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Civil war Michael O'Meara Toward the White Republic (book)

Call to Arms

An edited version of the following excerpt (published originally at National Vanguard) appears in the last pages, “Call to Arms,” of Michael O’Meara’s book Toward the White Republic, available from Counter-Currents here.

Freedom, Hegel says, is the recognition of necessity. If we desire to remain free—free to be who we are, free not to accept the termination of our unique bioculture—we must learn again to worship our gods of war, those spirits standing for what is strongest and most noble in our being. Otherwise, the hideous deities of the darkening tide will seize the reigns.

We must stop lying to ourselves. Our ancestors defended their lands with sword in hand. Have we forgotten this most fundamental principle of human existence?

The gods of war must be our Juggernaut. It’s either that or death.