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‘Day of Wrath’ 2022 edition

A publisher of racialist books asked me for the manuscript of the slimmest of my books and I have been busy preparing a PDF I have just sent him. But here I wanted to talk about another of my books in English, one of which I am one hundred per cent the author: Day of Wrath.

I have just finished the revision of this book; its PDF is linked below. My first words, now edited, are as follows:


The texts under this cover are essays on a wide range of topics. Even so, I venture to publish them under a single cover because they represent an introduction, in English and a readable book, to my vast work in Spanish. Most of the texts of this book are Spanish-English translations of chapters of my volumes Hojas Susurrantes and ¿Me Ayudarás? But the first two articles are blog essays.

The first article gave the title to this book.

I wrote ‘Dies Irae’ at the end of 2012 for mi website The West’s Darkest Hour (WDH). This article must be contextualised from the fourteen words: ‘We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children’, the axiom of WDH. In many words, to fully understand the 14 words see the selected compilation of WDH articles in the book The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (document available on my website).

The next article, ‘Possessed whites’ appeared on my website in early 2020. The rest of the book consists of translations from Spanish.

Hojas Susurrantes consists of approximately 260,000 words. It is the first volume of my philosophical trilogy. In 2006 I wrote the text reproduced here, ‘Unfalsifiability in Psychiatry’: a piece that appears in the second chapter of Hojas. In that essay, I try to show that the profession called psychiatry does not meet the scientific requirement to distinguish it from pseudosciences.

I finished the fourth chapter of Hojas in 2008. In this translation, I interpolate some square brackets in italics, and also some explaining passages, for those who have not read my thick volumes in their original language. The texts ‘The Trauma Model,’ ‘The Feathered Serpent’ and ‘Psychohistory’ are taken from this fourth chapter of Hojas. In these chapters I establish the basis of the trauma model: the opposite paradigm to the pseudoscientific medical model of mental disorders taught in psychiatry departments. The trauma model aims to demonstrate that abusive parents have driven their children mad throughout prehistory and recorded history.

The second volume of my autobiography, ¿Me Ayudarás? consists of approximately 225,000 words. The piece reproduced here, ‘God’, is a translated text of its first chapter and ‘Dying in a Louis XVI-style bedroom’ is taken from the introduction. Like the other chapters, it has been adapted for this English translation. This last text is a portrait of my soul that connects with the first essay, ‘Dies Irae,’ day of wrath in Latin.

January 2020
(edited in 2022)


The PDF of this edition is available here.

I will now add the above image to the featured post.


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