while also saying everything I had refrained from saying in order to not offend your tyrannical passive-aggressive personality, which is quite frankly insufferable.

It’s easy (and incorrect) to accuse me of nihilism and to try palming off anti-natalism as symptomatic of civilizational decline. In this sense your worldview is quite insular, as it does not broaden its scope beyond the racial, whereas anti-natalism constitutes arguably the broadest scope from which one could possibly assess life. You still talk from the vantage point of having an investment in the future, that life is worth the kind of suffering described in Hellstorm, and that it is going somewhere and will reach a worthy destination. That’s a very big assumption, and one which, as we have seen, accounts for a tremendous amount of suffering. Do future generations of our people have an interest in coming into existence, or are they brought into existence to serve the interests and gratify the egos of those who already exist? The answer, as Professor David Benatar illustrates so eloquently in his book, will always be the latter.

Let’s take, for example, the Fuhrer. You portray him as this salt-of-the-earth figure and worship his every word, but I don’t. He claimed to have been fighting for the German people all his life, but in making the move that he knew would begin another war, he effectively signed a death warrant for over ten million German men, women and children. I’m well aware that the Allies were poised to start another world conflict for any trivial reason, but that really doesn’t matter in the context of what I’m talking about here. My point is that Hitler knew what the outcome would be, and he knew what would happen to his people if he lost, so why make the first move and be judged a villain? Why not wait for the Allies to provoke it instead? Then the world would not be able to turn on Germany. In the end he got to take the easy way out, at least in comparison to the millions of Germans who were forced to take the brunt of Allied atrocities in his absence. You sanctimoniously chastised me for my plan to end my life in a few years time, and yet your idol committed suicide. It is very telling that his priority in the last few days of his life was making sure that the children and elderly who were trying to escape Berlin were executed and hung from lamp posts with placards proclaiming their cowardice. It doesn’t seem to me that he truly cared for his people at all. On the contrary, they were secondary to his ego and ultimately expendable.

I began to ask myself whether this is where your virtues of stoicism and militarism inevitably lead us, and whether those in the Dissident Right today are motivated by the same egotistical impulses, concealed under a veneer of in-group altruism. As I say, they very quickly abandon the pretence of fighting to secure a future for white children when I argue that the world is not a suitable place to bring the children into. Much like you and the Fuhrer, they are more concerned with defeating our enemies and “winning” the game than they are with the welfare of our people. In this sense, you are a hypocrite of colossal proportions.

Finally, you worship this supposed Aryan race, an idea spawned from 19th century mysticism and historical misunderstandings, and yet it has apparently escaped your notice that authentic feminine beauty was virtually non-existent for all of human history, until finally making an appearance in the second quarter of the 20th century, thanks to the research of Konrad Lorenz. Greco-Roman depictions of the female form throughout classical antiquity have the same unpleasant features; a large nose, large chin, and a tiny mouth. These features do not correlate to femininity, either rationally or endocrinologically. On the contrary, they are masculine and aged. The artists of the Third Reich were also very poor at depicting femininity, with many propaganda posters depicting women with prominent noses, jaws and chins. In other words, their “Aryan” ideal was masculinized and quite horrendous, and a far cry from the paedomorphic beauties we adore today. The ugliness of the Greco-Roman face is as obvious as water being wet, and yet you have been taken in by all this Hellenic, Nordic, Germanic, Teutonic, Hyperborean lunacy. Bisexuality was common in Ancient Greece and Rome, so perhaps that explains why they idealised a mixed-gender aesthetic. Hardly the crown of evolution, is it? As I say, you are apparently blind to this and continue to worship it unquestioningly, as countless others throughout history have done. As I mentioned before, I am writing a book about this subject, which would no doubt leave you spluttering in indignation if you were ever to read it.

I would appreciate it if you could resist your reflexive impulse to spitefully block my comment like a petulant child, as you so often do. I have put effort into this and it’s my final statement to you. Alternatively, you could make it the subject of a blog post.

In keeping with your own pretentious use of German words like “weltanschuuang” – when you could just as easily say “worldview” or whatever the English equivalent is – I bid you auf wiedersehen, Herr Tort. I have chosen my fate, and you have chosen yours: to rot away in the confines of this obscure little echo chamber, consumed by your seething, impotent rage.

I knew you would eventually close the comments completely and seal yourself away like the Fuhrer himself…

Not completely, as those who will send me regular letters might find their place on this site.

…worship his [Hitler] every word…

False. I disagree with his take on Charlemagne, and I’ve many times referred to his invasion of the Soviet Union as an astronomic blunder.

