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Millions of Dahmers!

As I have watched more documentaries about Jeffrey Dahmer, I have continued to think about what I wrote about this serial killer at the end of last month and the beginning of this month.

Even in the recent Netflix miniseries, there is a moment when detectives ask the arrested Dahmer if his irresistible compulsion to possess body remains of his victims had to do with an unconscious desire to control males. Dahmer replied, ‘Yes’, and added that everyone wanted to tell him what to do, and he mentioned his dad. Dahmer also said that by his horrible actions he wanted others to ‘see his movie’, i.e. what he had suffered. The unspoken implication is that it was revenge in the form of transference onto substitute objects, in that it was finally Dahmer who had the power.

In my September post, I said that Dahmer’s behaviour reminded me of the behaviour of Mesoamerican Amerindians before the Spanish conquest. I don’t know how many of my visitors have read my book Day of Wrath, but there I call Mesoamerican civilisation a civilisation of serial killers. Today, while reviewing an article from another of my books, On Exterminationism, I came across this passage:

Tiesler and Cucina let us know that modern Mayanists are using, in addition to Spanish chronicles and iconographic evidence from pre-Columbian art, the science of taphonomy (skeletal analysis) as tangible evidence of human sacrifice in Mayan civilisation. On pages 199-200 [of the academic book pictured left] the authors mention the techniques the Maya used in their practices, now corroborated by taphonomy: the victim could have been shot with arrows or stoned, his throat or neck could have been cut or broken, his heart could have been extracted through the diaphragm or thorax; he could have suffered multiple and fatal lacerations, or have been cremated, disembowelled or flayed or dismembered. The bodily remains may have been ingested, used as trophies or in the manufacture of percussion instruments. The authors deduce this from direct, physical evidence from the skeletons studied (or other remains) and also mention a form of sacrifice I hadn’t heard of: the offering of human faces in the context of the influence on the Maya of the Xipe-Totec deity, ‘Our Lord the Flayed’, who was widely worshipped in northern, central Mexico.

As bizarre as it may seem, the psychoclass to which Dahmer belonged is virtually identical to the psychoclass of the ancient inhabitants of the civilisations of Mesoamerica. There were millions of Dahmers in Mesoamerica back then! (presently central Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and northern Costa Rica). In other words, the way to decipher minds like Dahmer’s is to be found in psychohistory, or more specifically, in the appropriation I made in Day of Wrath of the ideas of Lloyd deMause, who died a couple of years ago. (He was a typical New York liberal, and his liberal ideas had to be appropriated and given a racialist spin: what I did in my book.)

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What would your theory say on my Ukrainian brethren who shot hundreds of Russian loyalists in Bucha and Izyum then? Were they all abused, or is it merely what humans do when given the power? And are women equally cruel? My mom literally worships the Jew Zelensky for some reason, and gets psychotic whenever I mention anything related to Russia.

Women are just like children that need to be disciplined once in a while, no matter the age.

Many men today have been turned into automatons who have no will or purpose other than to kill and die for their controllers.

You can see many of them having answered the call to the meat grinder that the conflict in Ukraine has become. There is no hope for them and the sooner they are gone, the better.

It’s more complicated than that. Women seem to be merely the “normiest” of the normies. The Ukrainian commander-in-chief Zaluzhny wears a Nordic bracelet with what sometimes appears to look like a swastika, while obeying the Jew at the same time. And the last time the Jew ruled the Ukraine, we had the Holodomor.

It really is just that.

Without a man having a firm grip on them, women will follow whatever the trend some other man is promoting.

As I said, automatons do not have will or purpose of their own. They are broken men that have been turned into lifeless machines made out of flesh and without substance, a soul. Think of them as sub humans.

You cannot reason with any of the above since at the end they are just following what they have been programmed to do.

Women have always been like that because of their submissive nature, but the men turned into automatons are a relatively recent creation, I believe. Without them, the jews and their allies will have no real power to enforce their policies.

They are the deadweight that is dragging all of us down, and there are too many of them today. Courtesy of judeo Christian ethics.

Cesar, what do you think of the animal and human sacrifices made to gods and goddesses (Greeks, Romans, barbarians, etc.) in the ancient world? Apologies if you answered this in Day of Wrath. I haven’t been able to read it yet.

Yes: in DOW we talk about psychogenic evolution. Homeric Greeks even sacrificed humans, although not in such sadistic way as Amerinds and the Semites of their times.

The myth of the bull of Minos is related to the period when the ancient Greeks abandoned human sacrifice, although animal sacrifice continued. In DOW there is a passage on the infinite difference between Mesoamerican and Greco-Roman gods: parental projections. Much ado that I can’t explain in a mere comment here.

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