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Daybreak Publishing Extermination of the Neanderthals On Exterminationism (book)

November 2022 edition

Thanks to the programme DeepL Translator, which allows me to correct the style (as English is not my mother tongue), I have finished proofreading the November 2022 edition of the book On Exterminationism, which can now be read here.

If I receive enough funds, I will hire a cover designer to make this horizontal image appear vertically so that the printed book can be sold through IngramSpark.

I would suggest that visitors read the Preface because, compared to the earlier editions, in this one I not only added new articles but removed a large number of articles from the previous edition.

The final three articles, where in addition to my voice the voices of Gaedhal, Maurice and Krist Krusher also appear, provide a good insight into the axiological and metaphysical POV of The West’s Darkest Hour.

I will now add this book to the list of our books in the featured post…

2 replies on “November 2022 edition”

My apologies, but there appears to be a crucial typo in the Foreword – Kali may be depicted ornate with many skulls, yet she’s not the one of whom Savitri speaks. (And I think, it’s “at the levels”, not “in the levels”?)

Other than that, it is a sign of the times that an AI-based tool has been used in the editing of this book.

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