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European beauty

Beautiful view of the city of Edinburgh.

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Cesar, what do you believe is the cause of disorders like Autism and ADHD? Do you consider them to be made-up by Big Pharma or something rooted in parental abuse? I personally consider the first to be an umbrella term for otherwise unconnected symptoms that sprang into public consciousness due to media stereotypes of savants. I consider the other to be entirely fictional and deserving of damnatio memoriae as a concept.

I did mention ADHD in passing in my book:

In other words, psychiatrists do not have medical or scientific evidence to back their claims. Their own recognition that they cannot tell us anything about the above-mentioned question—with which lab tests do you diagnose this so-called neurological condition?—demonstrates that their schizophrenia hypothesis is unscientific. The same can be said of ADHD, bipolar “illness,” depression and the other major DSM disorders.

Peter Breggin has written several books against the ADHD ‘diagnosis’ (see for example this brief article in The New York Times).

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