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Aryans and mongrels

Excerpted from the 11th article of William Pierce’s “Who We Are: a Series of Articles on the History of the White Race”:

The foregoing remarks are especially well illustrated by the fate of a related group of Indo-European tribes whose members called themselves Aryans. Although the name “Aryan” is sometimes used to designate any person of Indo-European ancestry, it applies especially to the tribes which, beginning probably in the third millennium B.C., migrated eastward and southeastward from the ancient Nordic homeland, some going down through Turkistan and into Iran from the northeast—and some into the more easterly foothills of the Hindu Kush, in what is now Afghanistan.

The high Iranian plateau, much of it covered with grass, provided an ideal territory for the horsemen from the northern steppes. They multiplied and prospered, raiding their non-Indo-European neighbors in the Zagros Mountains or on the edge of the Sumerian plain from time to time, collecting slaves and booty. They maintained their racial purity scrupulously enough, however, so that, as late as the middle of the first millennium B.C., King Darius the Great could still proudly and truthfully boast: “I am an Aryan, the son of an Aryan.”

But Semites and other aliens became more numerous in Iran as the might and wealth of the Aryan Persians grew. In the reign of Darius’ son Xerxes, as we know from the Old Testament’s Book of Esther, Jews were already quite influential there. Today, 2,500 yeas later, the Iranians are no more Aryan than their Semitic neighbors, so thoroughly have the genes of the various races in that part of the world been mixed.

(Here Pierce writes several paragraphs about the conquest of India, then he adds:)

Crop of Half-Breeds

The first step may be a simple matter of military indiscipline: the rape of a few hundred dasyu women in a rebellious district after a revolt is put down by Aryan warriors. Twenty years later there will be a crop of half-breeds in that district, and some of the half- breed females will be much lighter and comelier than the average dasyu.

These light ones will be especially likely to be targeted for rape the next time there is a rebellion—or the next time a gang of drunken Aryans goes out on the town. And so, 20 years later, there will be some quarter-breeds around—and some of these may be light enough to be chosen as concubines by the local Aryan landlord.

Beware the almost-Whites!

And so it goes, century after century, with the simple Black-White picture gradually giving way to one in which there is a continuous range of mongrels between the two racial extremes. Near the White end of the spectrum there will be some who, although carrying some dasyu genes, will be almost indistinguishable from the true Aryans. Drawing the line between what is Aryan and what is not becomes more and more difficult. And as the racial picture becomes more blurred, the will to preserve the race is sapped. Many of the almost-Aryans will be bright and energetic citizens; style will be mistaken for substance; the keen edge of the Aryan race-soul will be blunted by imperceptible degrees.

(Nuristani kids from Afghanistan)

By the time the damage has become quite noticeable, racial decadence has become irreversible. The subtle but essential qualities of psyche and intellect in the Aryans which led to conquest and to the building of Aryan civilization are diluted to ineffectiveness in their almost-Aryan descendants 15 or 20 centuries later, even though fair hair and blue eyes may still be abundant.

That is what happened to Aryan Persia and Aryan India. And it is also what is happening to Aryan America and Aryan Europe today.

2 replies on “Aryans and mongrels”

It’s quite possible that due to the Jews being a constant part of our civilizations over the millennia that the Aryan race was long ago tainted and compromised by their poisonous seed.

All it takes are a few stray whores to be seduced by some opulent Jew (and they often are opulent) for their poisonous Jew seed to be unleashed upon our race.

No one ever seems willing to talk about this because they are very scared that this has been the case many times over. Having Jewish admixture in the Aryan race would certainly explain the despicably treacherous behavior of Anglo-Saxons who love to harbor and collaborate with Jews. It would certainly explain why Americans are so susceptible to the gross materialism and perversions that Jews are so good at selling these degenerates.

Of course literally believing that your god is a Jew certainly doesn’t help either.

As if being cuckolded by a Jew wasn’t enough, the Aryan race stubbornly lets the Jew cuckold them spiritually as well.

The Supreme Godhead has made it crystal clear that he will destroy the Aryan Race if they keep worshiping and harboring Jews. Being destroyed by multiculturalism is not an injustice, it’s a restoration of justice–though of a more primitive kind–if we, the Aryan Race, degrade ourselves by worshiping Satan’s chosen tribe of degenerates.

Worshiping a Jewish god is rock-bottom pathetic. It’s worse than having your wife sleep with a nigger.

You must read Pierce’s book—all of it. It revealed to me that the Aryan problem, that we may call as materialism or “economics over race” policies (the term used by Pierce), predates the interaction with Jews. In other words it’s a flaw in the white character. By focusing on Jews WNsts simply cannot see this character flaw in themselves. For example, no WN has responded my initiative to form “Syssitias” precisely because they, WNsts, have this character flaw and are committing racial suicide (see links at sidebar’s top) .

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