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Lebensraum, 6

Norwegian women had perfect genes

When the storm subsided, the Führer extended the Lebensborn Program to the occupied countries. Here the soldiers were invited to have relations with the purest women from the racial point of view: a modern recreation of the abduction of the Sabine women, although in a more formal, orderly and less brutal way. If a pregnancy resulted, the expectant mother was invited to a Lebensborn home, where the child would be born in a safe place. These types of houses were opened in France, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Poland.

In Norway the program was carried out with great zeal, since the women of that country were very close to the National Socialist ideal. The German regime believed that the genetics of Norwegian women were superb and wanted them to have many children with German soldiers. They loved Nordic women, with their blond hair and blue eyes, and so they considered Norway a suitable country for Lebensborn. During the occupation about 12,000 children were born to Norwegian mothers and German fathers.

Unfortunately, due to the betrayal of the Anglo-Saxons, it became clear that Hitler and Himmler could not come to fulfil their dreams of increasing the Aryan race. Far more lives were lost in the unfair war than the Lebensborn Program could ever produce. But infinitely worse was their military defeat.

On May 1, 1945, troops from the vilest country the West has produced, the United States of America, arrived at the Steinhöring orphanage, a community in the Upper Bavarian district of Ebersberg, and came across three hundred blond children between the ages of six months and six years old. I don’t want to recount what happened next with the Lebensborn project: it is something that hurts me, especially where the children were more perfect: in Norway. Suffice it to say that the dream of the Lebensraum that would last a thousand years was aborted by the Anglo-Saxons, as soon as the baby had been born.

Stalin’s Soviet Union was not an Aryan nation, as were the US and UK. That is why the priests of the fourteen words must hate these last two nations with all our heart and with all our strength, and with all our being and with all our soul.

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One of the members of the nigger band Abba, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, is a brunette because her father was a brunette from Germany. I always wondered why this was possible.

What impresses me is that the Norwegians often locked their Lebensborn children in psychiatric wards and raped them. Now the Norwegians get fucked in the ass by foreign men, literally. They like it though (see Karsten Nordal Hauken, even though he doesn’t look Norwegian, he’s surely assimilated into acting like one).

> “These children were looked upon as rubbish in Norwegian post-war society. It is the biggest shame for Norway”, he [Tor Brandacher] says.

(A bit off-topic, but when writing this, I read about the “Vienna swimming pool rape”. Absolutely hilarious.)

I also share my criticism about these policies.

As I said in the previous section, no real man is going to remember this dearly as to think “and so I left my daughter being impregnated by an Ubermenchen from Germany, and I feel so proud about it”.

That’s just utter rubbish. Germany had no ground on taking Norwegian women from Norwegian men (except of course, by the ultimate right which is might).

They should have won the war first before attempting any of this, at least. Now, they can hardly be remembered in a positive light and can only further feed the white guilt.

Don’t get me wrong, the judaized anglo-american empire is the main responsible for this catastrophe, however, Germany is not free of blame at all, from a higher perspective.


Allow me to just tell you this, after listening to elders with first hand knowledge of the official Norwegian attitude during those years:

Norway, with its despicable Social democratic government, lost all its right to decide the rights and wrongs of its nation and its people when it allowed two things to happen during 1936-40.
1) A government that implemented a ‘broken gun’ policy and dismantled their armed forces.
2) The same government secretly adhering to the English and taking side with them, threatening the German’s supply of vital Swedish iron ore through the port of Narvik.

The Norwegians, predictably, lasted only two months before they were thoroughly beaten. The only excuse I could find was that a lot of the standing troops were told to surrender without fight because the government thought the Anglos were to beat the Germans in the race to occupy them.

And then you claim the Germans had no right to the Norwegian women? Get lost. They were the one who had the right!

I actually don’t understand the critique and the PoV you are talking from. First, why would a Norwegian father be opposed to his daughter’s being married to a German? Second, a Norwegian Christian is a traitor to his race, and thus has no moral say in the matter.

“Now, they can hardly be remembered in a positive light…”
Remembered by whom, dude? The White race in Norway is dead, and what remains technically living is an offence to life! There is no moral authority but Hitlerism.

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