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On Exterminationism (book) Schutzstaffel (SS)

New comments policy

I love this canvas located three meters from the place where I wrote this entry, an original by Antonio Zucchi (1726-1795) because it is a relic of my childhood, before the family tragedy that I tell in my books in Spanish.

For a brief time the subtitle of this blog read America delenda est. I took it away when I learned about anecdotes about Europeans who want to beat America with their own ethnosuicidal game. One such anecdote concerns the vile way in which the Norwegians treated their Lebensborn children after 1945: little children who before the greatest betrayal in history had been destined to rule the Lebensraum.

The hatred I promote for the Allies must extend to every contemporary Aryan who has embraced ethnosuicide as his new religion after the Second World War. If whites were good people not deserving of my hatred, they would wake up dreaming every morning that La Palma Island, near another Canary Island where I lived, had collapsed in 1945 causing a kilometre high tsunami that would have bounced back to the American mainland the entire American fleet that was going to invade the Normandy coast; and they would also dream that the Tunguska event that hit the sparsely populated Eastern Siberian Taiga had occurred in Moscow under Stalin.

But American racists don’t dream of that. In my other Daybreak Press books, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour and Daybreak, we have insisted that the white man’s moral compass has undergone a complete shift from the north of the Hyperboreans to the south of the Orcs—a complete reversal of values to the state of florid psychosis we are in now: an inversion that began with Constantine and culminates in the 21st century.

If whites were sane and good people, in this age that craves their extermination they would also dream of demolishing all the churches and would imagine committing genocides as humanity has never seen, as we read in The Turner Diaries.

The priests of the fourteen words see white nationalism as a club for women who, as little women, are unable to see that a nation is only made with blood and iron. It’s a shame that even the online encyclopaedia that claims to protect the white race is a platform for the old values. For example, if one takes a look at the article on Lebensraum in Metapedia, not only does it fails to show enthusiasm for the Master Plan East of the Third Reich: it questions its existence!

To illustrate my point a little further, let’s take the most radical case of a white nationalist in the US. As we saw in this book* Linder didn’t feel what I felt reading The Turner Diaries because he, like the rest of whites, is subject to a tail of neochristian programming. On the other hand, Hitler and the leadership of the SS saw the world with a moral compass already transvalued to prechristian values: Nietzsche’s dream come true. But once the Third Reich was assassinated during the Hellstorm Holocaust by Western Anglo-Saxon Christians and Eastern Slavic neochristians, there are no longer transvalued persons except for a few visitors to The West’s Darkest Hour.

What I want to get to is something much deeper than simply telling Linder that we agree to disagree about the Master Plan East. Recall that Andrew Hamilton, one of Pierce’s most serious readers, when he read the Diaries he thought that Pierce was shooting himself in the foot. Only later did he learn, to his surprise, that others had liked the novel.

What I want to get to is that even the toughest white nationalists have been programmed with the old axiology, which prevents them from seeing what was more than obvious for the National Socialist leadership: Only with an exterminationist ideology was it possible to carry out the Lebensraum project.

It is this ‘operating system’ implanted in our psyches since our infinitely idiotic ancestors accepted the kikes’ Bible as their founding story—anti-gentile exterminationism for us (Book of Joshua) but Jesus’ universalistic love for thee—that keeps Linder, Hamilton and all the racialist-right folk axiologically stuck.

Only if white nationalism dies—truly dies—and flourishes again the spirit of the Germans who wanted to conquer the world for the children of the Lebensborn, would the world be saved.

December 9, 2020


(*) Most of the present entry will appear in the last pages of my next compilation, On Exterminationism. In this final article I refer to this quote from Linder, which appears on page 16 of the manuscript that I am compiling. After such quote I commented:

I posted Alex Linder’s words on my site on August 8, 2012. Linder is considered the toughest racist among those who try to educate other whites through the written and spoken word. At that time I didn’t criticise Linder but it is clear that we live in parallel worlds.

Not only did I love Pierce’s novel when I heard it as an audio-book a decade ago, but I saw myself so completely portrayed in it that, although Pierce had died in 2002, I felt I finally had found a twin soul, at least when it came to exterminationism.

Linder wants to exterminate the Jews, but as a typical white nationalist he fails to see that not only they should be exterminated. Either Linder has not read Who We Are, or a residue of Christian standards of morality in the anti-Christian Linder prevents him from seeing that only expulsion or extermination can prevent Norsemen from making, again, the mistake of crossbreeding.

I hope On Exterminationism will be ready before 2021.

And by the way, after Jamie’s last two comments on this site (see, for example: here), I’ll only let comments from those who think like members of the SS. If you are not exactly like them don’t be surprised if you are already banned from this site.

