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Day of Wrath (book) Exterminationism Hate

Am I a psychopath?

I would like to add a postscript to my previous post about the book On Exterminationism. Yesterday Autisticus Spasticus asked me:

César, there’s something I’ve wanted to ask you for quite some time. Do you, personally, have it in you to kill non-white women and children in cold blood? Imagine they were lined up before you, black and arab women and children, sobbing, pleading desperately for their lives as you level a machine gun at them. Could you bring yourself to do it? I’m genuinely curious. Have you ever given it much consideration?

The best way to answer him and others who ask me similar questions is through an experiment of the imagination, already mentioned in the final pages of another of my books:

It is enough to see the photographs of mammals in laboratory experiments that are carried out throughout North America and Europe to perceive that the human being is truly a wicked species. I will not incur the rudeness of adding those photographs in this text: a task I leave to my readers.

My exterminating fantasies would not seem unhealthy if we do another thought experiment. In Dies Irae I quoted a non-fiction book by Arthur Clarke where he talked about the ‘judgment from the Stars’ that earthlings could experience. If we imagine that in real life someone similar to a Karellen visited our planet, what is the first thing he would see from his distant silver ships, far above the human tingling? Urban spots. Industries that destroy the environment and, bringing his cameras closer, abject human misery and inconceivable suffering of the other species that share the planet with us. If, as in Clarke’s novel, the visitor also possessed machines to open a visual window to the past to study the species, he would perceive that, besides the hell that the naked apes subject their cousins, through history and prehistory they had behaved in an absolutely horrendous way with their own children. It does not hurt to summarize the revelations of the previous pages.

With his machines to literally see the human past this hypothetical extraterrestrial would be taken aghast by the magnitude of infanticide: nine percent of all human births. He would see thousands of young children slaughtered ritually, offered to the goddess of Babylon. He would see the infant sacrifices of the Pelasgians, the Syrians, the sacrifices in Gezer and in Egypt of the centuries that the earthlings call 10th to 8th before Christ. And let’s not talk about what the visitor would see with his machines when focusing on the ancient Semites of Carthage, where the burning of living children ordered by their own parents reached levels that surpassed the exclamation of Sahagún. Something similar could be seen by our visitor about other Phoenicians, Canaanites, Moabites, Sepharvaim, and ancient Hebrews: who in their origins offered their firstborn as a sacrifice to their gods. With his magic to see our past, the alien visitor would learn that both the exposure and the abandonment of infants continued in Europe until a council took action against the custom of leaving the children to die in the open.

With technology based on unimaginable principles the visitor would also see much worse behaviour in the lands of coloured people: thousands of babies, mostly women, abandoned in the streets of ancient China, and how those babies that were not abandoned were put in cold water until they died. He would see how in feudal Japan the baby was suffocated with wet paper covering her nose and mouth; how infanticide was systematic in the feudal Rajputs in India, sometimes throwing the living children to the crocodiles; and how in pre-Islamic Arabia they buried alive not a few new-borns. The visitor would also see that the sub-Saharan inhabitants of Africa killed their children much more frequently than other races did. He would even see that the sacrifice of children in Zimbabwe was practiced as recently as the beginning of the century that the earthlings call the 20th century. The window to the past would also make visible the incredibly massive slaughter of infants among the natives of the countless islands of Oceania, New Guinea and even more so among the extremely primitive aborigines of Australia, Tasmania and Polynesia. He would realize that in the American tribes, including the redskins, infanticide continued at a time when the practice had been abandoned in Europe. The same happened not only in Central American and South American tribes, but also in the civilizations prior to the Spanish conquest: where the ritual sacrifice of women and children suggests that they did it out of pure sadism. Finally, the visitor would see how, after the Conquest, the sacrificial institution of the Mesoamerican and Inca Indians was forbidden only to be transferred to the animals in the so-called santería in times when our visitor no longer has to use his devices to open the Complete Book of History and Prehistory of the species he studies.

It’s clear where I want to go… If it is legitimate for this hypothetical extraterrestrial to remove from the face of the Earth a newly-arrived species whose haughtiness blinds them from seeing their evil ways, how can it be pathological for an earthling to arrive at identical conclusions? Just because, unlike the visitor, he lacks technological power? The sad truth is that the infanticidal passion and cruelty of primitive humans have not been atoned, only transferred to our cousins.

