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Alexander the “Great”

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What happened to Ancient Greece and Macedon was only the overture of what the Spanish and the Portuguese would do, on a colossal scale, in the continent where I was born: nothing short of white suicide.

He has a high IQ. Unfortunately, reactionaries like him are scared of the real thing: rethinking WW2 and the coming racial revolution after the dollar crashes and we start feeling the grim consequences of the peak oil crisis (of which Mangan is skeptical btw).

I have found several times in my life that command of the English language is not a reliable indicator of intelligence past a certain threshold. Many people are talented at writing, especially women — look at their numbers in the journalistic and legal fields today —, yet show no sign of synthesis ability and ardent curiosity, the two things that constitute elevated intelligence.

My point is that Dennis Mangan is smart, but not that smart. Someone who is unable to establish a link, even tenuous, between World War Two and the present situation of the western man has an emotional bias that his frontal lobes were unable to overcome.

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