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Ethnic cleansing Transvaluation of all values William Pierce

A priest of the 14 words—

§ 1. sees all history and the world of ideas through the prism of Aryan preservation. It would be advisable if he becomes familiar with William Pierce’s Who We Are and the uttermost need to create the Aryan ecclesia;

§ 2. like Hitler, the priest of the fourteen words is aware of the Christian problem, the Jewish problem and does not worship Mammon;

§ 3. dreams about a 4th Reich, which means expelling all non-whites from the Reich independently of the cost of human lives that the implementation of such project would require.

10 replies on “A priest of the 14 words—”

The 14 words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”

I consider the 14 words as fatally flawed, because I reject the word “white” as a descriptor for us (those of pure European ancestry). I am not a color.

My chosen words are directed at young people, when Eros is the dialectic force. A Nobel laureate poet said that in profane love, after the red flame consumes itself then comes the blue flame: love for your family.

I fancy my chosen 14 as the red flame that, once the white young man is properly married and has formed a decent family, the other 14 that you mention—the “blue flame”—take over our mentality later in life.

This is wonderful, and should be shared. Thank you.

The proper name for the “White” Race is “Caucasian”. I don’t know why we can’t simply go with that. To call ourselves something other than what we are : That’s like the jews and the blacks who hate it when you call them jews and blacks. One has to walk on eggs with them as they refuse to be known by their proper names, jews and negroes.

This whole thing about calling ourselves “Whites” instead of calling ourselves by our proper designation/name is so jew /so niggerish to me. “Aryan”is better, but not all Caucasians — “Whites” — are Aryans. So by calling ourselves “Aryans” we are leaving out a lot of Caucasians/”Whites”. We ostracize them. Why can’t we simply go with “Caucasian”? That covers ALL us “Whites”. “Caucasian” has always been the proper term for us “Whites”anyway, so I don’t know what the problem is.

Caucasian includes Semites; Aryan traditionally excludes Hungarians, Finns, and other Whites who don’t speak an Indo-European-derived language (though I don’t see why we can’t redefine it to suit ourselves); and White — as defined by the media and the regime in Washington — includes Semites and sometimes Mestizos.

“White” and “Whiteness” have the great advantages, though, of 1) being poetically beautiful concepts as well as colors and racial designations, and 2) being widely understood by the general population in more or less the way we’d like them to be understood.

The fourteen words are unchangeable and immutable. Replacing White with Aryan is not allowed.

To me, the idea that the 14 Words are flawed is ridiculous.

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