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Adolf Hitler Evil Miscegenation On Exterminationism (book) Savitri Devi

Good and bad Germans

As can be seen at the end of the last entry, Savitri’s admiration for Hitler was not as blind as that of those who never criticise the founder of the religion to which they belong. Dr Robert Morgan, who comments in The Unz Review, would be happy with Savitri’s pronouncement. But I differ from her.

One must bear in mind the words in Andrew Hamilton’s ‘The Depth of Evil’ which appears in On Exterminationism (see sidebar): what has impressed me most, to date, of anything written for the Counter-Currents webzine. Hamilton says that the fact that people blindly follow those in power (pack mentality) means that they aren’t good. If someone like Hitler is in power, the Germans behave in a very sane and healthy way. If bad people are in power, says Hamilton, the people just follow them.

This is as true for whites as it is for non-whites. Here in Mexico all the media, the universities and the state are promoting the rampant, suicidal liberalism that is destroying the West: equality of race, gender and sexual orientation. Yesterday’s Reforma newspaper, considered by some the most important in the country, published this aberrant note on page 21 of its main section (my Spanish-English translation): ‘Luise Greve, 23 [an Aryan girl] from Erlangen, Germany, bought the first flight to take her to her [gook] partner as soon as the White House announced that the nation will be open to visitors fully vaccinated against Covid-19’.

We can already imagine such ‘good news’ if Hitler had won the war!

What I’m getting at is that Savitri seems to be saying that humans, including Aryans, are good people when in reality they are animals who practice nothing but the most abject social conformity depending on who is in power. As I say in On Exterminationism: ‘What I failed to realise for many years was the depth of the evil and the resistance to individual redemption. Obviously, if people are evil when evil people rule, and good only when good people rule, they are not really good’, wrote Hamilton. In other words, people, including the overwhelming majority of whites, are not really good.

Bingo. Responding to Savitri, there is nothing wrong that the Third Reich would have wanted to homogenise the people by producing items like the Volkswagen and others for mass consumption. If whoever is in power is a man like gold, to use the Platonic metaphor of The Republic, the people will behave as if they were saints (photo above). If, on the other hand, those in power are real pieces of shit, as the elites currently are, they will behave like the Luise in this other photo (or her cuck parents who allowed that) .

Like the vast majority of white nationalists—Hamilton would be the exception—Savitri didn’t delve into the pettiness of our species: something I believe I’ve delved into in my books in Spanish (titles translated: here).

I think my way of presenting Savitri’s book is the right one: not just a rough translation, but a constant dialogue with what the priestess of the 14 words used to write. Just because the priest and the priestess belong to the same religion doesn’t mean that we will agree on everything.

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Hello, Chechar. I’ve become aware of your response to my blog that deals with the ancient Aryans. Here I present a response and challenge to you:


Kind regards.

@ NC,

Your ideas will result in a overcrowded, polluted, squalid and degraded planet size slum, populated with the teeming masses of sub humanity and byproducts of egregious miscegenation. This is inevitable as those with Nordic blood have the intrinsic trait to sustain a sophisticated civilization disappear from existence. The end product will be a single brown colored population very much like mulattos and darker skinned Latino Americans, every concepts like nobility of character, rational thought, beauty and kindness to animals( The products of the Nordic Mind) will eventually vanish. That’s why it is evil, it is a fate far worse than death and an asteroid Armageddon.

Non Nordic and low IQ Phenotypes are consigned to extinction and obsolescence, much of the earth species are already extinct. Low IQ and ugly individuals have no place in the future evolutionary ladder and future forms of galactic civilization, they are parasites upon more evolved forms of two legged life-forms. The greatest crime is to impede the evolution and development of a superior species that will build a bridge to the stars and beyond.

Well said. The recent killing of the White Stag proved even more that these non-Nordic and low IQ Untermenschen want to absolutely wipe out the Nordic elements of the Earth. The White Stag is an important animal in every Aryan lore. The sighting of one is never an accident and the attempts to kill it never end well. So one can either view this as a noble and rare creature being put down in an urban landscape because people are too disconnected from wildlife to cope with it, or, what is more likely is that this was a sacrifice.

Make no mistake: what’s pure, what’s strong and what’s natural, is enemy to them.

Even if the so-called archaeogenetics is right and is not being presented selectively or not being manipulated, which I highly doubt, using it as an argument against Nordicism, i.e. the preservation of the Nordic race, is ridiculous. The synthesis of the Yamnaya Indo-Europeans and the northern European hunter-gatherers led to the creation of this Nordic race, which is the highest and most precious product of the evolution. Only this fact matters. It doesn’t matter if the Proto-Indo-Europeans / the Yamnaya people fucked everybody they conquered and spread their genes all over the place. This way was evolutionary WRONG, and we now know why. ​So your overgeneralizing conclusion, that we must repeat the mistake the Proto-Indo-Europeans made, and that chaotic race mixing is “okay”, is just typical leftist bullshit.

Women should have no control over who they marry/court. Even before I knew the truth concerning the worthlessness of miscegenators, I realized that women are like flies to shit as soon as I read the biography of Ted Bundy and how women sent constant love letters to him after he was sentenced to death.

If I bother you, don’t let this comment pass. But if you permit, I may post a short response.

This person is thinking like an American civilian hailing from Gomorrah. His logic is sound in his limited context – yes, you can “preserve your genes” if you “better yourself” and procreate (with some whore). But that will not save your nation.

You know what will? Genocide. Why is genocide not the answer to him? Answer: because he’s a dishonest Christian rationalising his unnatural love and respect to foreign men. He literally admits the following on his blog – the Aryans murdered entire nations’ worth of swarthy men. But that is not a lesson to him! The Aryans were indeed better – at killing.

Murder is permissible for the laws of physics allow it. Murder is beneficial if it aids in the spread of the race. Murder is detrimental if it lowers the survival chance of your people, by sufficient physical death or by the pollution of blood.

(I am going to engage him on his own turf shying away from no issue.)

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