In answering questions like those of Autisticus Spasticus, it is essential not to fall into stereotypes like the films that Jews make about Nazis.

Unlike the archetypical Hollywood Nazi, in the real world the scenario I imagine would mean liberating various zones in the US, and, from there, launching calls for white males who want to fight in the HRWs, and white women who want to procreate, to flee to the liberated zones—away from the archipelago of Gomorrahite cities that are about to be punished. Once those whites who want to survive take their families to the liberated zones, cut off electricity to the degenerates and deprive them of oil. It is obvious that those who stay in Gomorrah would start dying like flies. (In the sacred book of the Jews it is Yahweh who punishes and exterminates; in the HRWs it will be the Aryan man who does it, whose religion will no longer be Judaic but panentheistic.)

As you can see, none of this resembles the stereotype of the Hollywood Nazi, especially if all this is done in the name of the 4 words, like the alien of our Gedankenexperiment. On the contrary: it is something that could be done with the utmost coolness and preferably without eye contact with those who are about to be exterminated, or with as little contact as possible. I call what the Gomorrahites would suffer necessary suffering (remember that the four words say something else: eliminate all unnecessary suffering).

It’s the same as starting to exterminate the gangs of killer whales that torture a whale calf for hours by drowning her slowly. By shooting them with Apache helicopters, the object wouldn’t be to make them suffer, but to eliminate the whale calf’s unnecessary suffering. That the gang of orcas would suffer during the slaughter (let’s imagine that even one would evade the rockets and survive, traumatised) is what I call necessary suffering. Needless to say that after exterminating the offending species there will be no need to use the Apaches in the oceans.

With the Neanderthaloid versions of humans we would proceed in exactly the same way. The distinction between necessary and unnecessary suffering is fundamental to understanding our point of view.

28 replies on “Am I a psychopath?”

Your wish to end suffering I feel is un-aryan of you. The population explosion and the rise of judaism are fundamentally female. The jews are a female race, empowered by the females of our own race. Suffering is the gauntlet. Your wish for a non suffering utopia is female. No viking ever desired such nonsense. War is life. You don’t like it, then die. Hitler agreed. AMOR FATI. such is life. Cest la vie.


the only question is…do we possess the constitution of character, to win at all costs?

You are wrong about Hitler, who wanted to close the slaughterhouses after the war.

As for what you say about the Vikings, I agree with Hitler in his dispute with Himmler: the civilisation to emulate is the Greco-Roman one, not the primitive Germanics. The Vikings were psychogenically backward compared to both classical culture and Nazi Germany. Or haven’t you read pages 481-482 of The Fair Race about failed all-Yang cultures?

And regarding what you say about the feminine, haven’t you read ‘The Eternal Feminine’? (pages 178-182) of Daybreak? To overcome today’s Empire of the yin you must have a balance between yin and Yang.

Since the PDFs are free, there’s no excuse not to read those pages now.

If Justice be served, and the chips fall where they may, then a radical swing of the pendulum ought be meted out to shake the very foundations of all that everyone thought they knew. I think all that advocate for balance with the feminine most likely suffer from a lack of experience with the feminine at the microcosm level.

I doubt that in the short time since your last comment you have read that Daybreak article on the eternal feminine, as the background idea is to fight against the Empire of the yin that feminises the Aryan of today.

That is not only done with a brutal Yang, but, more evolutionarily, with the dynamic between the feminine and the masculine (cf. what Jung says in that article).

You can do anything to a woman, except be boring. Women are bored. The jews, Christianity, invasion, liberalism etc is simply a result of the fact that women are ungrateful for civilization, and are bored. Therefore, they are creating the greatest gigantic shit test ever…”put us in our place or go extinct white man.”

But that has nothing to do with the above issues (‘feminine’ in the Jungian sense doesn’t mean women).

Andrew Anglin has most racially beat in this one regard
He acknowledges the woman question. So many racialiats refuse to acknowledge it. And likewise so many “red pill” men refuse to acknowledge the racial question. We desperately need a synthesis. To think we can reason women into reality is an exercise in futility.

How well do you know this site?

I published On Beth’s Cute Tits which contains an article by Anglin, whom I admire precisely because, unlike other racialists, he recognises that feminism is a weapon of mass destruction of the anti-white System. And in that book the longest essay against feminism is mine.

