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Hellstorm Holocaust Sponsor Thomas Goodrich

The Hellstorm Project

by Tom Goodrich

Back in 2010 my book, Hellstorm: the Death of Nazi Germany 1944-1947, was released. It was a great day. For the previous fifteen years I had tried to find a publisher for this book which dared describe the Allied crimes against the German people during and after the Second World War, but was unsuccessful. Thus, when a small publisher in Colorado finally accepted the book and published a very professional volume, I was overjoyed. Unfortunately, for well over a year after that, the book passed absolutely unnoticed by the public. Former radio and TV reviewers that I had counted on to help publicize the book were nowhere to be seen for this controversial look at the Second World War. And then, two events occurred that not only turned the book around, but changed my life, as well.

The first was a review of the book that appeared on the Counter-Currents website. This review by J. A. Sexton was as dramatic, horrifying and heart-breaking as the book itself. This emotional book review quickly spread to other websites, giving the book a mighty lift among white nationals in particular and history lovers, in general.

One website where the review was reprinted was The West’s Darkest Hour. This beautiful and passionate website was one of those rare stops in the cyber highway that not only draws the reader in, but soon becomes mesmerizing. Very quickly I noted that the webmaster and leading spirit of the website was a man named Cesar Tort. Clearly, the Sexton review had a profound impact on Cesar. Soon, we began corresponding.

Very quickly Cesar saw the potential for the book. Almost immediately he projected his vision for this “earth-shaking” book, as he called it. His dream was to immediately take the book to the masses via You Tube and other social media. Unfortunately, the money was never there… for either of us.

Now to the point: This is my personal appeal for you to help us launch the Hellstorm Project. Cesar’s goal in life, my goal in life, and hopefully your goal in life, is to free this world we call home from the Jewish slavery it now finds itself in for these past hundred years. Cesar believes, with my book as his sword, that he can do it. And I believe Cesar can do it as well. Anyone who knows Cesar knows that he is tireless, indefatigable and simply refuses to give up. Read any of his words on The West’s Darkest Hour and that determination to free this world of the evil which now enslaves it becomes instantly clear.

The grim facts about the Hellstorm Holocaust committed on unarmed Germans, the best-kept secret of modern history, must reach the peoples of all western nations. To reach them we must keep in mind that the printed word is not as powerful as oratory. See for example this video filmed by our opponents, the conservatives.


In order to make a series of professional interviews exposing the true Holocaust, a series we may call “The Hellstorm Project,” we need your help. Non-tax-deductible donations can be made via PayPal or by sending to the author of the book a check or a money order.

Help us to free the western world from the current narrative about the Second World War—the guilt narrative that is killing us!

Tom Goodrich
7001 Pinewood Lane
Punta Gorda, Fl
33982 USA

P.S. You can get a copy of Hellstorm from the author by sending $20, postage included if in the US or $25 if in Canada or abroad (Contact: [email protected]). PayPal donations go directly to Cesar and his ground-breaking project.

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7 replies on “The Hellstorm Project”

Thanks for reblogging. Just for the record, the paragraph that starts with “The grim facts…” which continues after the photo was written by me. Tom allowed it to be included in his article.

What I have in mind is the Crossfire TV series of the late 1980s that I used to watch in California when Pat Buchanan advocated the conservative side (again, he’s not one of us but the format of the series may give you the idea).

With due resources we could do it once a month with the first programs about the Hellstorm Holocaust and then pass on to other racial-related subjects.

Patrick Buchanan has points of view which are similar to yours. He does have some racialist opinions. Patrick Buchanan also wrote some world war revisionism in “Hitler, Churchill and the Unnecessary War”. He is not perfect, but as one great French politician and philosopher Adolphe Thiers once said in XIX century: “Vote or support that politician who is of all least bad”.

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