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PDFs for the time being

Since Lulu Printing cancelled my account in January, and WordPress cancelled the old incarnation of this site last month, some problems have arisen.

For example, some entries (not many) from the old incarnation of The West’s Darkest Hour couldn’t be exported to this new incarnation. Also, the software in this new incarnation indents the quotes in the entries I uploaded in the old incarnation by minimising the letters and using hyphens where there were none. Even some images didn’t make it in the process of exporting the content to this new host.

All that doesn’t matter much because, unlike other racialist sites, the backbone of this site is the books we have edited. Unlike other racialist sites or webzines, our focus is not on the news but on a historical perspective of what has been happening to the white man since Christianity took over Europe.

If the backbone of this site is its books, which collect the most important articles that have been published on The West’s Darkest Hour since 2009, the real problem is what happened this year with Lulu: which is only allowing me to publish books about how abusive parents drive their children mad. The racialist books we were publishing went out of print.

These days I tried to open an account with IngramSpark, which provides services similar to Lulu, Inc. But unlike Lulu, Ingram requires tutorials on how to make book covers: a task that consumes days, if not weeks, of work. On top of that, a racialist publisher suggested that I not use any print-on-demand platform because he had been cancelled from all the ones he had used. He suggested that a local printer print my books, and that I send the copies to the recipients myself by registered mail, which is what he is doing.

I don’t have the funds to print many copies for each of our Daybreak Press books, and I don’t see the point in spending days or weeks of tutorials at Ingram because they effectively have a clause that they can cancel the contract with users whenever they wish (I assume they refer to politically incorrect authors).

So to avoid this dilemma—and remembering that the core of this site is its books—until I get the funds to hire the services of a book cover designer, or better still to avoid future cancellations by paying the local printer to print copies that I would mail out, I will only publish them as PDFs.

The problem with PDFs, of course, is that they have to be printed out for leisurely reading and then saved in ring binders. When I first got into white nationalism that’s just what I did with The Turner Diaries and William Pierce’s Who We Are. But there’s nothing like a fancy printed book! How I wish to have a printing press at home and print them myself, inscribe a few words on the first blank page in my handwriting, and send them to the buyers.

Unlike other posts in this featured post I’ll be adding, step-by-step, links to the books—again, only PDFs at the moment—from our Daybreak Press. And I’d like to start with the 2022 edition of our first book, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. In this edition, the only change I made was to cut a few short paragraphs from the preface and paste them pages later when commenting on some essays by other authors. This is the edited preface:


This collection of essays is the result of eleven years of following closely the movement known as white nationalism, which I discovered while living in Gran Canaria: an island near Africa that belongs to Spain. Part I explains the Jewish question. I reproduce two articles, the first one by William Pierce and the second by a Jew, Marcus Eli Ravage: the only article by a Jew to appear in this collection. The Third Reich propaganda ministry used Ravage’s article as devastating admission of the reality of the Jewish problem in the Czernowitzer Allgemeine Zeitung of September 2, 1933.

Although William Pierce believed that the primary cause of white decline was Jewish subversion, he was aware of the Christian question: a subject explained in Part II of this book. Unlike Pierce, we shall see Christianity as the greatest conquest of the Aryan soul by Jewry, and therefore the primary, not the secondary, cause of the darkest hour for the fair race. Given that I consider Pierce the most brilliant mind America has produced, I find it rather embarrassing to concede that the Jew Ravage had a better perspective on the ultimate cause of white decline than him.

Since Pierce died in 2002, American white nationalism has been represented by some major figures and their webzines: Kevin MacDonald, Jared Taylor, Greg Johnson and even Andrew Anglin. The current legacy of these writers is of much lower quality than Pierce’s, as unlike the latter none seem to recognise the reality of the Christian question. That Jews cannot be the primary cause of white decline on the American continent should be as obvious as pointing out some facts. The Spanish and Portuguese irreparably corrupted their blood in colonial times by marrying Amerindian women, and Anglo-Germans north of the Rio Grande waged an anti-racist war when Lincoln was president. All of this happened before the Jews took over the media in the West. Perhaps the most respected figure in white nationalism today is Professor Emeritus Kevin MacDonald. In Ferdinand Bardamu’s essay on Part II, he includes a devastating critique of MacDonald for his failure to recognise the Christian problem.

While it is true that in his weekly radio lectures Pierce regarded Jewish subversion as the primary cause of white decline, in Who We Are, his history of the white race, we see a perspective in which Pierce seems to have perfect awareness of the Christian problem. Perhaps because many of his listeners were American Christians, Pierce had to do something similar to what Hitler did: not be hostile to Christianity in public, only in private with his closest friends. For that reason, in part III it is reproduced much of Pierce’s story of the white race.

Of the articles in this compilation, the one that gets us to the core of the Judeo-Christian question is the essay by Evropa Soberana, the pen name of a Spanish writer whom I translated into English. Soberana’s essay uncovers the best-kept secret of ancient history: the apocalypse that the Aryan world suffered when the Judeo-Christians destroyed and inverted the values of the Greco-Roman culture 1,700 years ago.

As Nordicism is almost a taboo among most white advocates, Part IV includes two articles on the same topic: one from a European and another from an American who published his piece on the ethnicity of the ancient Greeks and Romans in Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance. Part V on masculine cultures reproduces other translations of Evropa Soberana’s essays on the Spartans, the Berserkers and the Vikings. If someone asked me to recommend a single article in this thick volume, I would recommend J. A. Sexton’s review of Hellstorm that appears in Part VI. The crime that the Anglo-Americans committed in the Second World War is so astronomic that it may cost the very existence of the white race, as we can see in Pierce’s essay in Part VII.

Finally, the appendix, ‘The new racial classification’ reproduces another essay by Evropa Soberana translated, adapted and abridged for this book.

C. T.

Anyone who reads The Fair Race will get a very good idea of the point of view of this site which in a nutshell could be summarised thus: Christianity plus the false, lying Second World War narrative results in a lethal cocktail for the Aryan mind. Removal of Christianity and its secular offshoot plus the truth about Adolf Hitler, National Socialist Germany and WWII means liberation for the Aryan psyche.

As this will be the new featured post, and as I don’t know how long it will remain at the top of this site (depending on whether or not I get the funds to publish books properly) this post will not allow comments. Any suggestions or comments can be sent to my email address:

[email protected]

Below this space I will start adding the images of the books (whose texts will only be available in PDFs for the moment) that I will be slightly revising for their 2022 edition. I will include those that have not yet been published in print: Savitri Devi’s Reflections as the best introduction to her thought; a new compendium of important articles already published as posts on this site, and the updated edition of Deschner’s history of Christianity once we have finished translating his chapter on Charlemagne.

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