And the other comment you posted—:

Yes it does. You are a psychopath. Because you are out of touch with reality.

— I didn’t let it pass because, apparently, you are now resorting to insults.

People correctly complain that the white person’s vote is diluted by giving blacks and other non white immigrants the vote. True enough. Even Tucker Carlson has begun to talk about this, although he does not explicitly mention race. However, the white man’s vote was cut in half when women were given the vote.

“Do you, personally, have it in you to kill non-white women and children in cold blood?”

This Spasticus guy certainly has never been in a Latin-American shanty town, or Brazilian favela.
Places where a sane person instinctively knows that a burnt, radioactive wasteland of ashes would be the best solution.

But here we have a scenario (common in Africa today) where you are tasked with two hundred nigger breeders and their niglets lined up for execution by machine gun fire. You’d have to steel your nerves against the residual Christian software’s directives in your brain that are trying to stop you.
It’s your first mass-execution, and the begging and bawling are making it hard to pull through; so having all the nigs’ hands and feet tied up, mouths gagged and heads covered in a black bag will go a long way.
Then you pull the trigger and mow down the whole stinking lot in twelve seconds.
Then you wait for your team mates to dump the corpses in the nearby burial pit. Then you load another ammo belt in the gun. Then the second batch of two hundred nig women and children arrives. It will be easier this time. You won’t need the black bags on their heads.

This “pity-testing” scenario for nigger mass-shooting is pointless. It doesn’t take into account the desensitization that a soldier will go through during the violence of the RaHoWa.
It’s also very clean-cut; it doesn’t advocate torture, poisoning, starvation or slavery – just a clean, quick death by bullet, followed by a quick burial.

“Have you ever given it much consideration?”
I fantasize about this often. These are not the actions of a ‘psychopath’. Imagine having to execute all these niggers back in the days of Sparta, with a sword thrust to the throat! Or the days of Vlad Tepes, with a wooden spear through the ass.
What you realize after “much consideration”, is that gunpowder was a wonderful invention, and the Hollywood Nazis are, in fact, the nice guys of History.

and the Hollywood Nazis are, in fact, the nice guys of History.


I answered this Spasticus guy that way because it reminded me of a 2010 bloodsport debate between Alex Linder and Hunter Wallace on a Radio Free Mississippi podcast.

Wallace wanted to put Linder immediately on the defensive with his Christian ethics, asking the perverse question: ‘If you were in a room alone with a 7-year-old Jewish girl, would you shoot her?’

It’s annoying when a racialist (although Wallace now describes himself as a ‘southern nationalist’) asks you these kinds of questions. Linder responded that it sounded like someone from the SPLC.

But that’s exactly the problem with the ‘great defenders’ of the white race in the US! That’s why I began the preface to On Exterminationism and other books criticising them. (Greg Johnson is closer to Xtian ethics than Wallace, in that he criticised Wallace for the latter’s question ‘What’s wrong with slavery?’ referring to the old Dixie that Wallace loves so much.)

To other visitors:

Just for the record, ‘RaHoWa’, or ‘HRWs’ as I put it above, means ‘Holy Racial Wars’.

Back when I was using Instagram, I asked this Christian-WN page with a lot of followers: “What about non-White pro-choicers?” (upon seeing his IG story saying that “the pro-choicers go to hell”), he said “Murder of children is murder of children mate.” and he later continued “Man is an eternally imperfect creature. You suggest the killing of those who have done no wrong. There are different moral ways of handling our crisis.” I got my answer that second. Bargain, compromise and treachery: you have it with Christians.

It could be argued that waiting to be shot is a form of torture. Of course I would argue that, for all of us who are alive, the knowledge that every passing minute brings us closer to death is a torture in itself, but to be gagged and blindfolded, anticipating a bullet at any moment, is an awful way to go. Having to gag and blindfold people, during which you would likely make eye contact with them, hear their cries and see their tears, is a job which would have to be done by somebody at some point. I wouldn’t want that task. Honestly, would you volunteer for that job?

I think many of us feel uncomfortable in proximity to death because we know that one day it will come for us too. Nothing really separates the killer from his victims. In my case there is a feeling that the universe (or whatever higher power you may believe in) is malevolent and will take the side of my enemies, and will visit grave misfortune upon me for killing them.

