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Letter from Manu

Dear Chechar,

Thanks for translating and including my post on your blog. I am attaching a post I wrote last year which may also be of interest. You can include it on your blog if you find it interesting.

There I mention my concern about so little followers and websites related to our cause, the Aryan cause. We do not have but a few thousand followers, both in Europe and in other Western countries. We lack powerful media resources; we need spreading the message massively and time is short. And let’s not talk about the bad press we have everywhere.

Another problem is the lack of unity. We do not have a clear and unified ideology. Our groups have to exclude all the Christians and pro-Jewish (or Hinduists or Buddhists). We should pursue a purely ideological Aryan and spiritual purity.

I recently read a couple of articles on Christianity by Pierce in Counter-Currents. In discussing these, Pierce had Christianity and white nationalism as mutually exclusive. I absolutely agree with this. Pierce said:

We need ethics; we need values and standards; we need a world view. And if one wants to call all of these things together a religion, then we need a religion. One might choose instead, however, to call them a philosophy of life. Whatever we call it, it must come from our own race soul; it must be an expression of the innate Aryan nature. And it must be conducive to our mission of racial progress.

But we do not need a new religion; only to be aware of our pre-Christian cultures. We must recover such cultures to educate our children according to the varied heritage that these cultures represent. I think of the Edda, of the Mabinogion; in Homer and Virgil—not to mention our tragedians, our poets, our philosophers… We must extract that immensely rich heritage and moral maxims.

We also need temples, enclosures for re-connection as I call them. An ever living fire in these areas will suffice. We need places where we can gather and remember our stories: readings of texts, commentaries, discussion panels and more. Something collective and social; religious and cultural centers where our people may have psychological or spiritual support, or get truthful information about our ancestors, or the incidents of our history. We need dividing the year with special celebrations related to happy or tragic milestones of our past: the Christianization and the Islamization of our peoples, for example; with our own calendars of saint’s day (our heroes and those most representative). We need to retrieve the Greek, Roman, Celt, German and other names…

That is, to do what we could not do: having our own history because our history was usurped by the Christian clergy. We only had a Christian history.

This I take from my post “The sublime Indo-European heritage”:

Christianized or Islamized peoples have been deprived of our history, deprived of the natural evolution of our traditions. Our own future has been usurped. We have had a imposed history, Christian or Muslim. These ideologies have led our literary, architectural, scientific, philosophical, and musical creations. For centuries the themes of Biblical or Koranic characters have filled our literature, our architecture (temples dedicated to foreign gods), our music… In our European Middle Ages, for example, you won’t find on the windows, walls, cathedrals, or mosques our historical or legendary characters; our thinkers or the milestones of our history. Those are not, therefore, places of worship for ancient Europeans, but for Christians or Muslims.

For hundreds of years our cultural genius was forced to speak in alien terms for our being. Think of the literature, the music or the architecture we would have had if we had not been dominated by a foreign ideology or culture; if we had remained Persians, Greeks, Germans, Slavs…

In short, we need to create the Aryan community (ecclesia), which, for the above circumstances, we never had. The Aryan ecclesias need to thrive in our towns and cities. Our “priests” (for lack of a better word) are not experts in theology but in history, anthropology and Indo-European linguistics… They must be skilled in the various Indo-European traditions.

It is obvious that such bonding and religious centers will only be for the Aryans. The rest of the peoples or races are excluded. This won’t be a universal ideology, but an ethnic one.

I could comment more, but let us leave it here.


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A beautiful post, and the beginnings of a plan. I would only add that we need to wrest away from our governments the education of our children (until such time as we have our own Aryan country and our own Aryan government), to install an educational system that will perpetuate OUR culture, mores, and history, and which will safeguard and train the minds of our children to value thinking and analytical skills above mere physical training and sports.

To this end I hope that we never forget that our enemies found the path to the destruction of our culture via “the long march through our cultural and educational institutions”. The two main tools that were used against us were the media and our schools. They are mere propaganda machines- tools for indoctrination.

The god who breaks out and released. For friends [“The God who unleashes and liberates”].

Manu Rodriguez. From Europe (22/09/12).


I have some worries about defining ourselves as Aryan or Indo-European. Do we really want labels that exclude Basques, Finns and Hungarians, while including Sinhalese and Bengalis? Wouldn’t the simple term ‘European’ be better, or even just ‘white’?

When the Traditionalists and Nazis talk about “Aryans” they’re referring to a (supposed) much older population than the Indo-Europeans or Indo-Aryans that archaeologists and linguists are talking about. The first Aryans lived in the arctic and left at the end of the ice age well over 10,000 years ago, before the PIEs come on to the scene archaeologically. Their existence is myth-based, and every European civilization (at least; frequently places like Egypt and Sumer are included as well) is partially descended from them.

In other words their Aryans are closer to a race of demigods than the Indo-Europeans archeologists are concerned with. The people they call Aryans today are their supposed descendants, the White race of Europe, including Celts and so forth.

You don’t have to literally believe in the myth to use the term of course, any more than you have to believe in Noah’s Ark to call people Semites.

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