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Christianity on the dock

In a recent thread on The Occidental Observer Jack Frost commented:

Very interesting talk by the professor referenced above. One thing that stood out for me was how, while he did spend a lot of time discussing Puritans and their universalistic outlook, he avoided the “C” word (Christianity) entirely. I’m with Sunic on this, and would even go him one better. I would venture to say you can’t hope to understand the origins of this white pathology without a full analysis of the way Christianity has shaped the culture of the West. Attempts to locate the source of the pathology in prehistoric times, as a response to severe environmental conditions, fail for at least a couple of reasons.

For one thing, if that were the case, wouldn’t individualism and pathological altruism also be found at similar latitudes all over the world? It isn’t. As KMD [Kevin MacDonald] himself acknowledges, whites were the only ones to develop in this way. Also, if the origins of individualism and pathological altruism were really that ancient, why didn’t it manifest itself in classical times?

Pre-Christian Roman society was decidedly un-altruistic, and un-empathetic. You can scour the history books all you want, and you will find no mention of Roman charity missions to help foreigners. They wouldn’t have understood that idea at all. Foreigners were taken to be useful as slaves and made into tributaries, but little else. Those who didn’t cooperate were put to the sword. And empathy? Forget it! The Romans were expert torturers and considered death an entertainment. On a typical weekend they’d watch gladiators hack each other to pieces just for fun! The excruciating and prolonged death by crucifixion was a Roman specialty of which they made frequent use. After the failed revolt of Spartacus they crucified the surviving rebels along a 300 mile stretch of roadway, about one every hundred yards or so. The bodies were left to rot, as a lesson to the rest.

All of this changed eventually only with the coming of Christianity. It is Christianity, in its manifold forms, and especially, in its cultural residue, which influences and shapes the perceptions of even non-believers, that is the source of the racial egalitarianism and philo-Semitism that rules modern life.

Christianity has even reshaped our genetics, as KMD has documented elsewhere in his paper that dealt with outbreeding as a policy promoted by the Catholic Church. Over time, it has become, in effect, a fully metastasized cultural and genetic cancer that has changed who we are.

There’s a tendency in our circles to think of Christianity as either completely good or completely bad. I would put forth the proposition—mind-blowing to some, no doubt—that it has both good and bad points; that as a means to an end it once offered advantages with respect to some ends, but that those advantages were obtained only at a tremendous cost. The consignment of the white race to oblivion may well be one such cost.

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For your interest, Tom Sunic posted a couple of posts there:

Thanks for starting up this subject. The same Swedish white guilt scenario is having its replica now all over EU chancelleries and ministries. The other day at the Brussels summit EU leaders agreed on “a joint effort to solve the humanitarian catastrophe,” following the African migrants drowning off the coast of Africa. Now all EU leaders are in the process of outbidding each other with lachrymal effusions, each promising big help, thus enticing more and more Africans to try their luck. A small very Catholic, very conservative Croatia, with its four million inhabitants, still a rare white enclave in the EU, sent yesterday a military frigate with a medical team to help those about to drown. (Many homeless and unemployed Whites in Croatia and elsewhere in the EU and the USA would be happy to receive such a first class maritime treatment.) The answer for such a mimicked Samaritan EU stint is obvious: it is considered a mortal sin in any EU country to be publicly branded with a shut-up word “fascism” and “racism.” The Merchant, the Commissar, the Cleric have all finally become part of this new multikulti Holy alliance.

EU white leftist MEPs, such as the good looking Swedish lady Cecilia Wikström, posturing now with the standard masochistic white antifa mea culpa, are not the only ones to be blamed. The Catholic Church has been for decades the ringleader in its public outcry over African migrants. Pope Francis with his incessant transracial homilies surpasses even the loudest leftist deputy in the German or French Parliament. The problem of immigration resides not at all at the institutional level of the Church. Rather it is the age-long ecumenical-multicolor Christian call to all races that lies at the very heart of the Christian Vulgate. We have to look at the Levantine Christian root causes of the unfolding cataclysm in Europe and the USA before rehashing its secular leftist side effects.

Kevin MacDonald: The issue of Christianity vs. non-European immigration is a tricky subject—starting with our Catholic relatives and colleagues both here in the EU and the USA. But we need to make an effort and look dispassionately at this matter. I have more troubles listening to multicultural sermons on “good Mexican illegal immigrants” by Cardinal Dolan in NY, or local bishops here in Europe, than watching Femen nudes. At least the Femen and their leftist acolytes are more explicit and therefore better visible as negative heralds of multiracialism and transgenderism.

We can endlessly argue about whether Christianity was more racially oriented in the medieval times in Europe and prior to the Second Vatican Council in 1965, or whether the Church is becoming today more transracially oriented due to its inherent dogma of equality of all souls. The fact is that the very teaching of Christianity excludes ethnic separatism—unlike ethnocentric Judaism.