You sanctimoniously chastised me for my plan to end my life in a few years time, and yet your idol committed suicide…

False analogy as he didn’t want that his dead body received the horrible treatment that Mussolini’s body suffered in Rome. In your case it’s simply cowardice before a tough life.

…when I argue that the world is not a suitable place to bring the children into.

It was precisely your anti-natalism that moved me to ban you in the first place. We need brave SS soldiers, priests of the 4 and the 14 words. Anti-natalism is for the worst generation ever since prehistory.

In this sense, you are a hypocrite of colossal proportions.

This and other comments of yours about Hitler make me think that you suffer from megalomania in psychologicis: you believe you know what’s in our hearts. I have criticised psychiatrists, psychoanalysts and clinical psychologists for suffering this kind of megalomania with their clients (see, e.g., what I have written about Freud, the Vienna quack).

Finally, you worship this supposed Aryan race, an idea spawned from 19th century mysticism.

You haven’t even read the major essays of this site. Evropa Soberana has demonstrated that the worship of the Aryan race started before Christianity.

…escaped your notice that authentic feminine beauty was virtually non-existent for all of human history.

Your IP is from the UK. Not long ago a young man from that island expressed exactly the same opinion here. I replied that it was not true. While sculpture reflected male beauty, ancient Roman painting reflected female beauty. But as the Christians destroyed virtually all of the painting what barely remained were the Roman (male) sculptures.

The ugliness of the Greco-Roman face is as obvious as water being wet, and yet you have been taken in by all this Hellenic, Nordic, Germanic, Teutonic, Hyperborean lunacy.

Wow! Usually, only the Semites talk like that about classical art. This alone is a perfect portrait of your spirit, even if you aren’t a Semite.

Bisexuality was common in Ancient Greece and Rome, so perhaps that explains why they idealised a mixed-gender aesthetic. Hardly the crown of evolution, is it? As I say, you are apparently blind to this and continue to worship it unquestioningly, as countless others throughout history have done.

As I said above, you are unfamiliar with the main essays of this site, as I approached that very subject in one of my old essays that I chose for one of my recently published books.

I would appreciate it if you could resist your reflexive impulse to spitefully block my comment like a petulant child, as you so often do.

I’ll leave other commenters to opine about who’s the child in the room…

please let Dr. Morales make a question. Why do you consider Spaniards like yourself as mudbloods? They have one of the highest rates of Celtic R1b haplogroup (70%) in the all of Europe, only the British Isles have something similar.
They have some haplogroups typical of the Middle East but every nation also has, including Norway and Sweden.
Hitler’s family haplogroup was genotested and it showed the E1b1b haplogroup, typical of the Middle East.
You should study genetics, sir.

I don’t care about bloody Charlemagne. Can you never resist going off on your Christianity tangent? Or if it’s not that then it’s the psychiatry thing. It’s damned annoying. And for the record, it’s not difficult to know what people think and how people think. I dare say we understand the mindset of liberals, for instance, more so than they understand it themselves.

It’s not a false analogy. He would rather die than be captured, mutilated and desecrated, in much the same way as I would rather die than go on living with the indignity of my illness. The only difference, of course, is that I didn’t get millions of my own people killed first.

Again, you demonstrate the blind veneration of life characteristic of your lifecuck fertility cult. I do not believe you care at all for any of the Germans who perished under the most horrific circumstances imaginable. If you did, you would reconsider and re-evaluate human life. You didn’t address what I said about Hitler’s contempt for his own people. I didn’t expect you would. You just keep bringing up Christianity, which doesn’t have anything to do with what I was talking about. As I say, our people are expendable to you. You keep talking like you’re an SS member on the front line of battle but it just sounds pathetic. You sound robotic, like all your responses are being formulated by the same macho algorithm. We’re not living in a Game of Thrones episode, and that was a mediocre TV show, by the way. It’s sad that you take inspiration from that garbage.

Because I’m the same man, Cesar. I would have thought that would have been obvious by now. Incidentally, the statues I refer to, with the ugly protuberant facial features reminiscent of a man or an old crone, are obviously meant to be female since they have breasts. It’s a decidedly unisex look, and the only indication as to the sex of the statues are the bodies. Obviously the males have muscles and the females have breasts, but their faces share the same unpleasant features that are tilted heavily in the masculine/aged direction. You haven’t addressed what a said about Third Reich depictions of women either, which suffer from the same embarrassingly obvious flaws.

I think a lot of what I try to convey to you gets lost in translation. Read Benatar’s book or don’t. It’s your choice, but stop talking like you’re in the Volkssturm. It just sounds forced and ridiculous. And please don’t reply with some scripted crap about becoming Castilian werewolves or Viking berserkers or whatever. You just sound nuts and it’s not relevant to anything I’ve said, so spare me the propaganda.

