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Evil Kali Yuga

Anglos & Germany

Hitler and frau

The truth surrounding Hitler and his catastrophic betrayal by the Anglos is what one finds at the deepest level of the rabbit hole. Unfortunately many on the right are unwilling to venture that deep.

Perhaps this is because the truth is so utterly depressing. Hitler overcame such incredible odds and came so close to freeing the Aryan soul from its Jewish chains, only to be struck down one step from the finish line. I can think of no other feat in western history that rivals it. His success was so critically important, his defeat was our greatest tragedy.

Reflecting upon his legacy inspires me and also fills me with despair. Seeing the growing number of people who are beginning to understand and support him give me hope.


7 replies on “Anglos & Germany”

1945 was a critical year in the expansion of the American Empire. This is seldomly mentioned. It was in 1945 when the United States Dollar acquired world reserve currency status. This was a critical moment in the history of the Federal Reserve System of USA. Bretton-Woods agreement dramatically expanded the power of the United States. USA acquired military bases in Europe and East Asia. USA made Germany into it’s puppet state. This was admitted by a former intelligence chief in his book “the German card”. His name was Comossa. German constitution is not a true constitution. And the German political system is still oversee by a Washington body. German gold is controlled by Federal Reserve. These were other reasons why hitler’s government was destroyed. USA wanted to become a superpower. It wanted militarily and economically dominate the world.

In some ways the Anglo hatred of the Germans was understandable due to Jewish control of the press in the UK. What I don’t understand is why so many Russians fought the Germans when so many millions of them were killed by their Jewish government. Were Russians just so unintelligent that they didn’t know who was shooting and enslaving their family members? Did they not know that that it was Jewish commissars who were machinegunning Russian soldiers who refused to fight? How could they not know that? Why didn’t Russians revolt against their Jewish torturers? That’s something I’d like to understand.

There is no simple answer to that question. It depends which Russian soldiers. Jews were in the Soviet Union in 1939 about 1.7% of the population. Generally, most Russian soldiers came from peasant or urban working class background. Many of these young men grown up and were educated during the communist period. They grew up and were educated in a way that they only understood and knew communism. As a result, many young people in the ussr at that time truly believed in communism. Communists tended to repress and annihilate wealthy people, aristocrats, former officials of the tsarist government, political opponents, clergy. But sometimes many working-class people in ussr were given education, housing and they were rewarded by the communist government if they were loyal to it. Education system is a very effective brainwashing tool. Society is never something united, and there are parts of any society which favor any existing regime. Many people are opportunists or conformists, they would exist under any government and try to serve anyone with power. So many of these Russian soldiers either truly believed in communism or they conformed to it and were used to it. Or they had family members or friends which died in the war and wanted revenge on the Germans. Because these soldiers were educated in a certain way since they went to school, even the more intelligent university-educated soldiers truly believed in communist ideas or they truly believed in ethnic or racial egalitarianism, and thus they lacked racial identity and so on.

Because the Germans were planning to murder most Russians and enslave the rest. Look up the general plan for the east. Life under the likes of Stalin and Kaganovich was a nightmare, but still preferable to complete extinction.

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