25 replies on “New comments policy”

Bravo Cesar! I thought I would never see the day when the Arch Stanton whackjobs and Austicus Spasticus bitches would be gone for good.
Also, congratulations with all the recent posts. As soon as I turned on my computer and read all of them I felt as if a gap in my mind had been filled. For the last 3 years I have been living a very hard life where nothing made sense in the world until I found your blog. As a former Ironmarcher I have been relieved to find myself in the company of true anti-christians who hate the retarded religion and its drooling devotees as much or even more than I. You make Ironmarch look like reddit by comparison.

Thanks for your kind comments.

I’m so disgusted with the kind of comments this site sometimes gets—people who don’t understand the return of the Blond Beast—that I’ll change the subtitle of this site to something like ‘Only those who think like members of the SS may comment here!’, although in a shorter sentence.

I’ve definitely had enough of trying to communicate with the feminised nationalists. Although they are slightly racialised they are still of the conservative type, who, to me, are even more obnoxious than Antifa. At least a single Antifa guy could change colours and become an SS fanatic. The conservative type OTOH, so common in the racialist right, will never take that step.

Comments like yours keep me moving forward…


This will be a long post, but I would appreciate it if you would read it.

When I discovered your blog a year ago, I was a “racialist” Christian. Not even a just a neo-Christian; an OUTRIGHT Christian. I would say I was at Level 4 on Mauricio’s scale. At first, your blog posts filled me with anger, disgust and despair. You had revealed my belief system for the Chimera that it was: irrational, contradictory and two-faced. And I hated your for it. You dashed my belief in God or the afterlife, the belief that co-existence with non-Aryans was possible and more importantly my belief that Christianity and Christian values were compatible with The Fourteen Words. Almost every part of me wanted to leave this place and never come back, but something inside of me said, “Stay and push through the pain.” I dreaded every new blog post and comment you created and put off beginning to read your essays until about two months ago, because I KNEW the further I went the more my worldview would be dismantled. I scoured the internet in a frenzy to look for any piece of evidence that would debunk or rebuke you but found none because no debunkings and rebukes were possible. Eventually, I arrived at the conclusion that your explanations for the decline of Aryans, and the solutions of how to fix it, made more sense than any other, and I accepted them. And the most astonishing thing of all? I achieved this in the span of but a year! Far quicker than the 5-10 years apollokult had estimated. You had rehabilitated me and made me sober.

Sober. That is the word I use.

Because my actions were like that of an addict who had been presented with undeniable proof that their addiction is harmful and leads to a dead end. When such a situation happens, an addict will respond frantically, even violently. They will search for any and all excuses for why they should be allowed to continue their destructive behaviors. 95%-99% of them will fool themselves and go into relapse. However, there are a scant few that will be honest with themselves and accept that there is NO excuse, take the step into sobriety, and help others to do the same. I am such a case.

Because of this, I would like respectfully tell you that I feel you are incorrect in your assessment that feminized conservative racialists are incapable of crossing the Rubicon. You are looking at such an example right here.

It is for this reason that I appeal to you to not give up on these feminized racialists. Yes, they are infuriating and 95-99% of them will never be rehabilitated. However, the failure rate is a guaranteed 100% if you do not try in the first place. I personally think the frustration and anger of it all is worth it if it means gaining even half a dozen true Aryans out of hundreds. I would personally love for your blog to receive more traffic so that true NS ideology is disseminated throughout racialist circles, and I think that insulating this place would be counterproductive to that.

I guess the short of what I’m trying to say is not that you should put quantity over quality, but that you should not cut off the “stock” available to you. If you do, then you would be throwing away an opportunity to have more quantity of quality.

That’s the end of that, I suppose. Sorry for the long post, and thank you for all that you have done for me and others; and all that you will do.

Dear Tikhar,

Your impressive testimony, that if you don’t mind I could publish in my next post (if you agree), reminds me of a page from my life.

A few decades ago I believed that extrasensory perception and psychokinesis existed. When some sceptics of the paranormal visited my town and I bought their books, over time I realised that my parapsychological beliefs were unfounded. Thanks to the sceptics I changed my paradigm and, eventually, I would discover that my previous belief in these paranormal miracles had been originated from a mental virus that my father instilled in me with his stories about the miraculous Jesus.

Indeed: both in the paranormal and in the axiological, reading the critics of the paradigm can move a few to apostasy. But when it comes to continuing to argue with people who, deep down, are bourgeois conservatives, it sucks my time.

I am 62 years old and, although I am healthy, after my sister died (she was younger than me) I felt I have a duty to use every minute in the most useful way and without the slightest loss of time. If one of those bourgeois commenters is as noble as you, let him read the masthead of this site and, if he likes it, let him read the entire book where the masthead is published, which appears on the sidebar.