“the knowledge that every passing minute brings us closer to death is a torture in itself… anticipating a bullet at any moment is an awful way to go”

Torture is having to read your comments. Such effete, disgusting cowardly drivel.

“hear their cries and see their tears… would you volunteer for that job?”

With this, I’m 99% sure you’re trolling.

“the universe … will take the side of my enemies, and will visit grave misfortune upon me for killing them.”

I agree with Adunai, you do not belong here. Only tough men should post in this blog.


Autisticus Spasticus:

I let a couple of your comments pass in another thread because you begged me to let them pass. But this is not a site for you.

I don’t doubt that I’m the odd one out here, César. However, you have conceded that such activities would be unpleasant to undertake, necessary though they may be. I never suggested you were a psychopath. I merely wanted to know if you had the constitution to personally get involved in these acts, and what trauma, if any, it might inflict upon your mind. Thank you for answering my question, though.

I wish to see an understanding of the CQ become more widespread, and you and your blog are essential to achieving that. That is the extent of my interest in WDH, though. I would still like us to have that discussion about the historical absence of feminine facial morphology in European art and culture, though, which began with the Ancient Greeks. I have a substantial amount of corroborating evidence, but I feel you have been evasive on this issue. I find this disappointing, since you have been fairly open to discussing other matters.

Sorry, but I don’t want to discuss these topics.

Good luck discussing it elsewhere.

Is it the trait of a tough man to not give a damn about the Hellstorm that was inflicted upon the Germans? Apparently so, if your attitude is any indication. Was the joy and prosperity that Hitler initially brought to his nation worth the torture endured by the Germans after the war? The ethno-nationalist is by definition pro-natal, and he would therefore be forced to concede that such tragedies are, in his view, a price worth paying in order to continue our race. This would be an unpleasant thing to be forced to openly admit, no matter how passionate he might be for the cause. His continued support for the creation of white children after hearing about such atrocities is in itself an indirect confession that he doesn’t care all that much about the suffering of our people, at least not to the extent that he would renounce the natalism inherent to the movement. Am I a crybaby for actually giving a damn about what happened to them, as opposed to using the memory of their suffering to bolster the racial cause, as you do? I don’t see how you can profess to love our race when you view our people as expendable in this callous manner.

As I have noted before, we see a parallel to this in the attitude that Hitler expressed towards the German people during the closing days of the war. His priorities as his empire crumbled included the execution of “deserters” trying to flee the devastation of Berlin and hanging them from lamp posts with placards proclaiming their cowardice, which would indicate that he didn’t really care about his people as much as he claimed. They were simply a means to an end. His plans to destroy what infrastructure remained, as stipulated in his Nero Decree, at the expense of the welfare of his people, whom he said had failed to fight the war with sufficient tenacity, confirm that his ego was the determining factor in his decisions as Führer.

This and your other comment about women in Greco-Roman art will be the last I let pass on this site. (Your POV simply doesn’t generate Kalki-levels of hatred we need to exterminate the Neanderthals: my religion of the sacred words.)

Exterminationism has nothing to do with morality. It predates morality. Morality is a Christian invention (That being said, Christians are one of the biggest exterminators).

Everyone exterminated everyone since the beginning of the time. Neanderthals exterminated certain races, and got exterminated by Cro-Magnons. Indo-Europeans exterminated all kinds of people through their way to Europe and to India. Romans exterminated Carthaginians. Normans exterminated Anglo-Saxons. Turks exterminated Greeks. Americans exterminated redskins. Yugoslavians exterminated themselves…need I go on? Besides, the next cleansing will happen no matter what. It’s precisely a red giant. Either it will destroy non-Whites, or Whites.

