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‘Daybreak’ 2022 edition

Here are the first edited pages:


The majority of the essays collected here are mine. I place them in the chronological order in which they appeared from the past decade to August 2020 on my website The West’s Darkest Hour (WDH). I wrote them in English as my second language, although I couldn’t afford a native-language checker to proofread these articles for this book.

Another book I compiled, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, collects essays by other authors also published in WDH. These two books represent a paradigm shift in white advocacy.

White nationalists err in their diagnosis of blaming only Jewry, as if whites were not responsible for their own decline. The real diagnosis of the decline of the West—Christianity, or rather Christian ethics—has been described in The Fair Race.

Alas, there are no apostates from Christianity among westerners, not even atheists. Their great sense of guilt and so-called human rights are self-abasements and Christian ethical mandates in secularised form. Not wanting to see it—and the final essay in this book includes a critique of Kevin MacDonald for this blindness—means that the pro-white movement is in its infancy. In Europe the situation is even worse, since after the Second World War all racism was mercilessly banished by the American Diktat, and without a European first amendment, even anonymous bloggers haven’t been free to dissent in Europe. So we have no choice but to keep focusing on American racialists.

There is a lot of doublethink in believing yourself Jew-wise and continuing to live by the precepts for Gentile consumption that a Jew wrote in the New Testament. Concurrently, white nationalism is reactionary, not revolutionary as National Socialism was. None of the important figures in the current American movement is proposing armed revolution like The Turner Diaries as the only way out. The pacifism of white nationalism is a consequence that the Americans who promote it have been unable to break away from the bourgeois and ethno-suicidal lifestyle that sells us the gospel and/or secular liberalism. Today’s generation of whites on both sides of the Atlantic, feminised to the core and worshipers of Mammon, is the perfect antithesis of the Spartans, the Republican Romans, the Vikings and the Nazis we studied in The Fair Race.

Of the present collection, the texts not authored by me are ‘The Red Giant’, ‘How awake are you?’ and ‘On the Origin of the Word Racist’. As you can see in the rating scale in ‘How awake are you?’, white nationalists are psychologically stagnated in levels four and five (Turner Diaries levels of reclaiming white lands can only be reached after transvaluing Christian values). In 2009 ‘The Red Giant’ represented a eureka moment in my intellectual life. Before reading it I idealised not only Christianity but the United States as well, as we can see in that text.

From my main work, De Jesús a Hitler, this book only translates a couple of pieces and the text about the Turin shroud that appears in ‘Introjection’. On the Contents page I have indicated in bold-type those chapters in addition to other serious essays that exceed 5,000 words. Most of the articles in this book, however, were originally short blog posts written in more informal English.

Only the Aryan has the potential to attain divinity, as can be seen on the cover image, Maxfield Parrish’s Daybreak, which is also the image I chose for The West’s Darkest Hour. The moment the white man sees that the religion of our parents is responsible for the darkest hour in the West will represent the breaking of dawn.

César Tort
September 2020
(edited in 2022)

The PDF of this edition is available here.

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