I see no objection to discuss with Christians who are in the process of apostasy. But very few are honest enough to endure, as you endured, all the attacks that reason and real history present us with.

Soon I will embark on a huge project, reading David Irving. It will take me years to digest him (his website is an endless maze of texts). Although what I say at the end of the entry above seems theatrical (that I only want to talk to fans who already think like the SS), such a time-saving policy will allow me not only to read Irving but to compile new books like the one that will appear very soon under the title of On Exterminationism.


I would be honored to have my testimony published in your blog. By all means, go right ahead. I understand your lack of time given your age. I am only 26 years old, so I suppose I’m looking at it from a perspective that you do not have the luxury to.

Perhaps, you need to start thinking of appointing a successor?

Someone with the time, energy, knowledge and experience to not only continue your work but also convert the few apostate Christians and neo-Christians that can be? I know you said you wish to save time, and that’s fine, but I think the endeavor of successorship is worthy of that time. If you were to die and this blog grinds to a halt, it would be an immense travesty. And to be clear, by no means am I insinuating myself. I do not think I have the credentials for such a task.

In the hands of someone younger and more spry, this blog (or a new, corresponding website) could reach the prominence of CC, OOT, or TheUnzReview in racialist circles.

On a more personal note, I would like to tell you that I HEAVILY empathize with the death of your sister. 3 years ago, I lost my younger brother to a rare genetic heart arrhythmia that we inherited from our father, and we are certain he got it because our grandfather and grandmother lived in a town with large amounts of chemical dumping. Because of this, my uncle was also born with Spina Bifida, which also contributed to his early death. Before then, our genetics were fine. So now I have a personal stake in seeing this disgusting world order go down in flames. For this reason I’ve pretty much decided that having children myself would not be ideal, as the NS Book of Virtues puts it: “If your blood has traits that will make your children unhappy and burdens to the state, then you have the heroic duty to be the last.”

Having a pupil has been the biggest obsession in my last few years, as you can read between the lines in everything I’ve written on this site about the three-eyed raven and Bran (as well as the final pages of El Grial).

To date, no one has appeared except a German about my age, who cannot be a candidate if I have a sudden heart attack or something equally fatal: I need someone younger.

If I were rich I would add a post on this site looking for an Aryan woman for both of us to raise a child. I couldn’t fertilise her because my bloodline is compromised. But we could go to one of those sperm banks to have the purest Aryan baby.

But without money that’s very difficult for me (I live in a neighbourhood of mestizos; am basically broke and won’t ever sell the Zucchi painting). So I have no choice but to keep sending three-eyed crows to several handicapped lads to see if one of them is chosen to stay a few years under the weirwood beyond The Wall, until I can download my mind on him as in GoT’s ‘The Door’.

Transferring my mind to a pupil before my passing is the only way to plan how to kill the night king: the axiology that’s murdering the white man.


I feel you forgot to mention another prominent figure who—unbeknownst even to himself—embraces neo-Christian, universalist love.

Varg Vikernes.

After the Christchurch shootings, he heavily criticized Brenton Tarrant for wanting to maintain white populations in New Zealand and Oceania as a whole, believing the natives, as well as all other people’s, deserve a right to their own homelands. It goes to show you that even someone as hostile to Christianity as he can still be infected by the Great Mind Virus.

Yes, precisely. That’s why we are using a new term here: neochristianity. The point is that the Diaries even disturbed Linder and Hamilton because of their programming. See the essays on my forthcoming book to better understand this notion.

Your observations on Metapedia re: Lebensraum resonate deeply. As a fledgling racist, I assumed that the Johnsons, MacDonalds, etc. secretly supported counter-exterminating our enemies. Finding the opposite to be true was a revolting experience. Anyone that cannot sympathise with Generalplan Ost is not made of the right stuff.

I don’t see a future where non-Aryan elements ( mud-bloods, degenerates, bastards, Jews, race-traitors) could possibility peacefully co-exist with Aryans on this planet. One could only exist to the detriment and degradation of the latter. The intrinsic worth of 100 million racially conscious Aryans (pure Nordics) are infinitely superior to the worthless, vulgar, ugly, two legged creatures as Savitri Devi wrote it. The greatest crime of the neo-Christians is to increase the population of two legged trash or biological waste to unsustainable level that are rapidly becoming a threat to nature and the natural aristocracy which are the Aryans themselves. The extinction of Aryans means only one thing: the surface planet will be reduced to a third world slum or hellhole very much like Haiti which the much greater evil itself, the end result will be eternal grotesque ugliness.