St Paul (aka Saul), after converting to Christianity, in his Epistle to the Galatians 3:28 said those famed words we all know by heart now: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” How can then today any devout white Christian nationalist weaponize himself against floods of non-European immigrants when his own belief system contradicts his fears of non-European immigration in the first place? This is particularly true in the USA where the majority of immigrants are pious Catholic mestizos from Latin America. Of course, one can conveniently resort to anti-Muslim name calling, as many nationalists in Europe do, the reason being that they can more easily substitute the expression of “non-European immigration” with the word “Islam.” The vast majority of immigrants entering the EU are non-European, non-White Muslims.

The otherwise staunch anticommunist Pope Pius XI, did not hesitate in 1938 to draft a very strong encyclical disparaging all racial theories on differences between peoples and races. This theme merits a separate annotated piece of mine. Will do eventually.

Surely, we take Charles Martel and Charlemagne as our white icons who saved Europe from Islamic threat in the 8th ct. But Martel and Charlemagne were equally diligent to carry out, further to the east, mass killings and ethnic cleansings of pagan Frisians, Wends, Saxons, Pannonian Croats, etc., depleting substantially the European gene pool. St Boniface and hosts of other Martel-imported English and Irish missionary zealots into German lands of that time, were often viewed by German civilians during the Anglo-American aerial firebombing from 1940to 1945, as transposed imagery of earlier Charlemagne’s conversion exploits.

It is an error to assume that that Marxist Jews of the so-called Frankfurt School were the sole factor in intellectual brainwashing of Europe after 1945 to this day. Truckloads and planeloads of new democratic Bonifaces, i.e. many US evangelicals and Quakers and other Bible zealots were sent to Europe by President Trumann in order to spread the sacred word of democracy. Multiracial admixture via the Mediterranean now is just another cog in the transracial wheel largely abetted by all Christian denominations.

The Christian churches are often force to “move with the spirit of the times” in order to adjust to the dominant political environment. Which now means accepting the dominant consesus of political correctness, tolerance and multiculturalism. Catholic Church has only a fragment of the power it once had. Once upon a time the Catholic Church supported Mussolini, Franco and Salazar and their nationalistic and traditionalist governments. It is not the duty of the Catholic Church to get involved in politics. Saving the various white ethnic groups is the duty of secular nationalist politicians and intellectuals first and foremost.

Those regimes you mention (Franco et al) were not racists. You can even expel Jews and Muslims in late 15th century as Iberians did and still be committing ethnic suicide—as they did the next century.

Another question is, Why was it only after 1945 that the terminal suicidal symptoms of Christianity appeared full-blown? Before WW2, the White race had dominion over the whole earth. The Romans didn’t manage that. It’s like in 1945 the White race subconsciously knew they could continue on as racist Nazis, or commit suicide like good Christians, and consequently chose suicide.

I deleted my previous comment because I now believe that you are on a more profounder track than what I previously thought. When I visited England last year I could not understand why English males didn’t seem to feel the level of hatred and dismay I felt when watching white women with monkey partners on the streets, not even at the London Forum meeting. Something mysterious has happened to the white psyche that is missing in my analysis.

Yes Cesar! I must admit I found your previous response to be slightly disappointing, I’m glad you now think I’m “on a more profounder track than you previously thought”. I believe the White psyche or collective White unconscious changed overnight in 1942 when Nazi Germany began to lose WW2. That’s not a fixed opinion. Just a speculation. It is like the White race collectively chose to commit suicide at that point, and everything since late 1942 has been intentionally downhill for the White race.

I agree the White race had deep problems (the witches brew) before 1942, but none of those problems had threatened the survival of the White race as a whole up to that point. It’s like the witches brew that had built up over millennia exploded into action after Nazi Germany lost the war. For example, although individual White civilizations had committed suicide in the past, the race as a whole had never attempted suicide from what I can tell.

Yes, the White psyche has been altered dramatically over a very short space of time. All White males, even racist White prison gangs in America that are not Christians by any stretch, are retreating and have become very passive. ?

Do you seriously believe that the Roman Catholic Church is a Christian institution?

As for St. Paul; what he said may have a certain spiritual truth about it, but it in no way confers on any dark-skinned or non-White human being(insult alert) any right to migrate to Europe.

I believe the the European Union has a deliberate policy of replacing White Europeans with mulattos, for their own nefarious political reasons and irrational deranged and deracinated leftists are their intellectual cannon fodder that they use to promote this anti-European agenda. Should this agenda ever be realised; the Euro elites will then discard their leftist tools and lock them out of their promised workers paradise.

White Europeans have been brought up to believe that they have rights and these notions are a inconvenience and a hindrance to the neo-feudalists behind the European Project; so White Europeans have to go, so that the Euro-elites can lord it(as they so fondly imagine) over their new mud-coloured helots; whose primitive minds cannot really grasp or understand the concept of rights. Did you ever think of that: that the real objective of the European Union is the re-imposition of the feudal society that the European nations escaped from with the Enlightenment? To me, that’s where I see it headed.

Finally, you must understand that there are two kinds of leftists; the inner cadre who know that the socialist leftie ideals that they preach are totally bogus and the stupid true believers(aka useful idiots in commiespeak) who swallow it whole.

Yes: the Catholic Church is a Christian institution (see my Christmas post: here). I’ll tell you what I tell the other Christians who visit this blog: read the section on Christianity in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, linked on the sidebar, before commenting.

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