“When Mladic seized Srebrenica, he would treat every able-bodied male, armed or unarmed, in uniform or out, as a fighter, a warrior — as a killer who, if allowed to survive, must one day return, seeking vengeance in his turn. Born in war and grief and hatred, Ratko Mladic would see in every man – every ‘Turk’ – an implacable enemy who was fated, if alive, to one day kill Serbs. And so, during a handful of days in July 1995, with an effieciency and thoroughness not seen in Europe for a half century, the geenral and his men set about their work of extermination.” Long Memories: Srebrenica, A Cry from the Grave – Mark Danner

Bhagavad Gita 2.31 to 2.38:

“Considering your specific duty as a ksatriya, you should know that there is no better engagement for you than fighting on religious principles; and so there is no need for hesitation. O Partha, happy are the ksatriyas to whom such fighting opportunities come unsought, opening for them the doors of the heavenly planets. If, however, you do not fight this religious war, then you will certainly incur sins for neglecting your duties and thus lose your reputation as a fighter. People will always speak of your infamy, and for one who has been honored, dishonor is worse than death. The great generals who have highly esteemed your name and fame will think that you have left the battlefield out of fear only, and thus they will consider you a coward. Your enemies will describe you in many unkind words and scorn your ability. What could be more painful for you? O son of Kunti, either you will be killed on the battlefield and attain the heavenly planets, or you will conquer and enjoy the earthly kingdom. Therefore get up and fight with determination. Do thou fight for the sake of fighting, without considering happiness or distress, loss or gain, victory or defeat—and, by so doing, you shall never incur sin.”

Bhagavad Gita actually has a lot give about this matter. I would recommend reading it to anyone who is confused.

No idea why you are letting Autisticus and Bannon write, but not me. I’d like to chip in, and suggest much more benign ways of genocide.

1. Nuclear weapons – merely load the PoWs onto the trains, dump them in a concentration camp, drop a nuclear weapon, done.
2. No nuclear weapons – why not starve the prisoners? Just leave them be for a month, they will die on their own, no bullets necessary. Unless it causes disease?

By the way, have you received my e-mail as to those few typos in On Extermination?

These people talking about you being cold blooded remind me of those who complaint about animal cruelty when you want to get ride of the pest in your house by straight up killing them.

Is pretty easy to feel “compassion” for the smallest vermins, when they are somebody else’s problem. But the same compassionate people won’t spare any expense to hire an exterminator once their own houses become infested. It is a feminine mindset.

In the past, Commander George L. Rockwell understood the need of exterminating the large mass of sub humanity around the world. Dr Pierce also understood this and he envisioned a future where the darker races of the world become nearly extinct and only to be remembered in a museum of natural history.

So your exterminationism views makes sense in the same way of dealing with pests in your house. Will anyone mourn the passing of the negroid or oriental races from this world? Probably not. Once gone, nobody will care in an all white world.

Hi Jamie,

Now that I am reviewing On Beth’s Cite Tits for the 2022 (PDF for the moment) edition, I reread your text that I included in that book. It’s germane regarding feminine, hetero males:

I still remember my uncle mentioning something like this when I asked him for advice once: ‘If you are going to talk about serious matters, like killing someone or a coup, don’t ever let the women know about it’.

And I realised he is dam right, and so are you César.

Women will go hysterical at such things as planning a murder or a coup. They will most likely betray you and warn the authorities or government, which they believe is the strongest (expect this behaviour from very feminised men and homosexuals as well).

Dr. William Pierce once mentioned in one of his American Dissident Voices broadcasts that women, as a whole, do not understand abstract concepts such as honour and self-denial. It is not in their nature to understand. Security and comfort are their priorities, and so submission their way of getting it.

And the older I get, the more I realise how true that is. The empowering of women is truly a weapon of mass destruction.


” If we imagine that in real life someone similar to a Karellen visited our planet, what is the first thing he would see from his distant silver ships…”
Interesting question. Given that deep space travel is utterly impossible, and getting even worse as the universe rapidly expands, hypothetically speaking, if advanced life forms came here, the first thing they’d run into would be all the US, Russian, French, Chinese, et al weapons orbiting the earth. Upon inspection of the surface, they’d see a planet cut up into hundreds of nations with heavily guarded borders, and military weapons everywhere. Upon a quick scan of our history, they’d quickly determine earth has been, and will be permanently trapped in endless warfare, and a THREAT, not just to them, but the entire universe. Because the weapons systems are rapidly expanding into space, this species would be viewed just as we view our enemies, and they would be forced to destroy the planet. They could not allow human warfare to spread into space.

That cheap sci-fi scenario doesn’t take into account that among earthlings there are quantum leaps forward in ‘psychogenesis’ (cf. the concept of ‘psychoclasses’ in my Day of Wrath).

Also, since you are apparently a new visitor, send us an email please.

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