It may well be that the Master Plan East have really been not elaborated in every detail before the war and, even more so, during the war. It may well be that its “field workers” (as opposed to as their leadership) have still been programmed with the old axiology and, as we know, sabotaged their supreme command’s orders – moreover, as we know, such traitors were numerous in the highest ranks of the Party and of the Army.

Today all of that does not matter at all. Today we need the Master Plans America and Europe in a version far more cruel and merciless than the kind- and gentle-hearted Nuremberg “criminals” projected.

And even that is insufficient. A success of “Lebensraum” program is impossible, if any other land settlement srategy executes to some places on earth. A success of “Lebensborn” strategy is impossible, if any other population control strategy stands against it.

Generalplan ERDE is the only definitive solution.

I constantly wonder why so few people with high intelligence come to proper conclusions about the after-1945 aftermath and about the world we live in as a whole. Well, there is a fucking disaster in our days to speak the truth, but even earlier, before the “new tolerance” era and the digital media censorship came, there was no intellectual trend to re-contemplate the actual circumstances and their causes except the vain attempts of loners and losers.

It often happens this way: you read an essay or a book by a very smart guy, his erudition is illimitable, his scientific sincerity is appreciable, he makes valid inferences, points at some oversimplified assumptions in conventional view of history and – boom! – in the end, suddenly, all boils down to an anti-German mantra or some Christian quote…

Needless to say how are irritating the quarrellings (on WN sites and forums) of these Neochristians belonging to different confessions of their religions or, worse, considering themselves as NS Christians. Now, in 2020, 120 years after Nietzsche’s death, 75 years after the European catastrophe! – you still dig into this old dirty laundry…

I guess anyone who heartily searches after truth, is to come to unambiguous deductions. Yes, under current conditions it will take some time, from 5 to 10 years of studies, to rise through the ranks from 1 to 10 level of Mauricio’s scale. But most students of history, politics and sociology never go anywhere throughout their academic life.

Moreover, time is running out for us. The (superhuman) values of the Weltanschauung can sprout from the human humus only. Today’s world advances with seven-league strides to a posthuman state. And the agenda of this posthuman world will be extremely different, there will be no place for a discussion of those concepts like Lebensraum at all, because they will be ridiculous in the world of victorious race-blurring and gender-neutrality within cyberhumanity.

If such future is inevitable, it means a definitive triumph of Lie. And if a collapse of the System doesn’t happen within the next few years, the human truth is doomed, the posthuman posttruth is triumphant forever.

The cyberhuman world will erase your instinctive striving to the truth and fittingly re-program microchips in your cyberbrain.

In my forthcoming compilation of books, you’ll read what old Sebas said:

Nothing is ‘free’, not even ‘virtually free’, especially not energy. No one, absolutely no one, gets to dodge the bullet of Post-Peak Oil energy devolution. A global civilisation, to which Murka is the metaphorical Rome, collapses; it comes to an end… In historically relative terms, the current century will make the Black Death seem like a nose bleed.

Why most Murkan White Nationalists cannot see, will not see, or refuse to see how this most devastating of historical events will impact racial politics is simply mind-boggling. Wait! No, it’s not all that mind-boggling at all, but that is another matter, another day.

As to your first paragraphs, this happened to me after years of fully digesting Kenneth Clark’s otherwise excellent Civilisation, which contains a couple of just such anti-German, neochristian pronouncements.

A second comment here (after the one by An concerned viewer) that is myopically Eurocentric. It is important not to forget than even now, the globohomo values are only embraced by the Whites. When America falls, it will not become another Haiti, but instead a Chinese Lebensraum. A void of weakness will be filled with strength.

Peak oil does throw in a wrench. It would be highly unfortunate if what remains of the Aryan race never tried to struggle before it is too late. For one, the Hungarians and the Ukrainians have already sold out to the Turks. And France is turning into Eurabia. Either way, the current world order is unsustainable, however little solace it gives.

Haven’t visited your site in about a week so I only just saw that the Irving book is now available.

Looks like my previous message got deleted. This one won’t make sense without it. Did you see it though, Cesar?

I want to add that for whomever wants the chance to acquire a copy of Pierce’s Who We Are can do so right know at booksamillion.com and do so before William White & Strom yank it out of circulation.

Clearly they have no intentions of re-releasing this book with updated/revised information. Its the non-abridged version which is superior to the PDF floating around.

There is a video of William Luther pierce called “America Is A Changing Country” where he states in these current times due to technological advances a revolution of masses is impossible, and because of it the only way to change the status quo was recruiting the “winners” not the losers. I couldn’t agree more with Pierce I think if a the smartest and more capable, competent and most successful members of the Aryan race don’t do anything The aryan race is destined to perish.

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