As I said on the other thread, although I invited banned commenters here, it doesn’t mean that I’m obliged to respond, point by point, to everything that a troll throws at me. But I’ll nonetheless respond to a couple of your sentences:

I do not believe you care at all for any of the Germans who perished under the most horrific circumstances… As I say, our people are expendable to you.

Megalomania in psychologicis because you really don’t know my actual feelings about the martyred Germans.

Because I’m the same man, Cesar. I would have thought that would have been obvious by now.

Only until tonight I suspected you were the banned commenter Simon Elliot, who once was sure I was homosexual for the reasons explained in my post ‘On banning feminists’. So you are admitting that ‘Autisticus Spasticus’ is Simon Elliot?

Commenter Simon Elliot

Yes, that is me, and I will say that the fact that you remember every minute interaction on your blog is creepy. But I will explain to you how I deduct my conclusion that you don’t genuinely care about the Germans who died. First, I would like you to reflect on just one example of the terrible price at which the continuation of civilization comes. There was a time, until relatively recently in the grand scheme of things, when people were quite routinely buried alive. Historians and doctors prefer to downplay this, but there are reliable accounts which prove beyond any doubt that this nightmarish fate did indeed occur, and would even befall children. One case I recall concerned a teenage girl in the 1880s who was buried and then exhumed a few days later. Her burial shroud was torn to shreds, there was significant damage to the interior of the casket, her fingernails had ripped away, chunks of her hair had been torn out, and her face was contorted into an expression of unimaginable terror. Although rare, there are also accounts concerning pregnant women being exhumed, wherein they were discovered to have apparently given birth inside the coffin after having awoken to find themselves buried alive.

Now, you might say that our medical knowledge has improved to the extent that such horrific occurrences are practically inconceivable today, but everyone who condones life and partakes in the veneration and continuation of it are implicitly endorsing the suffering of prior generations, the unspoken assumption being that what they went through was somehow worth it in order to have reached the point we are at now. As such, the security and improved living conditions of future generations will always be contingent upon the suffering of past and current generations, and I do not believe this is ever an acceptable price to pay, as there is no need to create those future generations. Suffering of the kind I have described, let alone the Hellstorm of over ten million Germans, is *never* a worthy price to pay to continue this farce. That girl’s life in the 1880s, the lives of all those Germans, and my life today are among countless stepping stones that have been laid down to reach a mirage of utopia in the far distant future. Future generations are perched atop a pyramid of prior generations who suffered indescribably, and the suffering of one generation is not an acceptable price to ensure the existence of the next generation, because the next generation does not yet exist and as such has no interest in coming into existence. It is, as Benatar says, a procreational Ponzi scheme.

This book (I have provided a link) is a work of philosophical fiction that uses a thought experiment to illustrate the point I’m trying to make about the unacceptability of allowing others to suffer terribly for our benefit, or worse still, the benefit of those who do not even exist yet and need not be created. Please follow the link and read the synopsis before continuing.


In this case the tortured child in the heart of the city would represent all the tortured Germans who died horrendously, and I would be one of those who walks away from Omelas. You, on the other hand, would be one of those who chooses to remain in the city. Do you understand this analogy?

Where could I get the book if/when you are finished? I greatly enjoyed reading your posts. Even though I honestly agree with César here, just for different reasons. César might respond that the suffering of new Aryan generations would be worth it if they helped to stop the suffering of animals at the hands of non-Aryans and Aryan Neanderthals. (Whereas I would merely state that natalists will win, no matter how cruel, and that a higher psychoclass does not guarantee an evolutionary advantage.)

Simon Elliot is right that a single case of those victims—and there are quite a few (I remember a famous Mexican who was buried alive)—warrants that someone of us becomes the Night King (NK), desiring to exterminate the entire human race for being so infinitely and astronomically stupid.

But what visitors don’t quite understand is that my philosophy of the 4 words has been precisely designed to end those true hells once and for all, something like the unlikely symbiosis of 99 percent of the NK with one percent of Bran the Broken.

It is a pity that these types of ideas cannot be fully expressed in blog posts, only in my untranslated books. But someone could start with the translated ones and pray for a sponsor so wealthy that he can pay for the translations in the future…

Which book are you talking about? The book I’m writing about the absence of female beauty in classical antiquity? It’s at around 25,000 words as of now, and it’s still not finished. Several thousand words might get taken out in the editing phase, though. If you mean the book in the link I provided, well that book was released in 1973, so you can easily buy it. If you are talking about Benatar’s book, Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming Into Existence, that was released in 2006 and you can buy it. He also wrote The Human Predicament, which was released in 2017. I would advise you to read both of his books together.

