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Indo-European heritage Philosophy of history Who We Are (book) William Pierce

Pierce’s book

Who We Are


Nordic invasion precedes rise of Classical Civilization

White suicide since Ancient Greece

Extermination or Expulsion?

Aryans and mongrels

Alexander the “Great”

Lost Opportunity

The real Latins

Non-white immigration in Ancient Rome

White Suicide since Ancient Rome

Romans and Celts

Caesar’s Conquest of Gaul

Germanic People and the Romans (1)

Germanic People and the Romans (2)

Germanic People and the Romans (3)

Whites under Attila the Hun

Germanic People and the Romans (4):
Christianity spreads

The toll of Judeo-Christianity

For the complete text of Pierce’s book, click: here. There’s another complete version of it: here, in several different formats.

5 replies on “Pierce’s book”

I’d suggest this as basic reading before going anywhere else. Perhaps, with each title linked to other issues for deeper reading.

In the end, how about practical solution to end these millennial stupidities?

Several things, I have in mind:
1) becoming citizen in one of the countries in South East Asia, you can do that just buy the property. Why SEA because it is cheap and corrupt and lot of opportunity to move up in the society.
2) bring in some selected women, either by force or trick. Lots of young persons choose SEA as their graduation holiday destination.
3) use Nobel Prize winners’ sperms to start up this quality community.
4) infiltrate the host country through politics.
5) fill the elite class with people from community, these would be the vanguards of the community, just like the Zionist Jews. Steer country politics for the benefit of the community.
6) the reproduction rate must be maintained at 10 children per family, no external manpower used, no external visitation is possible.
7) the mission of Nordic ethnostate will be accomplished in 50 or 100 years, which is very fast, while the host now has become minority.

Imagine having your own army with the state’s budget, issuing passport, and possibility to educate the youths without the Big Brother snooping at you.

And where exactly, may I ask, does one pick up “Nobel Prize” “winning” “sperm”? Yeah sure, a real “practical” solution, lol.
“Honey, I’m going to Walmart now to pick up some Nobel Prize winner’s sperm for our upcoming move to SEA. Do we need anything else?”
“No,darling, we don’t need anything else, but just make sure they don’t give you the Nobel Prize winner Obama’s sperm. Make sure they give you the kind we need”, lol.

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