The belief that all life should go extinct, not just humans, is known as efilism. It’s more extreme and considerably more impractical than anti-natalism. Benatar himself is a vegan, but I’m not. He has said that you don’t necessarily have to be a vegan or vegetarian in order to be an anti-natalist, though.

@Autisticus Spasticus
Funny. You are arguing as if your ideas has a right to life here on earth, but life itself has not.

You criticise Christianity as being fundamentally Jewish but have you considered it may be even more pagan: Jesus Christ follows the trajectory of the dying and rising god as seen in much pagan mythology? Christianity is also polytheistic, as is paganism, in its trinitarian theology. If we take the essential feature if Judaism as monotheism, it could be questioned how Jewish is Judaism as that started as a polytheistic cult.

You catalogue the crimes if Christianity but, without trying to excuse them, have you not considered that all civilisations are built on crime? After all even the pure ethic state will hardly being achieved asking our coloured cousins if they would kindly take a one-way ticket back to wherever they came from and hoping that they will oblige.

I’ll respond to your first paragraph. It’s true that there’s a lot of non-Judaic stuff in Christianity. But my main concern is that the Christian Bible vindicates the Jews as a legit ethnic people (Old Testament) and preaches exactly the opposite, universalism, to us goyim (New Testament).

Are you familiar with the germane essays in The Fair Race (PDF link on the sidebar)?

Efilism (“life” spelled backwards) is a term coined by the anti-natalist youtuber Inmendham. You can look him up on youtube. He can be a bit obnoxious and cranky sometimes. This is one of his shorter videos (uploaded by somebody else) where he talks about the horror of evolution and efilism being a response to that horror:

I wanted to ask, once you remove the ability to comment on this site, will you still be reading emails sent to you?

Here is a link to a blog post which describes efilism:

@Autisticus I don’t agree with anything that you said.
None of what you’re saying comes from a sane mind.
I don’t think anyone with a strong healthy body would be believing all this end-all-life stuff.
I think you’re fixated on death because you’re dying slowly.
But Misery loves company, so here you are, in the wrong blog.
This is a blog for “lifecucks”, who are pro-extermination of 90-99% of Humans, not for 100% of All Life.

There is nothing Man can do to stop Life. Not even all the nuclear bombs and all nanomachines can end Life. It would just reset the clock.

In your situation, I would rather go out with a BANG, instead of fading away into oblivion.

Carpe diem, Deathcuck.

I’m not sure whether this is appropriate to discuss among one another, but if C.T. doesn’t mind…

1. What Simon Elliot is saying has an inherent logic to it. Calling it sick mind is unconstructive. The issue for a racist is to accept life (Nietzsche), racism (Darwin) or the 4 Words (Tort) despite the logic of anti-natalism. This conundrum is what I have been comparing to “becoming a theist again”, after seeing a religion for the sham it is. What I’m doing is trying to defend before Nature the right to exist of a person who is aware of the futility of life. That such knowledge can be tamed and be part of the future.

2. We are all dying slowly. No difference.

3. Logically justifying the choice to live and fight is fun. This is why such ideologies have never offended me. Internalizing the diversity of the highest heights and the lowest depths to be prepared.

I might be so bold to suggest that you extended your ultimatum, for e.g. a week or a month, since your various interlocutors and critics on other websites might not have been made aware of your invitation. Or maybe you’ve made sure if that.

I misjudged the time myself and didn’t realise until now that I only have some 15 minutes left.

So I suppose this must be my last comment even though I might have come up with quite a few questions if I’d had enough time.

Here’s the one that I might settle on:

How do you reconcile your support of the vaccination industry with your ideology of the 4/14 words?

Given the correlation with the vaccination schedule and physical degeneration of the population, and the fact that vaccination is tantamount to child sacrifice*, which you’ve written so much about and present as one of your main criticisms of non-whites and historical white Neanderthals.

This also relates to your post on Scott Peck. Your refusal to look at the vaccination issue objectively, including by invoking circular reasoning, is a prime example of the militant ignorance you discuss as definitive of evil.

*It is admitted that X number of children lose their lives or are greivously injured from routine vaccination, and it’s justified as being for the greater good, because a greater number of lives are speculated (with very weak evidence) to be saved than are taken due to routine vaccination.

Are you really oblivious to how this ideology correlates to that of child/human sacrificing cultures of the past? Are you unable to speculate that vaccination might be a form of ritual child abuse?


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